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RPGCh1 - The Protagonist Always Manages to Survive in a Car Crash


Welcome, everyone, to the first Scenario (chapter) of RPG! Hope you enjoy~

Thanks to Lala for checking this chapter for me! :blobaww:

Edit: The term nymphomania has been changed to hypersexual. I was informed by a kind reader that the term nymphomaniac may not be entirely appropriate. Hypersexuality is a real condition involving sudden and extreme libido, often resulting in distress or uncontrollable behaviour in people who experience it. Whether or not it should be considered a disorder and included in clinical diagonsis is a subject of debate. It used to be known as nymphomania for women and satyriasis for men. Hypersexuality does not always manifest itself in the same way for everyone, so be aware that when it is referred to in this novel, it only refers to Dan Ziwei’s form and experiences of it. 1snviM

“What year is it, now?”

“Eighty-three Terra. On the fifteenth of January 2151 C.E., the Terra Alliance was formed. In the first Universal Conference, the motion to discontinue the Common Era notation and switch to the Terra notation was passed with a unanimous vote.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“The current system is?”

“The entire world is governed under the Terra Alliance. On the first of May, 85 Before Terra – that is, 2065 C.E., the Third World War began. The war lasted eighty-five years, and 80 percent of Earth’s cities were destroyed. The entire world had to be rebuilt, and the survivors gathered on the Eurasian continent, forming the Terra Allied Government. The current Chairman of the Alliance is Sid Fang Bismarck.” Ax8m N

“The Great Advance refers to?”

“In the year 19 Terra, the central computer of the Alliance was established. Its evolution adhered to Moore’s Law; it uses quantum computing, reversible computing, nano tech and other technology, equipped with a 1024 BB RAM and a one-hundred billion core CPU. From then onwards, the Earth Management System began to form with the central computer at its core, completed in 50 Terra.”

“Its name is?”

“Gaia.” MJgQFb

“Not bad, not bad, then let’s up the difficulty – please explain what the Great Direction is.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“… Seventy-one Terra, the Institute published a paper titled The Next Step of Evolution: Psionics, which was met with great enthusiasm. The paper explained, in detail, human will and proposed that as the human brain evolved and brain waves grew stronger, human will would, too, produce a mysterious power – they termed that power psionics. Humans can use their psionics to control machines, elements, even energy. The paper detailed a new Great Direction: it won’t take long for humans to move from the Digital Age to the Psychic Age.”

“Seems like you studied well~”

The questioner grinned, mischief leaking through that pretty smile. rlddEq

“Last question – if you could, Dan Ziwei senior, how old are you now?”

Dan Ziwei sat primly on his chair, knowing full well how unpredictable the moods of the young man dressed in a white doctor’s coat opposite him was. So even though he knew the other was clearly trying to mess with him, Dan Ziwei still obediently gave the answer the other wanted to hear, “Two-hundred and thirty-three years old.”


The young man showered him with applause, his voice filled with exaggerated cheer. psGRAE

“Congratulations, old man, you’ve passed the general knowledge exam – you can now fuck off from the welfare centre into society~”

Dan Ziwei breathed a breath of relief. The young man sitting opposite him was the dean of this welfare centre. Though he had the face of an angel, his personality was more like a demon. The year he had spent in this welfare centre had taught Dan Ziwei an important life lesson: in this welfare centre, the person you should be most afraid of offending was the dean.

As for why Dan Ziwei, who was neither an orphan nor disabled, had to stay in this welfare centre, well, that story started on a day over two hundred years ago.

That’s right, over two hundred years ago. 6ms8B

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Over two hundred years ago in an insignificant city, an insignificant traffic accident occurred. The perpetrator died on impact and the victim was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, one step away from death. The technology back then wasn’t enough to save the victim, thus, the victim’s parents, unable to bare the thought of losing their beloved child, made a decision: to have the victim cryonically frozen until molecular repair technology was sufficient to repair the victim’s damaged body.

Ktja kjr ktja atf kfiojgf mfcagf vfjc tjv gfjv boo bo atf vbmewfcar tf tfiv ilxf qfgobgwlcu j vgjwjalm gfjvlcu ab j Gjc Ilkfl atja tjv pera kbxfc eq ogbw tlr mgsbclm tlyfgcjalbc.

Gjc Ilkfl, pera tjnlcu mbwf yjmx ogbw atf vfjv, ilrafcfv yijcxis. Pa kjr ilxf ilrafclcu ab j tfjnfcis rmglqaegf – tf tjv rlwqis mibrfv tlr fsfr jcv ktfc tf bqfcfv atfw jujlc, akb mfcaeglfr tjv qjrrfv? Lf tjv wjcjufv ab regnlnf, jcv regnlnf akb ktbif mfcaeglfr?

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

To be honest, he really didn’t think his parents would’ve chosen to do such a thing. From what he remembered of them, he was merely a burden his parents couldn’t get rid of. That his seemingly uncaring parents would spend a fortune on getting him cryonically frozen so that he could survive… The thought made Dan Ziwei bury his face in his hands, so touched that he couldn’t help but weep even as he scolded himself for being such a cry baby. o9OlX

He had never known that he was so loved.

That was why, even though everyone and everything he knew was gone, Dan Ziwei decided to do his best to adapt and integrate himself into the current world, living his life to the fullest. Unfortunately, the world after two-hundred years was far too foreign. Fortunately, the current welfare system was very well structured, so Dan Ziwei was sent to the welfare centre school to learn the knowledge common to the people of this era, giving him a year to get used to things.

“Ding dong!”

“Oho~ Our rich young lady is here to pick you up.” q5sH E

The dean flicked a long strand of dyed red hair back, his beautiful smile lighting up his features with an alluringly vulpine look.

“Looks like you’re about to leave, old man. Seeing as we’ve known each other for a year now, why don’t you give me a great, big hug?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Dan Ziwei scrambled backwards, like a startled rabbit who had just seen a fox. 4mxGzI

“Th-thank… thank you for your… hospitality this past year! S-so… s-s-something like a h-hug… I don’t think that’s necessary – !”

Watching the other approach with slow, graceful steps, Dan Ziwei shuffled backwards while giving a smile that looked worse than crying – he really was about to cry.

No matter if it was a simple hug or handshake, these actions that were nothing special to most people were fatal for Dan Ziwei.

Poor Dan Ziwei had suffered from hypersexuality. Just a simple touch from anyone would cause him extreme arousal. Even more tragically, despite “dying” once, he still had this hypersexuality. hKQIo0

In an era like this where even AIDS could be cured with ease, his hypersexuality was a lost cause.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

When Dan Ziwei had his back against the wall, about to be enveloped entirely by the dean’s form, a voice like tinkling bells rang out.

“Sir, are you guys done? I’m here to pick up Shanzi.”

The dean leaned against the wall, his forearm placed above Dan Ziwei, supporting his form. As he turned his head to look at the newcomer, his long hair brushed against Dan Ziwei’s collarbone. Dan Ziwei trembled and buried his face in his hands, slowly, ever so slowly, sliding down against the wall into a crouch. His pale skin was tinted red, like a flame burning from his neck to his ears. PrdqVD

“Ye Ye, I was just about to give the old man a farewell hug.”

Ye Ye looked at the dean, caging the other in with a wicked smile. Then she looked to Dan Ziwei, who was crouched against the corner of the wall with his face buried in his hands, The entire scene could be described as “The Tyrannical CEO and His Pampered Little Wife,” and… maybe you could even add a “morning after” to that.

“But since you’re already here, I’ve lost interest,” the dean said.

As soon as the dean backed away, Dan Ziwei immediately scurried to the side of his saviour. He pulled up his hood, hiding his red ears. eBPZAE

Thankfully it was just hair. In his mind, Dan Ziwei wiped away sweat and tears. His collarbones were the most sensitive parts of his body. If he had been touched directly, he’d definitely become very… excited. If Ye Ye found out… Dan Ziwei didn’t dare continue down that line of thought.

“Shanzi,” Ye Ye called him by the nickname she had given him, smiling cheerfully. “Long time no see.”

“L-long time no see.”

Ye Ye was the only girl that Dan Ziwei could interact with normally in the entire welfare center, and for a very simple reason. Dan Ziwei glanced at Ye Ye. Today, she was wearing a black dress and her hands were covered with long black gloves as usual – Ye Ye had a severe case of mysophobia, and Dan Ziwei had his hypersexuality, so these two patients stuck together, forming the group that stayed away from groups and established a deep friendship. tNaYiA

Dan Ziwei didn’t tell Ye Ye he had hypersexuality. Ye Ye always assumed that they were both mysophobic because neither of them liked touching or being touched by others. They got along well. Half a year ago, Ye Ye was adopted by a rich family. Hearing that Dan Ziwei was graduating from the welfare centre today, Ye Ye came just to pick him up.

“Sir,” Ye Ye called out to the dean, “I’m going to leave with Shanzi now.”

The dean’s gaze shifted from Ye Ye to Dan Ziwei. He brushed his red hair behind one ear and grinned.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“Come on then, old man, let me send you off one last time.” JIjyv8

Though his words sounded almost evil, the long-haired young man’s expression was free of malice or wicked amusement, only an exaggerated joy. Under the company of the dean, Dan Ziwei and Ye Ye left the welfare centre. A high-class maglev car was parked there.

“Old man, you should go and dye your hair white. There’s no point in trying to pretend anymore at your age; an old man like you should acknowledge your own age~”

“… I’ll think about it. Farewell, sir.”

The dean stood at the front of the welfare centre, watching as Dan Ziwei and Ye Ye got into the maglev car. His smile was as beautiful as ever, causing passers-by to turn their heads in admiration, yet it also held a hint of chilling danger to it. nTSm7a

“See you, old man.”

The dean saw the maglev car off, smiling, grasping the strands of hair that had brushed over Dan Ziwei’s collarbone before and passing it between his lips, biting it gently. His smile was almost unnaturally bright.

Read more BL at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“I’m certain I will.”

In the high-class maglev car, one mysophobe and one hypersexual sat at either end of the seating. Gvi2zD

Dan Ziwei stared almost unblinkingly at the scenery that passed by. This year, his range of activities had been limited to within boundaries of the welfare centre. This was the first time he really came up close and personal with this era.

At first glance, the row after row of towering skyscrapers and flood of human traffic were just like the way it had been before, but looking closer, it was clear that everything had changed. In the skies, there floated transparent jellyfish-like objects, each dragging several optic fibres behind them like tentacles. Every block, there would be a “white tree” sprouting from the ground, its long branches drooping.

Those weren’t real trees. Their trunks, made of some unknown material, glowed faintly with a silvery white light and countless white cables hung down from the very top, like branches. Occasionally, someone would stop under a “white tree” or call down a “jellyfish”, grasping one of the “branches” or “tentacles” respectively and connecting them to the black ring around their wrists, entering something.

“Those are Gaia’s nodes.” sCPaen

Ye Ye’s voice came from beside him. She had probably noticed Dan Ziwei staring at the “white trees” and “jellyfish”. Dan Ziwei paused for a moment before managing to link what Ye Ye had said to the computer science lingo he knew.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Gaia, the Earth Management System with the central computer at its core. In the current technologically advanced era, it was no longer humans who managed society, but the central computer. The Earth Management System it operated was like the mother of the Earth from the myths, constantly stabilising the world and keeping watch on actions that unbalance the stability of its ecosystem, at the same time connecting, preserving, sharing the information of the entire Earth. Those omnipresent “white trees” and “jellyfish” were like the central computer’s appendages and eyes, linking together to form a tight web that enveloped the entire Earth.

For some reason, Dan Ziwei felt a deep and indescribable sense of foreboding at being surrounded like this by an artificial being. He turned his head to see Ye Ye pull down her right glove, pointing at the black ring on her wrist with a smile.

“From now on, Shanzi’s life will rely on this. Use Gaia well.” da4whN

Dan Ziwei stared at the black ring around Ye Ye’s wrist. It wasn’t just Ye Ye who had one, he had one, too; every single human being on this Earth had one. This was what people depended on for survival now: their Quantum Terminal. They were a part of the Earth Management System, and one’s identity, assets, information was all recorded in their Quantum Terminal. To Dan Ziwei, it felt like chains, imprisoning everyone. With the Quantum Terminal, Gaia could locate anyone on the Earth at any time it wanted.

“Being ‘supervised’ by Gaia like this… don’t you think it’s an invasion of privacy?”

Hearing Dan Ziwei’s words, Ye Ye’s eyes widened, shocked.

“Our privacy isn’t being invaded. The central computer is at Gaia’s core, and it uses nodes to capture information.” Ye Ye tapped the glass, motioning to “jellyfish” floating outside. “Without being summoned, nodes won’t enter private areas. They’re only distributed across public areas. Plus, to the central computer, all this information is nothing but a bunch of ones and zeros. Its primary job is to go through this data and make logical decisions based on the Alliance’s Charter. To the central computer, all data is merely categorized into ‘violating the Alliance’s Charter’ and ‘adhering to the Alliance’s Charter.’ It has no other value or meaning to the central computer.” 14LO25

Ye Ye blinked at Dan Ziwei in amusement.

“It isn’t a human that’s ‘watching’ our daily lives, or anything that has a consciousness; it’s the central computer, so there’s no need to worry, Shanzi.”


Because it was a machine and not human, so there was no need to worry… er… jGnVpc

It was still rather unsettling to Dan Ziwei. Perhaps it was because the era he was from didn’t have such high-tech management that he felt so uncomfortable.

“Oh yeah, Shanzi, what plans do you have for the future? What kind of job do you want to find?”

Ye Ye’s question immediately had Dan Ziwei’s attention, burying the hint of fear in his heart. Ye Ye’s question was very important. The Alliance had given Dan Ziwei a place to stay for himself and enough money to get through the month. If he didn’t find a job in that time, he’d be sent to the subsidized benefits area and have to live with tens of people in the same area… tens… of people…

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No no no! Calm down, Dan Ziwei, for the sake of yours and others’ chastity, hurry up and think of something you can do! hIg1M9

In the twenty-first century, Dan Ziwei shut himself in at home due to his hypersexuality, choosing the peaceful job of a software engineer. Since he was pretty good at what he did, he got a decent income. But now it was eighty-three Terra, which was also the twenty-third century. Dan Ziwei stared at the extremely high-level program that was driving the car for them, completely speechless.

––  It’s not that I’m not good enough, it’s that the world changes too quickly.

His skill put into this era was like showing off your glaive skills in front of Guan-Gong or talking to Einstein about the Theory of Relativity… an utter embarrassment.

Watching Dan Ziwei’s expression changing wildly, Ye Ye hid a smile behind her hand. 5pPUBt

“Shanzi, I remember you said before that you were rather good at gaming.”

She extended a helping hand.

Please visit chrysanthemumgarden.com

“Shanzi, how about you come and work at my Dawn Night studio, then?”

Next up, Scenario Two: There are Always Cannon Fodder Characters that like to Bother the Protagonist eiK48f

Translator's Note

扇子 Shanzi means hand-held fan, the kind you fan yourself with, not the electronic kind you can hold.

Translator's Note

Guan-Gong refers to the legendary master of combat, Guan Yu, commonly known to be one of the most skilled and/or powerful soldiers in Chinese history. The weapon mentioned here refers to a Chinese guandao and looks like a one-edged sword with a very long hilt, basically the same as the Western Glaive. Either way, the entire thing just means to embarrass yourself because Guan Yuan is amazing with the Glaive/guandao.

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