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Transmigrating into the Reborn Male Lead's Ex-BoyfriendCh5 - You Are My Good Friend


Translated by Eve

Edited by Kara QDuXp9

Thank you Avocado for the kofi 💕

A black silhouette loomed over, blocking Song Xuanhe’s light. He looked up, dumbfounded, to meet with Xiao Yuanmu’s chilly gaze.

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“If there’s nothing else, I’m going to return to my room.”

Song Xuanhe subconsciously wanted to nod, but he had just raised his head a bit when he suddenly came back to himself and paused this action. He squinted as he stared at Xiao Yuanmu, tone indifferent as he pointedly said, “What do you mean, ‘If there’s nothing else?’ Did you forget who you are now?” MKFGjP

The depths of Xiao Yuanmu’s eyes were ice-cold. His eyes tightly locked onto Song Xuanhe, who was curled up on the sofa, looking extremely childish. His expression remained apathetic and cold, however. “What do I have to do?”

Song Xuanhe threw his pillow away. He stood up on the sofa and peered down onto Xiao Yuanmu. He reached out and raised the other’s chin. With a suggestive tone, he said, “What do you think?”

Xiao Yuanmu didn’t speak. Song Xuanhe let go and chuckled. “Wash up, and then, wait for me in your room.”

After he said this, he jumped off the couch and left. gdZaEf

After returning to his room, Song Xuanhe closed the door and then heaved a long sigh. When he felt like the feeling of having needles in his back faded a bit, he couldn’t help but begin to worry. He hadn’t even dated before. He didn’t know what they should do. Moreover, Xiao Yuanmu was also a man. The only thing to rejoice over was that he was certain that Xiao Yuanmu would push him away.

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He just didn’t know how much he had to do before Xiao Yuanmu would push him away.

Time was extremely scarce. Song Xuanhe, who didn’t know how to do anything, could only take desperate measures while panicking and whipped out his phone to search how men did it with other men. Only, after looking around, all the answers online were not particularly direct or forthcoming in telling him what went into where. All of the responses were all perfunctory answers like “Just let nature take its course.”

Before Song Xuanhe could search it up properly, the System reminded him: 【Xiao Yuanmu has finished showering. Right now, he only has a towel around his waist. It’s time for the scene. Quickly go over. When he’s fully dressed, your mission will be considered a fail.】 HQNYRI

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When he saw the door open, Xiao Yuanmu dropped the towel in his hand. He didn’t care about the water still dripping at the ends of his hair. He directly walked over to Song Xuanhe with a cold gaze.

Song Xuanhe had been a fashion designer before. When he had been in school, he had gotten used to looking at all sorts of bodies. Therefore, he knew that Xiao Yuanmu’s physique was exceptional at first glance. If he applied to be a model, he would be fought over by managers with sharp eyes. aVSGTB

However, when Song Xuanhe saw Xiao Yuanmu, he still couldn’t help but be stunned.

If one were to say that Xiao Yuanmu’s face was God’s proudest work, then Xiao Yuanmu’s body was this world’s most magnificent sculptor’s most difficult-to-reproduce, perfect masterpiece. His muscles were tight and full of explosive strength; the proportions between his shoulders and waist as well as between his upper and lower half were perfect and not to mention, his rugged abs and sexy mermaid line. Just by looking at this kind of body, Song Xuanhe could immediately design a whole new line of men’s clothes—one that included both spring-summer and fall-winter wear.

Xiao Yuanmu stood only one metre away from Song Xuanhe. When he saw how Song Xuanhe was not covering up how stunned and infatuated he was at all, he lowered his gaze and rescinded the cold light in his eyes.

【The plot, ah, Big Brother!】 6XtCRU

The System’s voice pulled Song Xuanhe, who was already coming up with designs, out of his head. He blinked his eyes, appearing obviously confused. Belatedly, he realized that Xiao Yuanmu stood very close to him. The hormones this man was emitting assaulted him.

It was just a pity that Song Xuanhe wasn’t moved in the slightest. He just wanted to immediately grab a piece of paper and draw up the design he had just come up with in his head instead.

【You can give it a try. Perhaps that work will be your most glorious posthumous work. I heard that you humans value art pieces much more after the death of the artist.】

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Song Xuanhe: …. 0qoePc

He didn’t dare try, he didn’t dare give it a try.

With one sentence, the System brought Song Xuanhe back to reality. He looked up at Xiao Yuanmu, who was donning a grave and stern expression. He couldn’t help but feel rather wronged. Xiao Yuanmu wasn’t willing, and he himself wasn’t willing as well, ne. But, he wasn’t willing to just die either. Why was simply wanting to live so rough?

Xiao Yuanmu furrowed his eyes imperceptibly. He didn’t know if he was just imagining things, but he thought that Song Xuanhe’s expression just now made the other look a bit wronged and innocent. This was the second time he saw such an illusion. This made Xiao Yuanmu, who had always trusted his own judgement and intuition, feel very vigilant. It seemed that he had underestimated Song Xuanhe.

Song Xuanhe was indeed arrogant and overbearing. However, it seemed that the other wasn’t as brainless as he had thought. It seemed that looking for evidence of the Song Family’s law-breaking would be harder than he predicted. p0OwvJ

Xiao Yuanmu didn’t make a sound or any movement. Song Xuanhe, however, could not wait around for the sake of preserving this little life of his.

He directly advanced forward and reached out to push Xiao Yuanmu down, making him sit on the bed. He wanted to take advantage of the inertia to push him all the way down, but he discovered that the other wouldn’t move. Song Xuanhe was helpless. He didn’t dare look at Xiao Yuanmu’s face. He only closed his eyes and kissed the other on the lips.

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When Xiao Yuanmu felt soft lips meet his, a cold glare suddenly appeared within Xiao Yuanmu’s eyes. Just when he thought Song Xuanhe would deepen the kiss, the other moved his lips to his neck.

Although it was necessary to act out the scene, and he wasn’t a young girl who would care about his first kiss and what not, Song Xuanhe just couldn’t bring himself to really kiss a man he didn’t like—a man who didn’t like him either and was probably also planning a hundred different ways to kill him right now. f5oM A

The plot only said that Song Xuanhe wanted to feel Xiao Yuanmu up. It didn’t describe what had happened with details. Even if he acted half-arsed like this, it should still count as acting out the scene.

Song Xuanhe licked and rubbed against the side of Xiao Yuanmu’s neck like he was a puppy that had yet to grow up, gnawing at a bone. Xiao Yuanmu had already decided that he would kick Song Xuanhe away when his patience ran out. However, after being given such an inexperienced kiss, he didn’t know why, but his ruthless, dark mood was suppressed. He felt calm despite it all and even wanted to know what the other would do next.

Song Xuanhe, thus, bent down and nipped at Xiao Yuanmu’s neck for a while. By the time his waist had begun to ache, Xiao Yuanmu still hadn’t pushed him away. The other’s shoulder that had originally been so hard that biting at it made his teeth hurt had even seemed to have relaxed quite a bit. However, Song Xuanhe didn’t dare to look at Xiao Yuanmu’s expression, so he could only continue on.

When his lips reached that sturdy, shower gel-scented chest, Song Xuanhe paused. After preparing himself, he finally gathered up his courage and was about to touch it a bit. However, he had just gotten close when he felt someone press against his waist, forcing him to sit onto the other’s lap. Separated by the towel, he could still feel the explosive strength within the other’s thighs. VpQad5

Xiao Yuanmu pinched Song Xuanhe’s chin and forced him to raise his head. He stared at the other’s eyelashes that were batting out of nervousness. His voice was hoarse but chilly, “You’ve never done this before?”

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After being pulled up, despite not hearing what Xiao Yuanmu had said clearly, Song Xuanhe was overcome with a peal of ecstasy. He immediately asked the System in his head:【Er Gou! This counts as Xiao Yuanmu pushing me away, ba! It doesn’t matter if he pushes me with his hands or kicks me with his feet! So long as he stops me from continuing, then it counts as having pushed me away, right?!】

The System did not disappoint Song Xuanhe. He said:【We’ll consider your mission a pass.】

Song Xuanhe’s eyes lit up immediately. However, even with this abrupt glee, he didn’t forget to maintain his character settings. “Who said that Ben Shaoye hasn’t done this before? It’s just that your body is so hard that you made me lose all interest. We’ll stop here today. We’ll talk about it again next time, ba.” KIsTnU

After saying this, Song Xuanhe tried to throw off Xiao Yuanmu’s hand that was gripping his chin.

However, although it didn’t look like Xiao Yuanmu was putting much strength into it, he couldn’t throw the other’s grip off no matter what he did. Actually, because of his struggling, he felt that hard thing under his butt slowly rise up. As another man, Song Xuanhe naturally knew what this thing was. However, he didn’t think that Xiao Yuanmu, this shou, would actually be so well-endowed!

It was really such a pity.

Song Xuanhe made a very fake lament. His male dignity had taken a hit when he compared himself to the other. Therefore, when he thought of this, he felt an ineffable feeling of schadenfreude. TKCI3q

So what if it’s big? It was just for show. He was probably more likely to become impotent. As a normal person with a normal length, Song Xuanhe was perfectly healthy in contrast.

Xiao Yuanmu hadn’t thought that he would react to Song Xuanhe’s rubbing movements. He immediately let go of Song Xuanhe’s chin and pushed him away. With a cold voice, he said, “Since we’re done, then leave, ba.”

Song Xuanhe was just itching to leave. However, just as he reached the door, he suddenly felt that something wasn’t quite right.

After washing up and lying on his bed, he retrospectively realized what it was. He said to the System in his head:【Er Gou, why do I feel like Xiao Yuanmu is a bit strange? Clearly, I’m the one propositioning him. Why does it feel like he’s the one propositioning me? Am I imagining things?】 OCQtUT

The System’s voice didn’t sound in his head for a while. Just when Song Xuanhe thought that it would not respond to this kind of question that was unrelated to the plot, it slowly confirmed:【You’re imagining things.】

At this moment, Song Xuanhe was already drowsy and about to fall asleep. When he heard the System’s words, he hummed in acknowledgement and then very quickly entered the land of dreams.

The author has something to say:

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Song Xuanhe silently changes his display name on WeChat: Some people must exhaust all their energy just to live. ylfnsE

Grandpa Song: You ran out of money?

Mother Song: Has my baby been wronged?

Father Song: Evil creature, is there not enough for you to eat or wear at home? Moaning about a non-existing problem!

Brother Song: What’s wrong? 4NgVI2

Xiao Yuanmu: Come, eat noodles.

Eve: The little sort of theaters in the AN’s are so cute and funny haha. Also…poor SXH. “I don’t want to do this, he doesn’t want to do this, WHY DO I HAVE TO DO THIS” hahahaha

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Translator's Note

Basically ‘this young master’. It’s a really pompous way of addressing yourself, given that you are indeed a young master.

Translator's Note

Again, this is just a misunderstanding on our dear MC’s part. Xiao Yuanmu is the gong and has always been hahaha.

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