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Later, He Became A Royal HealerCh16 - I don’t believe you can have a girlfriend.


You Liangxing took the phone. On the screen, the game character Da Ji still had ten seconds on her respawn timer. To re-confirm with her, he asked: “I’m playing?” W6H5Fk

Bai Yao frowned while nodding, completely giving up on the game. It was not that she did not want to play; compared to all the matches she had played beforehand, she hoped to win this match the most.

You Liangxing casted his gaze back onto the screen. After sizing up the situation, he tapped on the voice-talking icon that had always been turned off. He opened his mouth and said clearly: “Let’s go together.”

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With the sudden transmission of a familiar voice, Liao Su stilled before saying in a hurry: “Okay.”

After playing for so long, Liao Su had been feeling extremely delicate. However, in the instant where he heard You Liangxing’s outrageously soft and girlish voice with his own ears, his irritation immediately dissipated, and unexpectedly, he felt an unprecedented calmness. Pq05L3

But not a single one of them could have expected that each and every move that they made in the match – something seemingly so trivial such that it could occur in their daily lives – was being spectated by millions of netizens, a thousand miles away!

Rewinding the time back to one in the afternoon.

Victor KK, a MengMao TV game broadcaster who usually streamed in the evening, started broadcasting for the time being.

After the face slapping long picture concerning the carrying of girls circulated on the internet for the entire day, the number of fans that the anchor KK had skyrocketed. Thus, under the website’s strong request, Kang Shengzhe had received a temporary broadcast notice from his agent Wang Lu not long after he returned home. GdAV6D

Live broadcasting was his job; even if he was lazy, he still had to complete the task. Kang Shengzhe had no choice but to prop up his spirit, prepare his live broadcasting equipment and log into his main account【Victor KK】. When the allotted time arrived, he started the broadcast right on the dot.

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The out of the norm, additional broadcast was neither quiet nor calm; the website had publicised the broadcasting details on Weibo in advance, thus, not only did the number of people in KK’s live broadcasting room not decrease, it exceeded the usual numbers by more than a hundred thousand.

Admittedly, the website taking to the abacus after KK’s overnight popularity was right on the money. There was no better time than now to thank and consolidate his new fans, and whether it was for KK or for the website, the golden opportunity being presented to them was a win-win situation.

Once the live broadcast started, the fans poured in at the speed of light. One by one, the comments formed a barrage and flooded the screen. VSOUeZ

【Look who’s here!】

【Caught a face slapped KK.】

【No, it’s ‘carrying girls’ KK.】

【Welcoming the ‘carrying girls’ KK hahahaha!】 PDxGgr

【Watching the ‘carrying a girl is pretty cool’ anchor!!】

【KKKKKK how does bursting into flames feel!】

The high degree of enthusiasm that his fans greeted him was the proof of KK’s overnight popularity. Kang Shengzhe coughed gently before he said: “Well, good afternoon ah~”

A voice that could relax and shift the atmosphere of the live broadcasting room once it entered a person’s ears, diffusing the energy within the notes, was completely inconsistent with Kang Shengzhe’s true temperament. tOo1dN

In a room brimming with literary books, Kang Shengzhe was carefree and leisurely as he leaned back against his chair. His mouth carried a smiling expression, but judging his appearance, it was apparent that he exuded a lax and sloppy aura, one that was overflowing thickly and endlessly.

He was lazy – decadent even – and it differed slightly from the impression he gave in the live broadcast.

One was bright and the other was dark. The contrast was vast but they were both him.

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The live broadcasting room was extremely lively. When they heard KK’s voice, many new fans were extremely moved by his voice. wf8P1r

【Ahhhhh finally experienced what a live broadcast is like!】

【KK’s voice is so nice to listen, explosively so!】

【su su su su-ed to death! Such a good voice actually belongs to anchor, the voice actors need you!】

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【He really is a voice actor who is being held back by a game.】 mzG6uJ

Kang Shengzhe laughed fiercely and the flooding speed became even faster. Checking the live broadcast room’s audience number, he smiled: “Did you come to witness my face being slapped? If that’s the case, I’m afraid you might leave disappointed. I’m not joking, for me, getting my face slapped is an infrequent occurrence.”

Ktf fcalgf ilnf ygbjvmjra gbbw ijeutfv.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

【BB lr rajgalcu ab ygju jujlc. 】

【Even Fish Leong would be terrified when she looks at you. 】 LQvs64

【Snfgsbcf, wbnf jrlvf, jiibk wf ab boofg jc fzqgfrrlbc qjmx.】

【Kb vjgf ab ybjra klatbea yiertlcu, jgf sbe cba jogjlv bo rqgjlclcu sbeg bkc yjmx!】

Pc j ofk rtbga rfmbcvr, atf ilnf ygbjvmjra gbbw kjr oibbvfv ys【Ycf vjs jub: P, BB, kjca ab yf ZfcuZjb’r bcf mifjg ragfjw, P’w cba ublcu ab mjggs jcs ulgi, P kbc’a mjggs j ulgi fnfc lo P vlf! Ycf vjs ijafg: Sc, mjggslcu j ulgi lr qgfaas mbbi. 】

Kang Shengzhe laughed: “How about this. I’ll let you guys pick today, I’ll play whatever hero you ask me to play, and I will get any number of kills that you want me to get. But if I accomplish it, you are not allowed to call me ‘face slapped K’ in the future.” hnExzL

A wave of excitement went through the live broadcast room.

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【Remember what you just said, face slapped K!】

【yooooo screenshotted!】

【What did I just hear? Face slapped K wants to broadcast his face slapping?】 wPI tx

【K ah… you just placed a flag on yourself. Even if you are kneeling, you have to prop it up to the end.】

Kang Shengzhe said with a smile: “What is there to be scared about screenshots, why would I be scared of screenshots? You can randomly pick, I’m not scared.”

A barrage of comments swiped past in the live broadcasting room. 【Order placed, Zhong Kui, five kills, thank you.】

【There is no need to say anything else; other than Zhong Kui, I won’t order anything else!】 radH3l

【Release your Zhong Kui. I’ll leave you some face, if you can get a kill, I’ll consider it your win.】

Kang Shengzhe said: “Zhong Kui… Zhong Kui… En, I can’t Zhong Kui.”

The live broadcasting room paused for a second before it exploded again.

【Ahahahahaha!!】 lb2DKn

【A face slap in under a second, it couldn’t have been faster ahahahaha!】

【KK: You can randomly pick, I’m not afraid. En, I can’t Zhong Kui.】

【Hahahaha the live broadcasting room can really change the way they call KK when he gets his face slapped daily.】

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Kang Shengzhe turned a blind eye to the comments on the screen. He tapped to enter the queue for matchmaking, smiling, “I don’t care I don’t care, my hero pool does not have Zhong Kui. Who is Zhong Kui, I don’t know him.” fDJOIp

【Pei! Weren’t you shouting Brother Zhong Kui yesterday!】

【Have you forgotten about yesterday’s Sister Zhong! Unfaithful husband!】

The comments seemed to remind him of something because the texture of Kang Shengzhe’s laughter changed slightly. He paused before continuing, “Come come, let’s start.”

Once the game began, it was KK’s showtime. Away from the only blackhole he had in the game, he played everything else with ease. Even though he planted a flag for himself, the flag did not fall; for six games straight, he ended all of them in roughly ten minutes. 69qWvG

Naturally, he was awarded MVP.

Gifts flooded the live broadcasting room, alongside the sounds of flaunting and expressions of love.

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【Ah, it’s so cool to watch KK’s broadcast!】

【Kneeling and begging you to give me half your hand speed QAQ!!】 u5thDN

【Hmpf, I’ll reluctantly let you pass!】

【Ahhhhhh I don’t care I don’t care! KK is my husband!!】

【I only have one question to ask, are you going to release a tutorial or not!!】

After playing six games successively in just over an hour, he stopped for a bit to chat with his fans. Simultaneously, as he was talking, his thoughts diverged, and he could not resist changing his account to his minor one to check something. nv4xN8

The perusal came with an unexpected yield. Since he did not have his guard up, he unconsciously let out a soft ‘ah’.

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【En??? What happened???】


Kang Shenzhe was inspecting his friends’ list. In order to confirm that he was not seeing things, he even counted the number of friends he had. He only added a few people that he was familiar with on his smurf account, and apart from those aforementioned people, there was indeed an addition of a new friend. 0I6edH

The friend request he sent last night… went through! While the name had changed a little, it still had the words “Liang Liang” in it.

En. It was a little cute.

Kang Shengzhe could not resist laughing. The faint laughter he emitted was different from the way he usually laughed in the live broadcast; it carried genuine and earnest joy, and he was quickly called out for it.

【Ahhhhh KK, mischief maker KK!! You even dared to add the person as your friend!】 S5wEcR

【Yi yi yi yi yi? What? What happened? Could that possibly be yesterday’s Brother Liang Liang, ah, that’s not right, it’s Little Sister Liang Liang!】

【Damn! kk, give us an explanation! Why did you add Sister Liang but as your friend!】

【Suddenly stirred! Unexpected excitement! Last night’s story actually has a continuation to it!】

【It has a broadcasting romantic love comedy feel to it! Could this perhaps be the beginning of their love?】 dyFPCi

【KK, confess. It can’t be that you are harbouring thoughts that cannot see the light of the day towards that person right?】

Kang Shengzhe denied it thrice: “I’m not, I didn’t, stop speaking nonsense.”

【Pei! You’re delusional if you think you can hide it from an unattached person like me!】 kslVMR

【After I heard your laughter, I already knew that your words were a sham!】

Kang Shengzhe said: “Why can’t it see the light of the day; I’m a genuine and bright person. What? No, I just think that the person is very handsome.”

The entire live broadcasting room laughed. 【Handsome? Ah? Shouldn’t it be cute?】

【Ahhhhh liar KK! It’s obvious that you want to carry her after you heard that the person was a soft little sister!】 Gz90X7

【I don’t believe it! You’re setting your sight on a family’s little lady, just admit it!】

【This can’t go on, I have to ask! KK, what kind of girl do you like!】

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“Their voice must be cute, but it must feel handsome.”

After seeing the questions regarding the type he preferred, Kang Shengzhe thought about it seriously for once. Smiling, he said: “If we were to speak of types, I really like those who exude handsomeness when they are doing something. Since I don’t really like doing things, I think that when others are doing it, they are really handsome. However, that doesn’t include gaming; when it comes to gaming, I’m the most handsome and the strongest.” dCLOwh

The live broadcast was filled with a multitude of comments.

【hahahaha saying that you like handsome people after you praised Sister Liang for being handsome, isn’t this just blatantly saying you want to carry her!】

【Hahahaha I suddenly have a feeling that it would be nice to raise KK. No way, hold on, you are a gong in my heart! If you are a shou, I will never accept it!】

【Hold on, if the female is responsible for being handsome, then what are you responsible for?】 b6ACyE

Half-joking, Kang Shengzhe replied: “I’m responsible for healing her with my beauty. I can also recite poems for her to listen; one poem a day, with no repetitions for ten years.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The chat barked out their laughter. 【I don’t believe that you are as lovely as a flower!】

【I don’t believe that you know how to recite poetry!】

【No no no no no! I don’t believe that you can have a girl! friend!】 3CtVkz

Kang Shengzhe sighed helplessly. He had long snapped out of the fact that his friend request had succeeded. Instead, he was more fixated on the three, clearly written words ‘Currently in-game’ that were situated underneath the name ‘Little Angel Liang Liang’.

Kang Shengzhe decided: “After she’s done with this match, I’ll invite her to play together.”

The live broadcasting started making noises: 【I! KK! Won’t carry a girl even if I die!】

【Hahahahaha the heart that wants to carry a girl cannot stay hidden!】 S2a7zm

【Hahahaha KK, enough!】

【Trash KK, go back to your King division!】

As though he had not seen any of their comments, Kang Shengzhe tapped on Little Angel Liang Liang’s match history, and immediately frowned. Last night’s highly skilled Zhong Kui actually had such a terrible match history for the past five games today.

The fans in the room also felt a little embarrassed. XxzAHT

【En???? This is yesterday’s Sister Liang?】

【Ummmmm that match history….】

【Nothing to say.】

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【How do I say this… it is easier to play Da Ji as compared to Zhong Kui, right….】 rwZtkb

Kang Shengzhe did not say anything. Since Little Angel Liang Liang was currently in game, he clicked the spectate option, and the page entered the loading screen.

In order to grasp the overall situation of the game, Kang Shengzhe did not choose perspective tracking. Rather, he chose the option that allowed him to pan the perspective freely, and the first thing he did was estimate the skill level of the opponents they were playing against.

— Normal.

Although there was a certain level of skill, it was not comparable to high-level players. E0W3SQ

The fans in the comments were all old watchers who tuned into the live broadcast daily, and once they glanced at the information briefly, their hearts had a definite idea of what was transpiring.

【The opponents are a little shady ah.】

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【The group synergy is quite rhythmic.】

【I think it might be a three man queue, their playstyle is kind of disgusting.】 3jdhk4

Translator's Note

Link to her skills here.

Translator's Note

Clarifying, it just means experiencing a sudden burst in popularity.

Translator's Note

Throwback to an earlier chapter: Fish Leong is chinese singer who has a song called ‘Courage’.

Translator's Note

His previous name was ‘Everyone’s Goodness’ (大家的良良), wherein the ‘Liang Liang’ was translated into Goodness. His new name is Little Angel Liang Liang (良良小天使).

Translator's Note

良妹 (pinyin: liang mei) – it translates to (Younger or Little) Sister Liang, but I’ll shorten it to ‘Sister Liang’ for flow from now on.

Translator's Note

Exact words were母胎solo (pinyin: mu tai solo) which translates to “mother’s womb + solo (performance)”, which is an exaggerated Chinese internet slang for the fact that a person has been single since birth, and it pokes fun at the fact that their lives are like solo performances. Comes with the connotation that they are looking for love (like kk).

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Translator's Note

貌美如花 (pinyin: mao mei ru hua; idiom) – (of a woman) who is very beautiful.

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