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PUBG Online Romance of the CenturyCh62 - Then what do you think I’m doing it for?


Edited by xiin and Noks

The four of them teamed up for the whole night. Finally, after Lu Xiuhe said that his little baby was online, they then disbanded on the spot. k67MtD

After Yu Yan closed the livestream, he ran the diagnostic software to check his hardware again.

The hardware for the mainframe really hadn’t been stealthily switched out by the repairman.

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However, the computer always kept freezing recently, for no reason, and more so especially after he opened gifts and the special effects played on the screen, or when he performed some especially cool maneuver in-game. The gifts and the barrage could pretty much make everything freeze, so much so that even the mountains in the game wouldn’t load. Yet, it wasn’t convenient to interact with the viewers without enabling the special effects for gifts in the livestream.

Yu Yan hesitated and decided to tolerate it for a few more days. Rideg3

If it really didn’t work out, he could only go and get another computer.

He was just about to watch a blockbuster that had been just launched on the Internet when his eyes swept onto Weibo. He thought about it, then raised his hand and clicked on its icon.

Fortunately, his name was no longer in the trending topics search hotlist. However, the impact of being on this trending search list was still very huge. In just one afternoon, his Weibo suddenly saw a rise from more than 10,000 followers to 40,000, and an even more significant increase in comments.

There were so many people asking questions, and it seemed that it wouldn’t be good not to respond. He clicked open Tuantuan’s Weibo and glanced at it. The other party’s latest post was a livestream reminder sent at night, and its content was [Save me, Xiao Yan! →Click to enter the livestream]. They were on the cusp of a storm and as soon as this notice was published, the netizens seemed to have become more convinced that the two of them were in a relationship. On the other hand, their denials and clarifications in the livestream had all been ignored.


With nearly no hesitation, he went back to his Weibo, selected the comment that was on the top in his popular comments section, and directly clicked to forward it.

[yanxyan: We’re not together, just friends. This was explained in this afternoon’s livestream. //@Love to Drink Milk tea: Heard that you’re with Tuantuan, then what about Boss 1?]

His original intention was to clarify the situation. It wasn’t until he clicked to forward it that he realized that the comment he had selected seemed to be… Not very suitable.

Sure enough, within a few minutes, the comments section was flooded with 1YanTang girls. J4 kCV

“Sucking up the fluff, made up for my regret that I didn’t have time to watch the livestream today.”

“I don’t allow any 1YanTang girl to not watch today’s livestream!”

“This trending topic rose up inexplicably, and Xiao Yan kept clarifying in the livestream all afternoon. How come everyone on Weibo is still covering their ears and acting like they’re deaf?”

He’d already reblogged it, so Yu Yan could only brace himself and read the comments, and was soon intrigued by one of the IDs called “1YanTang Fluff Factory Side Account”. 9uoUvp

He’d previously seen clips of various competitions on a certain platform, and so Yu Yan also understood what producing fluff and good food meant. He had noticed this ID because there were many replies from fans below it.

BNF even came!”

“Nuzzling Madam! Madam has the highest quality!”

Yu Yan frowned and realized that things were not that simple. T2M5xS

This couldn’t be the big clip maker from station x?

He didn’t think about it, didn’t make any psychological preparations, and directly clicked onto this Weibo account.

Please visit chrysanthemumgarden (dot) com

Although it was clearly stated that it was a side account, it already had 5000 followers. It seemed that this account really was a BNF.

Yu Yan scrolled down and saw the other side’s stickied post. JZFToM

[1YanTang Fluff Factory Side Account: Side account, xktv 1YanTang girl. Self produced and self consumed, not responsible for OOC, update time depends on mood, sharing when I want. Grumpy old Jie, NOT ACCEPTING ANY WRITING INSTRUCTION.]

Great, a big name fan was really a big name fan, their words were very cold and lofty.

Yu Yan continued to scroll down. The last post had been published the night before yesterday. It wasn’t a video clip, but a web link.

It was titled, “Computer Desk”. YXZJ5U

Yu Yan: ?

He was puzzled and clicked on it. As soon as he saw the first paragraph clearly, he experienced a loud booming sound in his mind, as if something was breaking at the speed of light.

[Xiao Yan closed the livestream and had just gotten up when he was suddenly picked up by someone behind him. He was placed on the table before he could react. His clothes were drawn up, and the abnormal temperature from the palm of a hand startled him. When he saw the man in front of him clearly, he blushed. “W-what’s the matter?”

The corners of 1’s mouth twitched up, and he said in a deep voice, “Finally finished your livestream? Come… I’ll give you your reward for boosting my points today.” 7RZ1yq

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

“Vla ralii, vbc’a gec.” 1 yla tlw, wbnlcu tlr tjcv ab atf wberf jcv klat j rtjvbk bo j rwlif bc tlr ojmf, tf atgfjafcfv tlw, “Yg firf P’ii aegc bc atf mjwfgj jcv ifa fnfgsbcf rff tbk ubbv sbe jgf gluta cbk.”

Wljb Tjc’r fsfr tjv aegcfv gfv, jcv tf tfiv 1’r cfmx alutais, jogjlv bo ojiilcu vbkc. Lf vfrqfgjafis mglfv jcv yfuufv, “P kbc’a gec, P kbc’a gec, mjc sbe ub j ilaaif ilutafg…”

Z QlwL

The camera vibrated and fell to the ground.]

Yu Yan was completely shocked.

Yu Yan was lost in thought.

Yu Yan had gone into a stiff daze like a wooden chicken. G0XQon

He was expressionless as ever so slowly, word by word, he read on.

Every time he saw the words “en”, “ah”, and “mm”, his heart couldn’t help but thump as well.

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Until the last sentence of the post, where the entire piece ended on a terrifying word like “convulsed”.

“…” Uv7O2k

Yu Yan took a deep breath and caught a glimpse of the comments below.

“Ahhhhh I blew up, madam!! By the way, begging for some game play!!! Basically the kind where Xiao Yan is playing the game, didn’t turn on the camera, and then they go crazy ahhhh~~ mmm~~ (what am I saying?)”

Yeah, what are you talking about?

Why can’t I understand a word of it? fDyoT2

“I won’t be able to look directly at Xiao Yan’s computer desk in the future. Beautiful job!”

Yu Yan stared deeply at the computer desk in front of him, and immediately, those words jumped into his head. He shook his head quickly, not daring to think any further.

“Well, since you’re a netizen, then some video chatting play… get it? (quiet, tentative voice)”

?! uiQvFY

What kind of Weibo had he entered?

Retreat, retreat—to preserve his life.

He thought so in his heart, but his hand was obviously not in on the plan. His fingers followed his innermost desires, and he continued to scroll further down.

“Bathroom.” gPf3dk

“Gaming Chair.”

“Internet Cafe Booth.”

Even the Internet cafe’s booth hadn’t been spared. dHRSTA

You’re so ruthless.

Finally, after many different scenarios, he saw a different title—

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


What was ABO? EwiCSD

Curiosity killed the Yan, and he clicked on it once again.

Three minutes later—after all the “scent that was sweet but carried the slight fragrant tang of meat”, “Wuwu, 1, not enough… A little more, give me a little more” and “If you still want more, come sit up here yourself”—he was scared silly.

Yu Yan was still in a state of shock, so when his cellphone suddenly rang, his trembled reflexively.

[1 has initiated a video call.] wbfBdp

Yu Yan became even more flustered, it was as though he had been caught by the other party right as he was doing something bad, which scared him enough into directly closing the Weibo app.

Yi Chen waited for nearly a minute before the other party finally picked up the call.

As soon as he glanced at him, and was just about to open his mouth, he noticed that something was wrong with the person on the other side of the video.

After half a beat, since he wasn’t sure if it was just because of the light, he asked leisurely, “You have a fever?” 0UstVX

Yu Yan paused, then shook his head so hard it was like a rattle-drum, before he replied, “…No!”

“Then why is your face so red?”

As soon as he mentioned it, Yu Yan realized that his face was burning hot. This sense of suffocation he was experiencing really did feel as if he had a fever.

He glanced at his image being shown in the small box at the upper right corner of the cellphone’s screen. His face was completely red, and even his neck was red as well. jqBIPf

It wouldn’t sound quite right for him to insist that he was fine when he looked like that.

He hesitated for a moment and lied, “Seems to be a slight fever.”

“You were fine just now when you were livestreaming, how can you be feverish now?” Yi Chen said, “Young men, illnesses appear so quickly. Go and buy some medicine.”

A lie had to be rounded out by countless other lies. “I’ve already taken some,” Yu Yan replied. FrheSX

Yi Chen didn’t think much about it and let out an “en”. He then said, “The matter with the trending topic search hotlist today…”

Yu Yan hurriedly interrupted, “The trending topic has already disappeared.”

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Yi Chen heard that his tone was casual as he had said that, as if he really didn’t have any misgivings on the matter. “Did you believe Tuantuan’s explanation today?”

Yu Yan replied, “Yes…ba? What’s the matter?” GEks9M

“No one’s going to be stupid enough to raise their opponent’s profile.” Yi Chen said, “She did lose some fans, but because of this trending topic, she must have attracted many new fans.”

“But… why bother?” Yu Yan didn’t understand as he questioned, “In this case, half of the fans who left were male fans who really liked her. Isn’t this losing more than you gained?”

“I’m not clear on all this.” Yi Chen said, “In short though, you should pay closer attention and make friends carefully.”

Yu Yan felt like Yi Chen really possessed some super ability that could see through people’s hearts. zyDFCq

A week later, Tuantuan’s affairs once again appeared on Weibo, and once again, it was about her suspected love affair. However, this time, it didn’t become a trending topic on the search hotlist, and her featured partner wasn’t Yu Yan, but a rich businessman in his thirties.

Due to the experience from last week, this time, there was no need for Tuantuan to come out to refute the rumors since her fans had already helped her explain things in the comments section below her Weibo. This matter was over before the waves could even start.

Yu Yan learned about this matter when he was passionately video-calling 1… to look at the cat.

Yi Chen rubbed the cat’s head and sneered. “She probably knew that she was going to be exposed, so then she pulled you in to psychologically prep her fans beforehand.” NMnr7t

Yu Yan nodded, relieved. “So it was like this, it’s alright…”


What was the matter with this person? He’d been used, but he wasn’t angry at all.

Yi Chen raised his eyebrows and dropped his voice by a few registers as he asked, “You seem to like being a trending topic on search hotlists with female anchors?” ja7BeM

“No,” Yu Yan explained, “Because of this trending topic, my Weibo saw an increase of tens of thousands of followers, and my livestream traffic also increased. Although it wasn’t done by me intentionally, I did end up getting some benefits out of it in disguise. I’m not comfortable with good things falling onto my head for no reason anyway.”

“Good things?”


Yi Chen tossed the cat on the table and continued speaking in the same tone, “Her being able to reach and become the first in the entertainment section was definitely not because of her terrible gaming skills. If you’re this dumb, don’t get sold out later without even knowing about it.” ZJwWHq

“Won’t happen, I’ll be careful.” Yu Yan said, “I know that there is no such thing as a free lunch in the world… I’ll pay close attention in the future.”

Yi Chen let out an “en” through his nose, before following with the words, “No one will treat you well for no reason?”

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Yu Yan nodded.

Yi Chen asked, “Then what about me?” t0 qsf

Yu Yan was stunned. “Ah?”

“Don’t I treat you well?”


“Then what do you think I’m doing it for?” DZY0xA

Yu Yan blinked, thought for a long time, then asked in a tone full of hesitation—

“For… eating chicken ba?”


“…” 9Yq4 I

The two of them fell silent.

Yu Yan turned completely red and hurried to say, “No, I didn’t mean that, I mean to eat chicken! Ba! Not putting those words together…”


“…” WV dXE

Well, the more he explained, the worse it became.

Normally, if Yi Chen heard something like this, he would probably break out in goosebumps.

But not only was he not angry now, he even wanted to tease the person with the big red face on the screen.

He stifled a laugh as he said, “Don’t explain anymore.” d4pbtJ

Yu Yan wanted to find a hole in the ground to crawl into. “Okay.”

After hanging up the video call, Yu Yan’s face was still warm.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He went into the bathroom and thought about the fact that the longer an anchor livestreamed, the thicker their skin grew. Why was it that he was the other way around—with his face being too thin to function, and blushing over anything and everything—what was with that.

Recalling the person in the video just now, he couldn’t help but lick his lips, before quickly picking up his toothbrush, washing his face and brushing his teeth. Has738

When he came out, his cellphone on his bed suddenly lit up again. He took a closer look to see that it was the platform administrator who had sent the message.

The ticket to Jincheng had been booked, and it was for Friday at 9 a.m.

Juurensha: Huh, so is Tuantuan/Mo Nancheng actually a thing? Hopefully he doesn’t cheat on her…And hahaha, Yanyan reading fic (boy I wish I could leave such a lofty author’s note on my fics) Famjfy

Noks: The highlight of this chapter? When Yanyan was reading those fics… That was epic!

And a cute Yanyan by Moss Piggy!


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Translator's Note

big name fan, someone who is famous in fandom, generally a fanfiction writer

Translator's Note

out of character

Translator's Note

like sexy times with the game, not just playing the game

Translator's Note

in case you guys don’t know, alpha/beta/omega, a world where everyone along with gender has a new designation, there’s biological heats, scenting, and generally, there’s mpreg

Translator's Note

the way he says it in Chinese gives the connotation of eating cock

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