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Reborn As The Villain President's LoverChapter 46


Edited by: Eli


It didn’t cross Ji Qingzhou’s mind that there would be something hidden in the doll. Pinching it several times, he came across something hard. He quickly found a pair of scissors and cut the doll open and found the handcuffs nestled inside the moderately sized wolf’s belly.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Both people were pleasantly surprised, they looked at each other and smiled, “Now all that’s left is to find out who owns that note.”


“But,” Ji Qingzhou was puzzled, “how on earth does he kill people?”


While Ji Qingzhou was struggling to understand, Ying Nian found a book on the other side of the room, “24 Billys.” Ying Nian looked at the book, and asked Lian Jingxing who was by his side, “This book is about schizophrenia, right?”



Lian Jingxing nodded.


“The backstory of this room is in the notebook you found. It says that seven of them came looking for treasure and six of them slowly disappeared, with only the owner of the notebook left alive. It’s possible that the so-called treasure was just an introduction and that what they were doing wasn’t treasure hunting but psychotherapy. From the beginning to the end there was only one person, the owner of the notebook. It’s his six secondary personalities that disappeared and his dominant personality that was left behind. That’s why the notes never clearly mentioned why and how these six people disappeared.”


Ying Nian thought that it wasn’t impossible, “That’s why the show put a copy of 24 Billy here to prompt us, and that’s the same secret the owner of the notes wanted to keep, that’s why he wanted to kill us.”


“Right.” Lian Jingxing echoed.


“And how did he kill the man?” Ying Nian mused, “Is it by touch, tap, movement or props? If it’s props, then which props?”


As he was thinking, he suddenly heard a prompt from inside the house, “Zhou Xusheng, leave the room.”


Zhou Xusheng looked confused, “Me? I’ve been killed?”


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Ji Qingzhou wanted to walk over to observe, and heard the director warn, “No approaching. Zhou Xusheng, leave the room.”

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“Ujs jaafcalbc ab tlr eqqfg ybvs.” Al Hlcuhtbe delmxis lcragemafv Te Ccsl, ktlif tf xfqa jc fsf bc tlr qjcar jcv rtbfr.


Te Ccsl kjr ecregf, yea olgwis obiibkfv ktja Al Hlcuhtbe rjlv, mjgfoeiis byrfgnlcu tlr rtlga jr kfii jr tlr fzqbrfv cfmx jcv tjcvr.


When Zhou Xusheng left, Ji Qingzhou asked her, “Did you see anything unusual?”


Yu Anyi shook her head, “Nothing.”


Ji Qingzhou didn’t say anything, carefully recalling the scene when he just observed Zhou Xusheng’s lower body, blue jeans, black sneakers, there was nothing abnormal, was he not eliminated with the help of a gadget like a sticker, but by his own touch or movement? So just now, who has been in contact with Zhou Xusheng?


He looked back around the four-sided room in four directions. Zhou Xusheng was located to the right of the entry door, and closer to him were Luo Yuxin, Cai Li, Meng Yuanbai from their team, and Lian Jingxing and Ying Nian from his own team. Wu Feng and Bei Wanyao and another promotional guest were also fairly close to him.


Therefore, from a position point of view, the most likely five people were Luo Yuxin, Cai Li, Meng Yuanbai, Lian Jingxing, and Ying Nian. Ji Qingzhou mentally preferred Luo Yuxin, Cai Li, and Meng Yuanbai, because Lian Jingxing and Ying Nian were his teammates, especially Lian Jingxing, Ji Qingzhou had a good impression of him, so he didn’t want to doubt him. But logically speaking, in the first phase of the recording, giving such a role to a new player was bound to be less secure than giving it to an old player. Looking at the situation with these considerations, the four old players, Cai Li, Meng Yuanbai, Lian Jingxing and Ying Nian, were more suspicious.


Ji Qingzhou pondered as he continued to rummage through the cabinets.


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Luo Yuxin was a little nervous. He didn’t have much time left, but his performance up to this point wasn’t good enough, especially since he had just pointed out that Ji Qingzhou could be the owner of the notes, but was rebuffed by Ji Qingzhou, which caused Luo Yuxin to subconsciously feel psychological pressure. His persona was intelligent, and the show set up this secret room to highlight his intelligence so that the fans of this variety show could see his charm and thus accept him as a new resident the fastest, but now, it was as if he was a graft for others.


Luo Yuxin calmly took a look at Ji Qingzhou. From the depths of his heart, he didn’t think that Ji Qingzhou could be smarter and more outstanding than him. As a person who was only worthy of being a double for himself, how could he be better than him? It was just luck. He reminded himself that this wasn’t the end and that there was still a chance to flip the situation. He had key information regarding the fifth level and the owner of the notes. As long as he found out the identity of the notes’ owner and cracked the fifth level, then he would still be outstanding in this segment of the show.


A ring. Luo Yuxin remembered the key information the program team gave him: the owner of the notes was wearing a ring. He lowered his head and looked around in secret, but was surprised to find that because everyone wore casual clothes for this level, many people wore rings in order to match their clothes.


Yu Anyi wore a sapphire ring, Cai Li wore a ring from a recent brand promotion, Meng Yuanbai wore a high luxury ring from the same brand as his clothes, Ying Nian wore a very plain ring, and Wu Feng wore a trendy ring.


Luo Yuxin was a little confused, not knowing which one of them to suspect.


While he was pondering over who to doubt, Meng Yuanbai found a box in a stroke of luck. “Where is the key from earlier? Let’s see if it’s for opening this box. To think that it was hidden in a flowerpot. I’ve got mud all over my hands from digging. Is there any tissue paper here? “


“I have.” Yu Anyi replied, she had the habit of bringing tissue paper with her when she went out. She reached for her pocket to pull it out, but realised upon touching it that the clothes she had changed into for today only had fake pockets. So she quietly withdrew her hand and said with embarrassment, “I forgot, this dress doesn’t have pockets, my tissue paper is in my bag and I didn’t bring it in.”


“Doesn’t your dress have pockets?” Meng Yuanbai asked while looking at her dress.


“It’s a fake pocket, for decoration.”


As soon as she finished speaking, a packet of tissue paper smacked into Meng Yuanbai’s chest. Meng Yuanbai caught it, and thanked Lian Jingxing.


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“Quickly wipe your hands clean and open the box.” Lien Jingxing replied.


Meng Yuanbai opened the packet and took out a sheet of tissue. Yu Anyi watched from a distance and found that her and Lian Jingxing were surprisingly using the same brand of tissue. She opened her mouth to speak, but thought of how her words were likely to make the CP fans go crazy, and write a small thesis to prove that they really were a pair. So she swallowed her words and waited for Meng Yuanbai to wipe his hands clean and open the box.


Ji Qingzhou looked at the fake pocket on Yu Anyi’s skirt and thought about what she had just said, “Fake pockets, for decoration.” Some images flashed through his mind, and he very carefully recalled the shoes he had just seen on Zhou Xusheng, and asked Yu Anyi, “Do you remember when you first saw Zhou Xusheng, did the top of his shoes have a circle with a pentagram inside?”


Yu Anyi was stunned, “Why are you suddenly asking me this?”


“Try to recall it first. Was it there?”


“How can I remember,” Yu Anyi looked at him, looking confused, “I didn’t even notice what shoes he was wearing, okay?”


Ji Qingzhou wanted to ask Lian Jingxing and Ying Nian, but he was worried that in case one of them was the owner of the notes, it would be like beating the grass and alerting the snake.


He clearly remembered that on Zhou Xusheng’s shoes, the left side didn’t have that circle with a pentagram inside, but the right side had one. He had always thought it was just a decorative pattern on the shoe itself, but what if the shoe didn’t originally have one at all? Then, could the owner of the notes’ tool for killing people be seals, and once stamped by him, the person would be “killed” and eliminated.


But, Ji Qingzhou thought, if it really was a seal, how  do you hide this item? In their pocket? Wouldn’t that make it difficult to take it out and put back in each time? But if it wasn’t in the pocket, where should it be? If it were him, where would he choose to put it?


Chrysanthemum Garden.

Using the key that Luo Yuxin had opened earlier, Meng Yuanbai managed to open the chest, obtaining a pair of handcuffs and the key to open the third door, thus a few people managed to enter the fourth level.


Ji Qingzhou offered at this time, “Let’s search the body.”


He said, “The note master’s method of killing us is nothing more than either relying on his own body movements or using the props provided by the show. Let’s do a search, at least so that we can see what’s on each person.”

  TYd Hk

Lian Jingxing seconded, “Yes.”


He spoke, the others naturally did not disagree, and soon they were checked one-on-one. Because it was a recording program, everyone brought little. Except for Lian Jingxing with a packet of tissue paper, and Ji Qingzhou with the ultraviolet pen obtained from the first level, the other boys brought nothing. The girls, Bei Wanyao brought a lipstick and Cai Li brought a mirror. Ji Qingzhou asked Yu Anyi to help him check Bei Wanyao’s lipstick, Yu Anyi regretted, “It’s really just lipstick, and it’s even a brand that I like.”


Ji Qingzhou nodded, secretly, then if the owner of the notes didn’t kill someone by his own contact, he should have found a clever way to hide the seal, what would it be?


He told Yu Anyi his idea, and Yu Anyi was surprised that he had thought of so many things without saying anything and asked him, “So you’re telling me now because you want me to help you open your mind?”


“A little bit. But more than that, I’m worried that bringing up a body search will alert the enemy. The owner of the notes will guess what I’m speculating, and if I’m incorrect, then I’ll be fine, but if I’m right, the owner of the notes might kill me at this point. So if I die, you’ll just guess down the line with that information.”


Yu Anyi instantly opened her eyes wide, “That,” she felt her shoulders become a little heavy, “Although I’m really smart, but, I’m not good at such things. Telling me this information is like showing a painting to a blind man. Is the painting good? Good, but a blind man can’t see it.”


Ji Qingzhou felt helpless, “But aside from you, I can’t guarantee that anyone else isn’t the owner of the notes.”


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Translator's Note

idiom: inadvertently alert an enemy U0treI

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  1. Luo Yuxin just act like JQZ is a clone made up after him…No? JQZ is his own person? And clearly smarter than you hmph!!

    LQZ trusting Yu Anyi XDD But hmm if the stamp was on the foot wouldn’t it be hard? If whatever they use to stamp has to be handle with hand. Like you have to stoop down and reach out to touch the other’s shoe. So maybe if there is a stamp maybe somewhere down the foot and leg?just guessing lol

    Thank you for the chapter<3

    • My first thought was that the seal is on the bottom of the note person’s shoe, and he only had to step on the other person’s foot. But that doesn’t make sense, because no one’s not getting noticed getting stepped on.

      • I thought so too. Like it should be on the foot for convenience but then people should have notice it? But even though it’s not, like if the person has to hold it in their hand, wouldn’t the stamped person notice it if someone move close to them and bend down just to stamp their shoe?