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Stop Bothering Me, EmperorCh103 - Proof


Yu Tang finally bought the one percent share at the lowest price possible. When they learnt that Yu Tang wanted to buy it, many who had been thinking of snapping it up didn’t fight for it. The pressure over in America was very heavy, and Song Zheng had no choice but to sell it for cheap.

When Song Zicheng found out that Song Zheng had sold the share, he got even angrier. He let it be known that this had been all the child support he was giving, and he wouldn’t give a cent from hereon after. Iy48fB

On the other end, John sent all the evidence he had to Qiu Mingyan, and they no longer had anything to do with each other, which was instantly a huge weight off Qiu Mingyan’s shoulders.

Without the share, Song Zheng’s status in the company plunged. In the past, everyone had been willing to give her a little face, not because she was the daughter of the Song family, but because of the share. With one percent of the shares, she could become a shareholder and participate in the general shareholders’ meeting, and raise objections when a resolution was passed by executive management. Now, it was different. She was merely an illegitimate daughter of the Song family.

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She no longer had a manager, and all the resources were no longer directed to her. The company also implemented a completely new method for cultivating newcomers. She was thrown into the pile of newcomers and had to train and be assessed alongside them. It was extremely gruelling.

She endured in silence all this time as she waited for Song Zicheng to return to the company and see her miserable state. Who would have thought that even after the New Year, Song Zicheng didn’t show his face at the company at all. Instead, Song Xiao was already starting to prepare to open a branch office in the capital. 0ePHDf

“Song Xiao, could it be that you angered dad into falling ill?!” Song Zheng couldn’t find Song Zicheng, and her calls weren’t going through either, so she charged into Song Xiao’s office to interrogate him.

“How can you speak to the chairman like that? Even if Chairman Song is sick, it must be you who angered him into falling ill.” Xiao Xi had just finished filming, and Song Xiao had originally called her over to talk. She just so happened to run into Song Zheng, and couldn’t help grinding her teeth.

When she heard that the chairman was looking for her, Xiao Xi had been so excited that she had almost been skipping, but Song Zheng was now being a pest once more.

“This is a family matter, you should wait your turn to speak!” Song Zheng raised her hand to hit Xiao Xi.


The matter of Xiao Xi almost jumping off the building had caused Song Zheng a great deal of humiliation. Though Xiao Xi had never said in front of the media who it was that had stolen her role, everyone in the company knew, and it was naturally very easy for the media to buy this information. The in-fighting in the Song family, which implicated a celebrity artist, was the entertainment talk of the town for a while.

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Song Xiao felt that it was noisy and had the bodyguards directly throw the two of them out.

From that day onwards, Xiao Xi discovered that her treatment had declined once more as she returned to the status of a newcomer. The manager previously allocated to her wasn’t just in charge of her, but also of many other newcomers. As newcomers generally didn’t have any resources, the manager had to run here and there every day to ask for favours and look for resources. He didn’t have any time at all to look after them, and occasionally, some people would be squeezed out.

Xiao Xi thought that it was probably because she had accidentally gotten caught up in the chairman’s family matter, which had vexed him. As a result, she hated Song Zheng even more. bHxVAL

Song Zheng was unbearably angry at being crowded out, and she started to spread the news that Song Xiao had angered Song Zicheng into falling ill and that the latter was under house arrest; Song Xiao was doing all this to take the family assets for himself, and he wasn’t willing to give the mother and daughter a single cent.

But the only ones who dared to report this rumour were those small entertainment weeklies that weren’t popular; the large entertainment media companies didn’t dare utter a single word. That person was the legitimate child, and the family assets should be Song Xiao’s in the first place. It would be benevolent of him to give them anything, but it would make sense if he didn’t.

During this time, a mysterious video just so happened to suddenly appear online. It was released by a marketing account. This Weibo marketing account usually shared interesting videos from foreign social media. This time, it shared an extremely strange video. When people clicked on it, they discovered that it was the confession of a criminal who had attempted murder, and there were even translated subtitles at the bottom.

This video was forwarded like crazy and soon surpassed 50,000 forwards in the span of an hour. This was because the topic of discussion was truly too bizarre. xaMp1y

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A criminal with a past record had been bribed to run down and kill a talented Harvard student with a car. It was simply because this boy was the legitimate child, and the person who had employed the criminal was the lover of the boy’s father. Her aim was for her illegitimate daughter to inherit the family assets. The names of these people were pretty familiar, too – the woman who had hired the murderer was called Qiu Mingyan.

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Te Kjcu N: Tbe ufa ktja sbe ulnf. @Xfcaifwjc Olxf Djwybb

Only then did the masses learn that Song Xiao had also created a Weibo account. ‘Gentleman Like Bamboo’ was Song Xiao’s Weibo account, and even had the yellow V mark which verified him as ‘Chairman of Xinghai Entertainment’.

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Zealous online users diligently formed a sightseeing group which first headed to the Ministry of Public Security’s Weibo page to urge them to hurry up and catch the bad guys, then went to Qiu Mingyan’s Weibo page to curse her with all their strength, then went to Song Xiao’s Weibo page to express their condolences. Their final stop was Yu Tang’s Weibo page, to look around for feelings of brotherhood. t6ah9v

Song Xiao only learnt of this the next morning, and he immediately called Yu Tang. This was clearly this fellow’s style. There was no way that John’s confession would have been recorded by the American police. This had to be the doing of that Yu family er-ge who operated the casino. It could be assumed that John had used this video to clear his gambling debts.

“Your dad will probably advise you to let off that little sister.” Yu Tang snorted coldly on the other end of the phone. “Come over to the Yu house, there’s something good waiting for you.”

When Song Xiao got to the Yu house, Mother Yu wasn’t in and Yu Miao had gone to school, leaving behind little Yu Lin, who was too lazy to go to kindergarten and was watching TV in the living room.

“Imperial brother said you should go upstairs,” Yu Lin said guilelessly. lOMNX5

Song Xiao walked into Yu Tang’s room and saw him sitting in a chair in the centre of the room. He was holding a file, and he gave Song Xiao an aloof look.

“What did you want to give me?” Song Xiao went over curiously.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yu Tang said cryptically, “Something that can make your dad no longer care for Song Zheng.”

“Oh?” Song Xiao’s eyes lit up. The reason why he had put off dealing with Song Zheng was because of his father. The matter this time would at best send Qiu Mingyan to prison. As for Song Zheng, there really was no way to deal with her. 0TucM

“Do you want it?” Yu Tang raised his chin slightly and spoke in a callous tone.

“Eh…” Song Xiao swallowed his saliva.

Yu Tang reached out one long arm and tugged Song Xiao into his embrace. “If you do, then you have to serve zhen well. You probably know what to do, mn?”

It was a lousy line from that book! Song Xiao felt his teeth ache, but hearing that magnetic voice and feeling that warm breath in his ear, he couldn’t help the way his ears reddened. d2nErW


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Song Xiao put on his woollen slippers and rubbed his sore waist as Yu Tang pulled him downstairs by the hand.

Yu Lin didi put on a ‘I don’t know anything at all’ appearance and got up to greet them. “Are you going out?”

“En.” Yu Tang snorted and picked his brother up. “Sending you to kindergarten.” n2Hlfh

“Don’t wanna!” This time, it was Yu Lin’s turn to be miserable.

The two of them sent didi to kindergarten together. As soon as they reached the entrance, a little girl leaning against the fence called out to him. “Yu Lin, Yu Lin!”

The little girl was lively and especially pretty. When she saw Yu Lin, she broke away from the group and ran along the fence. Who would have guessed that she would barely take two steps before falling down, and she immediately burst into tears, the snot dripping down her face.

Yu Lin covered his face and really couldn’t look at her. 16MWtG

“So this is your favoured concubine?” Song Xiao crouched down and looked at the little girl with Yu Lin.

“Please don’t bring it up.” Yu Lin walked into the kindergarten with a bitter face, pulling the crying little girl along with him. His big brother’s wife could copy homework and take notes, while his own wife could only rub her snot on his clothes! “How many times have I told you, don’t use my shirt to wipe your face!”

“Hehehe!’ The little girl merely looked at him with a silly smile.

Yu Lin looked up at the sky, his eyes full of desolation. xuLwUK

The police had already stepped in to carry out an investigation and had arrested Qiu Mingyan for the time being as they checked her overseas fund transfers for the past two years.

“This woman is really too vicious!” Song Zicheng was so angry that he was panting for breath. Faced with the weeping Song Zheng, he said through gritted teeth, “You still want me to help her? She wanted to kill my son! She’s already lucky that I didn’t choke her to death!”

Song Zheng knelt on the floor and pleaded, “Dad, mom lost her head for a bit. She did it for me ah. Song Xiao is bullying me into starving! Mom had no choice, and was forced to take this path…”

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Song Xiao, who had just arrived home, just happened to hear this sentence, and was promptly angered into laughing. hvaJiT

When Song Zicheng saw Song Xiao, his heart was filled with remorse. “What rubbish – Xiaoxiao was still abroad at that time, who could bully you?”

Song Xiao was already tired of bickering with Song Zheng, and he directly threw down the document he was holding in front of her. “You aren’t even father’s daughter, so there’s no point in saying this.”

“Xiaoxiao, what are you saying?” Song Zicheng was taken aback, and bent his head to pick up the document. With just one glance, his hands began to tremble.

This was the DNA test report from Dayu Hospital. As a private hospital frequented by rich people, Dayu Maternity Hospital had a full range of equipment to do a paternity test, which was specially offered to aristocratic families to get their blood tested. This report was a verification of the genetic match between Song Zicheng and Song Zheng. Following the string of numbers, there was only one sentence: “The probability of a blood relationship between the two parties is 0.01%”. DVicjb

All of Xinghai Entertainment’s people had gone for the physical checkup a few days ago, including Song Zicheng and Song Zheng. Yu Tang had then used their blood to directly do a paternity test.

“How did you think of this?” Song Xiao asked Yu Tang after paying the emperor the commission that morning.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Want to know?” Yu Tang smiled and suddenly straightened his back, causing Song Xiao below him to cry out. “If you pay another commission tomorrow, then I’ll tell you.”

Wu… QnTcHU

Song Xiao coughed and returned to his senses with a flushed face. He walked over to calm down his father, who was on the verge of passing out.

“This… is this reliable?” Song Zicheng’s eyes were red.

He believed himself to be a responsible person. Back when he had made a drunken mistake, and Qiu Mingyan had come knocking on his door, he took responsibility and recognised the child as his own. It was for this reason that he threw aside his work and was unpleasant towards Song Xiao’s mother for many years, so much so that until now, his father-in-law still couldn’t forgive him. Who could have guessed that all of this turned out to be a scam! He was the biggest fool through and through!


Little Theater

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Favoured Concubine: Fish Little Lin, why do I like you so much at first sight?

Didi: Because you’re blind

Favoured Concubine: I’ll marry you after I grow up, ok? fTEmcu

Didi: Then you have to promise to no longer rub your snot on my shirt

Favoured Concubine: Oh, then forget it

Didi: …2


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    On another note song Zicheng finally learned he’s a biggest fool!! Cheers every one!

    Thank you so much for the chapter!(๑´>᎑<)~❤

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