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Transmigrating into the Reborn Male Lead’s Ex-Boyfriend

Transmigrating into the Reborn Male Lead’s Ex-Boyfriend 穿成重生男主前男友

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Author: 温瑜宽
Total Chapters: 158
Genre: Doting Love Interest, ML Falls First, Rebirth, Rich Characters, Slowburn, Transmigration
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Translators: Eve. Editors: Kara
Release Schedule: Sunday


Song Xuanhe transmigrated into a book called “The President’s Seven Boyfriends”. He became the President’s cannon fodder ex-boyfriend, Song Xuanhe.

The Song Xuanhe in the book: 180 cm tall, so attractive he would trump over even the hottest celebrities, three generations of family in business–a very appropriate rich third generation.

It wasn’t a loss to transmigrate into this kind of person. It was just that this was a rebirth story.

The Song Xuanhe in the book abused the male lead 800 times and had even indirectly caused the male lead’s death. Faced with the reborn blackened male lead, his fate was obvious–not only did he reach rock bottom, he even died without an intact corpse.

Right now, he had become the cannon fodder ex-boyfriend that was foreordained to die without an intact corpse.


System: Don’t you think that the male lead has been a bit strange recently? It’s like he’s plotting something in the dark.

Song Xuanhe: Plotting how to kill me?

System: No, plotting how to eat you.


Song Xuanhe, who was lying on the bed with an aching waist, pained back and legs suffering from cramps, cursed the System 800 times–what happened to the male lead being a shou?!

Emphasis: Xiao Yuanmu is the gong! Xiao Yuanmu is the gong! Xiao Yuanmu is the gong! Moreover, the big boss has always been a gong! Spoilers only up to here!

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  1. Looks fun to read! I’ll be waiting here for now ~

    • I hope you enjoy it! Will be putting it up as soon as the announcement in discord is up !

  2. seems like an interesting read…the dynamic between MC and ML are maybe a bit like number one zhombie wife? Anyways waiting for the chapters!

  3. so what happened in the original book? haha imagining ml swearing after bottoming in the original book would be hilarious!!! lmao haha

    • The novel mentions a bit about the original story so I won’t spoil, but what I can say is that XYM has never bottom or gotten involved with anyone before our Xuanhe transmigrated over (including the XYM that was reborn and lived out the story).

  4. This is wholesome! I mtled until the last chap although it’s really difficult I can understand the context mostly and I’m very happy that’s it’s HE although…..

    I say it’s always subtle! Just kisses and not that explicit


  5. hi eve-san… i really like the story… the story is good.. may i ask, can i translate it to indonesia…i am waiting for your reply…

    thanks for the translation…💕