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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 8.3


Translated by Eve

Edited by Juurensha, Cat and Sora bc SQW

Since Adonis shone like a walking beam of light, as long as one was human, their attention would be ensnared by him. For this reason, the two people continued onwards silently, with one person ahead and the other behind, assuming a distant, superior-subordinate relationship until they reached Adonis’ residence.

It was a temporary residence after all, so the entire room was so clean, it looked uninhabited. The entire room emitted a feeling of being as cold as steel, as if it was saying that its owner was an emotionless robot. This left a crushing sense of pressure on anyone who saw it.

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Naturally, Sui Yuan did not feel that way at all. At this very moment, his attention was fully concentrated on the culinary delicacy sitting atop of the desk.

When he saw Sui Yuan watering at the mouth, gaze unwilling to budge, Adonis relaxed his callous expression and gave a slow teasing smile, “Don’t look so pathetic. I know how terrible nourishment fluid tastes, which is why I got this specifically prepared for you.” 8dBNCS

As soon as Adonis spoke the first sentence, Sui Yuan had already sat down impatiently at the desk’s side, holding both a bowl and a pair of chopsticks in his hand.

He had never in his life eaten something as disgusting as the nourishment fluid. Earlier, at the cafeteria, he had not been acting at all. His reaction was very real! This kind of food, sure he could endure it for one or two meals, but to have to eat it every day, Sui Yuan felt that his taste buds would surely spoil!

Sui Yuan knew that he had already gotten used to being spoiled by Zhao Xihe. No matter where it was, Zhao Xihe would only give him the best. He was unable to tolerate Sui Yuan suffering even the smallest bit —-even though he didn’t have to at all.

He meticulously indulged him in so many subtle ways. He pampered him and took care of him, making Sui Yuan grow used to being treated in such a way, so that he would be unable to part from Zhao Xihe. If Sui Yuan left his side, he would definitely feel uncomfortable and unaccustomed to it. These feelings would overflow, turning into an irrepressible yearning that would penetrate deep into his bone marrow—- Despite struggling for all these years, Sui Yuan was still in the palm of his hand, but now, he thought it was excusable. TkngBA

Zhao Xihe smiled as he watched Sui Yuan eat more than half of his meal, until his stomach could no longer hold anymore. Sui Yuan was left in a food coma on the chair, squinting his eyes as he rubbed his stomach comfortingly after eating to his heart’s content. He looked like a lazy cat who had just eaten its fill, resting in the sun.

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With a wave of his hand, he summoned a robot to clean up the desk. Zhao Xihe walked towards Sui Yuan’s side, and leaned over to carry him into his arms. He then placed him on the soft sofa—-it had to be said, an Alpha’s body was naturally very strong. He carried Sui Yuan as if he weighed nothing at all.

Sui Yuan did not struggle at all, no matter how Zhao Xihe acted. Soon after, he rolled around on the soft sofa, and immediately felt a wave of sleepiness hit.

Because he had matters on his mind during these past two days, although he didn’t seem to act any differently on the surface, in the dead of the night, Sui Yuan found it difficult to let go of his thoughts and couldn’t sleep peacefully until morning. gddBjZ

At present, he didn’t know why but when he was by Zhao Xihe’s side, all of his troubles instantly dissipated, making him feel very at ease.

Of course, although he was sleepy, Sui Yuan could not fall asleep. This was because 5237 was continuously by his side, urging him anxiously. It was making such a racket that Sui Yuan felt a strong headache coming—- It was because Sui Yuan hadn’t told 5237 about his decision previously. But Sui Yuan hadn’t told him of his thoughts yet because 5237 would surely annoy him to death, as he would try to get him to change his mind!

Anyways, from now on, it would be impossible to keep it hidden from 5237.

Sui Yuan blinked a few times, dispersing the sleepiness from his head, and turned his gaze to Adonis who was sitting beside him. Adonis looked as if he couldn’t get enough of looking at Sui Yan, Hi9MTw

Sui Yuan asked, “What are you planning to do, with regards to this world? I looked into the plot; are we faking our deaths again?”

Adonis stared, distracted, reacting like he didn’t quite understand Sui Yuan’s meaning. He lowered his head unconsciously, “I think that it can still be done.”

Sui Yuan understood clearly. He tilted his head slightly as he examined Adonis, “I heard that the Alphas of this world have little resistance against the pheromones of any Omega that has a high compatibility with them. Can you resist it?”

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Adonis gradually understood Sui Yuan’s implication, and his heart overflowed with happiness, nearly turning into panic. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing, almost doubting whether or not everything was real or just his own delusion—-Sui Yuan’s abrupt change of heart felt ill-omened to Adonis, but he couldn’t quite pinpoint where this premonition had come from. 0OTa8H

Lf tjv gfoerfv ab jmmfqa tlw veglcu atf ijra ofk vjsr, rb kts vlv tf revvfcis gfrqbcv qbrlalnfis? Pa mbeivc’a yf atja tf kjr wlrajxfc jcv kjr pera wlrecvfgrajcvlcu Vel Tejc’r wfjclcu gluta cbk? Cvbclr’ tfjga kjr lc mtjbr, yea cbcf bo atlr rtbkfv lc tlr nblmf, “Ciatbeut P’nf qgfnlberis bcis yffc lc DX kbgivr jcv tjnf cfnfg fzqfglfcmfv jc CDY rfaalcu, P ralii tjnf mbcolvfcmf lc ws bkc rfio-mbcagbi. Cr ibcu jr P vbc’a kjca ab, cb bcf mjc obgmf wf —- P klii vfolclafis cfnfg ijs tjcvr bc jcsbcf yea sbe.”

“Good. I’ll wait and see,” Sui Yuan shrugged his shoulders, ignoring Adonis’ approval-seeking expression and stood up, observing Adonis’ room, “We’ll talk once again after I’ve seen that you definitely won’t succumb to an Omega’s pheromones.”

Adonis’ eyes shone, finally no longer in doubt that he had misinterpreted Sui Yuan’s meaning. An immense wave of happiness completely washed over the uneasiness in his mind. Adonis restrained his excitement, but then he suddenly saw Sui Yuan who had just stood up stagger, as if he had been bumped into by some invisible thing.

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“What’s wrong?” Adonis supported Sui Yuan nimbly, rubbing the place where he had been hit. eOGXAz

Sui Yuan smiled, “5237 got angry.”

Sui Yuan didn’t lie. Adonis also did not see through him and merely thought that 5237 was angry and wanted to sever ties with him because Sui Yuan had agreed to stay with him in this world.

“Sorry, I have to snatch your host away,” Adonis said in a cheerful, victorious tone, that carried a hint of ridicule. Although he couldn’t see 5237, Adonis could still accurately sense its position.

“You…….you……..” 5237 shook incessantly, feeling a great amount of despair, anger, and terror. This completely stripped it of its ability to speak. It simply could not believe it, that Sui Yuan had unexpectedly planned to do this —- This was all Zhao Xihe’s fault! It was all because of this idiot! pMfYVz

5237 wanted to cry itself silly!

“Sorry,” Seeing 5237 who was glaring at Adonis fiercely, as if it wanted to tear him apart with its gaze, Sui Yuan apologized softly.

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5237 turned its head to glance at Sui Yuan. Its heart was full of complicated emotions, making it incapable of expressing itself. Therefore, it reflexively uttered a sound with its innate ice-cold robotic voice. 5237 wasn’t hateful or disappointed for having been thrown away by Sui Yuan. What it had found intolerable was that it could only watch blankly as Sui Yuan secretly chose to die.

Their time together was clearly not short, though it could not be considered long either. 5237 didn’t know how many actors it had worked with over the years, and how many times it had experienced having to say goodbye. It didn’t know why, but the only one it found difficult to part with was Sui Yuan. I2UPcK

Perhaps it was because Sui Yan was too clean, pure, and ignorant like a child. At the same time, 5237 suffered many hardships while raising this child, playing the role of assistant and teacher as Sui Yuan gradually adapted to each world and got used to the work as well as each identity, bit by bit.

5237 could feel that Sui Yuan’s feelings towards itself was sincere, not at all like its previous actors who only viewed it as a tool or even an obstacle to their freedom. As such, towards those impure feelings, 5237 repaid them with the same kind of intentions. Therefore, now that Sui Yuan had made such a choice, 5237 especially could not accept it.

However, what use was that?

Sui Yuan’s determination was steady. This was specifically inputted into his settings when he was created, so that he would lose himself in the rich and colourful worlds. Now, however, this kind of strong willpower was a true obstacle. As long as Sui Yuan had made up his mind, no one could stop him. qzAlIN

Like just now—5237 had knocked against him with all its strength. That was the extent of what 5237 could do. Even with that action, it had received a warning, telling it that it was not allowed to do anything that would cause the actor to drop their masks in any way whatsoever.

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5237 knew that right now, aside from looking helplessly at Sui Yuan from the outside, it couldn’t do anything.

Everything was all Zhao Xihe’s fault!

If Zhao Xihe didn’t exist, then Sui Yuan would certainly have succeeded at any and all assignments. Furthermore, 5237 would be able to stay by his side. There wouldn’t be any worries, or any anxiety— they’d all be happy! hOZ970

In this instant, 5237 was itching to see Zhao Xihe’s expression. It wanted to see what he’d look like after obtaining his life’s wish, to be inseparable from Sui Yuan, only to discover that the other had suddenly disappeared without a trace—- especially when he found out that he had been the reason why this had happened! It was him; he forced his beloved Sui Yuan to die, even though he hadn’t know that things would come to end like this….

And Sui Yuan, who had made his choice…. In the end, did he love Zhao Xihe or did he hate him?

If it was hate, why would he sacrifice his life for Zhao Xihe? But if it was love, why would he let the other have a little taste, only to suffer when he lost it all?

5237 suddenly didn’t understand what Sui Yuan was thinking—or rather, perhaps, even from a long time before, it hadn’t understood Sui Yuan at all.  JmQTYE

Sui Yuan liked Zhao Xihe, so he chose to be with him in the end, giving himself a satisfactory ending. Yet at the same time, he was unhappy with how Zhao Xihe always imposed upon him and obstructed his work, causing him to have to disappear in the end. So, his vengeful nature made him want to give the other a little taste of despair?

Then, what about 5237? In the end, it only got a single, “I’m sorry.” And then what? Was it supposed to erase all of its feelings and hardwork?

5237 was truly mad. It had never been at such a loss.

Then, since nothing could prevent this from happening,  it would use this time to adjust itself. Step by step, it would take back all its feelings that it had invested in Sui Yuan. If it did this, then when the end arrived, it wouldn’t be so painful, right? NjCa08

5237 firmly closed its eyes, blocking Sui Yuan from its sight and turned its body away.

—-From this day on, it will refuse to speak to Sui Yuan anymore.

Sui Yuan perceived 5237 keeping him at arms length. His eyes turned gloomy, but he had long since prepared for this.

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When this world had run its course, the only one that Sui Yuan felt apologetic to was 5237. However, he had no way to make it up to 5237. Uyazxi

5237 treated him so well, that he couldn’t bear it. And so, this cold attitude, this counts as the best outcome, right?

Sui Yuan shifted his gaze away and looked towards the completely ignorant Adonis, who he had been keeping in the dark. Sui Yuan wholeheartedly listened to the other’s plans for the future.

“……So what you’re saying is that I’ll live here from now on? Is that allowed?” Sui Yuan furrowed his brows slightly.

“You’re my assistant. To live at the dorms would be inconvenient, after all,” Adonis shrugged, indifferent to the question, “Also, I’m privileged. What would be the point of not taking advantage of it while I have it? The key point here is you. Are you willing?” DHVZOy

“I’m fine with it,” Sui Yuan said lightly, “The living conditions here is much better than that of the dorms. I don’t even have to mention the food quality; it’s simply a difference between heaven and hell! Wouldn’t it be strange for me to reject?”

“But…” Adonis opened his mouth. Finally, he shoved the four words, “What about the plot?” back down his throat.

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Sui Yuan was no longer strongly attached to the plot: that was a good thing. Although he didn’t know what brought about this change, Adonis would definitely not foolishly remind the other of this matter himself.

Upon seeing that Adonis would overlook this matter, Sui Yuan let out a sigh. He had never been good at lying and truly wouldn’t know how to dispel the other’s doubts. Since Adonis would not ask him further, then he’d consider it as not having been discovered. l8TB0a

Sui Yuan zealously observed the bare but well-equipped room around him. He discovered that this place was also completely equipped for all his training needs.

“You can train here. I can also guide you,” Seeing that Sui Yuan’s sight had fallen onto the training equipment, Adonis casually spoke, “After all, seeing your performance today, you’re not very proficient with these, right?”

“I’m not good with them. How about you?” Sui Yuan tilted his head skeptically, “Didn’t you also just arrive? Are you qualified to teach me?”

“Although I have just arrived in this world, I’ve experienced similar worlds countless number of times,” Adonis patted Sui Yuan’s head, his words had a discreet boasting quality, “This world is practically the same. This level of training poses no problem to me whatsoever.” zQ iLT

Sui Yuan pouted, which could be regarded as his silent agreement with regards to Adonis’ argument, “Say, what were you like before you became an actor? When you had just become one, were you this successful?”

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“What? Are you finally interested in my past?” the corner of Adonis’ mouth raised, and he looked to be in high spirits. At present, he was completely inconsistent with the ice-cold appearance he was supposed to have. He looked particularly attractive.

“…..I was just mentioning it casually. Don’t talk about it if you don’t want to,” Sui Yuan averted his gaze. He would definitely not admit that he was curious.

“Why would I not want to tell you? I’m just glad that you’re willing to take the initiative towards me,” Adonis replied, smiling. He stopped his teasing, so that Sui Yuan wouldn’t become fed up, and immediately revealed everything. “Before I had become an actor, I was just an ordinary person. I was just like your typical tall, handsome, rich male lead. I managed a corporation, came from a respectable family, had a clean record, a clean romantic history, unmarried…” QvTn4r

“…..Are you trying to introduce yourself to a blind date?” Sui Yuan glanced at Adonis, as he interrupted him, expressing that he was really uninterested in these things.

“Ok, ok. What comes next is a bit more serious,” Adonis sighed, helplessly. His tone was especially innocent and pathetic, “I died in a car accident. I was in my prime as a 30 year old man. Competition in Business was such a normal thing. Even if you went bankrupt, one still shouldn’t hire an assassin, right? I have always been a good, law-abiding citizen. I had never thought a competitor could be this deranged. So, for a while, I really regretted it all.”

Sui Yuan looked at Adonis sympathetically —- Indeed, no matter who it was, there must have been a time when they all had been naive and bullied by other people. Zhao Xihe was no exception.

“When I had just became an actor, I also made a fool of myself many times. Fortunately, my guide was 0007, who was very experienced, and who fit with my personality well. I was also fortunate to be assigned the rare male lead roles. So, in the end, I persevered through who knows how many worlds…” 5ORILA

Adonis shamelessly absorbed Sui Yuan’s sympathy, sighing with sorrow as he spoke. He wasn’t worried at all towards exposing his own dark history, “With regards to the plot, it was a bit annoying, but it wasn’t like I couldn’t deal with it. What gave me the biggest headache was really the emotions. I couldn’t accept the so-called female lead’s feelings, so I failed several times. In the end, I gradually grasped the general idea and was then able to barely bluff my way through it. 0007 also made sure to help me obtain roles that didn’t require much emotion.”

“Surprisingly, you couldn’t deal with the female leads?” Sui Yuan looked at him with astonished wide eyes. In his eyes, Zhao Xihe was a full-time romantic. As a matter of fact, wasn’t Sui Yuan someone who had initially rejected him from the start, only to be won over by him?

“0007 said that it was probably because my life had always been smooth sailing, so I was very self-centered. I didn’t understand other people at all, nor  how other people thought,” Adonis said truthfully, “It was because I never got attached to the women that the plot had arranged for me so, I could never be bothered to try to guess what the other was thinking or feeling. For a while, they could put up with it, but no one could bear it for a lifetime. Besides, these women were also characters with protagonist’s halos. Even if they look weak on the outside, they all have a personality that would not allow them to compromise.”

Adonis paused, looking a bit helpless, “Actually, I had already been clear about this part of me, even in my original world. I was always single-mindedly focused on one thing, to the point of neglecting everyone and everything else around me. Although I’d dated several women, because I had always wholeheartedly thrown myself into my work, my girlfriends could never endure this neglect and would want to break up soon after— I’ve always been cursed to spend my whole life with my work.” Qp3slJ

When he saw that Sui Yuan was listening closely to him, Adonis smiled gently, and pulled him into his arms, “In fact, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that part of me. In the past, I concentrated on my work and didn’t understand this emotion called “love”. But now, the one that I’m wholly devoted to is you. Aside from you, I don’t care about anything else.”

Sui Yuan:“………”

When he was solely concentrated on his work, he was an EQ deficient idiot. When he was single-mindedly devoted to his beloved, he was a full-time romantic god—this kind of incongruous existence, was there really no problem?!

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The author has something to say: iqYwjA

These days, Chicago has been alternating between being hot and being cold. It’s also started to rain. The consequences of not being used to Spring’s weather forecasts is that I’m not dressed appropriately. In addition, after being rained on, I’ve fallen sick…Once I return home, I just want to sleep. I can’t concentrate. It was only now that I have recovered. From now on, I won’t have to disappear for a week, making everyone feel worried. It is definitely because of work, health, etc. that I’ve been delayed. OTZ Real life is truly too annoying.

The table of contents now has several locked chapters because of that groundless river crab. JJ is too much! And I don’t know when this will end…I feel like there’s no hope, ok? I always felt that, although the entire internet is being censored, JJ is being affected the most. In the end, it’s because it’s being watched so closely that it’s become so strict. Also, it could be that they’re so scared and timid that they ended up scaring themselves? Ai…….


Eve: ….This chapter was really rough for me. It was an emotional rollercoaster. Full of angst and then full of sweetness. And then the author’s note brought RAGE TO MY SOUL. BRING THESE DAMN RIVER CRABS TO ME. I SHALL DINE ON THEIR CARCASSES. OiM9Ja

Juurensha: This was a nice chapter, lots of sweet moments and heartfelt confessions! Hopefully things work out for them

Cat:  *looks at the doc title, looks at Eve* I think we could tell; “Translated with Eve’s tears BEWARE THERE’S PIECES OF MY SHATTERED HEART LAYING AROUND”, *starts to walk faraway* “crap i think i stepped on a heart shard, goddammit Eve now i’m bleeding!!”, but at least we now got some background info from the ML, though i still ain’t quite sure if he is telling the truth or not…Hmm, well now i hope we can get more background info on our MC.

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