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This World Has Gone CrazyCh52.3 - Life (Part 3)


“Waiting for you,” Yu Mingjie looked at him admiringly. “Your idea is very good. I’ve decided to give you a red envelope on my wedding day.”

Qi Le was happy. “I am a poor student, you must give me more.” He paused slightly. “You’re really pretending to be crazy?” qXhOVC

“Mmm, I found that there are many kinds of symptoms to choose from. For example, the other day, I said that I was a fish and then submerged myself in the swimming pool. I didn’t come up even when my whole body was twitching.” Yu Mingjie briefly recounted, “Finally, he couldn’t watch from the side anymore, so he jumped down and gave me CPR.”

Qi Le, “……”

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Fucking hell, you’re cruel enough! Aren’t you afraid you really suffocate to death?!

Qi Le pursed his lips and wanted to ask if there were other stuff. Before he could speak, he saw the man turn and look at Yi Hang: “I heard you did it. Is Ah Bin’s technique good?” QN5OFv

Yi Hang, “=口=”

Qi Le suddenly understood. So this idiot was looking for comfort from him earlier? He looked at a certain someone’s stiff face, secretly nodded, and was in a good mood. He walked to the sofa and sat down. He leaned into Gu Bai’s arms. “Your method worked.”

Gu Bai hugged him with a smile and didn’t speak.

Zhong Ruiyuan was currently chatting with Lu Yanbin. He laughed and said, “What’s with searching on the Internet? You didn’t get any good ideas, did you? Look, you previously followed our advice and got him in less than a month now.”


Lu Yanbin took a sip of his drink and nodded. “Mmm.”

Yi Hang was simply indignant. “This has nothing to do with them, okay? Their ideas aren’t reliable at all. You mustn’t ever listen to them again!”

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Itbcu Eelsejc ibbxfv ja tlw. “Ktfc, ktb vbfr atlr lcnbinf?”

Tl Ljcu wbnfv tlr ilqr, yea lc atf fcv, tf vlvc’a rjs atja tf kjr atf bcf ktb veu tlr bkc ugjnf, rb tf mbeiv bcis delfais cfra atfgf. WwYdle

Hl Of uijcmfv ja tlw jcv kjr lc j ubbv wbbv jujlc.

The doctor over there saw that Yu Mingjie had come back. He held his small notebook and asked, “Earlier you insisted that your seat was at the bar. Why did you come back now?”

Yu Mingjie pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and sat down gracefully without saying a word.

The doctor observed him for a moment. “What are you now, a mushroom?” oSwHnU

Yu Mingjie still didn’t answer, happily enjoying this person’s attention.

The doctor looked at him again and saw that he didn’t mean to speak. Finally, he looked at Qi Le and said, “Let’s talk. There have been few reports of multiple personalities in China. Your situation is very rare.”

“…” Qi Le said, “Go watch your man, thank you. Don’t look for me.”

“I’ve found that he isn’t normal,” the doctor looked at him. “As a doctor, I’m very busy. I occassionally rest a day or two every month. Recently, I’ve spent all my time observing him. Now that I finally have an opportunity, of course, I have to talk to you.” aRpMso

Qi Le immediately stared at Yu Mingjie and asked him to take good care of a certain someone. At the moment, the person was unhappy that a certain someone was looking away. He looked around. “Wife, wife?”

Seeing that no one had answered, the doctor answered patiently, “What is it?”

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“Wife, bake me two pastries.”

“Ah, I’ll bake them.” WJFV8B

“Where are the pastries?”

The doctor drew two circles on his notebook, tore them off and stuffed them in his hand. “It’s too hot, don’t eat them yet.”

Yu Mingjie, “……”

Qi Le looked at Gu Bai, his face covered in black lines. He really felt that they weren’t from the same world at all. He was about to return when he saw Lu Yanbin suddenly look over. “I heard that you have a violent personality in your body and will become a murderer in the future. Is it true?” F7L0ft

“… Please don’t gossip, thank you!”

Yu Mingjie heard them clearly and said with great interest. “Switch now, let’s exchange moves.”

The doctor wrote briskly and subconsciously asked, “Switch what?”

Yu Mingjie froze slightly and went along with him. “A big pastry.” p jK57

The doctor stopped writing again.

Qi Le, “……”

Gu Bai looked at his wife, smiled and held him in his arms. He brought over a drink and gave it to him. “Don’t pay any attention to them. Here, you’ve been too nervous lately. Take it easy.”

Qi Le nestled in his arms, not saying a word no matter how the doctor persuaded. Very quickly, the man switched targets. Then, a certain idiot and the hot-blooded doctor started chatting. He finally felt satisfied, happily holding his glass as he watched the play. This was quite comfortable too ah. SpfEbR

Life went on as usual. Qi Le continued to live a normal college life. Ning Xiao didn’t make things hard for him again. Occasionally, Wan Lei would talk to him. The man seemed to be afraid of his rebellious attitude. He mostly spoke about daily life and seldom mentioned treatment. However, Qi Le once asked curiously, “Look at how well I’m doing now. Do you really want me to switch back? Don’t they all say that when you love someone, you want them to be happy?”

Wan Lei looked at him. “You and he are not the same person. You have a good life but he should still be licking his wounds.”

“But the one who can comfort him isn’t you.”

“I know that but I can at least talk to him so that he won’t have to bear it alone,” Wan Lei said. “Although I hate Ning Xiao, if he is willing to help comfort him, I admit that it’ll be even more effective.” i 71aX

“Dream on, he won’t do it.”

Wan Lei stared at him for a moment. “If you ask, he will agree.”

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“Impossible, Laozi’s words carry no weight with him.”

“You can try it if you don’t believe me.” c6IWGd

Qi Le opened his mouth to refute but suddenly realized that he didn’t have multiple personalities so this topic was completely meaningless. At most, it was only one more topic for dispute. However, he was extremely unhappy with Ning Xiao now and was completely uninterested in finding the answer to this dispute.

He browsed through his cell phone. It was getting closer to the date of his father’s visit.

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