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Holding Onto My ManChapter 60


Edited by Evan

“Brat, you entered into our nightclub, and yet you dare to run? You really are too brave. I can’t run a business anymore if I don’t deal with you tonight. Lock the door and ask some people to join you. This kid has a good appearance and is easy for you…” bgzI5t

“OK, thank you, Liu Jie…”

As soon as Gu Bai entered the world, a large number of plots began to flow into his mind, making it too late for him to react. Then a slap fell on his face, causing him to hit his head directly against the wall, and he fainted.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

When he opened his eyes again after regaining consciousness, he only had a bad headache, but there was a blank space in his brain, and he didn’t know anything.

His heart sped up, and Gu Bai had a bad premonition and quickly closed his eyes to check the plot. xI uHU

But after one minute, five minutes, and ten minutes… His mind was still completely blank.

At this moment, in addition to the existing memory of the original owner, he knew that the original host was Su Yu, who was 16 years old and an orphan. But other than that, there was no other information.

What the fuck!!!

Gu Bai, who had opened his eyes, couldn’t stop his eyelids from twitching. After so many tasks, this was the first time he had encountered such a situation. He didn’t even have a plot!


Although Gu Bai had always been calm, even he couldn’t be calm right now.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Every time he did a task, the most important thing he relied on was the plot. Without the plot, he had no advantage, because he couldn’t even determine the goal of the task.

Right now he didn’t even know what the original host’s wish was. He was like a headless fly; how could he accomplish his task?!

What should he do? Gu Bai was dying, but he could only call out to that mysterious person in the surrounding air, hoping to get some help. nDckvb

When he returned to the starry space the last two times, he had a keen sense that the mysterious man was a little different from before.

Before, the mysterious master was cold from the bottom of his heart, but when he was in the starry space the last two times, he felt that the air of the other person was much softer.

And the other man’s attitude seemed to be different when talking to him. He had even told him his name before, which meant that the mysterious man had a good impression of him and had begun to treat him as a confidant. So in that case, if he asked, maybe the other man would help him.

But he cried out for a long time and never saw the figure of the mysterious man. grSw M

“Forget it. I can only move step by step forward ba…”

Having received no response, Gu Bai could only give up for now.

The two tasks before were as relaxing as a vacation, but this one was so difficult that it was almost fatal without a plot.

But he wasn’t a man who gave up easily. In a desperate situation, he would definitely find a way out. qjJtdQ

Forced to calm down, Gu Bai began to observe the surrounding environment and analyzed the current situation.

There was no plot, so he only had his memories to rely on now.

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According to the memories of the original host, his name was Su Yu, and he was 16 years old this year.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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No one cared for him, he was in his rebellious teenage adolescence phase, and he couldn’t find a job. Thus, the original host ended up becoming very close with the corrupted youths in society. They ate and drank together, which temporarily solved his loneliness.

It was just that naturally these people took care of him because they had their own plans. They saw that he looked good, so they had paid attention to him.

The original owner had seen little of the world, so he was cheated easily. He was scammed into a nightclub by several sociable youths and had signed a deed of sale before he had realized that he had been sold. hj64eM

When he had woken up just now, the voice he had heard belonged to one of the nightclub’s people. The original host had tried to escape today, but unfortunately, he was caught and brought back….

“Could it be that the original host’s wish this time is to change his fate of being sold?”

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Gu Bai thought about it for a while and murmured to himself in an indeterminate way.

He was afraid that it wasn’t that simple. According to his experience of doing tasks many times, the emotion left in the body by the original host was a very important indicator. It would react to the people and things the original host hated. n3W0xu

Although there was a reaction just now, it wasn’t that serious. In other words, the wish of the original host wasn’t as simple as just breaking away from the situation of having been sold at this moment….

Just as Gu Bai was deep in thought, the door that had just been locked was opened, and several muscular men wearing only boxers came in one after another.

At the head of the group was a sexy woman who held a cigarette and wore heavy makeup. She stared at Gu Bai and sneered.

“Su Yu, Lao Niang has seen a lot of brave people, but you’re the first one to make Lao Niang this angry. Lao Niang’s telling you, once you’ve entered our nightclub, don’t think about leaving. Only by obediently hanging up your sign and taking in guests can you have a good life… You guys, teach this brat a lesson for me tonight!” NPoJYi

With the sexy woman’s words, several big men around him showed their lust on their faces. They smiled, stared at Gu Bai, and rubbed their hands while slowly walking over.

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Gu Bai, who had recovered his senses, couldn’t help but curse. He quickly backed up and pleaded.

“No, Liu Jie, I promise. I promise I’ll hang up my sign…”

It wasn’t a wise choice to rebel right now. People in this kind of place weren’t easy to provoke, so he decided to just put it off for now. He didn’t want to be fooled around with by so many people! Bhr3Fv

However, he didn’t know if it was because the original host had already tried to escape many times and had used this “begging” technique before, as Liu Jie was indifferent and continued to smoke and sneer.

“Come on, Su Yu, don’t try to play any more tricks. Lao Niang can see that you won’t obey unless you’re taught a lesson… Hurry up, all of you, stop wasting time!”

The last sentence was obviously said to the several muscular men. Suddenly, the smiles on their faces grew bigger and their lewd eyes became more intense. Gu Bai’s hands were tied, so he couldn’t resist at all and was instantly caught.

Gu Bai wanted to cry without tears. He was so stressed he was about to die. What was the task this time ah, to the point that the situation was so cruel as soon as he had arrived?! WPXZxe

Seeing that the clothes on his body had almost been completely torn off, Gu Bai untied the rope around his hands and didn’t even think before using his strength to push away a brawny man in front of him. He then grabbed a fruit knife on the table in the room and waved it around.

Liu Jie and these burly men didn’t expect that Gu Bai could resist at all. In that moment of hesitation, with Gu Bai having a rich experience in military techniques, he stabbed out with the knife at a tricky angle. Their shock gave him a chance, and he ran out of the room.

“Hurry, get him!”

Liu Jie was shocked and screamed angrily. In the chaos just now, she had been accidentally scratched across her face. The pain didn’t matter; she was just afraid of disfigurement. She was so angry she could die. C2UWyB

Gu Bai didn’t pay any attention to the chaos behind him and also didn’t care if he could escape or not. He only knew that it was impossible for him to just sit there and do nothing while getting r*ped by people!

Out of the private room, Gu Bai rushed forward in a resentful manner. Whomever tried to block the knife in his hand, he would stab at. For a while, it really let him run a good distance, and a chaotic scene erupted wherever he passed.

At this time, he suddenly felt a feeling of special familiarity around him.

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It’s that man! 17PIpw

Gu Bai stopped abruptly and looked around in surprise. Almost in an instant, he followed the familiar feeling to find his goal.

Only a few people came slowly from the corridor on the right, led by a very tall man dressed in a black suit, with an expressionless face and a frightening air about him.

He was accompanied by several fierce-looking bodyguards in black windbreakers, while the manager in his night uniform was respectfully accompanying him.

Gu Bai didn’t even think about it before happily running over. He rushed to the other man and begged for help. “Da Ge, help me, please help me…” uslcCn


Almost at the same moment when he fell on the man, the bodyguard next to him looked cold and was ready to fight him, but that man stopped him.

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The man looked down at Gu Bai, who also looked up to gaze at him. At the moment when their eyes met, the man’s heart seemed to be hit by a huge stone, which severely shook him. He didn’t know why he suddenly felt soft towards the youth he was looking at.

And Liu Jie, who had finally caught up, suddenly showed a frightened look on her face when she saw the man. Her face was devoid of blood, and she quickly bowed her head, her voice shaking as she greeted him. JCKv9d

“Third, Third Boss…”

Their shared gaze was broken, and the man’s expression was a little unhappy. The manager next to him saw it, secretly wiped away his sweat, and hurried up to Liu Jie.

“What’s going on to have caused such a fuss?”

“Manager, it’s him. This brat has been disobedient for several days since he came in. I wanted to teach him a lesson just now, but who knew that this kid dared to run…” JZ67hn

Liu Jie took a look at the cold-blooded man. She didn’t dare delay and hurried to answer. After she finished speaking, she gave Gu Bai a fierce look. It was all this boy’s fault, actually managing to run into the evil god Third Boss Xiao. Did he want to kill her ah…?

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Gu Bai was stared at by her. Instead of being afraid, he quickly concluded from her look at the man that these people didn’t dare to provoke his man!

With such a thought, his heart was filled with joy, and he held his hands tighter and hurriedly raised his head, begging for help and hugging his man’s thighs.

“Da Ge, save me, please save me? I don’t want to be a young plaything here! You can buy me ba, take me away, and you can do anything…” L12bci

While he was begging his man to save him, Gu Bai put his head on the man’s chest and tightly wrapped his hands around the other man’s waist. There was no doubt that he was completely trusting him.

The man had never been so close to anyone before. He felt a bit stiff, but he inexplicably liked it. Especially when he felt the temperature and touch of the young man when he leaned against his chest, he couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

He then saw the disarray Gu Bai’s clothes were in. His body couldn’t be covered by the torn clothes, and his entire pale chest was exposed. The top two points were as lovely as cherries, which made his eyes darken.

He took off his own clothes and put them on Gu Bai, then looked at the manager beside him. gViHBv

“I want this person. Tell your boss…”

“No need, no need. Whomever Third Boss wants, he can take away directly, I can guarantee that…”

Hearing what he said, the manager didn’t even have to think before nodding and agreeing.

What a joke, who would refuse to give up the person that Third Boss Xiao wanted unless he was tired of living? Even if the boss was here, he would still have to smile and nod. zDsQfO


The man didn’t speak again, nodded, took Gu Bai’s shoulder, and left.

Gu Bai was dressed in a suit coat that was too big for his current body. He smelled the strong man’s scent on it and only felt that his heart was gooey and warm. Even his depression earlier from not having a plot had disappeared.

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He followed the man step by step, very excited that he had met him unexpectedly as soon as he had entered this world. It seemed that this task wasn’t so unlucky. 9duUSy

Xiao Li noticed his expression, and his cold eyes unconsciously gleamed with a softer light. He slowed down his pace and walked with him. The gentle action surprised the bodyguards around him….

At the same time, in a luxury villa in city B, thousands of miles away from Gu Bai, a boy about his age suddenly opened his eyes and sat up from his sleep.

“Here, here is…” kJgmAN

He stared at his surroundings inconceivably, and then as if he couldn’t believe it, he pinched his face hard for a while. When he felt the pain, he crawled to the head of the bed and picked up his phone to take a glance.

June 20, 2025!

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“Hahahaha…” XOy3x9

When the phone dropped on the ground, the boy suddenly chuckled, laughing louder and louder, laughing until tears flowed out. Who knew whether he was crying or laughing, but it was all to vent out all the emotions in his heart.

He had gone back to half a year ago! Back to the time when everything hadn’t yet happened!

He remembered that during this period, his father brought back a boy named Su Yu from outside, and his life began to change dramatically.

He was no longer the young master of the Lin family, no longer the son of his father, no longer the man that Wu Da Ge liked. Everything he had was robbed by the boy named Su Yu! 70oAFU

Until the end of the world, he finally managed to awaken his powers, and that Su Yu remained an ordinary person, but everyone still liked him.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After he had vented enough, the boy just wiped away his tears, and with eyes full of hatred, slammed a fist down on the bed. He spoke with a hateful voice.

“Su Yu, God is helping me now. This time, I won’t let you come back and take away everything away from me! Never!”

C 6sYh

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