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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh34 - Little Vic’s Perseverance


translator: xiin
editors: bear & celtic

Since they had run into each other downstairs, it was a natural matter of course for them to go upstairs and chat for a while. ADYNmC

Strictly speaking, Victor and his roommate were actually housemates. They only shared the main living space and laundry room.

In these European-style apartments, a small dining area was set beside the kitchen; they sat down on a sofa set to the side.

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The posters on the walls, pillow on the couch, magnet on the fridge, pendants hanging from the door handle, and sketches under the glass of the dining table of this place… were all of Lord Four.

. r2dvpg

Victor also realized this point and forced himself to act calm as he hurriedly tried to pour water for Tyron while blocking the fridge magnet with his body. He reached his hand behind his back and pretended to inadvertently peel the magnet off, putting it into his pocket.

Then, he quietly went to clear up the pendants hanging from the door. Knowing there was nothing he could do about the posters, he finally went to try and deal with the pillow on the sofa.

Victor sat next to Tyron, smiling and chatting while he tried his damned best to stuff the pillow into the gaps between the sofa cushions.

He had no idea that it was completely pointless! Master assassins were able to take in the entire scene at a glance, and could remember practically all of it. ViCoza

Tyron held back his laughter and pretended not to see Victor’s hard work as he said, “It seems like you’ve been busy lately.”

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Victor ultimately sat on that pillow and breathed a sigh of relief. He regained his composure and said, “No, not really. In fact, I just started working and I’m not quite used to it.”


Victor had recently set up a studio. It was called the Vicker Studio. 96QdWH

Tyron: “……”

Victor: “Ah, I’m not very good at coming up with names…” QUQ.

“No. Actually,” Tyron covered his mouth with his hand and showed a thoughtful expression, “This studio name sounds very cute.”

The little flower inside Victor’s heart blossomed and went into full bloom in an instant. DUBahw

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His studio had just been set up. It mainly operated as a creative platform for artists, choreographers, editors, writers and other creators to freely publish new works, share resources, mutually promote each other, and discuss ideas.

“Qtfc P wjvf j nlvfb jcv qea la bcilcf, P cbalmfv atja j iba bo bglulcji kbgxr jcv milqr tjv vloolmeialfr qgbafmalcu atflg glutar,” Nlmabg fzqijlcfv. “Ccv rbwfalwfr, ktfc atf atlcur atja kfgf wjvf bea bo ibnf jcv qjrrlbc yfmjwf j ilaaif qbqeijg, la kbeiv yf qijuljglhfv jcv mbqlfv… Ojafg bc, P uba ab xcbk fnfc wbgf mgfjabgr jcv kf jii jugffv atja kf cffvfv j qijmf atja kbeiv qgbafma atf mgfjabgr jcv atflg kbgx, rb atlr raevlb mjwf lcab yflcu.”

Victor didn’t say that it had all started because the video he made had been plagiarized and he hadn’t been paid any copyright fees.

––It was clearly stated that people who used Lord Four’s image needed to pay 15%! cHnsCx

––How dare they bully my male god! It’s not fair! I’m going to represent my male god and beat you up!

With this in mind, Victor was very unhappy. He spent more than half a month doing research and finally decided to set up a studio.


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When they heard that Learning God Vic was going to start his own business, his classmates, senior brothers and sisters, and even the teachers from his school were all quite interested. After all, Little Vic was quite an influential figure at the university––Not only was he attractive, his temperament was also good. WsqAac

After Victor’s announcement, many people felt that his business would be promising based on his name alone, and expressed their willingness to join the venture.

Most of the Learning God’s friends were also Learning Gods…

Within a month, many letters had been sent all over the world, and a total of over 20 people came over to join the studio. Many of these people were already working in the world’s top 500 companies, but they still felt that they would have greater prospects when working with Victor and decisively handed in their resignations. Everyone involved was impressive in their own right, and some were even able to bring along a group of subordinates.

The small studio, whose lineup was so brilliant it almost blinded everyone’s eyes, submitted an application the following month in preparation for upgrading their company to a limited liability company within a month. 1HNGiv


In order to raise the company’s required registered capital, Victor donned a suit and went out to push his business and attract sponsorship.

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The first week, he went to the giant conglomerate EMB that ranked in the world’s top 20. Little Vic had once been their spokesperson while in school and set up job fairs for them; he had received thank-you letters and flower baskets from their company before. Because of this, they recommended for him to join their business incubation park.

During that period, Victor stayed up late to do research, write business plans, and PK’d against over a thousand other seed companies; ultimately making it all the way into the final round. Victor’s final opponent was the number one student from another famous university. The two of them debated against each other and wrote a major paper regarding their opponent’s business plans. In the end, Victor’s opponent lost because he had estimated his starting capital to be 2 million dollars, which was significantly below EMB’s planning department’s estimate of 6.7 million dollars. 7A4yZH

Victor received 4 million of investment capital from EMB.

Nothing was more trustworthy than knowledge and ability.

Little Vic used a month and a half to prove his own strength––EMB acknowledged that the value of what he could do far exceeded 4 million dollars. This was power.

. XsdzJi

After Victor received his first round of precious angel investment, Vicker Company quickly entered the explosive start-up phase.

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The company was full of outstanding people from famous schools, and they had all started with annual salaries of over 200,000 dollars the second they left university. However, when they came to Vicker Company, they had to figure out how to pay for their own lunch.

A group of young people like this gathered together to start a business:

They wore ten thousand dollar suits as they crowded into a rented room, then casually pulled out keys to luxury cars when they stepped out of the door; nlSMZc

They carefully calculated how much each business call cost while casually signing contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars;

They worked twelve-hour days and only took home a double-digit salary every day that didn’t even include room and board. They casually picked up two hours of private work worth four or five digits after going home, but were afraid that it would take up too much of their work time;

Every phrase was like a gem full of brilliant ideas when talking to customers and they could speak for an entire afternoon, but after they rushed home to catch up on work, they didn’t even dare to get any proper sleep and ran on their way to the toilet.

. ePEnu8

As one of the co-founders, Victor could be said to be one of the most ‘unprofessional’ ones because he could actually spare two hours a week to attend the A-League matches!

Although he had only watched a total of three games, it was already an extremely luxurious indulgence.

His colleagues were very envious of his ‘leisurely mood’, but they were also able to discover the one thing that could force Victor to put down his work for a while and have a good rest because of this––Lord Four.

Therefore, after that, whenever they found that Victor had been working for too long, someone would order something related to Lord Four online. For example, a pillow. dcvsaV

And they would also write in the order that Victor had to go to the post office and collect it personally. If nobody went to pick it up within two hours, the post office was asked to destroy it immediately.

As soon as Victor heard that the Lord Four pillow would be destroyed, he could no longer sit still and turned off the light as he rushed out. He only relaxed after he picked up and hugged the pillow.

––This was why his place was filled with Lord Four’s fan paraphernalia!

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From pillows to fridge magnets, key chains and posters, all of it represented the deep care and love of his colleagues! o1j2Am


Victor gradually became more enthusiastic as he spoke, and said to Tyron happily, “Male god, male god, you can go and take a look around our website when you have time. There’s a lot of original content tagged under ‘Lord Four’, and everyone has been paying according to the licensing law!”

He seemed to have recalled something and hurriedly went to his desk, bowing his head as he tried to find some documents.

When he got up, he nearly hit his head against the corner of the desk. He only discovered that it didn’t hurt after he’d smacked into it––Lord Four had reacted very quickly and reached out to block the corner of the table. Victor’s forehead hit the palm of his hand instead. sewCaN

Victor froze for a moment, but Tyron withdrew his hand very casually and said, “What kind of documents are you in such a hurry to find?”

Victor unfolded the document and explained, “It’s the licensing fee! In the past month, your avatar has been used more than 20,000 times, 400 of which was for personal or commercial purposes. The total income is at least 40,000 dollars… Here it is, here it is!”

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This document was full of numbers that Victor had written down. In the midst of his packed schedule, he had used precious fragments of time to piece together a financial statement for Tyron.

Tyron accepted it and took a look, then said, “I suddenly feel that you’re particularly competent. I should also pay you an accountant’s salary.” D1UoqW

“I already have extra pay! I do!” Victor’s laugh was especially delighted. “People also rewarded me for the War God video I made back then! When I went to look at the backend yesterday, I saw that it was enough for me to eat an ice cream cone––That was the ice cream cone I just ate. Male god, you also found it delicious, right?”

Tyron: “…… Mm. It was very sweet.”

Victor looked down and tidied up his papers. He mumbled, “It’ll be a lot better after our website officially goes live and the userbase slowly increases. My next goal is to be able to buy an ice cream cone every day with the money I earn. When we have more members, I’ll use my daily ice cream cone to entice them to jump into the e-sports pit… Hahahaha, they’ll all be sucked in by male god and become fans…”

. HVA6Y0

Tyron thought: How could this child be so brilliant and warm?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

No matter what it was, be it the e-sports circle or the creative circle, Victor seemed to strive tirelessly and assiduously to make it better. If there was a bit of light, he would send it out; if there was warmth, he would share it. He didn’t seem to care about gains and losses, or fortune and misfortune.

Unknowingly, he had already gathered many followers behind him.

This meant that Victor was a very trustworthy person, right? This showed Victor was a person who would never betray him no matter what happens, right? jkazKf

Tyron looked at Victor’s back for a very long time. He also pondered for a very long time before abruptly opening his mouth and saying slowly, “Little Vic, I would like to consult you about your opinion on a matter.”

Victor was smiling as he looked up, “Sure, sure.”

Tyron: “You saw my signature when you signed a contract with me. I signed as ‘Pei Rong’. You may have had doubts about my identity, but you didn’t ask. Now, I’m going to tell you something…”

Victor realized that the matter was serious and immediately returned to his seat. He sat down properly and watched Tyron solemnly. tE56IY

Tyron: “Pei Rong retired from the entertainment business due to a mental disease, but his illness has never been healed. Not long ago, his consciousness disappeared into the darkness; then, when he woke up again, he had already completely lost his memories of being Pei Rong.”


Translator's Note

15% – It said 5% in chapter 26… Not sure what happened here.

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