This World Has Gone CrazyCh48.1 - Personalities (Part 1)


The result of Qi Le’s call to Zhong Ruiyuan was that ten minutes later, Ye Shuichuan suddenly appeared from the other end of the corridor. He quickly ran over and looked anxiously at his little brother. “What’s going on? Yuan said that psychiatrist insisted on treating you. Why?”

“…” Qi Le asked, “Why are you here?” D5by6H

“You’re in trouble, of course I had to come. Anyways, I don’t have class either.” Ye Shuichuan turned and looked at the doctor, “What’s wrong with Xiaoyuan? What’s the problem?”

“Apparently, he has Dissociative Personality Disorder. I’m not certain yet,” the doctor held his small notebook and wrote the words “Dissociative Identity Disorder” on the blank page, then wrote down Zheng Xiaoyuan’s name. Only then did he look up at a certain someone, “Why don’t we talk? Do you often lose your memory? Or do you think that time passes quickly? Or do you not remember what you did?”

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“…” Qi Le said, “I’m not ill, thank you!”

“Exactly, my little brother isn’t ill. He has amnesia due to a head injury. The doctor said that he will recover within a period of time. It isn’t Dissociative Identity Disorder. Besides, I lived with him before and he didn’t show any other personalities…” Ye Shuichuan paused slightly and sized up his little brother. “But to be honest, he is really different now.” pRZsCu

Qi Le, “……”

“See, it’s very likely that he has multiple personalities. Plus, I heard that he was injured because he was greatly stimulated by something,” the doctor continued to write with a serious expression. “Generally, the transition from one personality to another happens to involve a huge, stressful event. Otherwise, it takes place after receiving hypnotherapy treatment. So there’s a high chance he has it.”

“Each personality is complete and has their own memory, behavior and preferences,” Wan Lei explained briefly and observed how a certain someone was reacting to prevent him from doing anything extreme. “So what he is showing now is Xiaoyuan’s other personality.”

Qi Le, “……”


Ye Shuichuan’s first reaction was shock. “What should we do then? I remember that this can’t be treated?” He paused. His second reaction was to stare at his little brother. After a few seconds, he suddenly pounced on him and rubbed him. “Xiaoyuan, I’m your older brother. Even if you switch to a different personality, I’m still your older brother.”

Qi Le’s mouth twitched. “I know. I’m not sick, okay?”

“Tell me all your preferences.” Ye Shuichuan turned a deaf ear to the latter half of his sentence and rubbed his head, “In case I get mixed up later on.”

Qi Le suddenly froze and raised his eyebrows. “According to your analysis, I have multiple personalities now. Don’t you want me to change back then?” 0dLUFg

“I think you’re good like this. I like it.” Ye Shuichuan smiled. “If you switch back, I’ll have to try Shen Shu’s method of education on you so that you won’t run back to Ning Xiao and act shameless again.”

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“Go look for your man, thank you,” Qi Le squinted. “He really is sick.” V JKol

“He’s not my man,” the doctor corrected. Incidentally, he added, “And I think he’s quite normal.”

“That’s because you’re still a rookie,” Qi Le said. “You’re too inexperienced. You haven’t found the cause of his disease after so many days of observation. Tell me, how useless are you?!”

Crackle. A thunderbolt directly hit the doctor on his head. He froze at once, a dull expression on his face. The words “rookie” and “useless” kept ringing in his mind again and again and again….

“Doctor, doctor?” Wan Lei called him anxiously, thinking to himself that he originally wanted to get this doctor to treat Qi Le, but the man was hit to this extent by the patient’s two simple words. He was too unreliable. If Xiaoyuan really were to get treatment in the future, he definitely couldn’t go to him. 8PYZw4

The doctor recovered a little and took a deep breath. He held the small notebook in his hand, his morale high again. “You wait and see, I’ll definitely find what’s wrong with him!”

Qi Le nodded in relief. “Keep it up.”

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“I will!” The doctor clenched his fist and looked at him. “Come, let me get you straightened out first. Let’s talk. I need to further observe you and see how many personalities you have.”

“Xiaoyuan, have a chat with him,” Wan Lei advised patiently. “Just a few minutes, it won’t take too long. What if there are other personalities and what if another personality commits a crime and is sentenced? It’ll be you who suffers in the end.” gnl1rt

“…” Qi Le turned around and walked away.

The classroom ahead happened to be the one they had just left. Ning Xiao was leaning against the doorframe with his arms folded, apparently listening to their conversation. When he saw a certain someone turn around, he raised his eyebrows. “Dissociative Identity Disorder?”

Qi Le snorted. “What are you trying to say?”

Ning Xiao’s eyes, which had always been cold, looked slightly relaxed and he seemed to be in a good mood. “Very good.” Up2Ngu

Qi Le paused slightly. “Very good?”

Ning Xiao nodded and didn’t speak anymore. He didn’t want this person to recover his memory. Now that he heard that it was an independent personality, naturally, he was content. The moment he found enough evidence to prove that Gu Bai was taking this person as a substitute, he would be able to make his move.

Qi Le couldn’t understand him. He was about to ask when he saw the hot-blooded doctor approaching again. He turned and left. “I’m not ill, thank you!”

“You are ill,” the doctor followed him. “Your symptoms are quite obvious already. Ai, but why is this situation so similar to the other two ah? Could it be…” 473YDF

Qi Le looked at him seriously, “Doctor, I am sick.”

The doctor was very pleased and patted him on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, I’ll do my best to help you.”

The corners of Qi Le’s lips curved into a smile as he thought, Laozi will bear with it. 

Wan Lei clearly heard them speaking and immediately asked, “Could it be what?” KCnOLy

Qi Le’s heart suddenly quivered. He only heard a certain idiot say without thinking, “Could it be that he’s the same as those two, also taking over another body? Oh, it’s commonly known as transmigrating.”

Qi Le, “……”

Fuck, you hot-blooded idiot! Do we have some sort of enmity?! If Laozi really gets beaten to death by him, even if Laozi becomes a ghost, I won’t let you go ahhhh!

Wan Lei was shocked, the emotions in his eyes deepening. He didn’t think about this possibility. It was so ridiculous that he didn’t dare to think about it. He only considered multiple personalities and called a doctor to see if he could get the previous personality out. If this wasn’t it, then he could only think about transmigration. He stared at a certain someone and tried to find clues from his expression. But at this moment, Ning Xiao and Ye Shuichuan spoke almost at the same time. “Impossible.” 425WX0

Qi Le was dumbstruck, silently staring at them. Wan Lei frowned and also looked over. The doctor was holding his small notebook. “Why do you say that?”

Ning Xiao glanced at a certain someone. “Because his personality came back once before. I thought that he had remembered.”

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“Mmm, that time he was drunk and said that his friend and his lover were having an affair behind his back,” Ye Shuichuan explained. He thought carefully and continued, “But after that he was in a daze and began to say that he wasn’t the Xiaoyuan that we knew. Then, he smashed everything around him and when he woke up, he turned back to his present personality, completely forgetting what he did.”

Qi Le blinked and suddenly remembered that he got drunk when he found out that Xiao Ying liked Gu Bai. His eyes lit up instantly. He was saved!  xATlt0

The doctor wrote on his notebook, thinking for a moment. “This shows that there is still a third personality. This personality is more violent.”

Qi Le quietly listened to the conclusion that he had another personality with a calm face, thinking to himself that as long as he was alive, everything else was unimportant. After hearing the evidence, Wan Lei was really relieved because it meant that he could still see the old Xiaoyuan. However, he asked with uneasiness, “Then why did you admit that you were sick so easily when the doctor mentioned the two men just now?”

“I don’t want to be the same as those two because they were sent to the psychiatric department.”

“I thought there was only one of them, so they were both sent there?” Ye Shuichuan was surprised. He pursed his lips. “No wonder that other guy was so weird. So that’s the case. But there’s no use sending him to the psychiatric department. He was still sick when he got out.” SvnwPE

Qi Le, “……”

When Wan Lei’s doubts were resolved, he turned to the earlier topic and asked anxiously, “What if the third personality is so violent that he breaks the law or even kills someone?”

They all froze at the same time, and looked at a certain someone. Ning Xiao said coldly, “When that personality comes out, knock him out.”

The doctor shook his head. “That will only make him more rebellious. Why don’t you try to influence him?” UPlK6j

Ye Shuichuan suggested, “Read Buddhist scriptures?”

Qi Le, “……”

Damn it, Laozi really want to switch personalities and kill all of you, then throw you into Shen Ai Hospital! He was just thinking that when he heard his cellphone ring all of a sudden. He took it out, looked at it, and wanted to cry, “…Hello.”

Gu Bai paused slightly, “What’s the matter? What happened? Where are you? I’ve already arrived at your school. “ coYOwR

“I’m going down now. I’ll slowly tell you all about it,” Qi Le hung up and looked around. “I’m going to have lunch. We’ll discuss this later.” He didn’t even want to stay a second longer and went downstairs immediately.

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  1. Saved by the Bell! Gu Bai’s call came at perfect time. Oh DID can really be used as his sickness, I also forgot that Qi Le had that drunk moment. But I thought he doesn’t mind to have his identity revealed with all that self praising before.

    Thanks for the translation.

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