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Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh25.1 - Win


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

The people of the tribe grew excited. Kgrdtb

They loved watching people fight!

Everyone was looking forward to Shi Li and Xiong Ye’s fight as they were the strongest two people of the younger generation.

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“Shi Li and Xiong Ye’s animal forms are so beautiful!”

“Xiong Ye was so thin after the winter, but now he’s plump again!” MICORY

“Their fur is so glossy. If only my fur could be like that!”


Some people discussed Xiong Ye and Shi Li’s animal forms, while others debated their combat ability.

“Who do you guys think will win?” J7E2Gd

“I feel like it will be Xiong Ye. Xiong Ye’s animal form is very big, and he’s also very strong.”

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“It’s uncertain. Xiong Qi’s animal form is a little bigger than Xiong Ye’s, but didn’t he still lose to Shi Li?”


Other than these people, there was someone else who paid more attention to Zhou Ji, who was the cause of this incident. Xiong Bai ran up to Zhou Ji and asked, “Hey, Zhou Ji, how did you make Xiong Ye like you?” nZRdJf

Xiong Bai felt that Zhou Ji was really a lethal beauty, and she wanted to learn from him and become a lethal beauty too.

Zhou Ji didn’t reply. He had been keeping his attention on Xiong Ye the entire time. Xiong Bai questioned him again, “Hey, quickly tell me, why does Xiong Ye like you and not me?”

Zhou Ji finally turned his head towards Xiong Bai, “Probably because I’m male.”

One thing he was extremely certain about was that Xiong Ye liked men. KDro3s

Xiong Bai: “……” Forget it, she can’t become this kind of lethal beauty.

Zhou Ji’s attention soon returned to the ‘battlefield’.

Xiong Ye and Shi Li roared into each other’s faces a few times, and then Xiong Ye immediately charged over.

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A brown bear’s speed was incomparable to a lion’s no matter what. Shi Li immediately leapt away, then used the same method he had used against Xiong Qi––he used his own agility to dodge Xiong Ye’s attack, then searched for opportunities to attack Xiong Ye. boCWPn

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He pounced towards Shi Li several times but failed to land an attack on him, so he calmed down and simply stopped attacking. Instead, he watched Shi Li coolly. M1RW3G

He had analyzed the battle between Xiong Qi and Shi Li, and knew that the reason Xiong Qi had lost had a lot to do with how he had been enraged by Shi Li.

At that time, Shi Li had provoked Xiong Qi and made it seem as though Xiong Qi was always about to land a hit so that Xiong Qi would keep chasing him… During the pursuit, not only was Xiong Qi’s strength soon exhausted, Shi Li had even managed to accurately pinpoint Xiong Qi’s flaws and land repeated attacks on old wounds.

Xiong Ye felt that Xiong Qi had still had a chance to win––If Xiong Qi had calmed down, hadn’t wasted his physical strength, and remembered to defend himself, he might’ve won.

At this moment, he calmed down. D5SrRe

Xiong Ye no longer took the initiative to attack and remained on the defense. Several times when Shi Li was about to land an attack, Xiong Ye smacked him away with a huge bear paw.

Shi Li’s claws were very sharp and could easily tear through his prey’s fur, and Shi Li’s teeth were also very sharp, capable of biting off his prey’s neck. Xiong Ye lacked all of these.

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However, Xiong Ye’s strength was absolutely higher than Shi Li’s.

A slap by his bear paw… If it had been a fifty kilogram bird-footed dinosaur, it would’ve had its spine broken! OVfA9j

However, Shi Li was truly agile. Xiong Ye could feel that Shi Li’s speed had increased a little compared to a month ago, allowing Shi Li to constantly dodge away from his attacks.

The two sides were stuck in a deadlock for a while.

Xiong Ye constantly remained in the middle of the battlefield, while Shi Li roamed near the edges looking for opportunities… Xiong Ye was very clear that this would consume a lot of Shi Li’s physical strength, and no matter how strong Shi Li was, his endurance wasn’t very high.

With a low roar, Xiong Ye suddenly pounced over during one of the many attacks Shi Li had launched at him… cYqmfO

Everyone in the tribe knew that Xiong Ye’s fighting power wasn’t as high as Xiong Qi’s. After all, Xiong Ye had just reached adulthood and wasn’t fully grown, and his experience was not as plentiful as Xiong Qi’s.

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Because of this, when he and Shi Li fought, the vast majority of people believed that Shi Li would win.

However, the opposite was true.

At first, Xiong Ye only defended, dodging clumsily and appearing as though he couldn’t beat Shi Li, but later on, he suddenly burst out and fought Shi Li directly! 0AIUEO

One bear and one lion fought each other so closely that it was hard to tell them apart.

When Shi Li had fought with Xiong Qi before, he hadn’t used his mouth to attack. Now, however, he constantly bit at Xiong Ye, but Xiong Ye didn’t give much ground…

Zhou Ji knew that Xiong Ye could win.

Although that lion knew how to absorb the energy in the air, Zhou Ji had given Xiong Ye more energy than that. Hmvjoh

Zhou Ji relaxed and began to pay attention to his surroundings. He saw that everyone in the tribe was watching the fight with avid eyes, and the priest had even brought his three apprentices with him to sit at the entrance of his cave, watching intently while holding that bamboo tube of honey that Zhou Ji had given to him.

While watching, this old beastmen also didn’t forget to dip his finger into the honey to eat it. It was quite amazing, but a little unsanitary…

With this in mind, Zhou Ji then saw Xiong Ye give Shi Li a bite.

That was also a little unsanitary… gdXAGl

Zhou Ji continued to analyze the situation in the battlefield and then noticed that while Shi Li was gradually losing his strength, Xiong Ye was still full of energy.

Shi Li lost.

The brown bear pressed the lion under him. The lion roared reluctantly and was slapped on the head by the brown bear.

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“Xiong Ye won!” SCoWgN

“I just knew that Xiong Ye was the most amazing!”

“Xiong Ye actually won against Shi Li, does that mean he’s even more powerful than Xiong Qi?”

“Not necessarily… Didn’t Xiong Qi say that he lost to Shi Li because of his injuries?”

…… uHdkBo

Some people in the tribe began to cheer, and the children began to shout out Xiong Ye’s name, “Xiong Ye! Xiong Ye!”

To the children of the tribe, Xiong Ye was their favorite person!

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The brown bear shook his head, released the lion under him, then raised up a forepaw and waved in Zhou Ji’s direction. He looked very delighted.

Shi Li felt extremely humiliated at the moment. QDVuZ

He hadn’t thought that he would lose.

Regarding the previous battle with Xiong Ye, he had thought that it wasn’t surprising that he had lost. At the time, he had just been reborn and hadn’t adapted to his body yet, the battlefield had been too narrow, and coupled with the guilt he felt towards Xiong Ye… He naturally couldn’t win.

But this time, he had tried his best!

When he had fought with Xiong Qi, he hadn’t really gone to bite Xiong Qi and hadn’t given full play to his biggest advantage, his teeth. However, this time when he had fought with Xiong Ye, he had used his teeth––He didn’t find it so unacceptable to bite Xiong Ye. e9OA6m

He had done all this, but as a result, he had still lost.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yet clearly, in his previous life when he had fought with Xiong Ye, the two of them had been tied!

Shi Li lay in the muddy ground in the middle of the valley and let out a low, low roar. He was already furious enough to burst.

His cultivation time was still too short! If he had been given a bit more time, he definitely wouldn’t have lost! qQzYCL

People all around him were cheering, and Shi Li glared hatefully around the crowd as he crawled up from the ground and ran towards his cave. And at this moment, Xiong Ye was preparing to take on human form.

“Don’t change back.” Zhou Ji stopped Xiong Ye––If Xiong Ye changed back at this time, he would be naked in front of the whole tribe…

Xiong Ye was a little puzzled when he heard Zhou Ji’s words, but Zhou Ji petted the huge brown bear’s head, “I like you this way.”

Xiong Ye happily rubbed his head against Zhou Ji’s palm. mt6c5X

He also liked his animal form. Many people in the tribe liked his animal form, but previously, Shi Li hadn’t liked it very much and always said that his animal form was too big to hug.

Now, it was great that Zhou Ji liked it.

“Let’s go back to the cave.” Zhou Ji said.

The brown bear nodded and picked up the meat they had roasted with its paws––the meat was quite heavy and too much for Zhou Ji to carry. dZAKom

Zhou Ji saw what he was doing and simply picked up the animal hide that had fallen from Xiong Ye’s waist when he turned into his animal form, walking easily behind the brown bear as they headed back.

People around them were all envious when they saw this scene.

“I said before that Zhou Ji was lucky, but I hadn’t expected his luck to be that good!”

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“How did Xiong Ye fall for him just like that!” FpUh7q

“If I’d known earlier, I would’ve talked to Xiong Ye more…”

Juurensha: Awwww look at the happy bear
xiin: Shi Li, just admit your loss…

suuuper cute XY proposal fanart by Cel on discord :blobaww: (@CeInim on Twitter) B1X7U8

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