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Holding Onto My ManChapter 62


TL: Cat, not alive right now, suffering from lost brain cells.
TLC: baumkuchen, Mina
Editor: Evan

Because the main road was blocked, the car could only take a detour. KddHCo

The entire way, Ah Hu, the wounded bodyguard, glared at Gu Bai and no longer laughed and joked like before. He grinded his teeth and wanted to rush up and kill him. However, he remembered the Boss was still there and didn’t dare to. His heart filled with anger.

Upon seeing this, Gu Bai didn’t argue with him. He could understand the bodyguard’s current feelings. If it was him that had his hand cut off, he probably would act the same way. He wouldn’t argue with someone that wasn’t calm.

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Ignoring the bodyguard Ah Hu who was filled with rage, after Gu Bai suppressed the matter of demonic qi, he continued to sweet talk his man.

The other’s expression was indescribable and his attitude wasn’t very enthusiastic, but Gu Bai could feel that the other side wasn’t angry with him about the matter with the bodyguard. KdyvCR

On the contrary, it could be seen from the fact that the other side didn’t refuse his request for help and protection. Although it was only the first time they had met in this world, the feelings they experienced in the numerous worlds stayed in the other’s soul, and it was enough to cause his man not to hurt him.

It wasn’t that far from where they were to his man’s hotel, as it would take only around 10 minutes. Gu Bai exerted as much effort that he could, and it was only when they arrived at the hotel did he receive his man’s name, which was Xiao Li. Just hearing this name, Gu Bai could tell that it was just like his personality, a ruthless and domineering name!

After getting the name of his man, Gu Bai was instantly in a good mood. When he got out of the car, he even held onto the other’s hand and didn’t let go of him. Unexpectedly, his man didn’t even try to drive him away.

Although there wasn’t much of an expression on his man’s face, yet there was Ah Hu the bodyguard, who had been following him for many years, so he was very clear about his Boss’ temper. The Boss had a very cold and domineering temper, which made it hard for any ordinary person to approach.


Ah Hu didn’t expect that the stinky boy not only got close to the Boss, but was also being sticky with him, yet the Boss didn’t even bother to drive him away. In addition, he even protected him. Did the always cold Boss actually like this stinky boy?!

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Just thinking about it, Ah Hu’s heart filled with rage. His eyes that were glaring at Gu Bai turned even redder.

“Da Ge, don’t glare at me. Maybe you’ll even thank me later…”

Gu Bai, who was being glared at by Ah Hu, felt helpless. He couldn’t help but speak up. As a result, he managed to anger the other to the point where his eyes became even more red. Ah Hu almost lost his mind, and it was only because he was pulled by another bodyguard who stood beside him that he didn’t rush up to Gu Bai. YtOZmf

Gu Bai sighed and gave Xiao Li a faint but helpless look. He blinked, smiled, and made a gesture of sealing his mouth.

After entering the hotel, Xiao Li was led to a special elevator by the respectful manager without going through the normal procedure of checking-in, and he had to listen to the other side’s praises and callings of “Boss” coming out of his mouth. This luxury hotel in the center of the city belonged to his subordinates.

Soon, using the special elevator, Gu Bai followed him to the presidential suite on the 26th floor of the hotel. This place was usually not used for guests and was reserved just for the Boss.

The suite had three bedrooms, an exercise room, an entertainment room, a conference room, and a 300 square meter terrace, which had a private garden, an outdoor swimming pool, a spa, and so forth. It was very luxurious. WvhaBU

As soon as he entered the room, Xiao Li called up his personal doctor to come bandage the wound for Ah Hu again.

Ah Hu’s severed hand couldn’t be reattached anymore. Instead of going to the hospital now, he might as well have his personal doctor treat Ah Hu, as he was more reliable in treating these kinds of injuries.

The personal doctor was a polite man in his thirties. He started to work without saying a word of nonsense when he came in. It was only when he was finished did he speak.

“Ah Hu, this wound was cut well. Look at the smoothness of the cut. It was absolutely fast, accurate, and ruthless. A person would only have the skill to do this after training for ten or eight years. And you aren’t even bleeding that much, so the person who hurt you can be called a Wulin expert…” Pyu37r

It was very different from his polite appearance. The moment he started speaking, the personal doctor no longer looked serious. With just a few words, he managed to raise Ah Hu’s anger.

Since he currently couldn’t do anything to Gu Bai, Ah Hu could only glare at him before he bitterly spoke to the doctor.

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“Liu Ge, don’t hold out on me. Aren’t you the turtle’s medical elite ma? You can even cure people’s tumours in their heads. Quick, can you help me see if my hand can still be re-connected back? I even brought back the severed hand…”

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“Lf mjc’a gfjaajmt la…” Rd4NaD

Qlatbea kjlalcu obg Gg. Ole ab rqfjx, Xe Djl’r nblmf ralweijafv tlw bcmf jujlc.

You, shut up!”

Ct Le’r ojmf kjr gfv klat jcufg. Lf kjr oeglber jcv tjv atf eguf ab yfja Xe Djl ab vfjat. Lf tjv rffc jggbujcmf, yea tf tjv cfnfg rffc jcsbcf lcpegf rbwfbcf jcv jma rb lcvloofgfca!

Xiao Li also looked at him. His expression was unpredictable, not because he was angry with him but because of some inexplicable helplessness. It was reasonable to say that the young man had hurt his subordinate, and with his short temper, he would never be this lenient. Rrz59p

However, not only was he now forgiving him, he also had no thoughts of blaming him for this matter. He now only wanted to protect him. It was inexplicable, but he had trouble resisting. More importantly, why was this young man so sure that he wouldn’t do anything to him?

Gu Bai felt Xiao Li looking at him, so he returned the stare with a smile upon his face. Then he looked towards Ah Hu and spoke.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I said earlier that I was saving you. Your hand is really useless now and can’t be reattached. If you don’t believe me, take out the severed hand and see what it looks like…”

Fart! When I was bitten by a dog, I just went to the hospital to get a vaccine. You fucking cut my hand off! You’re a vicious little thing. I’m telling you, if my hand…” Y7JHT6

As soon as Gu Bai had finished his sentence, Ah Hu began to scold him angrily. At the same time, he went to take the severed hand from the bag, but midway through, he stopped abruptly and then cried out in horror.

“Fuck, what’s this thing? Where’s my hand?!”


The people in the room all hissed when they could clearly see what Ah Hu had brought out. TbuIqA

Ah Hu saw that it was indeed a hand on the table, but it wasn’t like a hand that had just been recently cut off. Instead, it looked like a rotten hand that was decomposing and even emitted a disgusting smell that made them want to throw up.

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For a while, the entire room was quiet, and everyone was unable to speak.

At this time, someone knocked on the door, and a bodyguard opened the door, only to see a man with a face full of anger and alarm as he walked to Xiao Li. He frantically began to speak.

“Boss, something happened to Zhou Wu. Don’t know what’s going on with him today. He’s like a mad dog biting at people the moment he sees them. We tried giving him a rabies vaccination, but it wasn’t of any use. He just finished his work and now he can’t be near people. We didn’t dare send him to the hospital. Let Liu Ge come with us to take a look…” A0rMQc

Hearing this, Ah Hu was the first one to respond and asked, “What happened to Zhou Wu? What biting people?”

“Exactly… Hey! I don’t know how to explain it. Anyway, as you guys can see, yesterday, when Zhou Wu came back, he told us that he wasn’t feeling so well and went straight to his room to rest. However, today, he didn’t come out at all. He didn’t answer when we went to knock on his door, so we opened the door and went in. Who knew that when the door opened, Zhou Wu would become crazy and attack us. If he caught someone, he would bite them. We had no other option but to lock him in the room again. Boss, when you come back, let Liu Ge have a look. There’s surveillance of that room. Look, Boss, he’s still making a fuss. It’s like he has rabies…”

The scary-looking man took out a mobile phone and put it in front of the crowd.

Everyone crowded around to look, and all they could see on the screen was a hotel room. In the room was a man who kept ramming into the door like a madman who lost his mind. yWpidk

The sound of a beast-like roar came from the phone, and it was the same as the crazy man they had met on the street!

“When he came back yesterday, was he injured? Did the wound look like he had been bitten by someone…?” Gu Bai’s clear voice rang out again.

“Ah, yes, yes, it was like that. How did you know?”

The scary-looking man stared at Gu Bai in surprise and nodded his head. R2YZpT

“We met a man in the street that was like Zhou Wu today…”

A bodyguard in the room suddenly opened his mouth, and Ah Hu stared at Zhou Wu on the screen, who was roaring like a monster, and then he looked at his rotten, severed hand on the ground. His face had already become deathly pale, and the others’ expressions also became heavy.

The Zhou Wu in the video looked like he had just lost his mind, but the one who had cut off Ah Hu’s hand earlier directly pointed out the strangeness about this matter.

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The scary-looking man didn’t know what had happened just now. He was even more surprised when he heard this. “Ah, there’s someone like Zhou Wu? Which plague dog had such severe rabies…?” BU9CSK

“He doesn’t have rabies! Uncle, there’s no hope for him. You go back to let other people know to not get close enough to get caught by him. If there were people who were bitten by him before, you should isolate them. It’s most likely a very serious, infectious disease… The infected person will become… become like the zombies in the movies… Just now, Ah Hu was bitten on the way here. This was his hand that was cut off. Look…”

Gu Bai came out and pointed to the severed hand on the ground and continued to speak to the scary faced man.

He couldn’t explain to them what black qi and demons were and could only explain by using the words that everyone knew.

The scary faced man didn’t believe what Gu Bai said, but when he followed Gu Bai’s finger and saw the rotten, detached hand that was on the ground, he immediately, like all the others earlier, stared and hissed, “What is that?” MJOjrN

They saw that the already rotting hand on the ground had decomposed even more. In less than an hour, the hand had turned into one that looked like it had been buried for several months.

“B-boss…” Ah Hu covered his injured arm and looked at Xiao Li. His face was bloodless.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xiao Li’s cold face also became serious. Obviously, no matter if what the young man had said was true or not, things weren’t as simple now.

“Listen to him. You go back first and isolate all the people…” f3N6vH

“Yes, Boss.”

The man nodded in shock. As he left, he began to call the brothers who didn’t know the situation to stop approaching the infected Zhou Wu and NND. What kind of situation was happening?

This way, when the man left, the atmosphere in the room became heavier than before.

Ah Hu almost felt like crying. He looked at his bare arms and then at the rotten and horrible severed hand on the ground. Finally, he looked at Gu Bai and his voice trembled. zHrZRk

“Lit-little boy, that zombie thing you talked about, i-i-is it real? I-i-it’s not just something from a movie? Will I become like that thing..?”

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Although he wasn’t afraid of death, becoming a zombie instead of dying wasn’t something he could accept at all.

Looking at his expression, Gu Bai knew that he was afraid now. He had wanted to save him right away, but he thought of Ah Hu’s attitude just now, and Xiao Li’s words, “I don’t accept useless people”. He immediately restrained himself and raised his chin to pretend to be the superior man.

“Don’t worry, you’re lucky that you have me. You’re different from that man just now. He’s been completely infected, while you still have hope. Now go prepare glutinous rice, cinnabar, yellow paper, and seven pieces of jade. I’m going to use my spiritual power to save you…” ijYqEL


Not to mention Ah Hu’s stunned face, even other people in the room looked at him. Glutinous rice, cinnabar, yellow paper, and also spiritual power? Was this curing a sickness or catching a ghost?

Ah, what? Quickly, go prepare. If you delay any longer, even the immortals won’t be able to save you. Remember, the jade must be authentic old jade. Don’t try to use fake jade as a replacement. Go, quickly…”

Faced with the strange looks from the crowd, Gu Bai’s expression remained unchanged, as he placed his hands behind his back and continued to act as a big shot. ImXU7S

If he was in his own body, then his actions just now would really look somewhat cold and mysterious, but right now his current body was only 16 years old, so he looked like a fresh youth.

He still had on the clothes which had been torn in the nightclub, and Gu Bai still wore Xiao Li’s outrageously big coat, so he looked like a child trying to wear an adult’s clothes. With this kind of appearance, he didn’t have any kind of persuasiveness belonging to a big shot.

Pfft! All of a sudden, they couldn’t help laughing. Gu Bai noticed that the cold look of his man had softened. A smile came up from the corner of his mouth, and he signaled the other bodyguards to go down and prepare the things for him.

Gu Bai of course wasn’t catching a ghost. He just wanted to act important. The glutinous rice, cinnabar, and yellow paper weren’t the most important things. The important thing was the seven jade stones. He had just entered this world, and his body had only half of his normal amount of spiritual power. If he wanted to get rid of the demonic qi presiding in Ah Hu’s body and to save him, he had to use auxiliary tools. 2Hhbd8

The bodyguards’ speed was very fast. They had everything ready in less than half an hour.

When the things were brought over, Gu Bai didn’t delay anymore. He quickly arranged the jade according to the direction of the Big Dipper seven stars and let Ah Hu sit in the middle.

He pretended to sprinkle glutinous rice for a while, and then covered Ah Hu’s face with cinnabar. His action of secretly trying not to laugh made Xiao Li, who had been observing him the whole time, cover his mouth with a fist and cough. Only then did he begin to use his spiritual power provided by the jade to start clearing out the poisonous qi.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

As a result of cutting off Ah Hu’s hand in time and restraining the demonic qi, there wasn’t much demonic qi left in his body. ltU5zd

However, Gu Bai didn’t know the origin of which this demonic qi had come from. Even the little bit left in Ah Hu’s body was very fierce. It took Gu Bai half an hour to eliminate the rest of the demonic qi that was in Ah Hu’s body.

When everyone saw the black blood with a strong, rotten smell coming out of Ah Hu’s injured wrist, everyone was shocked again, as it was beyond logic and above reason!

Gu Bai didn’t bother with everyone’s shock. When the matter was finished, he rushed to his man, stretched his neck and went on his tippy toes, and bragged about his work with a smile.

“Xiao Da Ge, you see, I have a lot of skills. Accept me and you definitely won’t regret it!” REopYN

The young man’s eyes were bright, and his mouth was smiling. The appearance of him stretching his neck to show off especially made him look like a puppy. He couldn’t help it, as he had been a dog in the previous world. He was afraid it would take him a while to get over this attitude.

Xiao Li couldn’t help but feel that he wanted to hold this person and knead them well. It took him a lot of self-control to resist this urge.

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Looking at Gu Bai, who was wearing ragged clothes and whose hands were covered with cinnabar, he reached out to wipe the dirt off of his face and said, “Go take a bath…”

Gu Bai then noticed that he looked like a mess. He sniffed, and his eyes moved. Without even thinking about it, his eyes lit up. FIrXQ6

“Are we taking a bath together?!”

Cough cough…”

Ah Hu and the others, who were still sighing over their traumatic experience, almost choked on their own saliva and coughed one after another.

They had met numerous people who had wanted to hook their Boss, but not those who rushed to sell themselves like this. But this method was a very powerful one, and they could see if it would succeed or fail in a few minutes. 5oa9nw

Everyone glanced at their Boss with a “looking-for-gossip” kind of gaze.

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Even Xiao Li was shocked. The blood in his body rolled up because of this sentence. He never knew that someone could stir up his emotions like this. TFL9Vm

Taking a deep breath, he reached out, took back the jacket Gu Bai was wearing, and quickly said the words: “I’ll see you later.” Then he quickly left.


His man didn’t agree as he expected. Gu Bai was disappointed as he saw everyone leave. His heart was filled with regret. It had been a good chance to hook up, a good chance…

Cat: Hey guys, did you miss me~? σ(≧ε≦o) I just wanted to first say, sorry I couldn’t reply to any comments when I published the previous chapter, I was quite busy and didn’t have the time to reply, though I did read a couple of them so thank you for all your kind words and support.~ Now for the second thing. Thank you baum, Mina and Evan for your help, i really needed it (´∀`;), anyway that’s all I wanted to say, enjoy the chapter~ and this arc is getting super interesting, hehehe. lkvaCV

Translator's Note

阿虎 – 阿 = just like in the previous arc with the original host’s body’s name was called Ah Bai, well in this arc it’s similar in which the Ā is an endearment, and I just habitually made it as ‘Ah’ and not A’Hu. 虎 = means tiger

Translator's Note

talking about Gu Bai

Translator's Note

按摩池 = raws said massage pond, but i’m not quite sure what that is so I changed it too “spa” instead

Translator's Note

turtle in this sentence is internet slang for 海歸 hǎi guī, to return to one’s country after a period of study or work overseas, returnee or student returning after studying abroad.

Translator's Note

他 nǐ, informal you, as opposed to the courteous way of saying you 您

Translator's Note

放屁 [fàng pì] to fart; to break wind; to talk nonsense; Utter rubbish!

Translator's Note

老子; Lao Zi

Translator's Note

老子; Lao Zi

Translator's Note

令人作呕[lìng rén zuò ǒu] turn one’s stomach; make one feel like vomiting; make one sick; make one throw up

Translator's Note

说不出话[shuō bu chū huà] lose one’s tongue; cannot utter a word; could not have spoken for the world; His tongue failed him

Translator's Note

Mina: kinda like TMD, a swear/curse word/phrase

Translator's Note

Just in case some readers don’t know or have never seen/heard of these terms. Glutinous rice or sticky rice looks like this; whilst yellow paper looks like this; and lastly jade looks like this;

Translator's Note

idiom; 不可思议[bù kě sī yì] It is beyond logic and above reason; inconceivable; unimaginable; beyond comprehension

Translator's Note

Evan: “stir up his loins” is more like it, hehehehe, jk

Mina: LOLOL u right tho

Cat: I mean who wouldn’t want to stir some nice…*cough cough*

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