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Strong Offense and DefenseCh8 - Breaking the Dawn


Translator: Re

Editor: Mims y7Fz 5



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Reece gave a light chuckle, turned, and moved out of the door’s way.


“You’re wasting your time.” 


Reece walked back to his bed, leaned against the headboard, and began reading his professions book.  


Carlo set up his computer then looked in the direction of Reece. He found that this cold-looking guy actually appeared very gentle under the light, without any of the usual sharpness and calm. If he was a girl, he would surely have already pounced on him. 

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“What are you looking at?” Reece looked at Carlo and raised his eyebrows. 


“Can you make coffee for me?” 


“Make your own.” 


“… I’m afraid of breaking your coffee machine.” 


Two seconds later, Reece left his bed. Before long, the room was filled with the rich aroma of coffee.


Carlo has already entered the game, ready to play into the night. After familiarizing himself, he quickly passed the first level when Reece placed a mug of coffee beside him 


Three hours later, Reece turned off the lamp then turned and went to sleep. 

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And Carlo was still struggling bitterly.


The next morning, when Reese got up he found that Carlo was still sitting blankly in front of the computer. 


As he walked to the bathroom, he commented, “Not bad, in one night you went up to the eighth level, you quickly caught up with Nie Chuan’s progress.” 


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“…I have been stuck at this level for three hours…” Carlo looked like he was about to die.


There was the sound of running water in the bathroom as Reece washed unhurriedly. When he walked from the bathroom to Carlo’s side, Carlo felt that the other person was handsome enough to blind him.


“Step aside.” Reece’s voice carried with it a breath of cold mint.


Carlo’s wandering soul got up, but in his heart he was filled with joy.

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Reece sat down and for the next hour, his expression remained unchanged. 


Carlo sat to the side, tilted his head, and slept until drool almost flowed down.


Then he felt someone kick him with their foot.


“I’m going to class.” 


Carlo hurriedly opened his eyes. After one look at the computer, his eyeballs almost fell out.


Not only did Reece clear the 10th level, he also earned several sets of important equipment. If these equipments were to change hands, they will definitely be able to sell for a lot of money! 


The class Nie Chuan is attending today is principles of communications. He heard that that professor is also a cow in this field, and very strict. In his class, not only does his mind have to turn fast, but he absolutely must not get distracted in class. Once distracted, he will get pointed out! 

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Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“What’s happening today? Principles of Communication actually has so many girls? How come I don’t remember the proportion of girls in our department being this high?” Nie Chuan asked in a whisper. 

  q yZwD

“Look at the far right seat in the fifth row.” 


“Ah?” Nie Chuan looked over and saw a tall and straight figure. 


The more he looked, the more familiar he appeared.

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“Reece… Reddington?” Nie Chuan was dumbfounded. “How come he’s here?” 


“He was originally in the mathematics department.” 


“And then?” 


“Then he took this course.” 


“…” Nie Chuan swallowed, fearing that Reece would suddenly look back and see him. 


“Nie Chuan, what’s wrong?” His classmate beside him asked.


At this time, the professor just happened to step onto the podium and the classroom became quiet. The voice of the classmate was not very loud, but it was very clear. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


In the fifth row, Reece slowly turned his head. When their eyes met, Nie Chuan’s heart jumped.


The corners of the other person’s lips were lifted and his eyebrow rose. Although cold, they had an inexplicable sex appeal.

  k Wf8B

This reminded Nie Chuan of his little cousin’s romance novels that he had accidentally seen a few years ago, how the overbearing president with his evil charm immediately captured the innocent heart of the female lead with one smile and so on… 


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The professor on the podium coughed a little and started today’s lecture. 


Nie Chuan lowered his head, he really wanted to hide under the table and then slip out of the classroom. But when he carefully thought about it, why should he? He, Nie Chuan, didn’t do anything wrong! 


Fortunately, Reece never looked back at Nie Chuan again after that and Nie Chuan gradually began to listen to the lecture with peace of mind. 


By the time the professor announced the end of the morning class, listed out a bunch of books, and then left his email, Nie Chuan couldn’t wait to get out of the classroom with his head lowered.

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After a few steps, Nie Chuan felt that he should have already been swallowed in the crowd. He looked back subconsciously but didn’t expect that Reece Reddington would actually be walking not far from him! 


The other person was wearing a light gray sweater with a plain white shirt inside. Although very simple, there was an elegance that is different from the kind he shows on the court. 


Not to mention his casual khaki pants and those legs that were so long they made people feel envious! 


This is not scientific! Clearly, Reece was in the fifth row while he was in the last row! He was so close to the classroom door so it should be reasonable to say that he should have already thrown Reece off! 


It’s exhausting to have short legs… 


The female students who were walking around Reece all wanted to speak to him but were hesitant. Some wore miniskirts, some wore low v-necks, each had their own advantages.


It’s a pity that Reece came with a cold and indifferent filter. He can be watched from afar but is difficult to hook.

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Nie Chuan quickened his pace as he moved forward and accidentally bumped into someone. 


He tilted his head down to look at the position of the other person’s waist and thought in his mind that he was finished, it was another big guy!


“Allen! I finally found you! Your friend told me that the class you have today is principles of communications so I came to your classroom!” 


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Carlo’s voice came from above his head. 


Nie Chuan looked up and felt that so many flies had come that their poop was enough to cover his face. 

[T/N: basically a weird way of saying he lost face]


Is this Carlo Brandon a stalker? Why can’t he let him go? Does this guy plan to carry him to the basketball court again to have a match against another strange guy?  yn6iQX


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“Reece told me that he promised you on my behalf. If you can pass Montenegro, I will send you a set of equipment for the 10th level of Breaking the Dawn!” 


“Yes……”  taB18T


But didn’t he get covered hot pot three times by Montenegro? 


“So tell me the ID you have in the game! I will transfer the equipment to you!”  Ho1WAx


“Really?” Nie Chuan’s eyes lit up. “Why? In the end, I wasn’t able to successfully shoot.”


Carlo blinked and looked in Reece’s direction. “Didn’t you say that as long as Allen passes Montenegro, we will send him equipment? Unless it was necessary for him to score?”  l0t1vh


“‘Pass Montenegro’ was what I said.” When he finished speaking, Reece walked past them and left. 


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“Right! We keep our words!” Carlo pounded his own chest.  hcl9 u


Nie Chuan didn’t know what to say for a moment. 


Carlo’s hand waved in front of Nie Chuan. “Hey, what’s wrong with you?”  WIxFDZ


Nie Chuan woke up and pulled Carlo into a run. “Don’t talk nonsense! Go back to the student apartment! Quickly give me the equipment!” 

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With this set of equipment, it took Nie Chuan less than 20 minutes to clear the level.  5cmj3K


He closed his eyes and sighed. The emptiness after clearing it made him feel that life was less fun. 


“Hey, your game is cleared, it’s meaningless now! Why don’t you join our basketball team?” Carlo who was sitting next to him said. kBpoas


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Ah? The reason you sent me the equipment was to let me join the basketball team?” 


“Right!”  LcsBuf


Nie Chuan was speechless. Carlo’s height and body type are very suitable for basketball and he has a handsome face. It’s just that his way of thinking is incomprehensible, making people unable to predict his circuit. 


“Ewing specifically told me that I must give you the game equipment as an apology for forcing you to confront Montenegro.”  diq4oy


“Have you been playing Breaking the Dawn for a long time?” 


“I started playing yesterday.”  wdDKmN


“What? You earned the equipment in one night?” Nie Chuan showed an incredulous expression. 


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Then what do all those nights he played count as? tkS9fs


“No… I played to the eighth level before I couldn’t go on! It was Reece who cleared the rest.” 


“Reece? Reece Reddington?” Nie Chuan was shocked again.  drlLD8


A guy like Reece Reddington probably would not be interested in games! In Father Nie’s words, he’s the type of person who is elegant and indifferent to the point of being ‘disengaged from such low-level taste’…

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Carlo didn’t struggle on this issue. Instead, he said to Nie Chuan, “Our basketball team’s coach is Gordon… he’s a very capable but also very strict guy. At the moment he and the assistant coach are going through several high schools in New York looking for suitable students… I talked to him about you.”  UwPczM


Nie Chuan had a bad premonition. 


“And then?”  Omd nk


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“And then Coach Gordon said, wait for him to come back to see how much you can bear…” 


“Ha? When will he come back?”  pEHO5o


“Haha, don’t worry, at least a month! I will practice with you this month!” 


Ghosts want you to practice with me!  x F7bq


Nie Chuan almost wanted to collapse. He pointed to the door and said, “I’ll need to trouble you to shut the door from the outside, thank you!” 


Carlo did not get up and said with a serious expression, “Hey, Allen, I want to ask you a question.”  OrF 9p


“What is it?” Nie Chuan is actually not one bit used to the name “Allen”. Every time Carlo calls him Allen, he always feels that he is calling someone else. 


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“Do you like a girl name Celine?”  C1e0Fx


“How do you know?” 


“That day you were obliterated by Reece on the court… Afterwards, I saw you talking to that girl name Celine. You looked very calm but I could feel your heart stirring!”  WnsdoT


Stir you a ghost! 

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com


“Even if I have a crush on Celine, what about it?”  GTgsEe


It is obvious that the one she is interested in is Reece Reddington. 


“I saw her doing exercises with DK basketball team’s cheerleading group! There was also high-altitude stunts! She really is particularly pretty!” Carlo had an ‘I agree with your taste’ appearance. pcRtDl


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“Did Celine lead the dance?” 


“Ah… no, she’s the one who throws others. Anyways, what I want to say is that if you really like Celine, you should do something related to her field of expertise. Since she likes basketball, then you should get a place in the DK basketball team! In the future, you’ll get a share of all her performances in the cheerleading team won’t you?” DTqCtZ



Re: Poor Nie Chuan having to deal with not one but two stalkers xD


MadMadamMims: Carlo is actually pretty cute >< his personality is funny. 

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    Would it kill mc to have a nice and nice ML right from the start once before melting that iceberg in the heart?

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