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My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran AwayCh9 - Can Eat and Grow Chubby


Translator: Callis
Editor: Walker

At Tang Wan’s side, the two brothers helped deliver his things to the room opposite his bedroom, which had been tidied up and would later serve as a live studio. After the deliveries were put away, the brothers ran away. 8cHWy

Tang Wan looked at the materials for the cat tree lying on the ground. He pleasantly discussed with Da Zhuang, “Zhuang ah, Daddy wants to talk to you about something.”

The cat in his arms remained motionless, as if he hadn’t heard anything. Tang Wan wasn’t upset either, he was used to the cub’s bad temper. He had always gazed upon the world with a look of arrogance. Coupled with the experience of a little milk cat, it seemed that he had reached the last stage of secondary disease. But, what about secondary disease? He was so cute, meng is justice! Tang Wan doted on him.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tang Wan said with a smile on his face, “I want to buy a cat.”

Zong He’s eyes flared and he immediately wanted to stand up. It wasn’t enough to have him, he wanted other cats? MtNfQR

Tang Wan patiently coaxed, “Relax, you’re still Daddy’s favorite, you’re the cutest!” When Da Zhuang went to school, he wouldn’t have any cats around him. How could he live without cats? What’s more, he had to do live broadcasts. He had long since wanted to bring a cat back, but he had been taking care of a sick and weak Da Zhuang. He was worried that Da Zhuang would eat vinegar, so he didn’t dare to buy a cat from the system. Now that he wouldn’t be back so often, he wouldn’t have to worry about it as much. He wanted to buy all kinds of cats. Of course, he hoped that his baby would accept it.

Like raising a child, before he picked up a second cat, he had to consider the first. The kitten couldn’t be spoiled when it comes. In order for the elder to accept the younger, it had to know that its position wasn’t threatened and that it was still Daddy’s baby. This way, it would be easier for the big cats to accept the little kittens, and they would take the initiative to help raise them. Although Da Zhuang was not a pet cat, he was smarter and much more sensitive than a pet. Tang Wan felt that Da Zhuang would understand his words.

Zong He wiped off the dust on his paws on Tang Wan’s chest. He thought that he would be jealous? What a joke, how could he be jealous of a pet cat?

Tang Wan saw that he didn’t have a big reaction, and he was happy that he had agreed. He embraced the kitten and cheerfully kissed him several times, “I knew that you were a good and sensible cub.” T0JymU

Tang Wan opened the system and bought the golden British shorthair that he had wanted for a long time. The instant the kitten appeared, Tang Wan’s heart was full of excitement and he was killed by the cuteness. The little plump bright golden shorthair was already nearing adulthood. A round body, round green eyes, explosively cute! Tang Wan felt that raising Da Zhuang, this little milk cat, had already taken up all of his energy, and raising another kitten would only tire him out even more. So, he bought one that was a little older.

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Zong He narrowed his eyes and stared coldly at Tang Wan. Without changing his expression, his ears collapsed backwards, leaning towards becoming airplane ears. If Tang Wan rubbed that cat like he rubbed him, he would beat the cat directly to baldness! Snuggle once, beat him bald once! See what he could rub!

Tang Wan, aware of the danger, quickly calmed down and looked at the confused golden shorthair sitting on the ground. He resisted his excitement and held Da Zhuang closer, not giving any attention to the little plump shorthair, “You are Daddy’s favorite cub, right, I love you the most.” Tang Wan tried his best to comfort his baby Da Zhuang, telling him that he was still the favorite, other cats were just clouds and fur.

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Tang Wan looked at the little plump golden British shorthair, tears falling from his heart, really too cute, ah! Looking at it like this, his heart melted. He really wanted to hold it, but he couldn’t!

The system was spiritually bound to Tang Wan, so the pets bought from it were all somewhat psychologically receptive to him. They all held a special affection for him. Tang Wan called all of these furballs his children, and they regarded him as their father. The golden plump shorthair subconsciously leaned against Tang Wan, two paws embracing his calves, which meant that he wanted to climb up. Tang Wan immediately felt his leg sink, he really was too plump!

Zong He looked down and expressionlessly stared at the other cat.

Being aware of the danger, the golden plump cat stood still and motionless, paws stiff. dSIWbL

Tang Wan sensed that the atmosphere wasn’t right. He nervously pulled the chubby cub back into the system. He would hold him when Da Zhuang wasn’t present, in case he would be jealous. When the cub’s temper flared, he might cast a shadow in the newcomer’s heart. Alas, a cub whose parents weren’t around would lack love, were sensitive, easily irritable, and tended to be arrogant. Tang Wan touched Da Zhuang’s head, gently smoothing out the fur.

Zong He gave an unhappy hiss, and placed two paws on Tang Wan’s body. The chubby cat was just an annoyance, not even worth mentioning. He didn’t know why Tang Wan liked this kind of weak chicken.

The pets that had been bought in the system were all in the “already purchased” column. Tang Wan used his spiritual strength to open it and take a look. The newly arrived little golden shorthair was still in the front position and was still in the state of being ‘unnamed’. Tang Wan carefully filled in ‘Jin Xiao Pang (Tie Niu)’. According to his years of experience in cat-raising, with such a strong name, the furry cub’s body would be as strong as a calf, especially easy to raise.

The system updated itself:
Name: Jin Xiao Pang (Nickname: Tie Niu)
Gender: Male (Neutered)
Species: Cat family – British Golden Shorthair
Age: 10 months
Character: Lively, intelligent, and sticky
Specialty: Can eat! UQiIRd

Tang Wan was amused, was eating really a specialty?

— — — —

At 7:30 p.m., a clueless Tang Wan, held his darling in his arms and solemnly asked, “If I open the touch function and tell the live broadcast audience that I would let them touch you for 50 star coins, would I make a big profit?”

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Zong He bared his teeth and wanted to ask: “Giving your husband away for others to touch, are you stupid?” a4wGld

Tang Wan laughed. “I’m just joking~”

Zong He’s eyes softened, and listened to Tang Wan ask, “I don’t know how much I could sell you for?”

Zong He looked up, his golden eyes flashing, and stood up in Tang Wan’s arms. Two front paws held Tang Wan’s face, staring at him earnestly. He was giving him another chance to reorganize his words!

Tang Wan laughed and kissed his paw with a lowered head. He said brightly, “I was just playing, how could I be willing to sell you? Even if I sold the Marshal, I can’t sell you, you’re my big treasure!” gYFRTn

Zong He: “……”

The sharp claws hidden in his paws trembled for a moment, then peeked out. They were pasted on Tang Wan’s delicate white face. If he wasn’t careful, he could scratch and bloody his tender face. The Marshal lifted his paws and directly stuffed them into his mouth, taking a chomp. He couldn’t fight back or scold, when angry, he could only bite himself! All day, he could only be docile and obedient!

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Tang Wan smiled and landed in the studio, holding the cat tightly in his arms. “Give me some face, meet the audience.”

As soon as fans saw that Tang Wan was online and saw that Da Zhuang was in his arms, they all cried out: “My life’s big love Da Zhuang, seeking the touch function!” WFf6yV

What did they say Da Zhuang’s species was? I have never seen such a small cub!

I also haven’t clearly seen, is Da Zhuang’s real name ‘Da Zhuang’?

Tang Wan looked down at Da Zhuang. He really didn’t know what Da Zhuang’s real name was. Listening to Lin Bo call him ‘young master’, he was a distant nephew of the Marshal’s. Allegedly, he was a mixed-blood and his spiritual strength was unstable. He was here to borrow the Marshal’s doctor. Tang Wan just felt that the cub should have a name that sounded strong, so he called him ‘Da Zhuang’.

Tang Wan stroked Da Zhuang’s neck, straightening his fur, and introduced him, “My family’s Da Zhuang is like a big kitten, what species specifically? It’s a secret.” WNz3hB

Zong He jumped out of Tang Wan’s embrace and abandoned him. He gave him the cold shoulder, closed his eyes, and went to sleep with trembling paws. He had married a silly wife who couldn’t even tell what species his husband was.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Audience: Please let us touch!

Appreciate and touch!

Tang Wan was regretful, “Not allowed, he is my favorite, he is my most beloved baby. You can touch the others.” r3ULM7

Many comments followed: Those upstairs, do not beg anymore, there’s no use. No one can touch Tang Tang’s beloved Da Zhuang.

The audience was helpless. Tang Wan always wore a 3D mask of a cat’s face to cover up the upper half of his face. They didn’t even know what his real face looked like, now even his cub’s species was a mystery. Fortunately, they did not come to see what kind of blogger he was, but the meng pets that had already disappeared from the earth.

Zong He shook his ears, jumped off the chair, and coldly walked away. He was quite satisfied with the answer that Tang Wan had given, so he gave him some space to play freely.

Tang Wan saw him leave, feeling relieved. He excitedly introduced: “Today, I’m going to introduce my cat to you. I’ve summoned a new child. This time, you can touch him.” reE2yJ

The audience was curious: “What is a cat?”

Tang Wan waved his hands, simultaneously pulling Jin Xiao Pang from the system. Tang Wan peeked at the door and didn’t see Da Zhuang’s shadow. Excited, he picked up the child and enthusiastically introduced him: “This is my family’s new child. His name is Jin Xiao Pang, his nickname is Tie Niu!”

Zong He, who had already reached the bedroom across from the studio, blew unhappily on his whiskers, turned his head around, and headed back. Unacceptable! Still very infuriating!

Zong He’s possessiveness and jealousy strike again!
✧٩(•́⌄•́๑) apx7Q6

Translator's Note

Because of Japanese anime/ manga, during the second year of junior high, many boys will fantasize about having a lot of enemies around them and that they are superheroes who can save the world

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Gold Little Chubby (Iron Ox)

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