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I Trick Even the Lames to Stand Up for MeCh2 - This child is unreasonable!


Mrs. Gu was very angry, this damn third child was worse than his two elder brothers! The first son and the second brought home all kinds of certificates of honor, trophies and scholarships! And what did the third child have? Motherfxxxing “Thank you” banners!

Little Fairy, God of Heavens, descended to Earth and saved my family with his fortune telling! This Wang Tie Zhu from Wang Village kneeled in gratitude!du dzJ

Serving the people with utmost care and compassion, helping the people with passion as deep as the sea, thank you Master Gu for curing my 18 years ghost shaving! Li Er Qian from Li Family sincerely offered his thanks!

Serve the common people and establish trust. Hand in hand, build a harmonious society! Thank you for finding my grandpa’s grave for me! Thank you very much from Liu Fu Gui of Liu Family Business!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Accidents are merciless but people are compassionate. Help from the heart brings true joy, thank you Little Immortal for helping my daughter-in-law in finding her partner after years of being a widow!

…… Y8L6r

The two brothers moved fast, in just a short while, they’ve already removed the banners from the wall and put it in their bags before Mrs. Gu could stop them.

Gu Family was engaged in real estate business, the boy’s father Gu DeCheng also has a big reputation in the domestic business circle, known as a real estate tycoon. On the internet, there’s an exaggerated urban legend, saying that out of ten buildings in China, three were built by the Gu Group. Because of his wealth, many netizens jokingly called Gu DeCheng ‘Daddy Gu’. When they marry their wives, their houses will be built by Mr. Gu. That’s money, very valuable!

Mr. Gu DeCheng, 60 years old, had a smooth sailing life. His only headache was Gu Ye, his stupid third son who always made people worry.

Now, this stupid son not only did he not self-reflect, he even cheated the villagers with backwards superstitions.. After seeing half a car load of banners he took home, Father Gu angrily picked up a golf club and said : “If I don’t break your leg today, I’ll take your surname!”


Gu Ye jumped more than a meter high, dodging the gold club while happily saying : “Dad, we share the same surname!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Father Gu almost choked on his breath, his next words were blocked by that and he couldn’t find the words to refute hence making him even angrier : “You still dare to talk back!”

On the side, while Mrs Gu was secretly rejoicing in her mind, she anxiously said : “Lao San, quickly admit your mistake to your father. You’ve only stayed in the countryside for a few days and now you already dare to talk back to your father. Do you want him to have a heart attack?!”

Mrs Gu’s words added the fuel to Father Gu’s ire : “What’s with these foul tricks you’ve learned? I don’t expect you to be as successful as your brothers. Even if you don’t do big things, just entering a second-rate university and learning some good skills after graduation is enough. But look what you’ve done, you actually use feudal superstition to deceive villagers! And you also dare to talk back to your parents now!” 3EAvSx

The more he talks, the angrier he gets so Father Gu keeps chasing Gu Ye around with the golf club while Gu Ye agilely steps on the table to dodge. Even if Father Gu was healthy, he was in his 60’s after all, he can’t catch up with the vigorous 19 years old Gu Ye.

“You still dare to run!” Father Gu was surprised. That Gu Ye has the wit to hide now? He also knows to dodge?

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, Gu Ye said : “If I don’t run, you will lose a son!”

Father Gu almost laughed at the remark but suppressed it. Hating iron for not becoming steel, he asked : “You’re like this, you can’t do anything without relying on others, you can’t even pick up trash later in your life. Do you want to rely on fortune telling and cheating people to make a living?” ucjtpE

Xe Tf mifnfgis cbvvfv : “Tfr.”

Father Gu’s blood pressure immediately sky-rocketed. There’s no helping this son, better to beat him to death!

Gu Ye felt helpless, telling the truth will also get beaten? Are all fathers this unreasonable? While hiding, he reads his father’s fortune : “You’re a bit more irritable lately. Is business not going well recently? It’s because our home’s Feng Shui is bad. That lion at the gate has a problem, it’s losing money! It will be fine if you fix it early or you will lose a huge amount of money in three days!”

Gu Ye just wanted to prove his skills with facts, I didn’t lie, I really can do divination! hmozti

The fact that Gu Ye still wanted to use feudal superstition to convince him made Father Gu’s blood boiled and he swung the gold club even fiercer. Gu Yang who had just returned from the kitchen, nibbling on egg pancake was shocked and he hurriedly flung himself and grabbed Father Gu’s arm, yelling : “Dad! Do you want to kill my brother?!”

“P klii xlii tlw abvjs, P klii tjnf cb remt rbc!”

“Dad! Even a vicious tiger will not eat its cub! Hit me instead, I’m strong!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Ccv sbe, sbe kbgatifrr mtliv! Tbe ralii vjgf ab mbwf yjmx joafg ufaalcu pera 50 wjgxr lc sbeg fcv bo atf sfjg fzjw!” V1kFar

Vfflcu atja tfg bkc rbc kjr jybea ab yf yfjafc jr kfii, Zgr Xe mbeiv cb ibcufg rajcv ys jcv kjamt. Vb rtf tegglfvis rafqqfv obgkjgv jcv klcxfv ja atf ygbatfgr, afiilcu atfw ab gec. Kjxlcu jvnjcajuf ktlif Mjatfg Xe kjr ajxlcu j ygfjatfg, Zgr Xe ifv tlw yjmx ab atflg yfvgbbw jcv ufcais wjrrjufv tlr afwqif : “Tbe jr kfii, tf lr sbeg ylbibulmji rbc, mjc sbe gfjiis yfjg xliilcu tlw? Gbc’a sbe offi yjv tlaalcu tlw? Aera rmjglcu tlw lr fcbeut. Ktlr lr ubbv, atf atlgv mtliv mjc jigfjvs rqfjx kfii jcv cb ibcufg uibbws. Qf rtbeiv yf tjqqs.”

“Happy? I should be happy that he knows to talk back to me now?” Father Gu angrily slammed the golf club on the table, the sound was scary, and in fact, the impact of it hitting the table hurt Father Gu’s hand.

“You spoil him too much!” Father Gu finally concluded.

Mrs Gu felt bitter but couldn’t say it, but shouted in her mind, “When did I spoil Gu Ye?” She couldn’t refute nor could she say she wasn’t really good to Gu Ye, it’s inevitable to have differential treatment when raising two children. But the late first wife’s first two sons were excellent children, while she raised the third and fourth one who often failed exams. If you think about it in this way, it seems that the problem was really on her. fW4T6k

Back in his room, Gu Ye watched the backyard full of chaotic air and secretly calculated how to change this house’s Feng Shui. There will be no help coming from his father who wanted to beat him just now. Sigh, having a father is really exhausting!


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The next morning at breakfast, Father Gu who was quite lethargic asked grumpily : “Where are those two brats? Why don’t they come down for breakfast?”

The driver who was waiting at the door was about to speak before Mrs Gu answered, effectively cutting him off, “They went to cram school. They left earlier in the morning, they know they need to study.”
The driver was about to speak again but stopped after receiving a hint from Mrs Gu and could only close his mouth helplessly, thinking, Madame spoils the children too much. She would protect them even in this thing? LjCNYa

In fact, Mrs Gu really has no way around this. If Gu Decheng found out what the two boys were up to, Gu Yang would surely be beaten as well. Gu Ye brought his brother along when he did bad things, she had no choice but to cover for them.

After breakfast, Father Gu went to the company. In the car, the driver wanted to say something but hesitated. After some thought, he pulled out a small paper bag from his pocket and said : “Third young master gave this to you, hoping that you…will stay safe.”

Taking it, Father Gu opened the bag then said angrily : “This thing is useless!”

Inside the bag was an amulet with a ghost-like writing scribbled on! BSln3j

Father Gu angrily crumpled the amulet in his palm into a ball shape and was about to throw it away when a phone call came. He picked up his phone instinctively and the crumpled ball of amulet fell into his pocket as if by chance.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Arriving at the company, his secretary reported : “Mr Gu, we just received a notice regarding the right for the construction of the Winter Olympics venue we are bidding for. There are some problems now and we are waiting for the verdict.”

Father Gu frowned. The right to the construction was a fixed thing already so what happened in the middle? The other day as well, the land to the north of the city has already been agreed to be sold to him but now the owner wanted to renegotiate. Father Gu was inevitably tired of this. Everything went against him recently and the two kids at home also made him worry unceasingly.

Unexpectedly, there’s more bad news coming. Before long, the secretary with a solemn face reported : “Mr. Gu, there’s trouble in the shopping arcade. Someone is about to jump off a building!”
Gu DeCheng stood up with a cold expression, puzzled. Of all streets to commit suicide, why this one? His third son said something yesterday, that he will lose a lot of money in three days and today, something had already happened. Most merchants were concerned about Feng Shui and the likes, and now that things have turned sinister, it will be harder to sell the properties there. It cost him a lot of money to buy a large piece of land in such a valuable location but now that it can’t be sold, there will be a problem with the capital turnover. Z2VO0i

Gu DeCheng arrived at the mall an hour later but he was too late. That person had already jumped.
Around, many people were there to watch, “This is the third time this month, isn’t it? This street is too wicked. Rumor has it that accidents started three months ago and it will happen three times every month.”

“This is so weird. It won’t be because the building company did something bad and now the spirit is coming for revenge, right?”

“I don’t know. It’s such a big street, who knows what happened when they built it.”

The secretary’s expression also turned bad while persuading the director with a small voice : “Director Gu, why not ask a Feng Shui master to see? Maybe there is something evil involved here.” GwOsnE

“What Feng Shui master?! Those are all nonsense!” The most taboo word for Gu DeCheng right now is “Metaphysics Master”. As soon as he heard it, the image of the banners his third son brought back made him have the urge to hit Gu Ye.

At that moment, someone suddenly shouted, “Be careful!”

Gu DeCheng felt an evil kind of wind blew behind him and just as he felt cold and turned around, he saw a truck sped past, heading right over to him. The people around cried out in alarm and Gu DeCheng’s pupils contracted and he stepped back in a reflex but he tripped over the divider. A thought flashed in his mind, I’m finished, I’m going to die here today.

Just when everyone thought it would be another tragedy, the truck suddenly turned right and passed by Gu DeCheng. 4dyWmV

The crowd only returned to their senses after a few seconds of silence.

“That was too dangerous! You must be really lucky to survive that!”

“God must be watching, there’s nearly another tragedy!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Gu DeCheng touched his pocket. Just when the truck was about to run him over, he felt his pocket grow hot and then the truck immediately turned right after. Pulling the stuff out, he saw that it was the amulet Gu Ye gave him this morning. But now, the amulet was burnt and only a third of it left. vw RWL

Gu DeCheng suddenly thought of his third son’s words. Thinking carefully, it all had come true. And he was struck with a thought, maybe that little brat really can fortune tell?

Back in the car, Gu Decheng calmed himself down for half an hour before asking the driver: “Where is Lao San?”

The driver stuttered : “Madame says…”

“Say it!” Looking at Mrs Gu’s face this morning, he knew that those two little brats must be up to no good. w8MzHB

After some cross-examination, Gu DeCheng went to the ‘cram school’ where Gu Ye and Gu Yang were supposed to go. He decided that no matter what Gu Ye was doing, he would calmly talk to him.

He found his two sons under an obscured overpass. His third son Gu Ye calmly sat on a small stool and in front of him was a plank covered in white linen cloth of which a lot of amulets were spread on. Behind him was a white banner with a flamboyant calligraphy which reads : Fortune Telling!

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Looking at the side, Father Gu almost fainted in fury.

His youngest son who was usually normal was now dressed in a phony Taoist robe complete with a Bagua chart on his chest. Wearing sunglasses while holding a big sign post that has a badly hand-drawn little monk wearing a Buddhist robe with a Jiāshā draped over his shoulder. Surrounding the drawing was a writing that reads : Ancestral-skill of Exorcism and Expelling Evil, able to see Feng Shui and Yin and Yang matters, able to discern the Five Elements Bagua, picking a name from Five Elements, fortune telling from characters, seeing future prospects, curing frightened young children who lost their mortal souls that they turned into a fool. Double price for grave digging, muah~ 78WPLc

At this moment, Gu DeCheng put away the idea to “calmly talk” with his sons and pulled out a golf club from under his seat.

— — —

T/N : Yes, calmly talk lmao. Huge thanks to Velvet for helping me checking the translation! I can’t remember much about this series but if there’s any words that needs to be censored, I will. Tell me your thoughts in the comments. And btw, I really read all comments but I have a running mouth. I’m afraid I will let out huge spoilers and stuff if I reply to the comments because I really can’t help it. Thank you for reading! <3


Translator's Note

Hair loss, in this content, it might be a case of being cursed. Source : https://baike.baidu.com/item/%E6%96%91%E7%A7%83/2423225?fromtitle=%E9%AC%BC%E5%89%83%E5%A4%B4&fromid=851096

Translator's Note

Disliking the fact that someone failed to meet expectations or the like. Source : https://www.chinese-idioms.com/single-post/2018/02/01/To-hate-iron-for-not-becoming-steel-%E6%81%A8%E9%93%81%E4%B8%8D%E6%88%90%E9%92%A2

Translator's Note

Shoulders couldn’t carry, hands couldn’t lift. Meaning; not having skills or brain to do stuff. Source : https://zhidao.baidu.com/question/1370369116414351539.html

Translator's Note

Self-explanatory, I think. Source : https://baike.baidu.com/item/%E8%99%8E%E6%AF%92%E4%B8%8D%E9%A3%9F%E5%AD%90

Translator's Note

Like this one :

Translator's Note

Either the simple Yin and Yang symbol or complete chart like this one :

Translator's Note

The cloth monks usually wear. Like this :

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