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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 15.9


Translated by Eve

Edited by Wuxian SVaUwb

In the evening, Zhao Xihe—draped in Yun Shan’s skin—naturally followed along to meet with Yun Yi and Yue Minghe. Afterwards, they showed off their loving affection in front of the other two people.

Although a smile consistently hung on Yue Minghe’s face, he was evidently in an especially gloomy and depressed mood. He even didn’t speak all that much. From beginning to end, he maintained a heavy silence. Meanwhile, even if Yun Yi was self-absorbed, he still noticed this abnormality.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Although Yun Yi and Yun Shan were cousins, their relationship had never been good. Yun Shan was arrogant and willful and had always acted like Yun Yi and Xin Xin were a certain match. It really pushed Yun Yi to the end of his patience. Originally, when Hao Ning and Yun Shan were dating, he wasn’t particularly happy. When Yun Shan was thrown away, he was extremely joyful. Right now, to discover that his brother that had always been fed up with this woman’s pestering unexpectedly had a change of heart and began anew with Yun Shan, it was obvious that Yun Yi would be feeling rather incredulous.

It was just a pity that no matter how much Yun Yi expressed his displeasure, he was unable to change Sui Yuan’s mind. After going tit-for-tat with Yun Shan several times, he had no choice but to give in and force himself to accept that his brother had unexpectedly fallen for the woman he loathed. 6 uVS4

Because Yun Shan was here, the three people were not in the mood to participate in any night time activities. They quickly finished discussing their thoughts about the venture’s next steps and then speedily dispersed from the scene. Yun Yi prepared to spend the night out on his own; Yue Minghe expression that he was a bit tired and wanted to go home to rest; and Sui Yuan naturally needed to send his ‘girlfriend’ Zhao Xihe home.

Before parting, Yue Minghe gazed at the two of them profoundly, as if ten thousand words were brewing inside of him. Sui Yuan felt his hair stand on end from being gazed at like this, but still sighed in relief.

After spending the night incessantly hopping around, making his presence known, Zhao Xihe had eventually firmly locked Yue Minghe’s hatred unto himself. Even if Yue Minghe wanted to act, he probably would take the lead to rush at ‘Yun Shan’, and would not come to Sui Yuan looking for trouble.

Originally, Sui Yuan had been touched by Zhao Xihe’s devotion in the way he was wiling to ‘sacrifice himself for him’. Only, without knowing why, he wondered whether the other person was actually taking pleasure in doing this. As soon as he saw how ugly Yue Minghe’s expression was, Zhao Xihe’s mood rose, like he had been injected with a stimulant. tYEu27

In short, no matter what, ‘Yun Shan’ had already become an especially firm shield that was protecting Sui Yuan from the front. Yue Minghe was made helpless and had no option but to retreat back to the friend zone and temporarily let his feelings hibernate. After all, he was still being controlled by his elders, and the person he loved had yet to reciprocate his feelings. Even if he resolutely came out of the closet, all that waited for Yue Minghe was nothing but great resistance from all sides that would cause things to end up contrary to what he wished.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The supporting male lead’s threat had been dealt with for the time being. On the other side, a problem cropped up between the male lead and female lead. Originally, the two people would fight, their relationship on and off. This would go on until their second year, when they would finally meet each other’s feelings head on. However, who would have expected that as soon as Sui Yuan would casually speak some words, the plot would go way off track like a derailed train.

The words in question were in the last phrase Sui Yuan had said to He Nuannuan after her confession failed, “Why don’t you look around a bit more? Perhaps you’ll find that someone else is looking at you.” Sui Yuan had originally intended to point at Yun Yi, only it was just unfortunate that the female lead had obviously not cast her gaze to the male lead who was always causing her trouble with his disdainful manner. Thus, when her family’s male god said this, He Nuannuan unexpectedly seemed to have caught a fever somehow and turned around to accept the confession of an ordinary male student who had similar family circumstances as her.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

——When Sui Yuan found out about this piece of news, he wanted to fall apart! Why is it that whenever he stuck his hand into a BG world, the female lead would always end up with Passerby 1?! gjV63x

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Ktf ecfzqfmafv mtjcuf lc atf qiba tjv jmaejiis mjerfv atf wjif ifjv—atlr sbecu wjc ktb kbeivc’a ugbk eq ecali atf rfmbcv sfjg—ab jkjxfc. Qtfc tf rjk Lf Rejccejc yfmbwf j mbeqif klat atja qjrrfgys ybsoglfcv bo tfgr, Tec Tl yfmjwf pfjiber. Lf gfjilhfv atja tlr offilcur abkjgvr Lf Rejccejc kjr cba rb rlwqif jr ab yf pera olcvlcu tfg vlrqifjrlcu ab atf fsf jcv ater kjcalcu ab yeiis tfg.

Yun Yi had always had an overbearing disposition. Even if he didn’t have any deep feelings towards He Nuannuan just yet, if he didn’t feel good, then he would absolutely not allow others to feel good. No matter what, he had to make things go the way he wanted.

Therefore, the highly motivated Yun Yi acted. Meanwhile, Sui Yuan only wanted the male and female lead to love each other dearly no matter what was actually occurring so naturally, he surreptitiously pushed things forward from behind, giving Yun Yi advice. CyjGxl

Unfortunately, no matter how good Sui Yuan’s ideas were, Yun Yi would always mess it up in some way. Therefore, Sui Yuan was worrying about the male lead’s EQ while also spectating this ‘pursuit’ that made people not know whether to laugh or cry with quite a bit of interest.

Under Sui Yuan’s guidance, Yun Yi acted friendly towards He Nuannuan and progressed in his pursuit of her. At the same time, he pressured that passerby boyfriend and also threatened him. Evidently, the passerby boyfriend did not have the male lead’s valor in resisting pressure. He very quickly yielded and compromised. He broke up with He Nuannuan. The innocent He Nuannuan, who was thrown away, was hurt and angry but helpless to do anything about it.

He Nuannuan was angry at Yun Yi for having ‘stuck himself between them’ and was even angrier at her ex-boyfriend for being so weak and easily bullied. He was so spineless that she was actually secretly thankful for Yun Yi’s meddling that let her see the other’s true face clearly much earlier.

Perhaps it was the destined attractive force between the female and male lead, but after she got over her discouragement over her ex-boyfriend, He Nuannuan’s gaze was naturally drawn by Yun Yi, who had been painstakingly chasing after her. After understanding just how low the other’s EQ was, the anger over being teased gradually dissipated inside of He Nuannuan’s heart. She found it both funny and embarrassing to be ‘pursued’ by Yun Yi and her attitude slowly softened, until she finally ended up together with Yun Yi. KUGiwH

The next moment could be described as having poked the hornet’s nest. The ordinary and mediocre He Nuannua had unexpectedly become the girlfriend of one of the three male gods of the school. Quite a few arrogant girls could not accept this.

In a moment, all sorts of slanderous rumours about He Nuannuan spread around the school. Some said that she was snobbish, and that Yun Yi had only needed to wave his hand slightly for her to abandon her poor ex-boyfriend and throw herself into Yun Yi’s arms. Others said that she was fickle in love: at first, she had coveted Hao Ning, then turned around to accept another person’s confession, but that wasn’t enough so she had unexpectedly dared to act in an ambiguous manner towards Young Master Yun Yi…there were all kinds of rumours. It simply made He Nuannuan look like a reprehensible criminal. However, He Nuannuan was stubborn by nature. Even if she was wronged, she still persisted in dealing with it by herself. She did not compromise or take it lying down, and definitely did not go complain to Yun Yi.

Just like in the plot, the more Yun Yi and He Nuannuan interacted, the more Yun Yi was attracted to her strength and independence. Their feelings also deepened. Originally, he was only pursuing her and hoping to keep her by his side to make himself feel at ease. However, right now, he truly cherished her.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

When Yun Yi fell into an extreme anger on behalf of He Nuannuan and went to protect her by harshly criticizing the multitude of gossiping girls, the students in the school gradually became more well-behaved. They did not dare act so daring anymore. However, they didn’t expect that they would attract a ‘tigress’ so quickly. lRjL9F

When Sui Yuan, Yun Yi, and Yue Minghe received the news that Xin Xin had burst into school grounds to trouble He Nuannuan, they naturally did not dare delay matters and rushed over to the scene at once.

In the plot, He Nuannuan and Xin Xin’s conflict occurred in their second year. That year, Xin Xin entered the same school as the female and male lead. Using her vigilance against rivals-in-love, she discovered that there was something fishy between her family’s Yi Gege and He Nuannuan. Afterwards, she began to target the female lead, using all sorts of methods to suppress her and make reprisals. Right now, Yun Yi and He Nuannuan had gotten together earlier than expected. Thus, Xin Xin, who had the title of being his ‘fiance’, naturally needed to appear earlier as well.

When Sui Yuan and company rushed over to He Nuannuan’s classroom, they saw Xin Xin raise her hand and ruthlessly slap He Nuannuan, “Who asked you to seduce my Yi Gege?! He’s my fiance. What does that make you?! A mistress! A slut!”

After saying this, Xin Xin wanted to hit her a second time, however her wrist was grabbed by Yun Yi who rushed over to protect He Nuannuan, placing her behind him, “Xin Xin, that’s enough!” iByfFC

He Nuannuan covered her cheek that had been slapped. Her eyes were glistening but astonishingly clear. She was angered by this humiliation and felt incredulous from having been deceived. She completely did not know how to react. She could only fiercely glare at Yun Yi, hoping that he would give her an explanation.

As a female lead who had righteous values, He Nuannuan had never thought that she would become a mistress coming between a couple. She didn’t know that Yun Yi had a girlfriend — a fiance. This piece of information was like a bolt from the blue, destroying her three views.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Sui Yuan felt disinclined to listen to the dispute consisting of ‘Shut up, you’re not my fiance, we’ve never gotten engaged’ and ‘You’re lying, the elders all had an oral agreement for our engagement, and have you forgotten about how we were childhood sweethearts?’ that was occurring between Yun Yi and Xin Xin. He silently cast his gaze on Xin Xin’s best friend and his ‘current girlfriend’, Yun Shan.

Although Yun Shan had come to cheer for Xin Xin nominally, in reality, she had an ulterior motive. Even if she had followed Xin Xin from behind, Yun Shan’s gaze had always been on Sui Yuan, reluctant to part from his body as if she was just itching to pounce over and worship him at his feet. YxvcGX

Evidently, it was the real Yun Shan this time. Sui Yuan did not feel the familiar aura that belonged to Zhao Xihe on her. He also didn’t know what kind of hint Zhao Xihe had left for her, but although Yun Shan kept sending him frequent, amorous glances full of her longing, she didn’t come over at all, as if she didn’t dare approach Sui Yuan’s side.

When all was said and done, however, they were ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’. Sui Yuan could feel Yue Minghe’s gaze on him and sent a smile to Yun Shan, feeling greatly pressured. Yun Shan’s eyes lit up but in the next second, the gazes of the three people were attracted to a ‘pah!’ sound.

Sui Yuan was dumbstruck as he gazed at the red palm print on Yun Yi’s face and then cast a stunned gaze at the heroic Xin Xin who had slapped the male lead. Immediately, his gaze became one of suspicion.

Xin Xin’s dark gaze contained a storm that seemed capable of tearing everything to shreds. Her anger and hatred seemed to shoot to the heavens and made everyone watching fearful. Likewise, the brewing oppression and feeling that a severance of relationship was about to occur made everyone feel stifled. 4aMBkv

This kind of intense emotion did not develop overnight, nor was this something that the real supporting female lead could have before experiencing the events that were to occur later. There was no doubt. Sui Yuan had determined that she was a Destroyer, an Actor that had just become a Destroyer. A Destroyer that had yet to vent out all of their negative feelings.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

She had obviously encountered a lot of suffering. Perhaps she had to contend against the protagonist, had become ruined and hopeless, or perhaps her body and spirit had been abused and tortured. One world after another, her negative feelings accumulated, with no way to be alleviated. Perhaps some people may get used to it and laugh it away; some people may become numb and apathetic, become at peace with themselves; and then there were some people who would revolt and end up harming both others and themselves.

Hateful people were pitiful from a certain angle, and pitiful people were not necessarily despicable. Perhaps this Destroyer was worthy of sympathy for what bitter experiences she had encountered. However, Sui Yuan was destined to stand against her and could not afford her any mercy.

Perhaps she had met a man like Yun Yi before—a scum man that had an affair despite being engaged. Therefore, all of Xin Xin’s accumulated hate was thrown onto Yun Yi. Fortunately, she was still rational and knew that she could not do anything to Yun Yi right now. She could only curse him for being fickle and heartless in a powerful and resounding voice after slapping him. Afterwards, she took the initiative to dump him in front of the spectating crowd. In the end, she informed He Nuannuan in a proud and happy tone that this kind of scum man basically did not care about her at all. If she wanted to waste her time and affection on him in hopes of being treasured, then she could by all means go waste her time with him. Wv8qgR

Xin Xin turned around and walked out in her high heels, manner imposing. Although Yun Shan was rather unwilling, she still obediently followed after her from behind, turning around and looking back with affection in her eyes every three steps. The crowd that had been shocked by this unusual and sudden development was quiet for a long time, before they reacted one after another. All of them shrunk their necks in, itching to decrease their presence to the lowest it could go, so as to avoid encountering the Yun Family Crown Prince’s humiliated rage from being disgraced like this.

——This was simply using one’s own life to gossip, ah! We will definitely be retaliated against. QAQ

Of course, compared to the group of spectators, the shock and attack that Yun Yi sustained was much greater. He had never expected that Xin Xin, who was always pestering him, would unexpectedly lash out and become hostile so efficiently. She even had the courage to scold and hit him. This completely toppled all knowledge he had of that girl named Xin Xin!

Yun Yi could not say whether he felt relieved or sullen. At this moment, He Nuannuan did not feel good at all either. Although Xin Xin had left and had drawn a clear line between herself and Yun Yi, she had shattered her heroic self-esteem and had tossed to the ground her pride and ego that she had always painstakingly upheld, and even trampled all over it a few times. w3gtAX

He Nuannuan didn’t know how to face Yun Yi nor did she know whether she should believe that he had never been engaged to Xin Xin—that he had nothing to do with her. He Nuannuan treated her feelings with certainty. She was not willing to reject her boyfriend who she was mutually in love with all because of what some other person said. However, even if she trusted that Yun Yi was innocent, could they continue to be together without any barriers between them?

“What are you looking at?! Scram! All of you, scram!” After a period of being startled, Yun Yi, who discovered that he was being watched, shouted in a deep voice out of humiliated rage. In an instant, the crowd scattered like birds and beasts.

“Ah Yi…” Sui Yuan awkwardly stepped forward and tried to comfort him. However, at this moment, Yun Yi preferred to be alone.

Yun Yi didn’t even look at Sui Yuan when he waved tiredly. His voice was apologetic, “Sorry, Ah Ning, Minghe. I want some peace for awhile….” GAKqSh

Sui Yuan nodded in understanding. He also sent He Nuannuan a comforting glance. Soon after, he silently turned and left. Although his expression said that he was worried and troubled about his good friends, Sui Yuan was simply itching to find a deserted area to communicate with Zhao Xihe inside.

The Destroyer has been ascertained without a question.  The next step to take was to eliminate her.

——Only, was it really this simple? The plot has changed so much, but the Destroyer did not seem to notice at all and had even revealed her own identity?

Read more BL at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Could it be that she didn’t realize that there were other Actors around? Or was it a case of the young being fearless? Or did all of that accumulated negativity rush to her head, muddling her state of mind, causing her to make a mistake on impulse? Qaoi T

Sui Yuan’s eyebrows knitted into a frown, heart uncertain, and could not feel at ease no matter what.


Translator's Note

This is a modification of a phrase that reflected a particular view over a philosophical question regarding morality. The original phrase basically meant that ‘pitiful people’, such as the homeless or the bankrupt, deserve their current situation and should not actually be pitied. That their current situation was due to a mistake or that they were just asking for it. The author changed the wording a bit to express the opposite.

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    Will Sui Yuan get an old man body or impotent body in the next world???

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    Thank you for translating!

  3. Go XX, fight HN! Take down the scum men. Except that YY really isn’t a scum man, just super low EQ. Somehow he hasn’t realized he’s probably in love with SY lol. Although now it seems like his feelings are turning towards the destroyer (?).

    Thanks for the great translation ♥️

  4. Kinda feels like some of the characters transmigrated back in time instead of a Destroyer taking someone’s place.