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Later, He Became A Royal HealerCh17 - Missing a support.


It’s a good Chinese New Year’s Eve update~ Enjoy!

In King’s Glory, spectators could not listen to the players’ voice channels, nor did they have access to the players’ team chats. From live broadcasting room’s perspective, the match unfolding in front of their eyes was one-sided. 9Y3HUP

The result of the match was obvious at a glance.

Between You Liangxing’s team and the opponents’, the gap between their kills had already reach 12 to 25. Apart from the ally Hou Yi who was still relatively fed when compared to the enemies, the rest of them were economically backwards, and the fact that their output was inferior was fairly obvious.

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After surveying the situation, Kang Shengzhe entered Little Angel Liang Liang’s perspective. Although the game had ushered in the middle stages, her Da Ji had a score of 0-6-3, and she had yet to reap a single kill.

The audience bluntly commented: 【Tragic…】 RE3 2w

【Such results cannot be excused.】

The game progress that had occurred earlier could be sped up when spectating, and Kang Shengzhe chose to watch it at four times the speed. Within a few minutes, it became a live replay of where the game was presently at, and he watched it together with his audience.

Throughout the entire process, Kang Shengzhe did not speak but the comments that the fans made increased.

【Ah, what is that Da Ji doing, the backup arrived and she still went up to hit the wall.】 MlfgK3

【This highland tower can no longer be protected, hurry up and back!】

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【Damn, the novice exploded.】

【She plays like a complete newbie.】

【Is this really my Sister ‘God Hook’ Liang… covering the open wound in my heart.】 u5esLW

The difference between Da Ji’s performance and last night’s accurate to the extent of being like a machine Zhong Kui was too jarring. A lot of fans were disappointed, but that was natural. After getting used to seeing their anchor’s excellent display of skills, the standard that Da Ji was performing at was impossible to watch.

【I just thought of a verse, if time could stop at the moment when we first met…】

【It’s hard to explain in a few words.】

【I seem to hear the sound of KK’s boyish heart breaking.】 HrJZ6P

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The fans’ patience gradually diminished, and they started asking KK to go back to live broadcasting. Only then, did Kang Shengzhe speak: “Let’s tarry a little and finish watching this match first, I feel like this is not her skill level.”

Ktf ojcr rtbeafv: 【Tl….】

【BB lr gfiemajca ab ifjnf.】

【BB: P vbc’a yfilfnf la! Vtf lr jmaejiis nfgs rxliifv, rtf’r atf rlrafg P kjca!】 HoGviT

【Mlcf olcf olcf, la’r ubbv fcbeut lo sbe’gf tjqqs.】

Aera jr mbwwfcar mbcalcefv ab oibbv atf mtja, Gj Al vlfv lc atf ujwf jujlc, jcv atf obgulnlcu jevlfcmf ktb kfgf kjlalcu obg atf ujwf ab fcv yegra lcab jcbatfg gbecv bo gfrqbcrf.

【Ah… She died again.】

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【IMHO, when it has reached this stage, there is nothing left to play.】 8vI0oh

【Honestly, the fact that they have yet to surrender is pretty commendable.】

【With the difference in their economy, why are they still playing? They are bound to lose.】

The live broadcasting room’s opinion was largely skewed towards a one-sided victory, but Kang Shengzhe did not follow along, Once he saw that Da Ji’s fallen corpse had disappeared and revived at the fountain, he suddenly opened: “What are you idling for? Then, please let anchor KK broadcast this silver division match for everyone. Commentator KK is doing this for the first time, and he’ll be troubling everyone to accept it~”

【Oho, a commentary??】 XwzcfE

【What commentary? Rather, shouldn’t we be focusing on the fact that this isn’t the first time??】

【Pei! It’s obvious that you’re just reluctant to leave! I, I, I, I, fine, I’ll listen!】

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With just one simple line, the live broadcasting room’s atmosphere shifted again, and it became more relaxed and harmonious. Following the game closely, he opened his mouth and said: “Alright, I’m sure all of you have witnessed how the competition has developed up until now. Who is superior and who is inferior is extremely obvious; the red team’s middle lane towers have been pushed to their last defences and the top and bottom lanes have also been pushed back to a similar state. Three people from the blue side are currently hovering in the middle lane and waiting for their minions, while the other two are busy clearing the red side’s jungle. Oh, the minions are here! Let’s see how the red team will respond.”

Although Kang Shengzhe’s way of speaking could rouse the audience’s emotions, but everyone knew that You Liangxing’s red team had no other choice but to defend. Fk2bI5

If they wanted to win, they could only drag it out.

“The minions have stepped up but the red side reacted quickly and cleared them, Wang Zhaojun tried to play it big in front of the crystal, but that’s okay. Although no one was caught, they managed to force them back. The blue side’s Hou Yi still hasn’t left, he wants to kill Wang Zhaojun and his attacks are coming out fast. Wang Zhaojun is backing towards the crystal but it might be too late…”

Just as his words fell, Wang Zhaojun’s almost exhausted health rose by a bar. Someone had healed her, and relying on the replenished health, Wang Zhaojun successfully made it back to the fountain.

“Oh~ It was Da Ji who healed him.” When he spoke of Da Ji, Kang Shengzhe’s voice would bring a different kind of flavour. He didn’t call him Liang Liang, but there was an inexplicable feeling that he was saying Liang Liang. dDyjeR

“Da Ji is going up, red side’s Hou Yi is flanking her and the two of them are putting out damage together. Is blue side’s Hou Yi going to retreat, no! From the looks of it, he intends to push with this wave, two against one, blue side’s Hou Yi does have a high damage output, but Da Ji and Hou Yi are even faster, well played! They defended it!”

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Accompanying KK’s commentary, the blue team’s Hou Yi toppled over, and You Liangxing’s Da Ji and the red team’s marksman Hou Yi, controlled by【I just love running】held onto their remaining health and returned back to the fountain before coming back out with full health.

At the moment, the enemies were not pressuring too hard. Considering the situation, they were confident that victory was in the palm of their hands. Either way, they were not in a rush. After the blue team cleared You Liangxing’s part of the jungle, they went back to their own jungle to clear it as well.

“Right now, what the red team should do is take advantage of the time they have to push back the minion wave. Five people grouping together and roaming is far safer; once someone is killed, this game will go cold.” Sy8iBj

It was not possible that Kang Shengzhe had speculated incorrectly. However, just as he said that, You Liangxing’s Da Ji and Hou Yi rushed over to the bottom lane to take down a tower.

Kang Shengzhe’s voice halted for a beat. “It seems like they preparing to bring up the rear. In fact, it’s fine if Hou Yi does it by himself, but for Da Ji to follow…”

Although he did not say it directly, but the truth was as such. Da Ji had been killed too many too many times early on, and she would die very easily once she went out.

Da Ji and Hou Yi went straight to the bottom lane. The pair quickly cleaned up the minions and Kang Shengzhe glanced at the blue side’s heroes, before quickly inserting: “There should be no problems; the opposing side has yet to arrive. There is still time to back.” YxhzdE

Indeed, there was still time to back away, but the problem was that Da Ji… did not go back.

After clearing the line of minions, Hou Yi ducked into the bushes and clicked on recall to return back to base. But Da Ji did not do the same. She wandered the bottom lane alone and the viewpoint of the camera shifted upwards, showing that blue side’s Zhen Ji and King Lanling had noticed Da Ji lingering. After stilling for a second, King Lanling routed elsewhere while Zhen Ji moved towards Da Ji.

“King Lanling is not heading over, he must have felt that Da Ji would be an easy solo kill. Zhen Ji is here to pick Da Ji off and the former’s damage burst is very high; if Da Ji comes under her bombardment, she will immediately lose half her health. Can our Da Ji manage? Ah—”

At this second, the slow-to-react, wall hitting Da Ji from the first half of the game suddenly used all her skills before Zhen Ji could release her ultimate. iqJ0zt

Her second ability stunned her opponent, her third ability issued foxfire and the first was a shockwave. Within a second, Zhen Ji’s health dropped precariously low.

Kang Shengzhe laughed: “It seems like she can manage.”

From the beginning of the match up until now, Da Ji’s operation had never been so smooth. Not only did she shock the live broadcasting room, even the enemy Zhen Ji was frightened by it. Luckily, Da Ji’s development was not up to par, or else that set of skills would have directly taken her life.

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Zhen Ji retreated in a hurry. But just as she distanced herself from Da Ji, she met with the red side’s Hou Yi (Liao Su) head on. It turned out that Hou Yi had pretended to recall, and when Zhen Ji had arrived, he had interrupted it and continued to sit in the bushes in secret. TMJz1t

Judging from his actions, not only did Hou Yi dare to scheme together with Da Ji, he clearly trusted her abilities.

Hou Yi auto attacked twice, and Zhen Ji fell to the ground, dead. When the death notification was just issued, King Lanling, who had discovered that something was wrong, had already rushed out to provide support.

The distance between King Lanling and Da Ji was extremely close. Da Ji might have backed away in a haste but she was still forced to fight, and in a moment’s work, she was down to a shred of health. However, at the most critical moment, Hou Yi rushed over to take some of the damage by standing in the line of fire. In the end, King Lanling only managed to hit the obstructing Hou Yi to the extent where he halved his health, while failing to kill Da Ji.

“While [I just love running]’s Hou Yi output is not bad, King Lanling specialises in cutting up marksmen quickly. I’m afraid the exchange is going to fall through, and the two of them are going to end up dying, hold on…” gd7lk9

Just as the Hou Yi was about to die, a red heart was flung out from behind him, landing steadily on King Lanling’s body and sedating him. King Lanling stood rooted to the ground, and in that short space of opportunity, the fate of the pair dying had been reversed into Hou Yi reaping a double kill.

— Two consecutive breakthroughs!

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Da Ji, who was only left with a shred of health, had chosen to turn back, and her life-saving assistance could not have been more timely.

Without Kang Shengzhe needing to say anything, the live broadcasting room had already exploded. KTJsAg

【Yi yi yi yi yi??? What is with this reaction timing???】

【Sister Liang suddenly became handsome???】

【What is going on??? Speaking of which, why did she dare to come back to attack King Lanling when she had low health?】

【Even in the face of death, there was no unrest… pro.】 XOC8Iz

【King Lanling: CNM.】

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【If it was me, I would have already ran, honestly.】

After killing Zhen Ji and King Lanling in the bottom lane, Da Ji and Hou Yi no longer hesitated. They recalled back to base and entered the fountain. Once they were full health again, they exited, inseparable as body and shadow, building a constant rapport with one another.

One was responsible for controlling, the other was responsible for killing. As the minions started pushing outwards, the rhythm that the opponents had maintained for the first half of the game was broken just like that. 1oTqVN

Putting aside the tacit understanding they had in their actions, the pair displayed a high level of skill.

“As you can see, while Da Ji has yet to reap any kills, her assists have increased linearly. Currently, the kill score has risen to 25 to 30, and Da Ji had participated in the dozen or so kills that had come after.”

【Da Ji is the one who is playing well, why are you acting so proud, huh!】

【Yeah, yeah! She’s not your Da Ji!】 BWxVRd

【Hou Yi: Who are you? Sister Liang is mine!】

Kang Shengzhe pretended that he didn’t see anything and continued to chuckle softly: “The assistance that Liang Liang provides is very well-executed. While Da Ji is a hero that is easy to operate, not everyone has her awareness. Look at the way she stuns people: with her excellent timing, she obstructs her opponents and stops them from casting their abilities.”

Abruptly, he paused and asked: “I suddenly realised something. Honestly speaking, do any of you feel that I am lacking in something?”


Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

人生若只如初见 (pinyin: ren sheng ruo zhi ru chu jian) – it is a verse from the poem collection <The Flowering of the Lily Magnolia · Words of Parting in Ancient Prose> (木兰花令 · 拟古决绝词), written by a famous poet from the Qing Dynasty, Nalan Xingde (1655-1685, Manchu).
Its full meaning is: the beginning was beautiful but the ending were beyond my imaginings; the depictions of life will always have some vestiges of regret and grief (for what it was and what it should have been).

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Exact words are 带线 (pinyin: dai xian) which directly translates to bringing a line, usually meaning that the opponents’ minions are quickly cleared so that their minions can proceed to the tower and attack it unimpeded, because minions are programmed to fight each other to death once they meet, and they only exist in lanes. They’re called ‘lines’ because they form in a straight line when they are walking into lane from the nexus.

Translator's Note

A skill that every player has with no cooldowns that allows them to teleport back to base after a few seconds of channelling. During channelling, they cannot be interrupted – take damage or move, etc – or the recall will not succeed.

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Ultimate: Usually the most powerful ability in a hero’s arsenal.

Translator's Note

CNM: 操你妈 (cao ni ma) – which is a swear for ‘fuck your mother’.

Translator's Note

Exact words were 我身边缺点什么吗, and while ‘lacking in something’ is accurate (and also probably what he means), I needed to bring up that “身边” (pinyin: shen bian) can also mean (someone) by my side or with me.

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