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Holding Onto My ManChapter 61


TL: Cat isn’t alive right now after this bloody ducking chapter
TLC: baumkuchen, Mina
Editor: Evan

WARNING: slight gore, only tiny bit but still there! YVei R

Gu Bai followed the man out of the nightclub and got into a Land Rover.

Gu Bai curiously observed the surrounding environment and the people in it. He determined that this time, his man’s identity was quite likely to be equally respected as his previous identities and furthermore, very likely still involved with the underworld.

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He had already done so many tasks and wasn’t an ordinary teenager. From the imposing manners and expressions on the bodyguards around his man, he could definitely tell that these men were involved with murky things.

Because it was the first time they met, after reincarnation, they were strangers. Moreover, his man’s eyebrows were furrowed deeply, and a person with this kind of face was definitely a serious and cold person, unlike the previous worlds with those easily approachable identities… DJwOj

So after getting into the car, besides looking around, Gu Bai didn’t say a word. He sat in the back seat obediently, but his eyes were always staring at his man. Gu Bai was in a very good mood, and a smile appeared on his face. No matter what his man looked like, the aura he had still attracted people.

This completely obvious stare was naturally noticed by his man, who felt a bit uneasy, yet when he caught a glimpse of the smile on Gu Bai’s face, his heart was very satisfied. He spoke without thinking.

“What’s your name?” The other side only said three words gently, but the momentum of the man was extremely strong.

Su Yu, my name is Su Yu. I’m 16 years old this year. My parents died early, and I grew up in an orphanage…”


As soon as his man made a sound, Gu Bai’s eyes brightened, and his body immediately became more energetic. Tilting his face that was the size of his palm towards him, with his shining eyes single-mindedly focusing on his man, Gu Bai immediately began to unreservedly and sincerely introduce himself.

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After he finished, he became annoyed. He scolded himself, wondering how his brain suddenly turned stupid. Telling him everything in one go, now how can the other ask him questions and continue to talk to him?

However, he couldn’t blame himself. He had just entered this world and already met this man. This confirmed what the mysterious master had promised him, which was that he would definitely be able to meet his man in the future worlds. This news really made him extremely excited and happy.

After the moment of annoyance passed, Gu Bai couldn’t help but continue to talk happily. c2xYQ6

Da Ge, I was tricked by someone into being sold, but you saved me. What should I call you? I’ll repay you…”

Gu Bai’s face showed two light dimples. He grinned sweetly. His man was happy inside, but his face still showed no expression as he asked.

“How do you want to repay me?”

Devoting my life to you, what do you think of that?N2lRSn

Xe Djl jcrkfgfv klatbea atlcxlcu. Llr fjufg fsfr, ktlmt rtbcf klat fzqfmajalbc jcv j ilaaif pbs, wjvf tlr wjc offi wbgf jaagjmafv ab tlw. Ktf mbgcfgr bo tlr wbeat mbeivc’a tfiq yea iloa eq.

Ktf ybvsuejgv lc atf mjg mbeivc’a tfiq yea mtemxif ktfc tf tfjgv atbrf kbgvr. Pa rffwfv ilxf atlr kjr jcbatfg bcf atja kjcafv ab tbiv atf Dbrr’ atlut. Dea kjrc’a atlr sbecu wjc j yla abb raeqlv? Vb bynlberis boofglcu tlwrfio, kjr tf rb mbcolvfca atja atflg ybrr kbeiv jmmfqa tlw? Jbeivc’a tf rff atja atf Dbrr kjr mbiv jcv lcvloofgfca?!

Sure enough, his man didn’t agree easily, staring at him lightly.

“There are a lot of people who have committed themselves to me. I don’t keep useless people, understand…?” qeBtOb

“I won’t be, I won’t be. I’m very useful. I know a lot of things, so much that I can’t even list them all in an hour… Anyways, you won’t regret keeping me by your side…”

As soon as he heard this near rejection, Gu Bai became anxious and quickly continued to talk.

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It seemed like his man’s identity was very high. If he didn’t seize this opportunity to stay with him now, he feared it wouldn’t be easy to get close to the other once they separated.

Thinking of this, he began to market himself. KTOC h

“Da Ge, please accept me. I really am useful. I can help you warm your bed, be your bodyguard, and help do things for you. As long as you let me stay with you, I’ll do anything… Speaking of, earlier you just took me away without paying. Even if you don’t spend money on me, you should spend time with your lover. If you just let me go like this, it’d be such a pity…”

His man still didn’t speak. After listening to all of this, the bodyguard in the front seat couldn’t help but laugh, turning his head to look at him he spoke.

“Some scrawny brat like you wants to be our Boss’ bodyguard? Child, do you know what our Boss does? To help our Boss do things, you’ll see blood. Do you understand what it means to see blood? It means killing people…”

The bodyguard made an exaggerated and ferocious expression. Paired with his fierce appearance, ordinary people would absolutely be frightened. ZNyhWU

“Killing people isn’t a big deal. Not hard, not hard at all. Da Ge, I can kill people. I can even make their lives so miserable they would rather die. Don’t worry, I have no three views and no limits. I’ll definitely finish whatever you make me do in the future!”

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Gu Bai was happy when he heard this, and although he looked very emotional, he was actually very apathetic by nature. In fact, apart from what he cared about, he was very cold, not to mention that he had been doing tasks for so long. Killing people wasn’t a problem for him.

Gu Bai’s appearance of not being frightened at all was surprising to the bodyguard. “Actually saying that killing people isn’t a big deal, child, your ability to boast isn’t too bad…”

“I’m not boasting! There’ll always be opportunities for me to show off. You’ll see when the time comes… And don’t call me a child. I’m already sixteen!” vBpbk4

He frowned, and as he corrected the bodyguard seriously, he also got up and squatted beside his man. With his hands trailing along the length of his man’s calf, Gu Bai began to give him a massage. With a hopeful gaze, he continued to kiss up and show off.

“Da Ge, aren’t I massaging you comfortably? You can’t leave me alone. I’m an orphan. I don’t even have a home to live in. When you save someone, you have to help them to the very end. I don’t want a salary. You just have to provide food for me. It’s very cost-effective…”

The young man’s expression was so pitiful, and he had seen many men pretending to be pitiful, but never had one made his heart soften. Only at this moment, his always cold and hard heart stirred.

Staring at the tender hands of the youth kneading his legs, he felt his heart slowly filling with happiness. When the other side pressed onto his inner thigh, a fire broke out in his lower abdomen. IixXWF

Right at this moment, Gu Bai didn’t know what had happened outside. The car suddenly braked, resulting in Gu Bai’s head suddenly bumping into the man. His mouth coincidentally bumped into the other’s crotch.

All of a sudden, a part of his man’s body stood up at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Gu Bai, as someone who was involved, immediately found out and then couldn’t help laughing happily. His man was still the same; once teased, he would nevertheless show himself in his true colours.

However, the other party quickly responded, snorted, and hurriedly pulled him up. After covering it up, he asked in a hoarse voice. 9Ww3F7

“What happened?”

“Boss, there are a lot of people in front. The road is blocked. I’ll go down and have a look…”

There was only him and Gu Bai in the back seats. The bodyguard didn’t notice what had happened just now. When he heard the question, he hurriedly replied and got out of the car to check.

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A few minutes later, the bodyguard came back with his hands covered. His clothes were stained with blood, and his face was full of annoyance as he reported. 6bf2Bi

“Fuck, it’s really bad! Boss, it’s a rabid maniac. He started to go crazy and bit people on the street. Besides injuring people, he even caused a car accident. This road’s completely blocked. We have to make a detour. Hiss. I’ve even lost a piece of flesh, and it hurts like hell…”

As the bodyguard complained, he took out a medicine box from the car and began to bandage his wound. In their line of work, these sorts of things needed to be prepared at any time.

Gu Bai noticed his wound as soon as the bodyguard came back. The face that was previously smiling immediately changed. His eyes were fixed on the bloody wrist.

The bodyguard was badly bitten. The flesh on his wrist was missing a large piece, it was drenched in blood, and the bone could be seen. yJFpdj

But that wasn’t the point Gu Bai was focused on, as the focal point was on the black qi that was faintly corroding the flesh and blood of the wound!

As he had been in the demon world before, he was very familiar with this kind of black qi. This was clearly what you would find on some kind of demon. To be more precise, this kind of black qi was more inclined to be the devil’s. Only demonic qi was this corrosive.

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Thinking of this, Gu Bai suddenly leaned up to the window and looked out.

Only then did he see the riots continuing outside. The madman in the bodyguard’s report was a young man, and the clothes on his body were all torn apart and covered with bloodstains and wounds. nuYFQI

The other side’s mouth let out a roar like a monster, and his face was a shade of blue and white. He attacked the people around him like crazy. He would bite whomever he caught. He had no sense of reason. In the end, it took five or six policemen together to catch him.

Gu Bai stared at the man’s appearance and at the black qi that was faintly leaking out from his body. His heart began to beat wildly, and his face started to turn a shade of white.

How could there be demonic qi here? It was impossible in this modern age with its limited amount of spiritual energy. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, demons weren’t allowed to become refined. How could there be such a fierce aura…?

“Hey, boy, you’re scared right? Tut tut tut. Being scared by this little blood, you were just talking big earlier, ha ha ha ha…” YXuZVs

The bodyguard saw Gu Bai’s sightly pale face and laughed.

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Gu Bai was pulled back by the bodyguard’s voice. He didn’t care about his teasing, but looked at the black qi on his body in a heavy mood.

This kind of demonic qi wasn’t visible to ordinary people. Although his body hadn’t cultivated before, his soul had become very powerful in every task he had accomplished. Especially after devouring a system’s energy last time, his soul had become much stronger than it was before.

In the eyes of ordinary people, the other’s wounds were very common, but in his eyes, they were emitting a wave of demonic qi, which gradually increased with time. k5AnGb

Obviously, the bodyguard had been infected and eroded by the demonic qi. At most, by tomorrow morning, he would be completely swallowed up by the demonic qi and become a zombie controlled by the demonic qi. Speaking more generally, he was becoming the zombie often played in movies!

“Do you have a knife?”

Gu Bai asked with a heavy expression and quickly began to search the car.

“What are you doing? What are you going to do with a knife…?” KEaqQh

When the bodyguard saw Gu Bai rummaging in the car, he immediately opened his mouth. Both the driver in front of him and his man, who always pretended to be calm, looked over at him.

He noticed that Gu Bai wasn’t wildly searching the car. Instead, he searched the car with experience and with a pattern. Soon, he had found several hidden guns and daggers, and the other people’s faces all showed astonishment.

Those things were all well hidden. If one wasn’t an expert, they wouldn’t be able to find them. How could this young man be so skilled?

At that moment, Gu Bai didn’t care about the other people’s expressions at all. After finding the dagger, he immediately said to the bodyguard, “Stretch out your hand towards me!” XuFSIn

“What do you need my hand for?” The bodyguard instinctively felt uneasy.

“Saving your life!”

As soon as he finished saying that, Gu Bai didn’t waste any more words, grabbed the bodyguard’s hand, and tapped some pressure points on his shoulders. Without saying anything else, he cut off the other side’s entire wrist.

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He had a good posture and was quick and accurate in wielding a knife. It was only when the severed hand fell onto the car floor did the bodyguard react and immediately scream. QbXwxZ

Ah– hand, my hand, you son of a bitch, you dare cut off my hand! I’m going to kill you, ah, ah, my hand…!”

The bodyguard was a tough guy. Though he did scream, he didn’t cry. He looked miserable and angry, and he wanted to start a fight with Gu Bai, but because of his injury and the seat blocking him, he wasn’t able to catch Gu Bai at the moment.

Gu Bai had expected that he would want to fight him. The moment he was finished, he retreated and hid in his man’s arms, and only then did he speak to him.

“Don’t get angry first. Listen to me. I’m saving your life. If you don’t cut off this hand, you won’t survive till tomorrow…” nJvSX1

“Fuck, you’re the one who won’t survive till tomorrow!”

Even though he was a bodyguard who made a living licking the blood off a knife’s edge and wasn’t even frightened by death, nonetheless, who could stay so calm after having their hand inexplicably chopped off? Seeing Gu Bai hiding in his Boss’ embrace, the bodyguard was so angry that his eyes saw red.

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Gu Bai knew that it was useless to talk to him now. These people wouldn’t believe him at all. Instead, he tried to retreat deeper into his man’s arms as he tried to explain.

“Da Ge, the man who just bit him wasn’t some rabid maniac. If he doesn’t cut off his hand, he’ll become a walking corpse like that maniac. Now, even if he cuts off his hand, it’s only a temporary treatment, and other treatments are needed to save him. Let’s find a quiet place and prepare some things. Then you’ll know that I’m not lying to you…” cEPdiH

“Bullshit, what disease needs to be treated by cutting off a hand? Do you think I haven’t read a book before, you son of a bitch? I’ll kill you!”

It would have been better if he hadn’t said that. Once he said it, the bodyguard became even more furious. Even if the person who bit him didn’t have rabies, and instead had some other infectious disease, he still didn’t need to have his hand cut off. Just going to the hospital to get a vaccine would be okay. Unexpectedly, he didn’t notice that this guy was actually such a vicious thing!

Seeing that the bodyguard wanted to come and grab him again, Gu Bai used his man who was sitting next to him to hide, tightly embracing his waist. He raised his head and looked at the man, silently pleading for help.

“Da Ge, what I said is all true. Let’s go first! His wound is still not well, so we can’t delay anymore. You’ll know if I have lied soon…” mXtfDC

Xiao Li’s heart leaped when he was looked upon with those eyes that were crying for help. He was unable to even be a little guarded against Gu Bai.

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He looked out of the window at the rioting crowd. Then he looked at the biting madman a couple of times and spoke in a deep voice.

“Ah Hu, first bandage the wound, and we can talk more when we get back to the hotel…”

“Boss!” KMZ4dV

This obvious bias towards Gu Bai’s attitude made the bodyguard’s eyes widen, and his appearance showed an unbelievable expression.

However, the bodyguard also knew his Boss always spoke bluntly. He could only hatefully glare at Gu Bai, then bandage his own wounds, feeling aggrieved. He didn’t notice that his wound wasn’t bleeding a lot at all.

Gu Bai was glared at by him and paid no attention to it. It was because he was in high spirits due to his man taking his side.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the bodyguard was a subordinate of his man, he wouldn’t have helped. Although the means were extreme, just now the situation called for it. If it was even a second later, this man couldn’t be saved! UKvsBx

However, he knew that explaining to these people right now would be of no use. After he recovered his health, he would naturally know how powerful Gu Bai was.

Looking at the hand on the floor that was already being corroded by demonic qi and was emitting a foul odor, his heart grew even more solemn…

Cat: One word to express this whole chapter…PAIN… this was a damn pain to mtl and I feel like my head is gonna explode. QAQ


Translator's Note

随口[suí kǒu] – blurt out whatever comes into one’s head/(speak) without thinking the matter through

Translator's Note

苏煜 –
苏 = has various meanings but commonly used as a surname
煜 = brilliant; glorious

Translator's Note

大哥 = dà gē, it means: eldest brother; big brother (in a more polite manner, this is what a man would address another of around the same age as oneself), gang leader, or Boss

Translator's Note

My original mtl: “I’ll give my heart to you, what do you think of it?”. iGPqVY

Callis’ literal translation help: how do you feel about ‘devoting your whole self to something’? Or it could be ‘agreeing to marry’. ‘Willingly having sexual relations with your SO’ (SO = Significant Other)


Callis: “wanna smash”

Sleepchaser: want a piece of this ass HPmvU5

“How do you feel about making me miso soup every day”

Callis: “I’ll repay you by devoting my body to you”

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Mina: This could go many ways but with how shameless Gu Bai is he probably meant “how about some snusnu as repayment?”

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Evan: I agree with all of these answers hehe

Translator's Note

现原形[xiàn yuán xíng] – show oneself [be exposed; be revealed; come out] in one’s true colours; show the (cloven) hoof; reveal one’s true feathers [countenance]; throw off [drop; lift; raise; remove; shed off] the mask; get unmasked

Translator's Note

Lao Zi

Translator's Note

So from what i got from “become refined” was that they couldn’t grow more powerful since the day of age has changed and is more stricter? Poor choice of words I used I know and sorry if it confused anyone

Translator's Note

sound effect of someone clicking their tongue

Translator's Note

老子 Lao Zi = father, daddy, “I, you father” (in anger, or out of contempt) I (used arrogantly or jocularly)

Translator's Note

老子 – Lao Zi

Translator's Note

老子 – Lao Zi

Translator's Note

sleepchaser: 说一不二 means “if he says it’s 1, then it’s 1. It won’t be 2” that kind of feeling, which I called “frankly”
Cat: changed “frankly” to “bluntly” instead since chaser said “frankly” was a poor word choice.

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