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RPG 角色扮演

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Author: 颓
Total Chapters: 131 (Ongoing)
Genre: Action, e-sports, Futuristic, gaming, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Unlimited Flow
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Translators: Jouicifer, Izrate. Editors: Izrate, Rinrin
Release Schedule: Thursday


Tragically, Shan Ziwei was hit by a car, and when he woke up, two hundred years had passed. Even more tragically, he still had his hypersexuality*.

“I’m very sorry, but we are unable to cure you.”

“W-wait! Even AIDS can be cured now, how come hypersexuality can’t?”

“Ha… haha…”

There was no other choice, Shan Ziwei could only return to his old job of being a quiet, peaceful gamer. Though, the games nowadays were a bit… strange…


[System: Dear player, you must stay in character, adhering to what is described in the following scenarios.

Scenario 1: You like to shake hands with strangers.

Scenario 2: You like to hug friends.

Scenario 3: You’re a bottom.

Scenario 4: You’re a bottom.

Scenario 5: Important things should be said twice.]


Shan Ziwei: … How am I meant to play a game like this?! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

*Shan Ziwei experiences extreme arousal with physical contact. Even if it‘s just shaking hands or hugging. Hypersexuality is a real condition involving extremely frequent or increased libido, often resulting in distress or uncontrollable and inappropriate behaviour. Whether or not it should be considered a disorder and included in clinical diagonsis is a subject of debate. Hypersexuality does not always manifest itself in the same way for everyone, so be aware that when it is referred to in this novel, it only refers to Shan Ziwei’s form and experiences of it.

Indescribable gong X hypersexual shou. Pseudo-quick transmigration, pseudo-MMORPG, level-up flow, slow burn. The male lead is setting up one hell of a chess game.

(Still ongoing in Chinese. Thanks to Lala for checking over the synopsis.)

This is an unlicensed translation. I hope you all can support the author by buying the raws! (Following the RAW Source link will take you to the RAWs)

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  1. excited for this novel!!! its like a mix of all my guilty pleasures;; thank you >_<

  2. Y’all hosting another novel translation eye–

    Sigh, istg next time a person asks me to recommend something, I’m just gonna link them to this site. There’s so many novels not to mention they’re all a heck of a read! (at least the ones I’m reading and that’s like most of them, idk abt others)

    Thanks for picking this up! 🙂

  3. I want to read this. I want to read this. Important things should be said twice.😂😂

  4. I don’t know what to expect with this novel should I expect this to be a comedy? or a smutty one? Or maybe a comedy-smutty one? Either way I loooove it! Imma get back here if there’s more chapter so I don’t have to be thirsty hoe for the chapters.

  5. This is so good omg, i had to read the rough english mtl (not translation) after reading this where i didnt understand 60% of what happens but still got hooked. I am so happy to be introduced to this story and very looking forward to each update here. Its like some World Online (for its twists) and mostly Game loading (for its fun yandere ml’s plus interesting worlds/scenerios) had a baby and the mc hypersexuality/sensitivity. The atmosphere and chessboxes is so good even through gibberish english i read through mtl. Thank you so much, i look forward and appreciate every update you make. Reading this through clear english and wonderful translations is a privilege.
  6. Hello, Jouicifer!

    I’ve read a few chapter of this story and this is definitely the type of story I liked the most! Thank you for picking this up!

    May I re-translate this to Bahasa Indonesia? I’ll give you credit as the English translator~

  7. The game mechanic was so confusing…. It is practically role-play but, somehow… in a weird way? sense? I don’t know….

    Gaia… who are you?

  8. I dunno if it’s just me, but I find the fact that everything is set in virtual reality kind of off-putting? It doesn’t rile up one’s excitement as much as if the MC was facing an actual life-death situation… though that is just only my opinion. Of course, I’m not saying that the idea itself is bad, since those who aren’t good with scary things can adapt better, but it’s just a little too mild for an horror enthusiast like me~?

    On the other hand, the translation is top quality (no need to even mention that, since this is CG) and the storyline itself is truly quite unique~!

  9. I’m having a dilemma. I have too much novel to read and now I just added this to my list hmmmmmmmmmmm 😆 might as well wait for this to have lots of chapters and finish my other lists of novel to read 😂