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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh35 - Consciousness Projection Operation


translator: xiin
editors: bear & celtic

Tyron’s story really surprised Victor. M0OLfd

He said that when ‘Pei Rong’ woke up again, he no longer remembered that he was Pei Rong. He had forgotten everything from the past, yet had gone straight into the free-for-all battle and pushed on.

Gradually, as ‘Pei Rong’ experienced more and more things and became less and less confused, he began his rise to fame as an e-sports competitor with a very different personality and self-awareness than before.

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So, ‘Pei Rong’ was full of internal struggle as he learned about his past––including that he had an excessive sister.

“I always thought it was a new life, and I had to start a whole new journey,” Tyron said. “But there are some people who keep pushing me to remember the past, and want me to sink into the quagmire of this so-called ‘past’.” kTnCtR

After Victor heard all this, he started to speak, then hesitated.

He had never known that his male god had such a difficult past! He was full of heartache!

Victor: I want to transform into a road leveling machine! So that I can flatten all the bastards who bullied my male god!

nesR a

Little Vic was the kind of person who didn’t hide their thoughts very deeply. Everything he felt or thought would cause a corresponding change in his expression.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Unfortunately, Tyron was a master assassin who was very good at observing human behavior, so he could tell at a glance what Little Vic was thinking.

Little Vic thought: I feel bad and want to cry, but I can’t let my male god see.

Tyron thought: Alright. I’ll pretend I didn’t see. Iy6DmF

After a while, Victor spoke up, “Although I’m not clear about the medical problems, I do know that mental illnesses can sometimes produce such complications. Don’t worry.”

“I’m not worried about this,” Tyron replied, “I’ve already made an appointment for a consciousness projection operation. And I’m doing very well now. You should have noticed that I’ve already changed my avatars in the virtual world one after another.”

Indeed, Victor knew that his male god had two avatars (Pei Rong’s and Tyron’s own), but avatars in the virtual world were just a matter of personal preference, similar to selecting a blog avatar, so he hadn’t thought much of it. TUs WZ

Tyron continued, “Therefore, the only thing I want to do right now is to thoroughly get rid of my old identity.”

“I fully support you!” Now that Victor knew that Tyron wasn’t sad at all, he immediately felt happy for him. “The Phoenix Empire has laws about this!”

The two of them chatted for a while about the issue of ‘changing identities’. gaZO9f

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They were the ones who had developed the procedure for changing bodies, and they already had a great many laws related to it, regardless of whether it was regarding racial characteristics or technological development.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

For example, they fully recognized a person’s right to ‘begin a new life’. 7ZMS63

As long as he hadn’t broken the law in the past, he could apply for a new identity and citizenship that would have nothing to do with his past. Some members of the Phoenix race would even take the initiative to erase their own memories so that they could live a completely new life.

Victor said, “My father is a member of the Phoenix Empire, and definitely knows about the consciousness projection operation. To the Phoenix race, changing bodies is just like changing teeth, and nobody thinks it’s a big deal. I heard that they will go through ‘nirvana’ every few decades, and sometimes, when they make mistakes out of carelessness, some of the Phoenix people would end up attaching themselves to a new body on a planet a few light-years away and become an ‘alien’ for a while.”

Tyron thought: This was quite interesting.

There had also been races like these in his world who could only survive by attaching themselves to other bodies. OuX8jP

Now, it seemed that the existence of this kind of race and their laws were very convenient for him.

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Victor counted off his fingers as he explained. “There are many ways to join the Phoenix Empire. Direct applications are the slowest, and they are very strict. However, you can go there first, then apply for permanent residency after three years, and then apply for citizenship. The third way is… To form a family unit with someone from the Phoenix Empire.”

When Tyron heard this, he suddenly asked, “Are you a member of the Phoenix Empire?” 3 9hDA

Victor immediately blushed and said, “Nononono, but I can become one at any time because my father is.”

“Oh.” Tyron acknowledged his words, then moved the conversation away.

But how could Victor have the spirit to think about anything else?!

Victor: Hadn’t an extremely important conversation taken place just now?! Father! Quickly teach me what to do in this situation! r6jXZA

Thirty seconds later, Victor’s soul was still wandering. Not only was he distracted, his face became increasingly red.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Tyron helplessly reached out a hand and flicked his forehead, “What are you thinking about?”

Victor blurted out, “Getting married and obtaining a license!”

Tyron: “……” Modern children… Tsk, tsk. IUN0xT

Victor: “…” Mom, save me! Or just kill me now! Wuwuwuahhhhhhhhh!

Just when Victor was so ashamed that he was about to join the pillow in the gap between sofa cushions, someone came to his rescue.

His roommate kicked the door open with his leg and laughed loudly as he said, “Little Vic, hahahahahahaha! F*ck, hahahaha let me tell you! They said that they were able to take photos of War God’s face but aren’t allowed to release the pictures. That crowd of curiosity cancer patients are all about to hang themselves, hahahaha!” ideUXH

The two people on the sofa looked back at him at the same time.

Only then did the roommate discover that there was another person in the room. He instantly turned into the most embarrassed person in the room and begged Little Vic for salvation.

Roommate: “Hey, heyhey, Little Vic, you have a guest over? I, I was rude just now. I’m normally… very polite.”

Tyron nodded and introduced himself, “I’m Odin. Hello.” sZ3jGx

Roommate: “My name is Connie, welcome!”

Victor still hadn’t reacted. He always felt that when a third person was present, his male god seemed to become very distant, as noble and cool as he was when standing on stage.

Tyron soon bid them farewell. Victor sent him outside, secretly watching as his figure went further and further away.

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Victor: Sigh, he left just like that… Yingyingying~ Couldn’t he have stayed for dinner? I actually forgot to congratulate him on winning the team championships. Am I a fool?! WHJ3Fl

Victor leaned against the door for a long time. His roommate couldn’t bear it and came over to pat him on the shoulder.

Little Vic spoke in a dark tone, “Those who hinder others from seducing their male god will be kicked by a donkey.”

“…” The roommate had never seen Tyron’s real appearance before, and was shocked after he heard Victor’s words. “Oh my god! Little Vic! Did you switch male gods? I never knew that you were such a fickle, morally loose Vic!” IOp mu

Victor held back for a long time before snapping, “I haven’t changed, but there’s no way to explain it to you! What were you shouting about when you came in?”

Roommate: “Hahahahaha! Lao Tzu can also have a day of making a comeback from being a salted fish! That group of curiosity cancer patients are about to collectively go hang themselves, wanting to see the War God’s face even if they die––Hahaha isn’t the War God the male god you met in the library? Lao Tzu saw you secretly taking photos of him long ago! Hahaha!”

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Victor: “…” Yesterday, you were still one of the main pillars of the curiosity cancer patient waiting group. Don’t you know that you’ll attract too much attention if you suddenly act like this?

#My dear roommate has absolutely no idea that his War God had just been sitting on the sofa and heard him saying “Hahahaha! F*ck…” as he kicked in the door# lERVIJ


Since coming to this era, the master assassin had been acting both cautious and low-key.

Therefore, Victor was the only person that he felt could be trusted so far.

After leaving Victor’s house, Tyron had nowhere else to be. MJvRUO

He returned to his residence to check his official mailbox.

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The first email came from the bank.

Over the past few months, he had received a net bonus of about 10 million from the league championship alone, not including the Seven Kills (coach) Club’s promised kill bonus and the various other sources of scattered income.

This was only counting the game-related revenue. The larger portion of his revenue was still the 28 million he had received from Retard Lu. xFKwUb

Then, there was also the income from the fees for usage of his avatar.

After being labelled as a god in a single battle, all sorts of videos and programs sprang up like bamboo shoots after a period of rain, wanting to use his footage and avatar. There was also the revenue from a variety of fan-made commercial content as well as the licensing fees from game companies that added up to over 8 million.

It could only be said that this was an era of fan economy.

When it was all added up, Tyron’s account showed a balance of nearly 50 million. However, 20 million of it was temporarily unavailable because Tyron had just booked a consciousness projection operation. it3nem

The bank had sent him many letters urging him to upgrade his account, buy this or that product, and asking him if he wanted to participate in their fund projects…

Tyron took out the black gold card that the bank had given him and then indifferently threw the letters into the trash can.


The next letter came from the Chaoyang-Phoenix United First General Hospital. jRAiH6

Based on the name alone, it was obvious that this hospital had a very large backing. As a public hospital, they were open to any citizen who wished to undergo a consciousness projection (body change) operation, and ranked first in both terms of ability and fame.

Tyron had made an appointment for their consciousness projection operation program not long ago, and their people had already come by to perform a physical examination on his body in the real world.

The letter stated that the next step in the surgery was to provide his genes, and they would immediately begin to develop a new body. The fee, including the deposit, was 20 million, and they allowed for some modifications to the genes. After all, many people have undergone this operation over a dozen times and didn’t want to look exactly the same every time.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Since Tyron wanted to completely change his identity, he would naturally erase Pei Rong’s unique genetic characteristics completely and change the physical characteristics to match his own appearance. oHhcJ3

If the development was successful, this new body would have the appearance of Tyron Odin from the past.


The last letter contained even better news.

The Chaoyang Alliance E-Sports A-League Individual Competition was about to resume. fIUAPd

One of the top four players was no longer in the top four because of illegal activities, so there were now four seed players left.

The most popular assassin, ‘Lord Four’ Odin; an old veteran player, shadow warrior Tower; this year’s black horse contestant, sorcerer Maple Leaf; and an old opponent who had made a comeback through the resurrection competition, ranger Flower Blower.

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Translator's Note

Retard Lu – Lu Chaofan~

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