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Strong Offense and DefenseCh9 - It’s all the pen cap’s fault


Translator: Re

Editor: Mims 75Glbj



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Nie Chuan bowed his head and Carlo knew that his heart was moved. 


“Hey brother, it’s not that you don’t have the ability to make her notice. The question is, do you want to use this ability?” 


Carlo’s voice was very provocative. When Nie Chuan looked up, he was met with his long, narrow, beautifully contoured eyes. 



“I’ll… think it over.” Nie Chuan replied. 

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“That’s right! Think it over! How much time do you need? Is three days enough? Coach Gordon will be back in less than a month. You need some practice, I can be your partner! We can also call Montenegro and Ewing!” 


“No! No need to go through the trouble!” 


After so many days, Nie Chuan already understood that even if DK’s basketball team is not an existence that can break through the sky, it is still a first class team and all its players are absolutely superb. To let them all out, rather than saying they’re practicing with him, it’s better to directly say they came to crush him. 


“Alright, then it’s set! Give me an answer in three days! Three days!” Carlo pointed at Nie Chuan then patted his own chest again, meaning “I’m waiting for you.” 


When Carlo left, Nie Chuan shook his head. 


What Carlo said wasn’t wrong. If he really does get recruited by the DK basketball team, he might actually attract Celine’s attention. But when he thought that Reece Reddington was also in the basketball team, Nie Chuan also remembered that fierce and arrogant slam dunk and would feel inexplicably hot from the soles of his feet to the tips of his fingers. 


This feeling was really strange. 

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In the afternoon the next day, Nie Chuan organized the data before attending “Principles and Applications of Data.”


There are many foreign students studying this course so Nie Chuan didn’t feel lonely. It was just that on that day, he went to class somewhat late. When he arrived to class, only two seats were left. Fortunately, the person on his left is Chinese, he hasn’t broken away from the organization yet. Really fortunate ah!


Just as he was happily telling the Chinese students next to him that he had cleared Breaking the Dawn, someone put down their laptop on the desk at his right. 


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The other’s legs appeared very long. When sitting sideways, Nie Chuan even doubted whether the other’s legs would hold up the table if he folded them. 

  Jo5 Qm

Many female students in the front row looked back and exposed looks of admiration. 


Nie Chuan suddenly had a bad feeling and turned his head. The other person was wearing a dark windbreaker. His slender fingers opening the laptop followed by his arm leading up to broad shoulders, and then a slender neck, and then… that profile with a classic aristocratic elegance… 

  MA0 Jy

Nie Chuan almost choked on his own saliva! 

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Why? Why did he run into Reece Reddington again! 


This time, Nie Chuan couldn’t help but ask again, “Elective course?” 


After asking, he regretted it. Why did he have to talk to this guy? Anyway, that person won’t pay any attention to him. 


Sure enough, Reece’s beautiful fingers tapped on the keyboard a few times and a mathematical model came out. Anyway, Nie Chuan couldn’t understand it very well and he didn’t dare continue watching. He turned his head and continued to chat with his classmate in Chinese. 


“Hey, Nie Chuan! Do you know Reece Reddington?” 


We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

“P’w cba ojwliljg klat tlw.” Rlf Jtejc delmxis vfclfv. 


Ktf mijrrwjaf yfrlvf Rlf Jtejc mifjgis rjk Effmf gjlrf tlr fsfygbkr, rffwlcuis ectjqqs. 

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“Ktja’r j qlas! Cvnjcmfv wjatfwjalmr lr j mbwqeirbgs mbegrf!” 


“Passing this course is very easy!” In his heart Nie Chuan thought how math in China is so difficult ah! The mathematics in the college entrance examination is enough to torture people. 


“Qtja’r atf erf bo qjrrlcu! P cffv ab yf ubbv bg fnfc fzmfiifca. P jw qijcclcu ab jqqis obg qbraugjvejaf raevlfr!” 


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“Oh…oh… then what about that guy?” Nie Chuan was very careful in not saying Reece’s name. 


Since knowing that Reece understands Chinese, he has grown an eye. 

[T/N: it means he became more careful. In the raws it was actually “heart eye” (心眼) ]


“Reece is a talent of the mathematics department!”  CRTNpY


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.



It turns out Reece Reddington was actually a *school tyrant…  vFjBVX

[T/N: in the raws it was xué bà (學霸) which is a person with high academic performance]


He’s ridiculously handsome, had superb ball skills, and was even a school tyrant. No wonder he was always the center of attention, who told him to have so many abilities?


The lecture started, everyone took out their notebooks and started seriously taking notes. 


The professor’s speed is so fast that Nie Chuan couldn’t even keep up. 


Fortunately, the student beside him brought a recording pen. Nie Chuan thought about asking to borrow it from him after class. It’s better to simply follow the professor’s train of thought for now. 


When Nie Chuan closed his notebook, the cap of his pen rolled off the table. When it still hadn’t rolled far, Nie Chuan hurriedly stretched out his foot to stop it but didn’t expect his leg to directly rub against Reece’s. 

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He was shocked and quickly took his leg back as if he had been burned. As soon as he looked up, he saw Reece looking at him with a cold, slightly mocking gaze. 


Damn, what are you looking at! It’s your own legs that grew so long! I only bumped you once yet you still blame me! 


Nie Chuan pretended that nothing happened and faced the podium as if he was listening carefully but the OCD him always remember that his pen cap was resting firmly beside Reece’s shoes. 


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After ten or so minutes passed, while Reece was listening attentively to the lecture with his arms crossed, Nie Chuan suddenly felt that an opportunity came! 

  tgU ZP

He bent down and went under the table, crawling toward his pen cap. 


His breath got stuck in his throat as he snuck under Reece’s legs. 


Once again he lamented about how long this bastard’s legs were! 

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Just as he stretched out his arm and was about to reach the pen cap with his fingertips, Reece’s left foot lifted slightly and directly stepped on the pen cap! 


Oh! my God! Don’t step on my pen cap! 


Nie Chuan’s heart was about to break! 


That is the best writing pen that Nie Chuan brought over from China. After dividing them with Zhou Bin and Mao Xian, there were two or three left so Nie Chuan must definitely protect his pen cap! 


In his mind he wondered, should he lift Reece’s foot? 


At that moment, Reece lifted his foot slightly and the pen cap went to the other side of his shoe. 


A good chance! 

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In order to reach the pen cap, Nie Chuan struggled to move forward, his hand carefully bypassing Reece’s left leg. Just when he picked up the pen cap, Reece’s leg suddenly moved with the effect of sweeping thousands of troops. Nie Chuan’s head was squeezed against the corner of the table, his entire face distorted. 


Mom ah — [T/N: f*ck]


Nie Chuan fell to the ground and the classmate next to him finally found out that something was not right. 


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Nie Chuan! What happened to you?” 


Reece’s long legs were still blocking him, leaving Nie Chuan no room to return. 


“I… I’m getting my pen cap!” Nie Chuan answered with difficulty. 



Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Nie Chuan forcefully patted Reece’s calf, “Hey… let me up…” 


As if he didn’t hear him, Reece tapped on the keyboard to take notes. 


Nie Chuan’s face reddened and he pushed hard against Reece’s leg but the other remained motionless. 


The classmate beside him hurriedly said to Reece, “Reddington, my classmate is underneath getting his pen cap and got pressed by your leg, can you let him back out?” 


“Oh?” Reece retreated slightly, moving his leg aside. Nie Chuan finally climbed out from under the table. 


The moment he raised his head, above him were the eyes of Reece who was bowing his head. 


It was still his signature smile. Although a little cold, it wasn’t mocking or ridiculing. 

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It was as if Nie Chuan became a child who was discovered playing with mud on the ground by an adult. 


The sense of discomfort spontaneously arose. 


Nie Chuan couldn’t compete against him. He could only sit back in his seat and pretend to earnestly listen to the professor’s lecture, but his heart was unbearably uncomfortable. 


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After holding out until the end of class with difficulty, Nie Chuan can finally leave Reece’s range. 


A group of Chinese students were discussing where to gather in the afternoon. Nie Chuan was in high spirits and wanted to join them when he felt the back of his collar get caught by something. 


As soon as he looked back, he saw Reece with the corners of his lips raised, hooking him in one hand and waving to the other Chinese students with the other. 


“Hey! Wait for me!” 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


“That, don’t you and Reddington have something to talk about? We’ll send you a message after we decide on the restaurant! See you there!” 


Those guys abandoned Nie Chuan without any sense of loyalty. 


When there was only Nie Chuan and Reece left in the classroom, Reece still did not let go of him but gently pulled, causing Nie Chuan to fall back on his seat. 


Looking back, he saw Reece sitting beside him with his chin propped, staring at him coldly. 


“I know you don’t love basketball, so I don’t want Carlo to waste unnecessary time on you, let alone my teammates having unnecessary expectations of you.” 


In his impression, Reece rarely spoke so much.


So when he said such a long sentence to him, Nie Chuan was a little surprised. 

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This is like opening the skylight to say bright words! 

[T/N: 打開天窗說亮話 – speaking honestly]


“Alright… I’ll tell Carlo I don’t want to see that Coach Gordon…” Nie Chuan swallowed. “So I won’t waste Carlo’s time and won’t let your teammates produce any… expectations.”  sNLhZb


Will Reece Reddington be satisfied with this kind of answer? 

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com


“Come with me to see a person. If you still decide not to see Coach Gordon and have no interest in the DK basketball team after you have met this person, then I won’t let Carlo and them disturb you anymore.”  0n6Vpd


“What? There’s someone else I need to see?” 


Nie Chuan was dumbfounded. He thought that Reece didn’t want him to join the basketball team!  t5HFsk


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Reece stood up and walked to the door, then turned back toward Nie Chuan and raised his chin. “What are you doing still sitting there?” 


Nie Chuan got up and reluctantly followed after Reece. HMqY25


This person is very tall. With sunlight falling and scattering on his shoulders, he carried with him a king’s momentum as he walked. Wherever he goes, there is always someone who would stop to look in his direction. 


Nie Chuan thought about just running away but Reece’s two elective courses were his compulsory courses. He couldn’t just not go to class ah 15nAdw


Reece brought Nie Chuan to the school parking lot. 


It was a black Land Rover. Reece got into the driver’s seat with ease. Nie Chuan originally wanted to sit in the back, but Reese reached over and opened the passenger door. A pair of eyes passed over Nie Chuan, causing him to feel as if the other person scraped off a layer of his skin. i3fdqQ


After he got into the car with a stiff scalp, Reece said in a cold voice, “Safety belt.” 


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“Oh.” Nie Chuan was so nervous that he couldn’t buckle in.  TeUWO



Re: (sympathizing with Nie Chuan) yeah some professors definitely go too fast u_u 

Also… my fall classes start in a week which means I will probably have less time to translate :’) I’ll still do my best to stick to one chapter a week though cPLtEd


MadMadamMims: OK Reece is moderately hilarious with his tsundere personality but like I respect the man for having the awareness to say- i’m not gonna force u to do something u dont love- bc he obv loves basketball. ><

Read more BL at chrysanthemumgarden.com

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  1. I kept imagining Nie Chuan and Reece as Leo and Toby from This Guy by Suyōhara. Maybe a taller Leo and more Asian Toby. XD and Montenegro as Giant. Hehehehe