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This World Has Gone CrazyCh52.2 - Life (Part 2)


Lu Yanbin put on his clothes and turned to leave. Yi Hang’s nested in bed pitifully, his face filled with misery.  He knew that this time he could only blame it on bad luck, but there would definitely be a second time for this sort of thing. Even if the bastard kept his promise to wait till he won him over, after this time, he felt that he would probably have to help him with his hands pretty often. This was a vicious cycle. Holding the corner of the quilt, he thought for a moment. Then, with a flash of inspiration, he got up quickly, ignored the soreness in his back, ran to the study to surf the internet and shopped in a disgruntled mood.

Qi Le didn’t have to go to work this week. He was supposed to be really relaxed – go to school whenever he had classes, and if not, stay in his apartment to surf the Internet, play with his cat, and talk to Gu Bai. In fact, his days really were like this, but he was a little nervous and anxious because his father was coming. Mwjund

Gu Bai took in the whole scene, rubbed him in his arms and suggested, “Why don’t we go out for a walk and relax?”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Gu Bai gave him a kiss. “You tell me then.”

Qi Le was silent for a moment, quietly nestling in his arms. “No,” he paused. “Did my father say where he would be staying on his business trip? Is he going back to the villa?” uFhoQB

“The furniture in your house has been covered with cloth and needs to be cleaned. It’s too much trouble. He said he would stay in a hotel and might go back to take a look,” Gu Bai said, hugging him. “Or maybe… he’ll come to the apartment to take a look. After all, your things are still here.”

Qi Le suddenly thought about his father, who had always loved him very much, facing the familiar bedroom in sorrow, with tears in his eyes. He felt a tingly sensation in his nose. Then, he wondered if his old dad would he beat him out the door without waiting for his explanation if he saw someone occupying his son’s room, wearing his son’s clothes and holding his son’s cat.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Gu Bai saw his wife blink his wet eyes, looking miserable. He immediately felt distressed and leaned over to kiss him tenderly. “That’s your dad. Tell me, what do you have to be afraid of? Be good, shall we go for a walk? “

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“Don’t worry, it’s not Buddhist scriptures.” From the other end, Zhong Ruiyuan spoke with laughter in his voice. “You’re in a bad mood? What happened? Someone stole your wallet? “

“…” Qi Le said, “No!”

“Then what’s the reason? If you have something, just tell your brother-in-law. I’ll help you find a way,” Zhong Ruiyuan said amiably. “Come out and have a few drinks. Your friends will be here later. Let’s all have a chat.”

Qi Le asked without any hope. “Which friends?” AGO9p7

“The ones you met in the hospital.”

“…” Qi Le said, “No thanks.”

Gu Bai was holding his wife in his arms and was very close to his phone. If it were any other time, naturally, he would be very happy to have their own couple time. However, the state of his wife obviously wasn’t good these past couple of days, so it was good to take a break. He grabbed the phone. “We’re going now. I’m hanging up, see you later.”

Qi Le stared at him. “Why are we going?” ZnIPJv

Gu Bai kissed him and explained patiently. “Since your brother-in-law called, that means Lu Yanbin and the man named Ah Jie are both there. Your friends must be worse off compared to you. Just look at them and you’ll feel better.”

Qi le thought that it made sense. He got up and said, “Let’s go to the bar.”

With that, Gu Bai took his wife out to relax with a triumphant smile. When they arrived, a certain idiot had just alighted from the car. When they saw him, Gu Bai immediately rushed forward, pulled him aside in a mysterious manner, and glared at him when Lu Yanbin was about to come over. The latter couldn’t do anything but leave him there and went in first. Gu Bai looked at his wife and chose to go inside as well.

Qi Le looked at a certain idiot and pursed his lips. “What’s going on?” oRFaLz

Yi Hang struggled for a moment. He felt too ashamed to tell the truth. He said weakly, “That bastard wants to burst my chrysanthemum…”

“…” Qi Le looked at him. “This is old news, thank you very much!”

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yi Hang mumbled for a long time, wriggling around. “What do you think I should do?”

Qi Le immediately raised his eyebrows, has this man started to feel for a certain someone? He asked tentatively, “Why don’t you… go along with him?” 1wBbZd

Yi Hang looked at him. “You went along with him?”

Qi Le nodded, not caring to tell him the truth. He was willing anyway.

Yi Hang’s eyes brightened. This meant that he was the last one to be unlucky. His felt as if his state of mind was finally balanced and he secretly relaxed. He patted Qi Le on the shoulder. “Congratulations ah. Let’s go in.”

Qi Le was baffled by his reaction. God knows what this idiot was smoking. He gave him a strange look and was too lazy to bother about him. He was just about to enter the bar when he suddenly stopped and turned around. Yi Hang was puzzled. “What’s wrong?” B921Mz

Qi Le looked around and said hesitantly, “I kept feeling like someone was staring at us just now.”

“Where? Why didn’t I feel anything?”

Right, your nerves are so thick. How can you feel anything? Qi Le side-eyed him. “Let’s go. I was probably imagining it.”

They entered the bar together and quickly found where the others were. He swept his haze across and saw Yu Mingjie sitting at the bar. He was surprised. “What are you doing here?” r NibP

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