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  • wow older bro Qi Yunying is pretty good~ I hope he is able to rise through the ranks.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  • lmao both count and countess are sly but I like how even the count is not falling for the countess’ bullshit 🤣 . Does she know that the Count cheated off of Yunruo’s noble mother? or is that why she keeps thinking she’s just a lowclass whore, cause she doesn’t know the truth? I am curious if it will get revealed in the future.

    Thank you for the chapter!

  • oh wow, i got a feeling that guard will report to the demon lord…

    thanks for the chapter!

  • omg they’re too cute. Also Qi Niqun is eating a lot of vinegar, and deservedly so. It’s funny how she was like “the border sucks!!! you’ll hate it! and he only wants you for sex!!” But it turns out Little Qi is having a lot of fun. 🤣 I’m glad he’s away from those toxic women.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  • “His body was clearly present, but his heart had already run away.” 😭😭😭 Stay strong Little Qi!!! It’s almost over you don’t have to see these wicked women for a while.

    I’m so glad he’s taking him along with the army. I’d beat up Li Chen if he didn’t 😠 Thanks for the chapter 😄

  • awww that’s cute! adventure for little Qi~ 😄

    I’m so happy for him. Also these women aren’t doing themselves any favors. They can think what they want about Yunruo all they like, but it won’t change how Li Chen feels about him. After all, besides the fact that he’s gay, he doesn’t like them cause they’re such nasty people.

  • oh maaaaaan… it was just supposed to be a fun day outside, now Li Chen wants to keep him locked up 😬

    Yunruo is too kind, especially for someone who has not received much kindness in his life. He didn’t have to buy Granny and her daughter-in-law, especially since Granny didn’t give two shits about him.

    Thanks for the chapter, it’s also a surprise that you moved to this site 😄 I read a lot of danmei here so I guess FPYQ is also added to that list.

  • zhou ji very smart, he healed Xiang Tian when he could’ve just killed him lol. But then again he probably thought about it like “if i heal this guy, he’ll take shi li away. good trade 🙂 ”

    thanks for the chapter!

  • good riddance. the scum are taking each other out, lol.

    People were hoping Xiang Tian would be nice because it’s rare to have good family in these novels… oh well, at least the original Zhou Ji had his mother who loved him. and now transmigrator Zhou Ji has our cute bear Xiong Ye! 🐻

  • Priest has never seen a panda before, but pandas name in chinese has the character for cat ( 熊 貓).