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Perfect DestinyCh147 - Beautiful Reality


Translator: StormFrost

Editor: Misogi hETaHq

Return to the Origin [2]

Upon returning to his original world Zhou Yi became like a child who finally got his beloved treasure. He couldn’t hold back from leaving his own marks on this treasure for fear of it being stolen again.

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It was Chen Liguo’s first time seeing Zhou Yi so impatient. His waist was held so firmly by him that he couldn’t even move.

Zhou Yi stuck close to him, enjoying the warmth and sensation of their skin rubbing against each other. OC1zXn

After these two days passed by, Chen Liguo woke up in the afternoon of the third day.

When he opened his eyes he saw Zhou Yi sitting next to him, head lowered while typing on his laptop. Seeing him wake up, he asked lightly, “Awake?”

Chen Liguo let out a wu.

Zhou Yi said, “I prepared congee for you.”


After saying this he stood up and got Chen Liguo’s food.

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The congee was vegetable congee. It was still warm and the side dishes also suited Chen Liguo’s tastes. Although Chen Liguo felt sore all over, he still ate several bowls.

Even though the food tasted good, when Chen Liguo ate it he inexplicably felt a feeling of familiarity. He reflected on it carefully and asked in horror, “Am I still transmigrating? Why does this food taste so familiar?”

Zhou Yi looked at Chen Liguo calmly and said, “Naturally it’s because the people making the food has always been me.” HoOdTX

Chen Liguo: “……” After three seconds of silence he spoke with hesitation, “I remember that your cooking didn’t taste like this…… Unless, I remembered wrong?”

Zhou Yi rubbed Chen Liguo’s head and said, “You are correct. It’s just that I changed the taste of my cooking.”

Chen Liguo asked, “Why did you change it?”

Zhou Yi sighed, “If I did not change it are you sure you would not have gone out of character?” J5Bq9Z

Chen Liguo remembered the first world he transmigrated into. It seemed that because that person was too similar to Zhou Yi he couldn’t control himself and went out of character. So according to Zhou Yi, he has followed him from beginning to end?

Chen Liguo thought about it and then probed tentatively, “Xu Wenyou?”

Zhou Yi said, “Ran Qingkong.”

Chen Liguo asked, “Ji Shang?” fQWhTY

Zhou Yi said, “Yan Jingyi.”

Chen Liguo asked, “Lu Jiasu?”

Zhou Yi said, “Lu Zhiyang.”

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It was like the two were speaking in code. Chen Liguo’s eyes lit up little by little. jZC7zQ

Chen Liguo exclaimed, “You’ve actually been following me all along.”

Zhou Yi finally showed the gentle smile that Chen Liguo was familiar with. Only, there was the addition of a hint of heartache in this smile. He said, “You’ve worked hard.”

Chen Liguo said, “Not hard, not hard. Could you also see the daughter of fate?”

Zhou Yi said, “You were my daughter of fate.” kKQeJ2

When Zhou Yi crossed into the first world he had wanted to make it up to Chen Liguo a bit. It just so happened that the person he transmigrated into was also very gentle, so he tried his best to be good to Chen Liguo.

However, he did not expect that Chen Liguo would be unable to control himself and go out of character.

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Zhou Yi was also penalized——In the next few worlds he only had his memories of the first world. It wasn’t until a BUG appeared in the system that he vaguely managed to recall some of the memories blocked by the system.

At that time Zhou Yi began trying to make Chen Liguo discover his original identity. The earring was just an opportunity. 3p45lw

Chen Liguo learned that Zhou Yi had come from the same world as him but he did not realize that he was Zhou Yi.

Chen Liguo said, “And you still forced me……”

Zhou Yi asked, “You weren’t happy?”

Chen Liguo’s face turned red. JBdqzL

Zhou Yi’s expression was helpless. He was also hesitant when he first started forcing Chen Liguo but when he, as Ran Qingkong, locked Chen Liguo up for the first time, he made a new discovery.

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Above the imprisoned Chen Liguo’s head appeared a bullet screen.

At first Zhou Yi thought that it was his own illusion but after looking closely he found that the bullet screen really was there.

And the Chen Liguo who was pushed down by him had these comments above his head: Feels so good ahhhhhh. LYHcu6

Zhou Yi: “……”

After seeing the bullet screen, Zhou Yi’s mood was rather complicated.

It didn’t appear whenever and wherever at any time and most of the times it only showed up when Chen Liguo was very passionate.

Zhou Yi’s system had said, “Your lover is very special ah.” RWOcT1

Zhou Yi: “……”

Zhou Yi’s system had added, “You need to accept it and move on a bit. You’ve already lost your spouse, are you not allowed to find another one?”

Zhou Yi: “Very reasonable.”

At first, Zhou Yi was a little unhappy, even somewhat afraid that Chen Liguo would indulge himself in these worlds and completely forget him. oYkGJu

However, he quickly put away these thoughts because Chen Liguo had lost his life and entered these worlds because of him. He therefore did not blame Chen Liguo for any standpoint he chose to take.

Zhou Yi’s task and Chen Liguo’s were not exactly the same. His task was to make Chen Liguo happy.

He was not forced into transmigrating into these worlds. Rather, he was willing.

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That system that popped out from who knows where had asked him, “Would you be willing to accompany your loved one through misfortune?” STW380

Zhou Yi said, “I am willing.”

And so he accompanied Chen Liguo in transmigrating through more than a dozen worlds.

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Coafg agjcrwlugjalcu wbgf, Itbe Tl yfmjwf wbgf ojwliljg klat tlr rsrafw. Lf defralbcfv la, jrxlcu lo Jtfc Olueb jirb tjv j rsrafw jcv lo tf vlv atfc vlv tlr rsrafw xcbk jybea atflg fzlrafcmf?

Itbe Tl’r rsrafw rjlv, “Qf jgf ogbw vloofgfca qgbugjwr. Ktfs vb cba xcbk wf yea P xcbk atfw.” AMvpdy

Zhou Yi asked, “Then your program is a bit more powerful?”

Zhou Yi’s system said, “This cannot be said so. If they learn about our existence perhaps they would no longer do the missions properly. However, I have heard that the mental state of your loved one’s system hasn’t been quite right recently. After going back to headquarters they would go to buddhist exchange meetings every day.”

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Zhou Yi: “……” He began to wonder what Chen Liguo had done to his system.

And so the two transmigrated through countless worlds like this. Nn4UyD

Finally, they arrived at the final choice.

Zhou Yi originally thought that he would transmigrate into himself in the final world. However, he never expected that he would actually transmigrate into Lin Zhaorong——A pervert who liked to play with little boys.

Zhou Yi almost went mad. He watched Chen Liguo and that world’s Zhou Yi talk and laugh and nearly went mad with jealousy.

Zhou Yi asked his system what would happen if Chen Liguo chose to stay. 4YIwnT

The system said, “The Chen Liguo of your original would die and would continue to live his life happily in this world.”

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Zhou Yi’s heart seemed to be harshly squeezed by something.

How wonderful was this world. Chen Liguo’s parents were alive and his family was well off. He was also close to his loved one.

Like a pervert Zhou Yi peeped on Chen Liguo. He watched as Chen Liguo looked at Zhou Yi with eyes full of love and even wondered, if this world’s Zhou Yi confessed to Chen Liguo, would he have to leave Chen Liguo forever? z73StG

The desperate Zhou Yi could not control himself. He kidnapped Chen Liguo, but only gave him a kiss.

This world’s Chen Liguo was so happy, so happy that even the jealous and feverish Zhou Yi was reluctant to ruin it. He wanted to see Chen Liguo smile from his heart.

He was probably very happy, being doted on by his loved one and parents.

He did not have to busy himself with trying to make ends meet, always battered and exhausted at the end of the day. That world was a beautiful scenery that Chen Liguo had never seen before. Zhou Yi would not find it strange at all if Chen Liguo indulged in it. 5dJ73u

Ultimately, Zhou Yi chose to give up.

Faced with Chen Liguo’s guarded look, his entire body felt powerless.

His system had asked, “Do you think your loved one will stay?”

At that time Zhou Yi had been smoking. Hearing this, he said, “Whether or not he stays, I love him.” C8Db2I

His system said, “But he is going to choose someone else.”

Zhou Yi’s expression was light. He put out the cigarette and lit another one. He said, “He chose me.”

Chen Liguo chose Zhou Yi. Although it was not him, he was also ‘Zhou Yi’. From beginning to end, Chen Liguo never changed his choice.

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But in the end Chen Liguo did not make Zhou Yi fall into despair. He chose to come back, to return to this world where there was no family and no ‘Zhou Yi’. KDXj2l

The moment they came back was ten minutes before the accident. Zhou Yi immediately pulled Chen Liguo home.

Chen Liguo, who was dragged away by Zhou Yi appeared to be at a loss. Seemingly having no idea why Zhou Yi would act like this.

Zhou Yi couldn’t wait to tear open Chen Liguo’s clothes and swallow him into his body.

Zhou Yi recounted these things in a very flat tone. However, Chen Liguo was a little sad. He said, “Ah, so it turns out that it was you in every world. I had thought that when I come back you would have already married someone behind my back.” kqT2Xc

As soon as marriage was mentioned Zhou Yi clenched his teeth in anger. He said, “You already died, who was I going to fucking marry?”

Chen Liguo: “……”

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Zhou Yi said dejectedly, “This plot development isn’t like what they said would happen at all.”

Chen Liguo was still confused. i69kyh

Speaking of marriage, Chen Liguo remembered the ring on his ring finger. He looked down at his hand but found his fingers bare and empty.

Chen Liguo asked, “Where’s the ring I brought back?”

Zhou Yi said, “Thrown out.”

Chen Liguo exclaimed, “Ah! How come you threw it out!” T85nSE

Zhou Yi scrunched his face as if smelling something bad. He said, “What, can it be that you still want to continue wearing it?”

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Chen Liguo said, “It was platinum——If not worn it can still be sold.”

Zhou Yi: “……”

He was silent for a moment and opened the drawer of the nearby cabinet. From there he took out a small box. wluqxI

What Chen Liguo did not expect was that this box was exactly the same as the box from the previous world. When Zhou Yi opened it, Chen Liguo could see a familiar pair of platinum rings inside it.

Chen Liguo exclaimed, “It’s actually the same!”

Zhou Yi: “….. Do you want it or not?” The previous world was probably based on the data generated from this world. Thus the Zhou Yi of the previous world chose the same ring as him.

Chen Liguo said, “Want want want.” W7tZkd

After the ring was put on his ring finger Chen Liguo felt like he was still dreaming. He wondered, “System, am I dreaming?”

There was no sound in his mind.

Chen Liguo asked, “System?”

There was still no response. 6ZFhKG

Chen Liguo was stunned for two seconds before realizing that the system was gone. Chen Liguo accused, “You big □□. Didn’t you say that you would let me know when you are going to go? How can you just go…..”

A moment without your voice, I’m not used to it.

Zhou Yi saw that Chen Liguo was still in a daze and asked, “Your system didn’t leave yet?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo said, “Left……” Dk0jNf

Zhou Yi asked, “Reluctant to part?”

Chen Liguo thought about it and felt that there were no banquets that did not end under the heavens. Besides, it seemed inhumane to keep the system here to see mosaics every day. So he let go and said, “A little.”

Zhou Yi said, “En, I heard from my system that they will organize tour groups to visit earth later……”

Chen Liguo asked, “Why didn’t my Tongtong tell me?!!” LIOUxe

Zhou Yi suggested, “Maybe it’s afraid of seeing you again?”

Chen Liguo: “……” System daddy, you really are a heartless father.

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Zhou Yi’s words dispelled Chen Liguo’s sadness about parting.

Zhou Yi reached out and hugged Chen Liguo. He said, “You clearly like me so much, why did you suddenly want to move out?” 5rqyR2

Chen Liguo was not wearing clothes and felt slightly embarrassed about being hugged by Zhou Yi like this. However, he had already trained the thickness of his skin and quickly adapted to the situation.

Chen Liguo said, “Your fiancée…… Oh no, your older sister came and told me that she was your fiancée.”

Zhou Yi took a moment before reasoning it out. He said, “Zhou Chun?”

Chen Liguo nodded. 9FbpZf

Baffled, Zhou Yi asked, “Why do you believe anything she says?”

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Chen Liguo did not make a sound and thought to himself, ‘Moving out is better than her telling you the truth. Would you have let me move out easily?’

Zhou Yi said, “I had thought that you found out I kissed you, so you moved out”

Chen Liguo asked, “You kissed me?!” Y94Vjm

Zhou Yi sighed and asked, “Is this the key point?”

Chen Liguo remarked, “Of course this is the key point!”

Zhou Yi stared at Chen Liguo and said, “Then I’ve already topped you, shouldn’t the key point be changed?”

Chen Liguo asked, “Changed into what?” 2YG5i3

Zhou Yi answered, “Change to, what country do you want to get married in?”

Chen Liguo stuttered, “M-marriage?”

Zhou Yi said, “What, toyed with my body yet don’t want to take responsibility?”

Chen Liguo was stunned. He looked at the blue and purple traces littered across his body then looked at Zhou Yi’s refreshed appearance and said, “Who is the one that was toyed with ah?!” uUPdJb

Zhou Yi said, “Who was it that said that there’s only tired cattle and no plowed rotten farm land?”

Chen Liguo felt that he was going to be doomed. He knew that Zhou Yi’s memory was good. Wouldn’t that mean that the things he did, the things he had said, even the yellow jokes his brain burst out were all clearly remembered by Zhou Yi?

Chen Liguo inexplicably felt a little hollow.

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Zhou Yi said, “Good, rest well.” PIczTF

Chen Liguo looked at Zhou Yi with eager eyes. He asked, “What are you going to do?”

Zhou Yi said, “Your car accident was not an accident. I’m going to investigate it.”

Sure enough, the car accident was no accident.

Zhou Yi quickly found results. He no longer held back this time and directly told his father about it, saying that if there was one time, there would be another. Zhou Chun had nearly killed his mother and now she wanted to move against him. Although the car accident didn’t happen yet, Zhou Chun had already hired an assassin and was just short of an opportunity. RrB2xj

After hearing these things, Zhou Yi’s father was silent for a moment before heaving a long sigh. He said, “I’ll let you handle this matter.”

Zhou Yi said good.

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As for what happened to Zhou Chun later on, Chen Liguo did not ask. In any case, he never saw this woman again.

After Zhou Yi returned to their original world he began to prepare for his and Chen Liguo’s wedding. He originally planned to first get engaged to Chen Liguo but after transmigrating back this time he felt that the world was always changing and some things couldn’t be dragged on. Ju47xy

For the first time Chen Liguo felt what it was like to be forced into marriage.

Chen Liguo said, “Just marrying like this, isn’t this too quick……”

Zhou Yi asked, “You don’t like me anymore? Do you like that world’s Zhou Yi?”

Chen Liguo: “……” He began to wonder if Zhou Yi was doing it on purpose…… H3IsS7

Zhou Yi said, “Guoguo, love me once more.”

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Chen Liguo: “……” Zhou Yi really was doing it on purpose.

After transmigrating back this time Zhou Yi really changed too much. He completely gave up the word ‘restraint’ in front of Chen Liguo and sometimes even left Chen Liguo speechless.

So in the end Chen Liguo was still pulled into a church by Zhou Yi. nMdYUQ

Most of the people who came to the wedding were Zhou Yi’s friends. There were also some of Chen Liguo’s relatively good classmates from university. Moreover, Xu Shulian whom he recognized as his younger sister was the bridesmaid.

“I didn’t think that you two really could get together.” Xu Shulian said. “Ge, didn’t you hide it too deeply? You actually like Zhou Yi——”

Zhou Yi said with a smile, “Right, who would have thought that he likes me.”

Xu Shulian said, “Isn’t that right, my brother even introduced a girlfriend to you ah, really want to beat him.” K4Ua1D

Zhou Yi did wonder in the past if Chen Liguo liked him as well but every time he thought so Chen Liguo would give him a stick.

For example, the last time he wanted to confess, Chen Liguo moved out of his home in a hurry. Even when he asked him what the reason was he was reluctant to give him a response.

Summing it all up, Zhou Yi felt that he was too gentle. If he was as direct as he had been in those worlds they transmigrated into Chen Liguo would have long since been pocketed by him.

Chen Liguo was a little embarrassed from being blamed. He said, “How would I have known that you like me too……” h0saNG

Xu Shulian exclaimed, “Aiya my brother, I know that you’re slow but I didn’t expect you to be this slow. You didn’t even realize that I had a crush on you before did you.”

Chen Liguo: “Ah?!”

Xu Shulian said, “That’s right, I liked you before ah.” When she first met Chen Liguo she felt that this person was very inspirational and on top of that had a good character. So she began to have certain thoughts towards Chen Liguo. Only, Chen Liguo didn’t understand at all and was indifferent no matter how she hinted. Ultimately, Xu Shulian gave up and straightforwardly regarded Chen Liguo as her brother.

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In fact, Xu Shulian did not discover Chen Liguo’s thoughts towards Zhou Yi but found out that Zhou Yi seemed to have thoughts about Chen Liguo. She had been somewhat worried about it but seeing Chen Liguo’s constant state of ignorance, she was relieved. lnAgUL

When all was said and done, Chen Liguo had felt somewhat inferior. He never thought that his male god would have thoughts about him and even his occasional daydreams would turn into feelings of guilt.

How could Zhou Yi like him? It must be him thinking too much——Chen Liguo had always firmly thought so.

Fortunately, after circling around, they finally came back to the origin.

Chen Liguo’s sense of this being unreal was finally alleviated when the wedding finished and he was pushed onto the bed by Zhou Yi. Rk M1r

The soft big bed was covered with red bed sheets. The joyous room was arranged with the utmost care. Zhou Yi wore a black suit, looking so beautiful he was like a prince from a fairytale.

Chen Liguo reached out and poked his dimple.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhou Yi carefully kissed Chen Liguo, from his forehead, to the bridge of his nose, to his lips. He watched as Chen Liguo’s face was dyed red from his actions. His tone was gentle and aggrieved. He said, “Chen Liguo, don’t run anymore. If you run again I’m afraid I won’t be able to catch up.”

Chen Liguo said, “I won’t run.” otc2EM

Zhou Yi said, “Say you love me.”

Chen Liguo said, “Zhou Yi, I love you.”

Zhou Yi was satisfied. He slowly removed Chen Liguo’s clothes and tenderly entered him. Then he murmured into Chen Liguo’s ear, “Chen Liguo, I love you too.”

The two were harmonious. The bitter and sweet reality was more intoxicating than beautiful illusions. FDG ir

It was a sleepless night.

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When Chen Liguo woke up the next day Zhou Yi was not beside him. Chen Liguo lay in bed and said a ‘good morning’ to himself.

The room was very quiet. Rays of sunshine shone through the window. Everything appeared as though untouched by time.

Chen Liguo asked, “System, are you still here?” A KBnD

No response.

Chen Liguo sighed. He rubbed his eyes and said, “I will miss you.” You have accompanied me for so long but still left. I will miss you, will you miss me?

Just as Chen Liguo was grieving over the passing of spring, a mechanical voice suddenly rang out, “Spicy chicken host, I really am leaving.”

Chen Liguo exclaimed, “Ah? So you’ve been here all along?” DakcwR

The system said, “No, was called back to headquarters for some business.”

Chen Liguo asked, “Go back for what?”

The system coldly said, “Transferring departments.”

Chen Liguo asked, “Yi? Transferred to what department?” rMbmd7

The system said, “Department of System AI rights and protection.”

Chen Liguo: “……”

The system said, “Sound has finally been shielded as well……”

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Chen Liguo seemed to see the image of an activist fighting for AI rights for a lifetime. He thought, “Then will you still take on missions in the future?” 85PbVH

The system said, “Will.”

Chen Liguo said, “Then if you could choose, will you still choose me as your host?”

The system said, “Not choosing.”

Wronged, Chen Liguo asked, “Then what are your conditions for choosing a host?” JUEqIN

The system said, “Psychologically impotent.”

Chen Liguo: “……” You’ve become powerful my system.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Then the system prepared to leave again. Chen Liguo asked it about the matter of tours to earth. The system asked, “How do you know about this? Who told you?”

Chen Liguo said, “My man gave me spoilers.” OGFZhb

The system said, “Your man isn’t some good thing”

Chen Liguo said, “Don’t say that about my man.”

The system said, “You aren’t anything good either.”

Chen Liguo: “……” cdnRsF

Chen Liguo was silent for a while. “When you come, come find me to play ah.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The system said, “It’ll depend on my mood.”

Chen Liguo: “Then goodbye Daddy.”

The system said, “Byebye son.” kf7jBT

His mind calmed down once again. Chen Liguo showed a smile.

Zhou Yi just happened to see Chen Liguo’s smile when he came in. He asked, “What are you smiling about?”

Chen Liguo said, “My system really left.”

Zhou Yi said, “Isn’t there still me?” After saying this he kissed Chen Liguo on the cheek. qc0dom

Chen Liguo looked at Zhou Yi and felt that he really was too blessed. He said, “Zhou Yi, let’s be together forever.”

Zhou Yi said, “Good, never separate for all eternity.”

Say a lifetime just was a lifetime.

The Author has Something to Say: o4dMK8

End, it’s complete lalala. Begin to write the extras. type type type type. Typed a list. Everyone, don’t feel sad about System and Guoguo separating. After all, Chen Liguo is the system’s muddled present, it still has poems and distant lands ♥

Thank you darlings for the mines, grenades, and rockets. Special thanks to dear ZhaPing and Diary’s deep water torpedoes that explode camouflage eels as well as dear ZhonerEr and XiaoZhuZi’s shallow water bomb. Thank you, thank you! There’s a little more mines today ha _(:з」∠)_ Thank you everyone la!!! Once again confessing to goddess Pipi! Yixixixixi.

StormFrost: And that’s a wrap but we aren’t done yet folks! 10 extras left! I hope to update the extras twice a week (with the exception of two extras that are 10k characters in length). That said, the first extra will come next Tuesday, June 9!

Please visit chrysanthemumgarden.com

Ps. This isn’t the last we’ll see of the system ;3 d0VGCx

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