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If You Don't Fall in Love, You'll DieChapter 43.2


Editor: Amaris

The great director Li had a teeny tiny ‘wicked idea’. It was normal for actors to take a break together. As it happened, they could also find out their feelings about the play in private. 4xjhtY

After entering the lounge, Ren Jing locked the door behind him. Before Ye Chen had the time to feel nervous, Ren Jing had carried him up and put him on the dresser.

“Ren… Ren…” Before Ye Chen finished saying his name, he had been kissed by Ren Jing.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ye Chen opened his eyes wide. He felt like a firework was exploding inside his heart, so dazzling that he was unable to put it into words.

Ren Jing was somewhat out of control. He kissed Ye Chen almost without much purpose, but this kind of kiss made Ye Chen became even more scared. That kind of feeling that could not be suppressed was like a vast great sea which swept all over the world, making Ye Chen felt deeply moved. 5I7M4v


After they kissed for a while, Ren Jing called out to him with a gentle voice, “Chen Chen.”

Ye Chen didn’t dare to look at him at all!

“Chen Chen,” Ren Jing called out to him repeatedly. It was clearly his own nickname, but Ye Chen’s face flushed red upon hearing so and his fingers were slightly trembling. 5MLvnx

Ren Jing said, “Could you say it one more time?”

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Ye Chen knew what he wanted to hear. It was actually alright for him to say it again… He wanted to tell Ren Jing that anyway.


“I…” As soon as Ye Chen just said a word, Ren Jing suddenly pressed his fingers on Ye Chen’s lips. Ltqvr4

Ye Chen looked at Ren Jing. His sparkling eyes had some kind of doubts within it.

Ren Jing took a deep breath and quietly said, “Don’t say it for now.”

Ye Chen didn’t quite understand what Ren Jing meant by that.

Ren Jing chuckled softly and said, “If I really heard that from you, I don’t think I could make it through today.” yJdptC

It took a long time for Ye Chen to react. Afterwards…… He couldn’t help but also chuckle as his eyes curved.


Ren Jing thought of kissing him again, but there were a lot of people waiting outside…… Furthermore, Ye Chen’s lips were soft. He already kissed them until they turned red. If Ren Jing kissed him again, people would probably notice it.

Ren Jing said, “I’ll go out first. You should go wash your face.” q2Wrtg

Ye Chen said, “Alright……”


After Ren Jing went out, Ye Chen saw himself in the mirror.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

My goodness, who is this!? Wd2Mf7

This could be described using Fatty Gu’s words, “Spring is in the air!”

Ye Chen hurriedly washed his face, cooling himself down.


Ren Jing was very considerate. He asked the make-up artist to come in and fix Ye Chen’s makeup. qzUMHV

Amiy was Ren Jing’s personal make-up artist, and she was also one of Big Brother Yang’s young servants. She was so excited she could jump. Being able to see the Big Darling closely was more than enough for her, but now she could even see the Big Darling with this look!

Oh my, I could brag about this for the whole day already!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Calm down, calm down. Amiy told herself that she must fix Ye Chen’s complexion back to normal, especially his lips color. She definitely had to not let others saw Ye Chen’s look upon being kissed like this.

As a result, when Ye Chen walked out of the lounge, no one noticed the difference. 7TIlDG


Ren Jing was in the middle of discussing the play with Li Fu.

He asked Li Fu, “Could I change this line a bit?”

Li Fu looked at him with an inconceivable face, “How would you want to change these three words?” ZrdP56

Ren Jing suggested, “I wanted to add two more words.”

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Li Fu was bewildered and asked, “Is it necessary?”

Ren Jing answered, “It is necessary.”

Li Fu thought for a while, then felt that it shouldn’t matter much. It wouldn’t affect the overall result. dUin p

On top of that, he was really afraid of NG Movie King Ren. It was best to help him immediately get back to the mood.


Li Fu went to talk about the play with Ye Chen.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

“We’ll add a name here.” Xzg4GV

Tf Jtfc kjr jirb yfklivfgfv jcv jrxfv, “Pr la cfmfrrjgs?”

Lf jrxfv atf rjwf atlcu Ol Me vlv. Ol Me mbeiv bcis gfqfja Efc Alcu’r kbgvr, “Pa lr cfmfrrjgs.”

Tf Jtfc tjv cb bypfmalbc abkjgvr la. Lf kjr rjlilcu klat atf klcv abvjs, la kjr cb qgbyifw ab jvv wbgf ilcfr, ifa jibcf wfgf akb wbgf kbgvr!


The original dialogue was that Ye Chen shouted “I like you!”, but now that a name had been added, it became “Yan Han, I like you!”

It was a minor change, but who could expect that it would unexpectedly made Ren Jing ‘break through himself’. He successfully expressed the final freeze-frame just like the one Li Fu wanted.

Li Fu was absolutely puzzled. Wouldn’t it be alright for him to do this since the start?

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There was this…… Was it that important to add a name? d2CAui

It was important, very important, because the feeling was completely different.

One was a confession from his Big Darling, the other was his darling’s confession to other people.

There was a big gap between these two types of confessions!

Ren Jing was deserved to be called ‘a man with extensive experience’. Be careful on what his intention might be. lH25nA


Actually, Li Fu was still a bit dissatisfied.

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This time, he wasn’t dissatisfied with Ren Jing, but with Ye Chen. Perhaps Ye Chen was a bit awkward after the change in the lines. Li Fu thought that Ye Chen was a bit stiff when he called Yan Han’s name. He was also a bit awkward with the following three words.

It was as if Ye Chen was suddenly disengaged from the performance. NwzFQl

It seemed that Li Fu wanted the Ye Chen from several times ago, but… He didn’t dare to repeat the scene over and over again.

Firstly, Ye Chen’s acting skills weren’t that stable, so he was probably on the decline for now. It would be even worse to just put demand on him blindly.

And then, there was Ren Jing. Who the hell knew whether he was going to have another wave of NG?

Let’s just leave it like this. Small defects cannot obscure great virtues. What Ye Chen performed was already a lot better than what he had in his mind anyways! fCZADt


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It was almost eleven o’clock when it was time for them to knock off. Li Fu asked Ren Jing, “Let’s have a meal together?”

Ren Jing looked at Ye Chen for awhile, then said, “I still have something else to do. Let’s change it to another time.”

Li Fu also asked Ye Chen. Dln2ZT

The moment Ye Chen heard that Ren Jing didn’t want to go, he himself didn’t feel like going either. Hence, he answered Li Fu, “I also have something I need to take care of. I’ll invite director to have a good meal some other day.”

Li Fu didn’t think too much about it. They were actors, so it was normal for them to be busy, especially someone like Ren Jing. Ye Chen was also busy since he was a little dandy. Someone like him certainly didn’t want to eat and drink with a boring old man like Li Fu.


When everyone was gone, Ren Jing asked Ye Chen, “Where will you go to have lunch?” 6QrOfC

Ye Chen asked him in return, “Don’t you have something to do?”

Ren Jing blinked his eyes and replied, “That ‘something’ was to have lunch with you.”

Ye Chen’s face was filled with joy. He was really happy and wanted to have lunch with Ren Jing too, but he had something more important in his mind. He needed to go back to his old house and gave grandpa these life points he earned with all his might!

Seeing Ye Chen going shilly-shally, Ren Jing immediately asked him, “Is there anything you need to do in the afternoon?” TCKO8c

Ye Chen said, “I want to go visit my grandpa.”

The moment Ren Jing heard his words, he hurriedly said, “You should go then, the time isn’t early anymore.”

Ye Chen’s heart warmed up. Then he uttered, “In the evening, we……”

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Ren Jing smiled “I’m always free whenever.” CE4z1X

Ye Chen also smiled. “Mmhmmm, I’ll see you tonight.”


The mission from the Death System came in right on time, “Daily mission: Cook something for Ren Jing and invite two of your close friends to also have a taste.”

Ye Chen, “……” Ysh FR

Death System questioned, “Should I send you another supplementary mission, darling?”

Ye Chen could not hold back anymore, “Your surname is actually Ren, isn’t it!?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The Death System shamelessly said, “That’s right, I’m called a willful system.”

Ye Chen, “…………………………” KwtTr

Forget it, Brother Chen was in a good mood today, he didn’t want to care about the spicy chicken system!


After all the crew left, Ye Chen and Xiao Liu immediately went to the old house.

The old man was surprised but glad to see his obedient grandson came back. “Why did you come back again? Is anything the matter?” They just had lunch together yesterday, yet Ye Chen came again today. He was afraid that something urgent happened to Ye Chen. n2ZL v

Ye Chen’s heart warmed up, he wished he could hug his grandpa and give him a smooch!

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His grandpa was a good person, so he really wished grandpa could live to a ripe old age!

Ye Chen called out to the system, “Little Cheap Thing! Come out and teach me how to use the life points.”

Death System, “……” Whom did he call Little Cheap Thing!! A42i1o

Ye Chen coaxed it, “Alright, Little Qu Qu, come and help me.”

Whom did he call Little Qu Qu!

Ye Chen coaxed it again, “Ifff. Youuu. Don’ttt. Falllll. Innn. Loveee. You’lllll. Dieee~~~”

If You Don’t Fall in Love, You’ll Die System almost completely had no idea that it was its very own name! 6md28l


“Are you certain you want to use ten life points for the health of your immediate family, ‘grandpa’?”

Ye Chen excitedly stated, “I’m certain!”

Death System said, “(Life points) used successfully. Your remaining life points are 6.” zPorET

Ye Chen waited anxiously as he looked at grandpa, then he couldn’t help but ask, “Grandpa, how are you feeling?”

Old man Ye was completely dumbfounded and asked, “About what?”

Ye Chen would like to ask again, but he didn’t dare to. Still, he couldn’t see whether grandpa had become healthier or not even after looking thoroughly for a while.

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Death System rolled its eyes and said, “You still wouldn’t trust me.”

Ye Chen immediately replied, “I trust you!”

Death System sighed and groaned, “It won’t be that fast. It should take at least three or four days to work. When you come back during the weekend, you’ll get to see a healthy old man!”

Ye Chen really wanted the weekend to come now! c2K0oH

Ye Chen had lunch with grandpa at home. Ye Chen didn’t know if it was his own delusion, but he felt that grandpa had better appetite than usual. He finished the whole bowl of rice completely.

Even the old man himself said, “Why is it that the rice tasted especially delicious today?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Afterwhich Ye Chen abruptly praised the great cook in the kitchen, he could only say that she had become more skilled in cooking.

This type of feeling where I can do good while not revealing my full power is awesome! hQ6W3


Ye Chen left when grandpa took an afternoon nap. When he came out of the house, he made an overseas call.

At last, he didn’t have to be afraid of Ye Lan anymore.

Ye Lan had targeted and caused two accidents for Ye Chen. It was indeed impossible to find out the evidence that would relate Ye Lan to these accidents. o3A8Ur

The police in Paris have determined the nature of that incident as an unexpected accident, closing the case.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ye Chen asked Xiao Liu to check the driver’s relationship network, but he couldn’t find any kind of clues, not even the traces of the driver probably being threatened or bribed.

The clues went to a dead end, but Ye Chen still had a single clue left.


Commiting a crime was something which would become ‘never twice without three times’. Ye Lan was able to live until today and grew up well in Singapore, but no one would believe it when told that his hands were completely clean.

Ye Chen didn’t dare to think that Ye Lan would completely ignore the (law’s) bottom line like this before, but he could see it clearly now.

Since Ye Lan had thought of killing him, then he certainly would have thought of killing other people, too. For example, people who get in his way.

Looking at it this way, the clues could probably be uncovered. aeOlRV


Furthermore, there was the cause of Ye Lan’s mother’s death more than ten years ago.

If it really was not an accident, this would become the best breakthrough point.

The Ye Lan from more than ten years ago definitely would not be able to do things without any trace like this. qKPG5k

A child in his growing phase who killed his own mother absolutely wouldn’t be able to handle everything calmly by himself.

Otherwise, the Ye Lan who was now like a bird (that could be) startled by the mere twang of a bow would not have wanted to kill Ye Chen simply because of his suspicion.


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There was someone who could help to investigate such old affair. DfJatq

It was Yu Xingzhe’s brother, the strange brother Xinghai who took an unusual path of life.

Ye Chen wouldn’t be able to contact Yu Xinghai, but he could get in touch with Yu Xingzhe.

He couldn’t tell about this matter to Yu Xingzhe before, but it should be alright now. It didn’t matter even if he came clean about it all.

Because he had grandpa on his side now, he was no longer worried! Dy3Rth


Unfortunately, Yu Xingzhe hadn’t answered his call yet.

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Ye Chen felt a bit nervous inside his heart…… Although he had reconciled with Old Yu before he came back, he had rejected him after all. Could it be that President Yu was ashamed into anger and put Ye Chen on blacklist?

This corresponded with President Yu’s general way of doing things, though. ja 9dT

He called again, but still no answer.

What to do now…… If he couldn’t meet brother Xinghai, did he need to look for uncle?

Ye Chen thought about it for awhile. It gave him some chills, uncle was very scary after allll!


At that time, Death System reminded him, “Isn’t it already time for you to prepare for the daily mission?”

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Ye Chen came to his senses. Thinking about the mission, he immediately felt there was nothing left to live for.

He nearly made the kitchen explode just by making chocolate, yet now he had to cook…… He was afraid he was going to poison Ren Jing to death with it!

Death System said again, “Don’t forget that you had to invite two friends to share the meal together.” COo9nt

Ye Chen’s heart tightened, then he asked Death System, “Does the rabbles count?” He didn’t have any more friends, only a number of them.

“They count.” Death System sneered as it said, “Haha, the problem is that you definitely had to let them know that you and Ren Jing……”

Ye Chen, “………………” So the pit is actually this!


Ye Chen hurriedly said, “Xiao Liu is also my friend!”

The Death System said, “Are you sure Xiao Liu could eat his meal while sitting across you and Ren Jing?”

Ye Chen, “…” He was actually unable to refute.

What should he do with this?? cYZXV4

Gu Xi could be counted as one, the other one……

Yu Xingzhe was currently in Paris. Even if Ye Chen asked him to return, he wouldn’t be able to return right away!

There was no way he could book a dinner for midnight, right?

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He was afraid that the three of them were going to team up and send Ye Chen to a mental hospital. F1KZ5U


When Ye Chen was still worrying over everything, his cellphone rang.

The moment he saw the caller’s ID, Ye Chen was beaming with happiness. Never in his life had he received a call from Old Yu like this.

“Hello,” said Ye Chen gently, “Brother Zhe!” bw4nXi

Yu Xingzhe almost threw his phone away!

He had finally let go of him, yet this bastard wagged his tail in a delicate charming manner now?

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Ye Chen had a request for Yu Xingzhe to do something so he spoke with an absolute proper manner, “Have you woken up? I didn’t disturb your sleep, did I? I happen to have something I need you to–”

“If you have something you need to say, do it when we see each other later,” Yu Xingzhe preserved the reserved manner of speaking like an overbearing president. VwrcoO

See…… each other?

Ye Chen was shocked and asked, “You’ve returned?”

President Yu, “What’s the matter, am I not allowed to do so? This is my motherland, I could return whenever I wanted to!”


Yu Xingzhe when he received Ye Chen’s call, probably:

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Ye Chen when he heard about Yu Xingzhe coming back, probably: G MgLB

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Translator's Note

So… When surname Ren (姓任 – Xing Ren) is turned around, it forms a new word, which is 任性 (Ren Xing), and it has the meaning of willful, headstrong, unruly.

Translator's Note

A slang to call someone trash or garbage.

Translator's Note

Death system’s nickname proposed by Ye Chen but suggested by the system itself LOLOL. Mentioned in chapter 35.

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