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What Should I Do if the School Bully is Interested in MeCh3 - Baby, Want to Eat Together at Noon?


During the two math lessons in the morning, Ji Liao didn’t absorb even the tiniest bit of information.

Firstly, it was because he didn’t have an interest in math. Secondly, He Cheng Ming had sent him another WeChat message: Baby, want to eat together at noon? Fhz8GS

Ji Liao had been shocked at the word “baby”, which had also caused his face to whiten; his psychological defense was in a complete mess.

How should he feel being called baby by a guy?

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Ji Liao only felt that the entire world was an illusion…

At break time, Ji Liao followed the masses to the sports field. His good friend Yu Jin ran up from behind, held his shoulder and asked, “It seems like you were a little off today, distracted throughout the entire lesson. What’s going on?” dwf3Jx

With that, he looked craftily at Ji Liao. “Don’t tell me that you rubbed one off too many times last night and your body is hollowed out?”

Ji Liao had grown up with Yu Jin since young, so had long become immune to his “filthy language”. He silently gave him a look and paid him no heed.

“Hey, you have no sense of humour.” Yu Jin curled his lips and feeling disinterested, retracted his arm from Ji Liao’s shoulder. At the same time, he commented, “Ji Liao, let me tell you, if you’re like this, you won’t be able to find a girlfriend in the future!”

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Ji Liao gave a hum, then retorted, “You said it as if you could find one yourself.” The two of them were perpetually single.


But after hearing what Yu Jin had said, Ji Liao’s brain automatically replayed back to He Cheng Ming’s WeChat message from last night: Then may I pursue you?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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At this time, the cafeteria was packed with people and Yu Jin pulled Ji Liao to a less crowded place to queue up.

The crowd suddenly stirred and automatically parted, forming a pathway. At the end of the pathway was He Cheng Ming with both hands in his pockets, enjoying the privilege with an expressionless face. Behind him, Lin Jiang asked him, “Ming Ge, what would you like to drink?” Meaning that he would buy.

He Cheng Ming was about to answer when he spotted Ji Liao waiting obediently amongst the crowd. His eyes lit up and his originally gloomy mood cleared in a flash. Even his face became somewhat more relaxed.

“Ming Ge?” Lin Jiang called out again. wdGAo6

“What drink? Don’t you see everyone queuing up?” He Cheng Ming berated him with a frown as if the person who had just strutted in wasn’t him.

Lin Jiang: …

What did he do wrong again?

Seeing He Cheng Ming heading in his direction, Ji Liao turned his head away immediately, pretending as if he hadn’t seen him. He silently mouthed: Not looking for me. Not looking for me… 7RyTd

“Ji Liao.” The smiling voice sounded behind him. Ji Liao scowled, not understanding how two people, who had previously bumped into each other so few times over more than a year, could meet so frequently now!

In response, the male student behind Ji Liao glanced at He Cheng Ming and made space for him, conveniently allowing him to cut in line.

“Why didn’t you reply to my message?” He Cheng Ming stood behind Ji Liao and naturally put a hand over his shoulder.

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In an instant, Ji Liao sensed a difference. The act of putting a hand on the shoulder was the same, but while Yu Jin’s action felt frank and open, the indescribable hint of wanting to take advantage of him came with this person. HjCcvn

Ji Liao struggled a little but didn’t break free…

“I haven’t seen it.” He replied moodily.

He Cheng Ming laughed softly and the sound tickled Ji Liao’s ear.

The person behind him bent over and said softly into his ear, “Then do you want me to say it to you directly?” yxTZot

Ji Liao turned pale with fright and felt that He Cheng Ming would really call him “baby”. Not knowing if it was from fear or shyness, the tips of his ears turned red and he hurriedly said, “Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. I’ll go back and look at it myself.”

Satisfied, He Cheng Ming lifted his hand and touched his head. “Okay. Remember to look.”

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Yu Jin, who was at the side, had a bitter expression on his face while staring at the two of them. When did Ji Liao have such a good relationship with He Cheng Ming? No, when did they get to know each other? As Ji Liao’s best friend, it was unexpected that he didn’t know about it!

After quickly buying bread, Ji Liao kept his head lowered and headed back. He wasn’t sure if it was his misconception, but why did it feel like the whole cafeteria was looking at him? Earlier, were his and He Cheng Ming’s actions very strange? Had it been noticed by someone? 1b5zDq

Ji Liao’s heart was troubled. Walking to the cafeteria’s entrance, he saw a few male students surrounding a table for a card game. One of the student’s chin was propped on another’s shoulder. The position was closer than he and He Cheng Ming had been. But the people surrounding them didn’t seem to mind their actions.

He heaved a sigh of relief.

Withdrawing his gaze, he saw Yu Jin standing in front of him with a fierce look. “Tell me! When did you hook up with that big shot?!”


Translator's Note

万年单身狗 literally translates to thousand year single dog.

Translator's Note

吃了屎的表情 literally translates to expression after eating faeces

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  1. I’m glad he has as good a friend as Yu Jin. No doubt he’ll pick up on things very fast. And not hesitate to speak his mind.