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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh22 - Lord Four x Representative


translator: xiin
editors: alamerysl, bear & Celtic

Victor flew lightly back to his dormitory once again. ZsiAdH

His roommate took in his expression and asked in astonishment, “Little Vic!!! Have you already lost your virginity?!!”

Victor felt like his spirit had already left his body and replied enigmatically, “I also really want to pounce on my male god… But male god is too powerful!”

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The roommate breathed a sigh of relief and said, “It’s fine as long as you haven’t slept with him. Come on, Little Vic, come and tell me what happened.”

Victor blabbered, saying that his male god could roll around on the grass, how cute! idjVP1

Roommate: “…” I can do that too!!!

Victor also said, his male god had taught him how to fold a little flower, he was so gentle and considerate~

Roommate: “…” Did he just sell himself for a little flower?

Victor continued to blabber on, retelling the dialogue that was deeply imprinted in his mind.


By the time he finished, he discovered that his roommate was sitting to the side and had carefully taken two pages of notes.

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Victor: “??”

Roommate: “These phrases are all dating gold! My god, this guy is simply a maniac at picking up girls… boys!! Will I still need to worry about not being able to find a girlfriend if I learn a few of these?”

. 6MtF2d

Victor rubbed at his heated face, then flopped onto the sofa and said, “Say, does my male god actually like me or not?”

Roommate: “I don’t know, I really don’t know. Your male god’s methods are too high levelled. How could a single dog like me figure it out…”

Victor picked up and hugged a pillow, then said sadly, “He hasn’t said anything like that since. Perhaps he said it casually in order to comfort me.”

“…” The roommate said, “Be reasonable, Little Vic, does a ‘learning god’ on your level still need to be comforted with ‘you’re not stupid’?” Rnisgy

“I don’t want comfort, I want my male god!” Victor the learning god said frantically, “Does my male god like me? Or does he not? Or does he? Or does he not? …”

Roommate: “…”

His roommate silently put away his notebook and changed the topic, “Little Vic, did you help me ask him about ‘Lord Four’s tactics’?”

Victor hesitated, “Uh.” He, he forgot… Z4 fME

His roommate also turned frantic, “Vic! I’m dying! What exactly is ‘Lord Four’s tactics’?!”

Victor: “I’m sorry. I’ll definitely remember to ask for you next time we meet.”

The roommate shook his shoulder and said, “My dear Vic! Every time you go to see your male god, you leave your IQ at home and forget to bring it with you! I’m begging you to consider your future! Your male god hasn’t expressed anything to you yet! You have to calm down, stand firm, and consolidate your position with every step!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Just as he finished speaking, someone came knocking at the door. Z96LXr

It was an express delivery.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.


Ktf akb bo atfw kfca ab jmmfqa atf vfilnfgs, jcv rjk j qjgalmeijgis ijguf ybedefa bo oibkfgr.

Ktfgf kfgf njglber xlcvr bo oibkfgr lc atf ybedefa, ogbw ylu mjgcjalbcr jcv mjiij ililfr ab rwjii ktlaf rajg oibkfgr, jcv j tfjga rtjqfv obivfv mjgv raemx bea ogbw atf wlvvif. Ktf ogbca gfjv: Mbg Nlmabg. 3E1qst

The two looked at each other, and the roommate asked, “Vic, did another girl confess to you?”

Victor: “No.”

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He reached out and pulled out the card, then looked at the back: From Mr. Odin.

Victor: “…” MTuFG6

Roommate: “…”

They were struck by lightning, and swept away by the tide!

A hundred flowers were in full bloom, and the sky was covered in a fragrant rain!

Victor whooped at the entrance and shouted, “My male god!” uKn7lA

The roommate was influenced by him and also became excited as he closed the door, “Oh my god! Open it quickly. Does this mean it’s going to happen?!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Victor clutched at the card and said, “I, I, I, I’m having some difficulty breathing.”

Roommate: “Me, too!”

Victor opened the card carefully and saw a few sketches drawn inside. pLKdmJ

It wasn’t a confession.

There wasn’t even a single word.

It was just a few hand-drawn diagrams that illustrated how to fold a flower.

. MJ7kPh

Later, throughout the night, Victor was thinking: Does my male god like me? Or not? Does he like me? Or not? …

The roommate kept thinking: What the hell did he mean by sending those flowers? Screw this calm and steady thing; he really wanted to know what Lord Four’s intentions were!!

In this way, a certain person’s methods were too skillful, his flirting making the other party toss and turn, their thoughts occupied at all hours, feeling as though a thousand kittens were tickling their heart.

Victor jumped into the pit like a moth drawn to a flame. XVsLpP

(His curious roommate was stuck to him like a tumor and also fell in.)


Soon, it was the next week.

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Victor’s press conference was held just before the battle between the team competition’s top four. As Lord Four’s legal representative, he acted as the stand-in for the other non-profit organizations to thank everyone concerned for their help. He also thanked the masses and announced the final results of their efforts. bRUOuB

The video of Lu Chaofan’s apology to everyone was released during the press conference. It could be seen that Lu Chaofan was recently very haggard, and the psychological shadow he experienced had reached the point where he needed to seek medical treatment. His eyes teared up and his nose was running as he apologized. He stopped just short of falling to his knees to beg the audience to forgive him.

Although everyone knew that the apology wasn’t effective, it was still devastating to a small star like him to have caused such a scandal.


Victor sat in the middle of the stage, and after he had finished making his speech, he let others come up to talk. 0QHWwJ

After everyone else finished, it was his turn again to give a final summary and open up the stage for the reporters’ questions. The entire process was very peaceful, as the court had already passed judgement on this matter. The supporting documents contained tens of thousands of words worth of supporting arguments, and there was no wiggle room.

Reporters could only try to dig elsewhere for anything newsworthy.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

For example: “Mr. Victor, you are a voluntary, pro bono legal representative for player number 419, right? What was the reason behind your decision to do so?”

Victor froze for a moment, but maintained his slight smile as he said, “I very much respect a contestant like Lord Four, and admire his courage and fearless attitude in the arena… Of course, there’s also the level of skill and ability he displays as a competitive player.” yH973d

Journalist: “Over the past few months, you and Lord Four have become quite close. What is your impression of him as a person?”

Victor’s ears gradually turned red, and he involuntarily revealed an enigmatic smile. “Lord Four is a very gentle man.”


The reporter looked down and glanced at the photo of Lord Four: Masked, golden-eyed, uncommunicative and unsmiling with an iceberg temperament. He had terrified an opponent to the point of falling to his knees from a few meters away. 3UdjiG

Gentle? Excuse me???

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The reporter fell into deep thought.


For some reason, these two sentences of dialogue only lasted for a few seconds, but they had been recorded and soon became popular within a certain special circle. lLoDZN

“Aaahhhhhhhh Lord Four x His Representative under the big, open blue skies! The iceberg gong who only melts for his society elite shou or something, it’s really too adorable yingyingyingying~”

“Heavens, I’ve waited for so long and finally got a big handful of sugar. My teeth are going to drop from the sweetness!”

“Does nobody else feel that the gentleman representative’s expression is normally noble, cold, and aristocratic, but instantly becomes cute and lovely the minute Lord Four is mentioned? Oh my god, just one second ago I was fantasizing about getting kabedon-ed by the gentleman representative, but in the next second, I suddenly really wanted to kabedon him instead!”

“I want to see Lord Four pressing gentleman representative against the bed! That shy little appearance is so attractive!!” dE5Lwp


Tyron didn’t want to show himself, so he wasn’t at the scene.

But after watching the video and noticing Victor’s red ears, he laughed.

The old antique master assassin completely couldn’t understand what the CP fans were talking about, and could only continue to look through Victor’s blog. He found that Victor had updated and posted a new article: 32sdev

“Thank you everyone for your support. If fate wills it, we’ll meet again. I also wish you all the best in the future, and a smooth journey.”

The picture posted underneath was a shot of Tyron as he waved in the arena: Following Lord Four’s two finger wave, the camera panned outwards, pulling away from his body to sweep over the roaring audience. All kinds of emotions could be seen in Tyron’s eyes.

If fate wills it, we’ll meet again?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tyron smiled and left a message below the post with his alternate account: “We have that fate.” spNnX1


If Little Vic knew about Tyron’s reply, he would definitely say: Even if there’s no fate, we have to create the opportunity and make it happen!

So Victor egged on his roommate until the two of them both bought tickets to watch the competition for the top four teams. They sat in the virtual auditorium and nervously waited for both teams to come on-stage.

First to enter was the runner-up of the previous competition, Team Coder. mDkeiZ

This team was young and forward thinking. Four out of the six team members were network engineering students and the youngest member of their team was just 16 years old. Despite this, their results were quite good and they could be considered as a team formed by a small group of fresh meat.

The next team to enter was the Seven Kills Team.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Seven Kills’ line-up remained unchanged, and Lord Four was the last to come up on stage.

As the players came on stage one after another, the audience burst into wave after wave of cheers––it was simply deafening, and it was completely impossible to tell what everyone around them was shouting about. A5pUQc

But that warm atmosphere was really infectious, and Victor’s roommate also shouted along with them, “Long live Lord Four! You guys are the champions!”

From their point of view, it was as though they were in the middle of the ocean of people, and the cheers of the crowd were like the undulating sea around them that would make waves in reaction to the actions of the people who stood on stage.


There were hundreds of thousands of people sitting here, and even Tyron had no way to find where Victor was seated. nQ5hNS

He stood there silently at the end of the team. To his teammates and opponents, he was like a ghost and practically invisible on stage, but to the audience, there was nobody more capable of attracting their attention than him.

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During each game, the broadcast would always leave one or two screens dedicated to Lord Four because even if it wasn’t an exciting scene and just a dull ambush, there would still be a large number of spectators staring at Lord Four’s actions.

Now, Lord Four’s popularity was already no longer just due to his appearance, but because he was really unexpectedly entertaining to watch during every match!

The audience was very smart and was very conscious about who fought spectacularly and was entertaining to watch. They would always make it a point to watch them during the next matches. O8aNrA

So much so that the commentator even joked before the start of the match, “I’m getting jealous. Obviously, I’m just as good looking as Lord Four, but how come Lord Four gets more cheers when he comes on stage than I do?”

Female commentator: “Probably because your face is too thick from your shamelessness, and completely blocked off all the cheers.”


The narrators chatted while the competition mode was being drawn. dhLYB0

Randomized competition mode: Aerial Combat.

This mode was very special. Every contestant could choose a piece of equipment that would allow them to fly, and would then rely on this piece of equipment to fly during the entire match. The player could resurrect after death, but their flight equipment could not be repaired. Once it was destroyed, or the player was knocked down and dropped below a certain altitude, the player would be out of the game.

Randomized map: Mechanical Sky City.

xiin: those flowers >//<
ala: awwwwww

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    Lord Four’s skills in flirting has been thoroughly mastered and affects not just Victor and his roommate but also the readers. 😍
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