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This World Has Gone CrazyCh48.2 - Personalities (Part 2)


Those few people followed behind. Wan Lei went to the cafeteria. Ning Xiao knew that Gu Bai was there to pick Qi Le up and didn’t want to watch them behaving affectionately so he went on his way. The remaining two followed Qi Le. Today’s class was held in a small building not far from the main building. Due to the layout of the school, driving in through the main entrance meant that Gu Bai had to go halfway round the main building  so it was better to take the small path. Therefore, Gu Bai parked his car in the main building and waited for him there every time.

Several people crossed the path and quickly reached the main road of the school. It was noon now, and there were a lot of students handing out flyers or conducting activities. When they saw them, someone immediately came to hand them flyers. Ye Shuichuan, who was on the far right, took it casually, looked at the contents, and subconsciously looked at the man. Suddenly, he paused. “It’s you.” FlexOW

Qi Le and the doctor looked at each other and found that the person over there was wearing a cap and had a calm expression. It was Taoist priest. The Taoist priest, who also paused slightly, found himself standing in front of a man who regarded himself as a nutjob. He immediately took back the flyer from his hand and left without saying anything.

Ye Shuichuan, “……”

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Qi Le, “……”

The doctor’s eyes shone brightly and he quickly ran up to him and said, “We meet again.” yNfqWR

Seeing that he was an old customer, the Taoist priest quickly handed him a flyer. “Do you want a talisman? I have some new stuff here.”

“…” Qi Le pulled Ye Shuichuan away, “Let’s go. Leave them alone.”

“But I was thinking of consulting with the doctor about your condition.”

Qi Le dragged him away. “It’s okay. My personality won’t change for a short time. You can consult him in a few days.” JxqGi3

Ye Shuichuan had to go with him, but they had only taken a few steps when doctor came back again with a flyer and a talisman in his hand, his face filled with happiness.

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“…” Qi Le asked, “Don’t you feel cheated?”

“Oh, I’m doing research. Look.” The doctor handed over those two items. Qi Le looked down and saw the flyer with the words printed, “Do you want to be pursued by countless people, meet a tall, rich, handsome Prince Charming, want beautiful women in your arms as you dominate the world, want to encounter a marriage that only comes once in a lifetime? Come! We have beauty talismans, romance talismans, talismans to become a king, fantasy talismans, all of which are drawn by the great Master Yijing. Limited stock! First come first serve!”

He stared at the words “Master Yijing.” If he remembered correctly, wasn’t this man dead? He pursed his lips as his eyes moved lower, and the second line said, “We also dabble in dark magic, personally handled by Master Yijing’s disciple. We have talismans to eliminate mistresses, talismans to deal with rotten romances, talismans to curse the top student to fail, and talismans to curse your enemies to always get instant noodles without seasoning packets for you to choose from! First come first serve!” ddjimU

He looked down again, and below were a few pictures with talismans attached. At the bottom was another talisman that had been magnified with a string of explanations beside it. “Your mother won’t have to worry about your studies anymore. Yijing talismans to pass any subject. Stick them onto whatever areas you’re having trouble with!”

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Hl Of, “……”

“P jrxfv jcv tf rjlv atja tf obecv jii bo atfrf ogbw atf lcafgcfa. Ccv atfgf’r atlr,” atf vbmabg fzmlafvis tfiv j ajilrwjc ab ufa glv bo gbaafc gbwjcmfr lc tlr tjcv. “Ktf kbgx lr delaf kfii-atbeuta. Pa mjc yf erfv jr j mfiiqtbcf mtjlc. Uier, la’r cba fzqfcrlnf. Qtja vbfr atlr wfjc? Ktlr wfjcr atja tf tjr wjvf qgbugfrr! “

Qi Le, “……” upysRm

Qi Le once again decided to stay away from these “creatures” and accelerated his pace. He didn’t forget to look back at a certain idiot. He turned away and didn’t even have the chance to brake when he suddenly bumped into a person. He was about to apologize when he found that his whole body was encircled by another person’s. At the same time, a familiar laugh rang in his ears. “What are you doing walking so fast?”

He looked up and instantly smiled at Gu Bai. He felt his heart tremble. He immediately stretched out his hands and held him. He was feeling  particularly aggrieved. Today, he almost thought that he was done for and would never see Gu Bai again.

Gu Bai paused slightly and rubbed his head. “What’s wrong?”

Qi Le buried his head in his arms, his voice sounding muffled, “It’s a long story.” G3Zma9

Ye Shuichuan watched the couple being intimate and knew that the person that Gu Bai liked was this personality. He couldn’t help thinking that if Xiaoyuan switched to another personality again, Gu Bai would be lovelorn. He sighed and patted Gu Bai on the shoulder. “There is something… You have to be prepared.”

Qi Le looked up and said, “Ge, I will tell him. You can go.”

Ye Shuichuan muttered an “Mmm” and wanted to go to the doctor, only to find that Yu Mingjie had arrived God knows when and had pulled away the doctor to talk to him. He thought that the two would probably spend some time together so he gave up and decided to wait until later.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Gu Bai intuitively felt that his wife needed some comfort at the moment so he held him the entire time and asked patiently, “What’s going on?” jyZAdu

“Wait a minute.” Qi Le looked at Yu Mingjie over there and knew that he had been called over by his brother-in-law. He rushed over, pulled him away and whispered, “I know you want to pursue your wife. I have a way to make him focus on you.”

Yu Mingjie looked at him. “Oh?”

“You have suit his fancy” Qi Le said. “Take him to a major psychiatric hospital for a walk. He’ll certainly like it.”

“Then, all the more he won’t talk to me.” w8nKGU

“Look at it from another angle. If you observe what symptoms other patients have and fake the appropriate symptoms, naturally, he’ll revolve around you.”

Yu Mingjie nodded approvingly. “That makes sense.”

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“Mmm, go then,” Qi Le patted his shoulder. “Explore the mental hospital in the city. If that doesn’t work, I heard that there’s a nursing home for crazy people halfway up the mountain outside the city. Although they have fewer patients, it’s no harm to check it out. You got this.”

“Mmm.” HNJbq4

Qi Le was relieved at that and went with Gu Bai. They got in the car and left. He briefly recounted today’s incident. Gu Bai was surprised. “You know that Xiao Ying…”

“Yes, she likes you,” Qi Le nested said in the passenger seat. “I’ve let go of that.”

Gu Bai suddenly relaxed and rubbed his head. “What would you like to eat?”

“Anything.” UrT3M2

Gu Bai muttered an “Mmm,” narrowing his eyes slightly. He figured that Wan Lei would do everything to “cure” Xiao Le. It was really troublesome… It was better to find a solution. The two went back to school after a simple meal. Qi Le didn’t have many classes today but this week was his week off  so he didn’t have to go to work. He was very relaxed. These past few days, he stayed up very late and didn’t have time to play at all because he was preparing for the make up exam. He was just about to turn on the computer to play games when he suddenly got a call from Ye Shuichuan saying that he had something to give him and for him to go to the bar.

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Gu Bai, who was sitting next to him, saw him hang up. He couldn’t help asking, “What’s up?”

“My older brother told us to get a taxi and look for him. Let’s go,” Qi Le stretched himself and walked out. “I was exhausted a few days ago. I should also go have some fun.”

Gu Bai raised his eyebrows and held onto him when he was about to open the door. He grabbed his wrist and pressed him against the door, bowed his head and kissed him, touching him gently. Qi Le was caught off guard, passively leaning his head backwards to look up at him. After this period of training, he had learned how to respond. After staring blankly for a moment, he opened his mouth and gently moved the tip of his tongue. Gu Bai kissed him for a long time before letting him go but he was reluctant to part with him and licked his lips. Qi Le gasped slightly, “What are you doing?” EdoT l

“I think what you said makes sense,” Gu Bai used his thumb to wipe the saliva on Qi Le’s lips, his eyes deep with emotion. “These past few days, you’ve been busy studying. Now, your exam is finally over. You should have some fun.”

Qi Le’s intuition told him that the “fun” they both meant was different. He quickly broke away from him, opened the door and went out. Gu Bai watched his back with a smile and slowly followed behind him.

When they arrived at the bar, one of them just so happened to have arrived as well. He immediately came to meet Qi Le. “Did you help me ask?”

Qi Le stared at a certain idiot and looked behind him. “Is your man not here?” 10GdS8

“No, he’s been quite busy recently.”

Qi Le replied, “I was busy the past two days so I forgot to ask. My brother’s here today and my brother-in-law is probably there too. I’ll help you ask.”

Yi Hang happily followed him in. Ye Shuichuan was busy at this moment. Qi Le looked around and didn’t find his older brother. He guessed that the man wouldn’t be there for a while so he had to find a place to sit down. However, he heard the bartender say that his older brother had told him to wait in the lounge. There were several dancers sitting in the lounge. When they saw them, they invited them to sit down. One of them brought out some books from the cupboard. “Xiaochuan ge told us to pass this to you.”

Qi Le looked down, his mouth twitching. Yi Hang simply flipped it over. “Do you like reading Buddhist scriptures?” TEYyH0

“…” Qi Le was silent for a moment and turned around. “That’s enough, don’t laugh.”

Gu Bai quickly appeased him. “Okay, I won’t laugh.”

“…You’re clearly laughing!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Gu Bai pulled him into his arms, caressed him, and kissed him. Yi Hang was confused. “What’s up with the Buddhist scriptures?” 7v20YC

“…Shut up!”

When they all saw that a certain someone was about to lose his temper, they thought it would be better to change the subject in order to keep the lounge safe. One of them asked, “Xiaoyuan ge, do you want to play some cards?” He turned to the other side and said, “Uncle, what about you? Wanna play some cards?”

“…” Yi Hang clutched his fragile heart, “U-u-uncle…”

“Yes ah.” j0i9T6

Qi Le looked at their 15, 16 year old faces, then looked at Yi Hang’s less than 30 year old face. He was in a good mood. “Come on, let’s play some cards! Same rules, we’re betting money. After you lose all your cash, strip for Laozi!” He looked at a certain someone who had been hit and said, “Come join us as well, or else I won’t help you ask.”

Yi Hang sniffled, held onto his little heart, and shuffled over pitifully.

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