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I Trick Even the Lames to Stand Up for Me

I Trick Even the Lames to Stand Up for Me 瘸子都被我忽悠的站起来了

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Author: 黑猫睨睨
Total Chapters: 166
Genre: Comedic Undertone, Second Chance, Supernatural
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Translators: Kuro. Editors: SilentDawn, Mariabel
Release Schedule: Sporadic


The third son of Gu Family who was too much of a fool changed when he returned from his hometown. His way of problem solving was easy; 

A gangster picking up a fight?

Beat them!

A ghost trying to haunt him?

Beat them!

Media wanted to tarnish his name?

Beat them!


This is a story of a man who got a second chance after sacrificing himself to save a city. Expect shenanigans from humans, ghosts and on social media!

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  1. Mtled it.

    It really has great potential,

    Loved it,

    And waiting for translation 🌺🌺🌺

  2. Hellooo,

    This novel so addictive 🤣🤣🤣

    May I ask for a permission to translate it in my language (Thai)?

    I will looking forward to hear back from you.


    p style=”margin-bottom: 0px;”>Thank you in advance😁😁

  3. Okay, people, if you loved Ghosts Know What I Experienced, then you’re gonna love this!!! This is however does show more of the ghostly stories and what happened before death (which, well, you’ll definitely need a glass of ice water while reading this to cool down). But I love how OP the MC is. Thanks for translating this!! Never would’ve found it if it werent for you guys!! (btw, love your site set up, its very user friendly!)

  4. I was scrolling through the updates and saw, “I trick even the Llamas to stand up…”

    Scrolled back and took a hard look at that title again.