This World Has Gone CrazyCh49.1 - Looks-obsessed (Part 1)


There were enough people in the lounge, so Gu Bai didn’t join them in playing cards. Instead, he chose to watch the battle from the side, leisurely holding his wife and occasionally giving advice or paying when his wife lost money. Yi Hang didn’t have such good luck. If he continued on in this manner, he would soon lose all his money. He looked at a certain someone resentfully. “It’s not fair. You’re not allowed to borrow money. If you lose, you’re supposed to take off your clothes!”

Qi Le lazily gave him the side-eye. “So that I can accompany you?” seI62n

“Don’t curse me. I still have money and I can win it back in a few rounds.” Yi Hang glared at him. “Anyways, you’re not allowed to borrow any more.”

“I’m not borrowing,” Qi Le said with a serious expression. “It’s my money originally but I put them in his wallet for the time being. Do you have an opinion about that?”

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“…” Yi Hang said, “You’re obviously lying!”

Qi Le was unmoved. “Ask him if you don’t believe me.” MhzGky

There was a smile in Gu Bai’s eyes. He leaned over to kiss his wife and said before a certain someone could ask. “Mmm, it’s all his.”

“…” Yi Hang rebuked, “You’re both too evil!”

“You can’t control me.” Qi Le grabbed a card and glanced at him. “Why did you come out with so little cash? What if something happened?”

“I told the bastard that I’ll visit the bar tonight and he said that he would pick me up when he’s done with overtime.” Yi Hang grunted, “Why should I bring money then?”


“That’s true.” Qi Le looked down at the card in his hand, paused, and suddenly asked curiously, “How was your last talk? I heard that you were going to the amusement park. Have you guys gone?”

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“Not yet. The bastard said it wasn’t the right time yet. What do you think he meant by that?”

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Qi Le thought about it. “I hope so.”

“Not hope, it must be more normal than them,” Yi Hang clenched his fist, as if he was making a solemn vow. Then, he suddenly remembered something and turned to look at Qi Le. “Let me tell you, you left so early last time and didn’t hear a wonderful piece of news. One of the bastard’s friends is a university professor. I heard them say that in order to pursue his student, he bought him a children’s pallet drum and a wind-up toy pig. And in order to get a reaction from his student, he played an Av. Tell me, he must be from Mars too, right?”

“…” Qi Le asked, “Is it for real?”

“Really, I heard it with my own ears. That man is a chemistry professor at S University.” Yi Hang paused slightly. “Ah, I remember that the Taoist priest seems to be from the chemistry department?” 6U1zmX

Qi Le was silent for a moment before he nodded.

“Fuck, he is so unlucky to have such a messed up teacher!” Yi Hang gloated, then sighed regretfully. “It’s a pity that the man likes that icy charactered student. If he could have a crush on the Taoist priest instead, I’d feel much better.”

Qi Le pursed his lips and was too lazy to bother with him. He continued to play his cards.

Yi Hang’s luck and skills weren’t very good. He soon lost all his money and took off two socks in succession. He looked up silently. “Can I borrow some money?” VfQHrd

Qi Le looked up to heaven. “You said we can’t borrow money.”

Yi Hang, “…”

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The boys looked at him and said, “Uncle, quickly strip.”

Yi Hang became angry. “At most, I’m only ten years older than you.  Call Laozi ge!” 97qsBJ

“No, you made Xiaoyuan ge upset earlier!”

Yi Hang took a second to react, then looked at a certain someone resentfully. Qi Le pursed his lips. “Just call him ge in the future. As for you, if you agree to bet, you gotta pay up when you lose. Quickly strip. Can’t afford to lose?”

Yi Hang snorted, resigned himself to his situation, took off his T-shirt and continued playing.

Qi Le looked at him. “…Why are you wearing so many amulets around your neck?” WtVKkx

“I spent good money on them. Why waste them ah.”

Qi Le, “……”

Yi Hang concentrated on the cards and occasionally won a little, but he soon lost again. After half an hour, he was left with only a pair of underwear. He looked at certain someone pitifully, “Am… am I supposed to still play?”

Qi Le leaned into Gu Bai’s arms with a smile, looked at Yi Hang with satisfaction and nodded. “Of course. When you’re completely naked, then you’re out. The rest of us will continue.” R2lMNz

“…Can I quit now?”

Qi Le thought for a moment and was about to answer when he saw the door suddenly open. He saw his brother-in-law leading Lu Yanbin in, speaking gleefully, “He should be right here…” His words cut off immediately after seeing the situation in the room and he raised his eyebrows. “How lively.”

As soon as he caught sight of Lu Yanbin, Yi Hang shrank to the side. Lu Yanbin’s eyes followed him wherever he went. He saw that he was wearing the underwear with the small strawberries print and holding two amulets to cover the bumps on his chest. He looked up at him silently, his eyes suddenly sinking.

Qi Le saw the look in his eyes and then turned to look at a certain someone’s appearance. He thought to himself, you idiot ah, do you wanna die? mcAo0G

Zhong Ruiyuan also looked over, quickly got the boys to move to the lounge next door, and also pushed Qi Le and Gu Bai outside. Qi Le was confused. “Brother-in-law, what are you doing?”

Zhong Ruiyuan laughed but didn’t answer. Instead, he went elsewhere to get a bottle of lubricant, then pulled out two condoms from his pocket, threw everything to Lu Yanbin and patted him on the shoulder encouragingly. Only then, did he leave, shutting the door behind him.

Qi Le, “……”

Zhong Ruiyuan invited him and Gu Bai to have a seat outside and asked with a smile, “I heard your older brother say that you have multiple personalities? Don’t worry, I don’t care about that. You will still be my little brother.” lACnQB

Your friends are all nutjobs, of course you don’t care… Qi Le’s face was covered in black lines. He pulled Gu Bai and walked out of the corridor.

As soon as those people left, the lounge immediately fell into a deadly silence. Yi Hang looked over at the sofa opposite him. He regretted so badly that he wanted to bump his head into the wall. His clothes were on the other side. If he had known earlier, he would have ran over there. At least, he could still put on his clothes. What could he do now? He looked at the stuff in a certain someone’s hand and said while trembling, “Brother, take a deep breath. You need to calm down.”

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Lu Yanbin didn’t answer, staring at him in silence. Yi Hang felt his liver quiver and his face turned pale. Lu Yanbin froze for a long time, put the things aside, pulled him over, walked to the sofa and sat down. Then, he lifted Yi Hang’s chin and kissed him. It was a fierce kiss. The scent of each other spread rapidly between both their lips. Yi Hang was forced to look up. He subconsciously grabbed Lu Yanbin’s arm. Then, he felt the man’s breathing gradually get heavier and shivered immediately.

Lu Yanbin held him the whole time, his palm directly caressing his naked back so he felt it when he shivered and finally let go. Yi Hang took a few breaths and shuffled aside with his T-shirt. Lu Yanbin touched his head, handed him the pants next to him and said calmly, “I promised you I would get you first before we do it.” qc0Eki

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