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Nurturing the Hero to Avoid DeathChapter 22.57


Editor: sleepchaser, ASplashofMusic

For now, I just focus on surviving the stormy days, swamped as I am in all my jobs. The drinking parties in the pub, the birthing boom in the ranch, and the two consecutive big orders at the construction site. Ugh. vfRVgq

Once things finally show signs of calming down, I talk to the pub owner and my boss at the construction site my intention of quitting.

Both won’t let me leave, asking me to reconsider with teary eyes.

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But I can’t.

I’ve already decided to prioritize Lian and the Cheddar Ranch in the future. And I most likely won’t have the time to handle another part-time job beyond those two. zdOY2i

After I manage to calm them down, they tell me to show my face from time to time, and that their offer still stands if I have some free time. They use such a sad tone that I can’t bring myself to reject them outright. So I agree.

Both the pub and the construction site are bustling and physically-taxing workplaces. Their manpower is never enough.

Only the pub owner’s wife laughs while slapping my back. As she sends me back, she says, “Come and drink with Lian-sama here sometimes!”



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Today is the day I move to Cheddar Ranch.

I told Cheddar-san that I still needed to clean my room in the church and repair the church walls before moving, so we decided to postpone my move to Sunday. Which is today.

Before noon, Cheddar-san and his wife come to pick me up in a carriage. yXbUFz

I’ve told them before that they don’t need to since I don’t have a lot of luggage and can carry it to the ranch myself. But they insist on coming since they are free.

I’m thankful, but I really don’t have enough luggage to need their help.

There are only my clothes, some daily necessities and tools, and things I received from Lian, Marie, the kids, the local swordsmanship teacher, and my other acquaintances. All of the furniture in my room belongs to the church, so I’m not bringing those with me.

Most of the things I’m bringing with me are probably gifts. mjtGfU

Lian also came to help. As he rolls up his sleeves, he tiptoes to peek at the roof rack. “…Only this? Really?” he mutters, as if shocked.


We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

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Marie then turns to me, her cheeks reddening as she smiles.

“Al, please take care. May  the Goddess’ light guide you safely to your destination.” 

“Thank you, Marie… I have been in your care.”

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“Haha, me too. Thank you, Al. Please come visit us whenever you can.” 7sUD0g

“Definitely. I’ll occasionally stop by to check up on you and the kids.”

“Thank you. I will wait for you with a cup of tea.”

As I nod, Marie’s smile widens, causing her eyes to narrow, and she waves her small hand in farewell.

After I finish tying up my luggage, I lift my head. And I catch sight of Lian  standing by the side of the roof rack, face marred by sadness.  gYW hb


I already told him that the only thing that’s going to change is where I’m sleeping.

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While I approach I walk Lian, he looks up at me. Hisice-blue eyes, which are typically clear, are currently covered in shadows. His complexion also looks paler than usual. 

I can’t leave without worrying after seeing such a face on him. 0sSV8X



“If you have the time, can you help me? Now that I think about it, it’ll be hard to take all the luggage to my room by myself.”

Lian repeatedly blinks in surprise. GmoThF

“Will you?” I ask.

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“I-I can come?”

“Of course.” I reach out to him. He stares at my hand, before nervously placing his hand on top of mine.

“Then I’ll go—I-I mean, I can go if you want me to!” WazMZ7

His words cause a small laugh to escape me. Clearly an attempt to sound condescending. “I see.”

Then with one arm, I quickly lift him and place him onto the roof rack.

Lian is startled. His eyes grow so round that I don’t think they can get any rounder.

“Y-you have crazy strength as usual…” PfZvIK

“It’s because you’re light.”

“Ha?! I-I’m not light! I’m normal weight!”

“Young Master! If you’re going to help him out, should I pick you up at the ranch later in the evening?” calls out Shurio, who is standing next to Marie. He has recently been picking Lian up quite often.

“If you want, you can also sleep in my room for the night?” dFTZDH

Face red, Lian glares at me, before turning his head to Shurio.

“Yes, in the evening!”

…Seems like he will be going home.

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How unfortunate. J1yfNi

Cheddar-san and his wife, who are sitting in the driver seats, turn back to us, laughter spilling from their lips. 

“Then, let’s go now, Al.”

“Yeah,” I respond, pulling myself onto the roof rack as well.

Once the carriage starts to move, we wave at Marie and the kids. And they wave back. Marie looks much more put together as only her eyes tear up. Meanwhile, the kids are full-on crying with snot dripping from their noses. fdyWon


“Waaah! Nooo!! Al-nii-chan, no twake Lian-shan away!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Noooooo!! Don’t twake!! Gib back Lian-shan!! Thwief!!”

“Waaahhh!! Kidnwapping!! Nooo!! A thwief!!” YqTd04

Three kids start chasing after us.

Who’s the thief?

I’m just bringing him with me.

But they continue to accuse me repeatedly at the top of their lungs. Right in the middle of the streets. Stop it already. Fhle3N

“Ahaha, thief…”

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The silver-haired person sitting next to me covers his mouth with a hand, trying to suppress his laughs. Still, his shoulders are clearly shaking.

This is a false accusation.

Don’t just be a bystander, Lian. Please correct them. R7cOpW

Marie rushes to catch up to those three kids.

While Lian is simply waving to them, joyfully busting a gut.

…Fine, I’ll take it.

This is better than his sad state a while ago. wCHgJ4

If this situation makes him laugh, then experiencing a little embarrassment doesn’t matter.

Turning to Lian who is still laughing his head off, I can’t help but laugh as well as I lean back on the roof rack’s frame.

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  1. It’s nice that the chapter ended on such a happy note.

    Thanks for the hard work and good luck with your scholarship!

  2. OH MY GOD JAKARTA???? DUDE ARE YOU FELLOW INDONESIAN???? QWQ HELLO THERE THANK YOU FOR VISITING!!!! (Also yes Jakarta is hot as hell, as well as humid as hell. As a local, I verify that as true. Traffic is bad. If you want to walk around, I recommend only doing so in parks or malls, not roads btw)

    ALSO GREAT CHAPTER AND GOOD LUCK ON YOUR SCHOLARSHIP!!!!! ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑!you can do it!!!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

    • Hello there, Yukino017-san! I see, so it’s hot and humid…? So it’s hot rain? (・o・) So road is a no go! I’ll start looking at the parks to go when I know if I pass the written test or not~ ヾ(・ω・*)ノ

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    Also I’m loving Al’s POV but I’m also shocked at how long it is Σ(‘◉⌓◉’) I expected 3 parts at best and we’re up to 7! Whoa!

    • Thank you, Yori-san! And I know!!! Lian, you can even make a harem now~ 😂💕

      *//whispers* You know… ALL of Al’s POV is very, very long… At one point, the author even separate his POV into two chapter thanks to how long it is… *silent crying*

    • I am! (I’m surprised no one realized until now~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧) But I don’t live in Jawa ^_^