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Marshal, Please Calm DownCh005 - Something Like Teasing the Male God


Translator: Callis
Editor: Shiru

Borg’s attack against Wu Zimo was too sudden. Not to mention the students of the First Military Academy who stood at a distance to watch the play, even Wu Zimo, who was standing in front of him, hadn’t imagined that Borg’s patience would be so low that he would attack without even saying a word. yexXA4

Quantum beasts were high-dimension creatures that ordinary people couldn’t see, but their attacks were effective against sentinels, guides, and ordinary people. It could even be said that the attacks of quantum beasts, high-dimensional creatures that were formed from the manifestation of spiritual power, were even more terrible against ordinary people. Not only did it target the physical body, it also targeted their spirit.

In the face of this death threat, Wu Zimo couldn’t continue to hide his identity as a guide. In the Interstellar Era, only quantum beasts could deal with quantum beasts.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Although in his eyes, his quantum beast only knew how to sell meng and had no fighting power, it was still a quantum beast. It should undoubtedly be able to block a few hits!

But today, the god of luck was looking after Wu Zimo. Before he could summon his egg, a black shadow flashed like lightning from behind him. When the vulture that attacked Wu Zimo was directly hit and flew back, Borg was also hit by a powerful blow, crashing against the wall behind him. uZnQVX

Like the character 大, Borg’s entire body was stuck to the wall, slight cracks radiating from it.

It had come so suddenly that the people present could only stare with wide, stupefied eyes when Borg was hit and sent flying.

Wu Zimo was a bit more collected. As a former hacking god, he had seen the world, so amongst the people present, he was the quickest to act.

Wu Zimo looked at Borg, who was stuck to the wall, then touched his chin. It wasn’t that sentinels were more powerful, but their physiques were better than ordinary people’s. If an ordinary person were beaten like this, they would have been sent to the intensive care unit a long time ago.


As for the vulture that was being suppressed by a winged panther, Wu Zimo knew that they were quantum beasts, so he didn’t dare to look in their direction. His instincts told him that the panther was dangerous, incredibly dangerous; he could never let it know that he could see it!

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Wu Zimo trusted his instincts; when he had faced trouble, they helped him avoid many dangers in the online world.

On the other side, the leopard’s claws were stretched out, glinting coldly in the sunlight. Under the threat of claws, the vulture wasn’t as fierce as before. It was trembling and emitting a constant whine of sadness; it called out for its master, but didn’t know that he was also incapacitated.

The panther leisurely played with the vulture under its paws. Suddenly, as if it felt something, the cold, silver vertical pupils swept over the crowd, then fixated on Wu Zimo. 52aiKy

Hss.” For a moment, the panther’s gaze made Wu Zimo feel like he had been stared at. He subconsciously shivered, becoming even more afraid to look at the panther.

This quantum beast was really terrifying. What kind of master could produce such a great evil?!

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Wu Zimo didn’t know who the panther’s master was, but the sentinels who could see the panther were stunned at first, then united to all show their excitement. With shining eyes, they looked behind Wu Zimo, where a figure was approaching.

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“Dbgu! Qjr atf qegqbrf bo atf fvemjalbc ja atf Mlgra Zlilajgs Cmjvfws ab ifa sbe jaajmx sbeg mijrrwjaf klat xliilcu lcafca?!” Sjg-rqilaalcu megrfr mjwf ogbw yftlcv Qe Ilwb.

Only then did Wu Zimo have the time to turn around. Full of curiosity, he turned around to see who would be so good as to rescue him.

“Huh? Surprisingly, it’s the handsome man I saw at the school gates! Wow, he’s more handsome in person!”

There were three young people coming his way, each with their own distinguishing features, especially the one in the middle, who wore a meticulous and stiff military uniform, was awe-inspiring and inviolable. Coupled with his solemn expression, the timid didn’t dare to directly look at him. hJFS39

However, in Wu Zimo’s eyes, this kind of tyrant was born to be temptation in a uniform……

Wu Zimo should be happy that the Marshal couldn’t read minds, otherwise, if he knew of Wu Zimo’s vulgar thoughts —— oh heavens, they could only hope they could still see Wu Zimo, this brave person, next year!

The Marshal didn’t know Wu Zimo’s train of thought, but not only had the Marshal heard his quiet mutterings, the two people with him heard clearly as well.

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Never underestimate a sentinel’s five senses, especially not those of an experienced sentinel. Wu Zimo had thought that others wouldn’t be able to hear his quiet mutterings, but for the experienced sentinels’ ears, it was no different than if he had taken up a megaphone to announce it to the public. 8rEcFP

Compared to the embarrassment and silence of the First Military Academy teacher who had scolded Borg, the other young man who was with the Marshal didn’t give the Marshal any face at all and burst out laughing, covering his stomach.

Pfft, hahahaha! Scott, are you seeing this? Someone actually dared to tease you to your face! Hahaha, no good, laozi is going to laugh to death!” Not waiting for the taut faced Marshal to open his mouth, the young man quickly walked toward the daring Wu Zimo and leaned over, looking up and down at him curiously.

He then reached out and patted Wu Zimo on the shoulder. “Boy, you truly are a warrior! Daring to tease the Marshal right in front of him! Very good, very strong! If something happens in the future, you can come find me. My name is Rocard Maca.”

After he said that, he took out his light brain and asked Wu Zimo, “Come, come, come, what’s your light brain number? Let’s exchange and be friends.” cS2JQd

When Wu Zimo, who just had been titled a real warrior, head that person’s name, his expression didn’t change. He was already in a crazy state of typing on his light brain.

There were many people named Scott in the Interstellar, but there was only one Scott who was also a Marshal!

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The entire Interstellar’s great god —— Marshal Scott Alman!!!

What the fuck fuck fuck fuck! The Marshal’s face was so good-looking that the gods were angry and the people were resentful, the sun and moon faded, and the oceans flowed backwards! He had decided! Marshal, this big god is your fan! He would absolutely offer three sticks of incense in the morning and evening. 4Cta6e

Don’t be surprised that Wu Zimo had only discovered now that Marshal Alman, the Interstellar god, was the most handsome man he’s ever seen. Although the original’s memory contained all sorts of Marshal Alman’s heroic deeds, this cheat hadn’t known what he looked like!

A nerd who didn’t follow stars; Wu Zimo silently grieved for a while, then quickly entered the role of a fan.

“Hey? Boy, what happened to you?” Rocard saw that Wu Zimo hadn’t responded at all. He raised his hand and waved it oddly in front of him. “You’re not stupid, are you?”

Rocard had dared to say that Wu Zimo, who was doing two things at once with all kinds of spamming in his light brain, was stupid. He gave him one of Great God Mo’s mysterious smiles. As a matter of fact, when he did this, he made a certain someone unconsciously stiffen. The Marshal finally schooled his expression, his inner thoughts unable to be read from his face. dpf1g9

A smile, an incomparably genuine and good, pure and kind smile. Coupled with Wu Zimo’s tender and beautiful face, it would undoubtedly scare people.

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For instance, a certain Marshal, who was faced with such a smile, could only continue to remain silent……

With the Marshal’s silver eyes gazing at him, Wu Zimo didn’t evade at all. It was like he was able to pierce through his clear, wide eyes to the bottom of his heart. Marshal Alman continued to remain silent.

Time stood still. Even Rocard, who had been clamoring, quieted down and looked curiously at Wu Zimo, admiring him at the same time. He was a warrior who wasn’t ashamed of teasing the Marshal. It had been a long time since he had seen a youth who was able to directly look at Scott, this iceberg. PYdE1W

Of the two, it was Wu Zimo who first looked away. Only after he thought that he hadn’t left a bad impression on the male god, he turned to Rocard, who had been curious and staring at him, and laughed, “Hello, Major General Maca. Hello, Marshal Alman. I am Wu Zimo, a second year of the First Military Academy.”

After knowing Alman’s identity, the youth who had introduced himself also knew that he was Marshal Alman’s Deputy. The Marshal’s Deputy officers all had a rank of Major General; he was truly worthy of being his family’s male god. How exciting!

“Wu Zimo, this name is a little familiar.” Rocard saw that Wu Zimo was neither servile nor overbearing and nodded, satisfied. He pulled out his light brain again to add him as a friend.

The Marshal nodded calmly at Wu Zimo. As for whether or not his heart was also this calm, only the Marshal himself knew. QlGUiy

After they were added as friends on their light brains, Rocard finally remembered why the name ‘Wu Zimo’ was familiar. “Ah! You’re the legendary Wu Zimo?!”

Wu Zimo, of course, knew why the other party was surprised, but didn’t care, nodded and responded, “Yes, I am precisely that legendary Wu Zimo.”

Eh, my apologies.”

“It’s fine.” Oh HIT

Although he was the Marshal’s deputy, Rocard was very gossipy, so he had heard rumors about Wu Zimo of the First Military Academy. In particular, that the other was very qualified, but couldn’t awaken as a guide. He then recalled that the young man was neither humble nor pushy; he remained indifferent whether he was granted favors or subjected to loss. Rocard pitied Wu Zimo.

But there wasn’t a problem with ordinary people. In fact, there were many of them in the Heaven’s Wrath Corps. Rocard and the Marshal weren’t narrow-minded fools. Sometimes, ordinary people were better than sentinels and guides.

Rocard looked at Wu Zimo in the same way that Grandma Wolf would look at Little Red Riding Hood. With a small abacus in his heart, he wondered how he could pull the other into the Heaven’s Wrath Corps after graduation.

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Wu Zimo didn’t know that he had been stared at; Rocard’s gaze was rather wretched in his eyes. He was already nervous enough, so he didn’t care. p9ukWa

On the other side, Borg, who had been ignored by many, stuck to the wall like a mural for a while, finally made his existence known again.

Wu Zimo marveled at his physical quality. Borg peeled himself from the wall, spitting blood. He glared at Wu Zimo with killing intent.

“Who in the world was it?!”

Being pitifully slapped against the wall, Borg hadn’t been able to see who had done it at all. haOMFk

In this young man’s heart, the only thought that he had was that he would never let go of whoever dared to attack him, the young master of the Fes family.

“Tsk, I thought he was a piece of garbage who only knew how to bully and fear hardship, but looking at him now, his ability to resist attacks is still passable.” If Rocard knew that thousands of years ago, there was a creature called the cockroach that had the stubborn nickname of “Unable to Kill”, he would exclaim that Borg must be the reincarnation of a cockroach.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“Who are you?! How dare you talk to this young master like this?! Aren’t you afraid of the Fes Family’s retaliation?!”

His head was a little muddled, and he couldn’t clearly see who was laughing at him. He only heard the ridiculing words and immediately turned to threats. 3JtWqs

“Yo, I’m very afraid of the Fes Family’s revenge.” Rocard, who liked to make trouble, not only assumed a distressed demeanor, he also bashfully held his hands against his chest, expressing that he was indeed very afraid.

This trouble-making Deputy Rocard, even the corner of the eccentric Wu Zimo’s lips couldn’t help but twitch. He turned his head and looked at the Marshal, really wanting to ask him ——

Male God, your family’s deputy is so fierce, did you know?

Omg the panther has wings (*〇□〇)……! QbqBHX

Shiru: cue fangirl screams

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