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My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran AwayCh8 - Zong He: He’s My Partner


Translator: Callis
Editor: Walker

At 3 p.m. on March 31, 1587 on the new star calendar, after three years, the undefeated Marshal Zong He of the Mythical Imperial Army recovered from his wounds and returned to β Ursae Minoris! u01mS8

When the battleship representing Zong He’s status appeared over β Ursae Minoris, everybody shouted with excitement. The backbone of the Empire had returned!

After the news was spread on the StarNetwork, many forces had been curious. The Royal family, in order to reassure the people, dispatched the reporters of the Royal Newspaper. Unfortunately, the Marshal’s warship did not stop at the β Ursae Minoris Turnover Station and returned directly to the Marshal’s residence, a small artificial planet only half an hour away from the Royal Empire.

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The reporters were blocked by escorts, and could only photograph Marshal Zong He steadily stepping down from the warship in military uniform. He held a young man in his arms, blocking him from view so that they couldn’t see him clearly. However, from the young man’s side profile, he was an Asian beauty, but the key point was that the Marshal cared about him very much.

After the news was released, many people wondered: who was the Asian youth? What was his relationship with the Marshal? shQuNB

While the people were speculating, Tang Wan helped the sweating Zong He to their bedroom, frowning at his pale face, his heart incomparably tired. This man was too ambitious. He had just been awake for three days, using a wheelchair to move around instead of walking in the sanatorium. Now, he endured walking home from the battleship, did he want to die?

“Quickly lie down and take off your coat.” Tang Wan knew the way Zong He thought, but he couldn’t say anything. He could only do what a partner should, taking ahold of his sleeve and tugging off his uniform, putting it away on a hanger, and helping him take off his boots. Zong He opened his eyes, took a deep look at Tang Wan, and closed them again. Tang Wan took a quilt from the cabinet and draped it over him. As soon as he wanted to leave, Zong He pulled at his wrist. Tang Wan bent down and told him, “I’ll go and call a military doctor.”

Zong He still refused to let go. “No, sit here and watch me sleep. Don’t go.”

Tang Wan had no choice but to sit, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. When feeling sick, why did he act like a child? He still knew how to act spoiled? onwNCO

“Since I already promised to come back with you, I won’t talk about divorce anymore. You have my word.”

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Zong He closed his eyes without another sound. He obviously didn’t believe Tang Wan, so he pulled on his hand and didn’t let go. Tang Wan could only sit by the bed and watch him sleep.

Lin Bo was anxious and came to take a look. He found that the two were sleeping hand in hand and the expression on his old face became relieved. Young people, ah, the development of feelings was incredibly fast. So, without saying anything, Lin Bo turned his head and left.

Zong He was brought up by Lin Bo, who had remained unmarried for his entire life and devoted all of his efforts to Zong He. Although Lin Bo was an old servant, in a sense, he played the role of both Zong He’s parents. Under those circumstances, in order to protect Zong He and allow him to grow up peacefully, Lin Bo was never as kind and innocent as he appeared. He had a pair of sinister eyes. Tang Wan was neat and tidy, and his laugh was warm and sweet, Lin Bo also knew that he liked those with a sense of propriety. As he had said, Tang Wan was much more sensible than his peers. The young couple was good-tempered, and now, their relationship was developing well. Lin Bo was happy to go out and talk. 4cavZs

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How many nobles wanted to attach themselves to Zong He, this big tree. However, their only chance was cut off. The nobles were confused, where on earth had this vixen come from?! LCaymd

Many nobles wanted to find a way to visit Zong He, unwilling to give up the opportunity to learn more about the new wife’s background. They were all rejected by Lin Bo, who said that ‘The Marshal’s body hadn’t fully recovered, and he needed to quietly rest and recuperate.’ There was no mention of Tang Wan. Who were they to ask freely about the Marshal’s partner?

So, the days spent at the Marshal’s residence were still and quiet. Tang Wan did not feel out of place; his only concern was: Da Zhuang hadn’t returned in a good number of days. Lin Bo told him that Da Zhuang needed to go to preschool, and he could not come over often. Tang Wan was happy for Da Zhuang, the little cub was growing up.

In the evening, a few days later, Tang Wan cut some budding flowers in the garden and placed them in a vase filled with water. On the road, he ran into Lin Bo. He went over and asked, “Lin Bo, I want to buy some things from the internet, but I don’t know what to write for the receiving address. Should I use the Marshal’s residence?”

Lin Bo smiled and touched his beard. “You can’t use the Marshal’s residence, as ordinary people can’t get close. The courier might be considered a suspicious person and bombed by the electronic defense system.” Lin Bo agreeably gave Tang Wan a temporary address. “Use this address when you buy something, someone will deliver them here when they arrive.” ec8njC

Tang Wan thanked the other party with a smile, “I understand, thank you.”

Lin Bo looked at the flowers in his hand, “Would you like to put them in the study or in the bedroom?”

Tang Wan smiled, eyes curved, “Put it on the windowsill of the living room, it would make the place more lively and be comfortable to look at.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Oh~” Lin Bo reminded him, “The Marshal’s nose is very sensitive. Too much of the flowers’ fragrance might irritate his sense of smell.” 8TOasF

Tang Wan looked at the flowers in his hands and stuffed the vase into Lin Bo’s arms. “Then I won’t put these in, I’ll make some fake flowers myself later.”

Lin Bo nodded happily, placed the vase in his own room and muttered, “The Duke can rest assured that the young master has found a close companion.”

Tang Wan went back to the shopping site, planning to prepare some materials and make a cat tree during the live broadcast. He had enough points to buy a cat. Before, when Da Zhuang was there, he was very vinegar-prone. He would eat vinegar when he saw him holding a rabbit, so Tang Wan didn’t dare to buy a cat. Now that the naughty child was going to school, he was going to buy a few cats for himself. During the live broadcast, he could make the cat tree with the kittens.

If he did it well, he should be able to sell the cat trees. He could sell the production method to a manufacturer. There weren’t any cat-like pets, but there were tiger and leopard cubs that liked to climb high. He could just enlarge the scale of the cat tree and beast cubs would be able to play on them as well. That way, he could make extra money. Jz1Y3n

There was another advantage of a highly civilized society: everything could be found on the internet. He would be the first to make it, so he would own it. If anyone else dared to imitate it, he could sue the other party for infringement. At that time, the StarNetwork would pull out the production time, and the counterfeiters couldn’t even have a cunning excuse.

Even so, Tang Wan carefully dismantled and separated the cat tree, asking different manufacturers to make the parts. He could assemble it later.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He placed an order in the evening, and the next morning, someone delivered the things that Tang Wan wanted. The speed of the future’s people was really too great!

To Tang Wan’s great surprise, it wasn’t long after breakfast when Da Zhuang returned! Lin Bo explained, “It’s a rest day, so there’s no school today. The Marshal asked the young master to come and play with you for a day.” 1P8YSd

Tang Wan didn’t doubt him. He picked up the cub and rubbed his face. He was moved to tears. The little cub’s body had obviously gotten a little larger and stronger. Tang Wan was satisfied with the sense of joy from his growing family. “Sure enough, you have to go to school when you grow up. Look at you, you’ve grown a lot!”

Zong He was helpless as Tang Wan made a mess of his fur. How much did the fool like such an appearance?

Tang Wan embraced Da Zhuang and kissed him, coaxing, “Daddy bought you a gift. After I finish it, you will definitely like it.”

Zong He languidly raised his eyelids. He had called himself “daddy” countless times. Sooner or later, he wouldn’t let the fool who couldn’t tell species apart come back. UDk5dE

Two teenagers wearing military school uniforms saw that Tang Wan needed help moving things, and they flew to his side at an incredible speed. “Fūrén, let us!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

These two were a pair of twin brothers that had been adopted by Lin Bo. They were only sixteen years old and usually went to military school. The elder was called Qi Jinen, and the younger was called Qi Jinze. They were both beautiful, with fair and clear skin. Now, all the work was done by the robots, and people just operated them. The two brothers were carrying a 1.8 meter long box, resting it on their shoulders.

The elder brother didn’t like to speak. His expressions were more serious, but his eyes were soft. The younger brother was sunny and optimistic. When he smiled, he revealed a pair of tiger teeth, looking like a clever thief. He grinned and waved his fist at Tang Wan, with a peculiar strong man’s temperament.

Tang Wan hugged Da Zhuang, looking at the lifeless eyes of the empty-handed robot nanny following behind them. He stifled a laugh, this cub was really too energetic. mXscji

Qi Jinze was curious, “Fūrén, did you buy skincare products? I saw a lot of ladies buying expensive skincare products in this kind of box, bringing them home by the crateful.”

Qi Jinen frowned, raised his foot behind him, and used his toe to kick his calf, reminding him to shut up and not be rude.

Tang Wan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Only women need skincare products, I bought this as a gift for Da Zhuang.”

“Da Zhuang, who?” RUhgfp

Tang Wan pointed at the black and gold ball of fur snuggling in his arms and smiled cheerfully, “Him~ Da Zhuang is really too cute!”

The twins looked doubtfully at Zong He’s unique black and gold markings. After a moment’s thought, the younger brother’s feet went soft and he almost knelt down.

Tang Wan’s heart suddenly jumped and he quickly helped hold on the box. “Is it too heavy? Quickly put it down and take a breath.”

The brothers simultaneously gave Tang Wan a thumbs up, wanting to admire and worship him: blame them for only having lived a short life, it was the first time they had met such an amazing human being! He really deserved to be the Marshal’s god-given wife, too cool! hXYwbH

Tang Wan: “……” What was this situation?

Zong He held his forehead within his paws, he should hurry and kick the twins to military school. Otherwise, he would never hear the end of this nickname.

— — — —

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

At this time, in a luxurious castle, a lady dressed in luxurious clothing was so furious that she smashed all of the expensive crafts on the floor. “He actually has a partner behind my back, does he not place my mother in his eyes?! Let him come to see me, bring that bitch along and let them come together!” eD0dhu

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Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Lin Bo calls Zong He ‘young master’ both in human and kitty form, but calls him ‘Marshal’ when he’s in human form in front of Tang Wan

Translator's Note

have no consideration for

Translator's Note

technically, she says “the bitch whose origins are unknown” but that ruins the flow

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