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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 15.8


Translated by Eve

Edited by Wuxian OSogC2

Thank you San Xiaojie for the kofi 💕

Only when Sui Yuan was able to get home smoothly, did his entire body fall lax. After he repeatedly warned his butler not to let anyone disturb him, Sui Yuan shut himself in his room and quickly got in contact with Zhao Xihe via 5237. He felt that he could not continue living so leisurely and carefree right now. Not to mention the Destroyer, he really couldn’t deal with this supporting male lead, ah! Praying that the mission can be finished a little sooner!

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After calling him, Zhao Xihe immediately picked up his call. As soon as he saw Sui Yuan’s terrible expression, he immediately narrowed his eyes and came to a conclusion at once, “What did Yue Minghe do to you?!”

Sui Yuan:“…………………………” snVz1c

Sui Yuan, who had been fiercely stabbed in the knee, subconsciously cast an accusatory gaze at 5237, “What happened to not telling Zhao Xihe dada, ne?! What the heck do you want to do, selling your teammate off so quickly?!”

5237 was reduced into a bloody mess from this unjust accusation, “I didn’t, ah! I vow that I didn’t say a single word. QAQ”

Seeing the reaction of this pair of host and system, Zhao Xihe could naturally guess what happened. Only, his mood further plummeted, “No need to look at it. Indeed, it did not say anything. It’s all written on your face.”

Sui Yuan silently wiped the expression on his face. Although he had an astonishing gift for acting, when faced with Zhao Xihe, Sui Yuan would always subconsciously drop his facade and would naturally be seen through. lh7F1d

Since the other had already sensed it, Sui Yuan decided not to hide the matter. This was also to avoid Zhao Xihe from indulging in flights of fancy and coming up with increasingly worse scenarios in his head the more he thought.

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He told Zhao Xihe as it was, stressing that he had unrelentingly rejected the other. Only then did Zhao Xihe’s expression alleviate a bit. However, the gaze he used to stare at Sui Yuan’s nape was especially ruthless, making Sui Yuan nearly feel like his neck was in danger of being bitten by the other.

Coughing, Sui Yuan tried to change the subject, “So, I’m a bit worried that something will happen with the supporting male lead and thus wanted to ask you about developments regarding the Destroyer. Didn’t you say that you doubted the supporting female lead, Xin Xin?”

“Xin Xin? Oh, her, ah,” Zhao Xihe replied absentmindedly. He quickly collected his thoughts that had scattered after finding out that his lover had been taken advantage of, “She is indeed a little suspicious. I noticed that she would always secretly transfer shares of the Yun Family and Xin family. She had also established a company overseas.” ITeY27

“Really?!” Sui Yuan sat up straight, suddenly in high spirits, “The Xin Xin in the plot always concentrated on throwing herself onto Yun Yi and was at ease being a Ms. High and Mighty. There was no indication that she had been secretly transferring stocks and opening a business!” Soon after, he furrowed his brows, discontent, “How come the monitoring software I installed over the internet didn’t detect this?”

“For one, her actions are relatively cautious. Secondly, the shares she’s dealing with are rather small. Her company is not big either. In this world, there are quite a few companies being established everyday. Unless her company reaches a certain scale, your monitoring software will not pick it up,” Zhao Xihe explained, “If it wasn’t because my control over the Yun Family was great, and that Xin Xin was extremely reckless and would unexpectedly dare stick her hand into the Yun Family, I probably would not have noticed it. Unfortunately…she is really too self-confident.”

Sui Yuan was slightly relieved. Although the Origin had chosen a ‘youthful and beautiful’ shell for him, his identity was not that high. Sometimes, he also wished that he could stand at the apex of the world like Zhao Xihe and take the lead in grabbing the Destroyer’s pigtail, ah….

——In any case, he didn’t have any requirements when it came to his own appearances. Even if he were ‘old’ or ‘impotent’, he wouldn’t mind it much…. ejXMqr

5237’s indicator flashed on its round body and it silently transferred its silly host’s thoughts to the Origin.

Sui Yuan did not know that his pig teammate had such an unexpected ‘considerate’ side. He was still asking Zhao Xihe about their next moves in full zest, “Then if it’s like this, can we act against the supporting female lead?”

“…I think that we should wait a bit longer,” Zhao Xihe frowned, “The supporting female lead is indeed very suspicious, to the point where it practically points to her being the Destroyer, but I feel that something isn’t quite right, as if we’ve neglected something.”

“Like what?” Sui Yuan believed in Zhao Xihe’s judgement. His excited mood calmed down in an instant. AtiIde

“For example…” Zhao Xihe muttered for a while, “Did you discover anything about the supporting male lead?”

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When he heard Sui Yuan’s response, Zhao Xihe slightly furrowed his eyebrows, his eyes looking quite confused. However, he did not tell Sui Yuan his thoughts and only nodded gently before changing the topic, “Then, in the near future, you don’t need to be so close to Yue Minghe, so as to avoid him targeting you and trying to do something to you…right. Exchange a self-defense prop from 5237. Tsk, indeed, if we don’t meet in person, I really can’t feel reassured, ah….”

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“What do you want to do? Don’t mess around!” Sui Yuan erupted in anger, glaring at Zhao Xihe in warning, “With your current identity, you absolutely cannot mingle with us ‘young people’. It will certainly be suspicious!” G5VTuX

It was just a pity that Zhao Xihe was not at all swayed by Sui Yuan’s resistance. The corner of his lips rose and his tone became increasingly firmer, “Relax. I have a sense of propriety.”

“…Just what do you want to do? Let me prepare myself a bit!” The urge to kneel to this willful teammate seems to come real soon!

“You’ll find out tomorrow,” Zhao Xihe, in an extremely good mood, blinked at Sui Yuan, as if he had settled a vexing matter, “Right now, I have things to prepare. See you tomorrow!”

Sui Yuan was terribly terrified to see Zhao Xihe sell meng with that old face of his. Only when the other shut off their communications did he gradually come back to himself. One person and one system locked eyes. They could not guess at all what Zhao Xihe wanted to do and could only wait in anxiety and uneasiness for tomorrow to come. fohVpd

That night, Sui Yuan did not sleep soundly. He was plagued by all sorts of bizarre dreams. Furthermore, the content of these dreams was basically one hundred and eight ways Zhao Xihe could ruin their mission. When he awoke, Sui Yuan felt extremely stifled. He felt his body weighed down with utter exhaustion, making his butler feel extremely worried. The butler almost made a big fuss over things by calling over their family’s private doctor.

After dealing with his butler who was making a fuss over nothing, Sui Yuan left his home, holding the belief that it would be better to just get things over with. As a result, as soon as he looked up, he met with the supporting male lead who looked even worse off.

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As if not at all affected by their ‘unpleasant parting’ yesterday, Yue Minghe continued to wear the simple and elegant smile he always had. Even his actions and the distance he kept between them was extremely well-controlled, as if he had already accepted the reality of having been ‘rejected’, and had stepped back into his place as a friend.

Unfortunately, Sui Yuan did not believe this at all. This kind of Yue Minghe felt even more dangerous and even more unfathomable. h5aigR

“Yesterday’s matter of Ah Yi coming to find me to start a business together, do you know about it?” Yue Minghe walked to Sui Yuan’s side, attitude very natural as he idly chatted. Just as Sui Yuan was about to reply, he was interrupted by a lovable, soft and mellow female voice, “Ning ge!”

Sui Yuan turned around, flabbergasted. He saw a petite and adorable girl quickly run up to him, who then abruptly flung herself at him.

His first reaction was to dodge, but for some odd reason, Sui Yuan did not move. On the contrary, he let the girl successfully throw herself into his arms and he subconsciously wrapped his arms around the other’s slim shoulders.

The girl rubbed against Sui Yuan’s body in satisfaction. Soon after, she tip-toed and kissed the nape of Sui Yuan’s neck. She even sucked and bit on it, leaving a clear hickey. tpa6HO

Sui Yuan: “…………………………”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

——This time, he was certain that aside from Zhao Xihe, no one else would be so obsessed with his nape that had been ‘molested’ yesterday, ne? No wonder he thought that this girl carried a familiar aura on her as soon as he saw her. It had not been as intense as the one on Old Master Yun, but he could not ignore it nonetheless.

“Shanshan…why are you here?” Sui Yuan pretended to be helpless, wanting to push the girl out of his embrace, but the other was not satisfied with small gains and tenaciously stuck to him. Unable to act roughly towards a girl, he could only indulge in the other’s actions.

“I haven’t seen Ning ge in so long. I honestly really missed Ning ge, so I came over, la!” The girl bit her lip and gazed at Sui Yuan, wronged, “Ning ge, why did you refuse to marry me? Do you really not want to wed me?” uViwqy

“We’ve already broken up. Didn’t we say that we would part without any hard feelings?” Sui Yuan cast an apologetic glance at Yue Minghe and was happy to see that the other had already curbed his original, irksome smile. Soon after, he dragged the girl with him, “I think we need to have a proper talk.”

“Part without any hard feelings? I can’t do that! Ning ge, aside from you, I won’t marry anyone else. If you don’t want me, then I’d rather go die!” The girl’s voice rose and carried an uncompromising tenacity. Even so, she still obediently followed after Sui Yuan without any resistance.

After changing locations to the back of his home and confirming that there was no one around, Sui Yuan finally let go of his hold on the girl’s hand, hugging his chest as he stared at her, “…Zhao Xihe?”

“En, it’s me,” Zhao Xihe, donning Yun Shan’s skin, grabbed Sui Yuan’s neck again and kissed him on the lips, “What? Don’t you feel pleasantly surprised?” ROomTA

Sui Yuan:“……………………”

——He was clearly horrified, OK?!

“How did you do this?” Smelling the girl’s fragrant scent, Sui Yuan couldn’t help but turn his head away.

“A manipulation prop. Didn’t you use this before?” Seeing Sui Yuan’s awkwardness, Zhao Xihe smiled as he took a step back, taking the initiative to leave some distance between them. 48u7FS

“Which prop?” Sui Yuan reacted in an instant. Afterwards, his first thought was that his heart ached, “That’s so expensive, ah….”

Zhao Xihe:“……………………”

—–-My lover always focuses on the wrong thing, what to do?!

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“Although it’s a bit expensive, it is fine so long as it’s useful,” Zhao Xihe shrugged, “In any case, I don’t have anything else to do with these points.” t4dH0

This kind of local tyrant tone made Sui Yuan especially jealous and resentful. He silently covered his score that had only recently taken a turn for the better and asked, “That prop…can it control living people? When I used it, the Emperor’s body was already a spirit-less shell.”

“En, it can control them. Only, the effect isn’t as good. Moreover, it’s not stable,” Zhao Xihe continued on, carelessly, “Also, I have other methods that I use in conjunction with this one.”

While these words were being spoken, a white furry head impatiently popped out of the bag within the girl’s hands. Sui Yuan couldn’t believe that this woman’s petit, rigid bag managed to actually hold the Crystal Beast! This was probably magic, right? Afterwards, the black Nightmare Beast hopped down from the short wall behind him. It squinted its eyes in a noble, cool, and elegant manner as it lowered its head to lick at its paws.

“The Crystal Beast is an expert in manipulation magic, whereas the Nightmare Beast is skilled in manipulating people’s minds. The capabilities of the two of them go well with the prop. It’s enough to control a normal girl,” Seeing how shocked Sui Yuan was, Zhao Xihe happily explained. J8S7gG

“…Isn’t this a bit overkill?” Sui Yuan felt quite speechless. He lit a candle for Miss Yun Shan in silence.

“As long as I’m happy, it’s all good,” Zhao Xihe did not reflect on himself at all, “Moreover, she’s the one most suitable to stay at your side. In the original plot, she was already hell-bent on Hao Ning. Right now, if we add on your halo, even if I didn’t control her, it wouldn’t be long before she changes and becomes even more entangled with you. It’s better if I just directly come over and use her.”

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“…So, this is you killing two birds with one stone? Directly offing two of your rivals-in-love?” Sui Yuan was in awe at Zhao Xihe’s efficiency.

“That’s right. It’s logical for Yun Shan to entangle herself with you. She is the most suitable shield for you to use against Yue Minghe,” Zhao Xihe nodded, “In the plot, Hao Ning had always avoided Yun Shan because he didn’t want to be forced into a marriage. However, the situation isn’t the same now. I think that as a straight male, Hao Ning would rather marry a pretty and adorable girl who’s head-over-heels for him, than be forcibly bent by his good brother. Even if Hao Ning doesn’t like Yun Shan’s personality, if it’s just the personality he has a problem with, that has already completely eclipsed Yue Minghe.” 8n2Hs1

“Moreover, Yun Shan has the Yun Family and Old Master Yun backing her up. Although she is only part of the branch family and is inferior to Yue Minghe’s family, where he also wouldn’t have to worry about facing shady adversaries and dealings, in the present circumstances, it is indeed the best choice for marriage,” Sui Yuan nodded in understanding, accepting Zhao Xihe’s ideas.

“What’s more important is that you said you couldn’t do it with Old Master Yun’s old face. How about now?” Stretching out both arms, the girl twirled around, showing Sui Yuan her physique. Soon after, Zhao Xihe stood on his tip-toes and spoke in Sui Yuan’s ear, breath fragrant like orchids, “Although Yun Shan is not a true supporting female lead, her appearance isn’t too shabby either. Right now, can you do it?”

Sui Yuan, who was speechless to find out just how much Zhao Xihe had been brooding over what he had said before, suddenly flushed and angrily retreated a few steps, “Don’t joke around!”

The first time he came into contact with these kinds of matters, it was with a man. In bed, he was also more inclined to be the more passive one. Even afterwards, he hadn’t even touched a girl’s hand. Now, while talking about exercising on the bed, Sui Yuan would reflexively recall the times where he had made love with the very male Zhao Xihe, and thus had no way to substitute his partner for a girl, ah! CrbuNn

He had only thought about it, yet he already felt especially uncomfortable all over. Don’t even talk about feeling desire, he was full of fright, OK?!

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It was obvious Sui Yuan’s response displeased Zhao Xihe. He waved his hand in disappointment, “OK. I won’t tease you anymore. Even if you want to, I wouldn’t let you.”

Sui Yuan didn’t expect that Zhao Xihe would back down so easily. He asked, startled, “Why?”

Except that, he immediately regretted as soon as he said this, because he really didn’t want to do the deed with Zhao Xihe who had turned into a woman, ah! spjcg6

Fortunately, Zhao Xihe only gave Sui Yuan a mocking glance and did not keep pursuing this topic, “Anyway, I can’t control Yun Shan’s body at all times. Besides, Old Master Yun is my body right now. Occasionally, I’ll have to let Yun Shan regain her consciousness and act on her own but fortunately, her memory will be altered, so there probably won’t be any issues popping up,” Zhao Xihe chuckled, as he gave Sui Yuan a meaningful glance. “In any case, this body belongs to someone else so I don’t want Yun Shan to have indirect, intimacy with you. Otherwise, I’ll eat vinegar!”

Sui Yuan silently pushed away Zhao Xihe’s head, which had moved rather close to him, “OK, I understand. Then, what should we do next?”

“Next…” Zhao Xihe narrowed his eyes and raised his lips into a smile. In an instant, the girl was bursting with the aura of a queen, “Let me go chase away that youngster Yue Minghe with my official CP identity!”

Sui Yuan let Zhao Xihe pull at his own arm towards the front door. Just as expected, they saw Yue Minghe still standing there, gazing at the two of them with an anxious look. 9cKmkQ

‘Yun Shan’ got rid of her previous depression from being jilted and was now smiling particularly happily. ‘She’ leaned her head onto Sui Yuan’s shoulder in a cute and helpless manner, waving to Yue Minghe in greeting, “Minghe ge, just now I didn’t greet you. Really sorry~”

“The two of you…” Yue Minghe subconsciously frowned.

“I’m Ning ge’s girlfriend again! Please give me lots of advice in the future!” ‘Yun Shan’ blinked her eyes prettily, voice mellow and melodious like that of a yellow oriole.

Immediately, Yue Minghe’s smile was wiped off. He gazed at Sui Yuan, whose eyes were darting, not daring to meet with Yue Minghe’s gaze, with a deep look. For a second, pain leaked out of his eyes. 26ICwn

Sui Yuan and ‘Yun Shan’:“…………………………”

——How come it suddenly felt like they were a scum gong and cheap girl coming together to bully a bitter shou? Isn’t something wrong here?!

“It’s really rare for Ah Ning to unexpectedly go back to one of his exes,” While unhappy, Yue Minghe’s words were much more sharp.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Immediately, ‘Yun Shan’s’ smile fell. However, she forced herself to remain polite because the other was Hao Ning’s good friend, “Because I treated Ning ge with sincerity, Ning ge’s heart was ultimately moved by me, ah!” bCfIJk

“Oh? Did he tell you that?” Yue Minghe smiled in ridicule. However, he did not continue with this topic, “Right, Ah Ning, I came looking for you this time because Ah Yi invited us to go to the ‘usual place’. We’re going to be talking about our business. Don’t be late.”

“Yi? Can I come too then?” ‘Yun Shan’s’ eyes lit up, “I can’t rest at ease knowing Ning ge will go to that place. He will definitely seduce and bring back a whole heap of women! I want to go, too!”

Yue Minghe did his best to keep his tone and attitude gentle, “Relax. Ah Yi and I will supervise him.”

“I don’t trust you at all,” ‘Yun Shan’ hmphed, “Do you think I don’t know about you, men? When Ning ge played around before, how come I didn’t see you guys stopping him? You guys, ah! For you to not egg him on in sleeping around is already not bad, ah!” VoyLfj

Yue Minghe discovered that Sui Yuan did not have any intention in stopping Yun Shan. He couldn’t help but reveal his discouraged mood, “I never expected that our playboy Ah Ning would turn into a henpecked male!”

‘Yun Shan’ did not react to this jab. Instead, she furrowed her brows in question, “Minghe ge, what’s wrong with you today? Are you in a bad mood? I don’t know how Ning ge and I have offended you, but you’re so sharp, unkind, and unforgiving right now. Where did your scholarly young master bearing go?! Even if you’re not in a good mood, please don’t vent out your anger on unrelated people!”

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Yue Minghe’s eyes darkened. He watched as ‘Yun Shan’ placed Sui Yuan behind her and then confronted him directly with an imposing air. In the end, he shut his eyes and sighed a long exhale, “…Sorry. I forgot myself.”

Only then did ‘Yun Shan’ relax her expression. She nodded, tooting her own horn, “Everyone has a bad day every now and then. We understand.” 8vkLdo

“I still have things to attend to so I’ll take my leave first. Tonight…if Yun Shan wants to come, then come,” After saying this in a hurry, Yue Minghe turned to leave in quick strides without even looking at Sui Yuan’s and ‘Yun Shan’s’ reaction.

Meanwhile, ‘Yun Shan’ smiled proudly, “It’s not so easy to turn a BG world into a BL world. One female rival-in-love and it’s all over. In the end, this Yue Minghe is still too inexperienced after all!”

Sui Yuan fell silent for a moment and then nodded, feeling distressed, “En, that’s because his skin isn’t as thick as yours.”

Zhao Xihe:“…………………………” Wxj4NP

——My dear, sometimes, can we not speak so truthfully?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wuxian: I vote for speaking our minds truthfully, all the time, 24/7, no exceptions.

Translator's Note

Play on words. 惊喜 means to be pleasantly surprised whereas 惊吓 means to be horrified. The last characters of the respective words can be translated to ‘happiness’ and ‘to scare’, amongst others.

Translator's Note

Not actually. It’s just a description for a beautiful woman’s breath… (and aren’t orchids, like, odorless anyway…)

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