Holding Onto My ManChapter 46


Translated by Dandan, Edited by Evan

Gu Bai had experienced numerous storms and waves, so his mind had become firm, but he had yet to react to the sudden changes that occurred. eQY0FU

If he didn’t remember wrongly, he had been extremely shameless when accompanying the big BOSS to fight a round before. Why didn’t the other side kill him for revenge and instead directly kissed him?

It must be that he was playing the game in the wrong way!

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After a minute of inactivity, Gu Bai finally came back to his senses and pushed away Qianmo Pei without thinking. Even though physical contact in the game wasn’t real and was just synthesized by the computer simulation, he didn’t want to intimately touch people other than his man.

Despite being pushed away by Gu Bai, Qianmo Pei didn’t care. He continued to hold Gu Bai and then looked at Song Xianxun and others, coldly throwing out a command. yEQuxs


[Demon] Qianmo Pei: Ningbo Fairy, Nature Beauty, Lord of the East, and the people of the Gui Yun Sect, remain here. Others, leave this place, or I will not be held responsible for the damage to you pond fish.

As soon as Qianmo Pei said this, the players around them quickly rushed to the edge of the field to clear up large area of space, leaving only the few people named by Qianmo Pei and the members of the Gui Yun Sect standing in the center of the field.

Although Gui Yun Sect members didn’t leave, they were all wary of a battle. One of the players helplessly looked towards Tang Linyi’s internal team and PMed him, asking, “Qingyun, what do we do?”


Today’s players were all very high-level. Fighting here would not be cost-effective if they broke their best equipment or dropped levels. The former would lose them money, while the latter took time to train.

Tang Linyi was also very deep in thought, then in the team’s private chat sent a “keep calm” message.

[Human] Tang Qingyun: God Qian, what is your meaning with this?

No one spoke, just watched as they agreed with Tang Linyi. It was obvious that they were looking for a fault. zgMyiO

Gu Bai also was trying to figure out what was going on, but even if he scratched his head, he couldn’t figure out what happened to Qianmo Pei today. He only met him once, and he offended him that time. It was strange that the other side didn’t find him to get revenge today.

He didn’t understand, but he had a bad feeling in his heart, one that was getting worse and worse as time passed. He felt that the storylines opened in this task were not quite right.

On the other hand, Qianmo Pei had not yet begun to speak, and the other people on the demons’ side opened their mouths.

[Demon] Half Insane Half Flirty: What are you asking? Saying so much nonsense. Our boss asked you to come here, so just come here! ANMtXS

One of the players of the demon clan had a very arrogant attitude, but there was no way he wasn’t. Their boss was the number one in the list of experts, and the players who could join their sect couldn’t be underestimated. Every player in their sect was probably an expert, so they had a basis for being arrogant.

However, Qianmo Pei was more arrogant than the people he brought with him. He directly released a magic skill attack at Tang Linyi before he even spoke.

[Demon] Qianmo Pei: “This is my meaning! You bullied my wife just now. Now I’ll bully you on behalf of my wife!

[Human] Tang Qingyun: … 0dtBKM

[Human] Nature Beauty: …

[Human] Ningbo Fairy: …

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As soon as these words were said, the audience was stunned again. Because there would be a speech bubble above everyone’s head besides the voice when players in the game were talking, everyone’s heads were covered with a series of bubbles at the moment.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Xe Djl jirb rqja bea j rfglfr bo yeyyifr jybnf tlr tfjv. Ciatbeut atf rlaejalbc kjr ubbv obg tlw ja atf wbwfca, tf jikjsr ofia rbwfatlcu kjr kgbcu! Iw5qdR

Hljcwb Ufl’r kbgvr mifjgis agjcrijafv ab “P’w tfgf ab yfja sbe eq abvjs.”

Ciatbeut Kjcu Olcsl tjr j mbiv qfgrbcjilas, la vlvc’a wfjc atja tf kjr lcvloofgfca. Lf kjr atf ifjvfg bo j rfma lc atf ujwf, j ylu vflas, jcv Hljcwb Ufl cba ulnlcu tlw ojmf kjr mgbrrlcu atf ilcf.

Especially now that his girlfriend was the target of the other party’s fault-finding, even if Qianmo Pei’s combat effectiveness was good and at a high level, he had no reason to shrink back.

[Human] Tang Qingyun: Qianmo Pei, although you are difficult to deal with, if we really fight, it is not certain who will lose and who will win. o eW8t

[Human] Ningbo Fairy: Yeah, you have the ability to pick a fight, but how is taking advantage of your position to bully others any ability?

[Human] Shangguan Yu: …

At Song Xianxun’s words, Gu Bai couldn’t help but vomit speech bubbles, as he now found that the enemy of his mission has a complete brain disability. This kind of situation, with her only being in Core Formation stage, daring to pick a fight with a big God, was proof that her head had definitely been caught between a door at some point.

On the side of the demons, a player with long red hair directly placed an attack on Song Xianxun, decreasing her blood by more than half. XAD1FN

[Demon] Winner Is King: Picking a fight? How dare you fight with our boss? I can deal with you!

[Demon] Loser Warms the Bed: Winner, don’t be so impulsive, come roll over here!

[Demon] Winner Is King: Yes, babe…

Then the demon with long red hair immediately fell to the ground in public and rolled all the way to a seductive-looking male demon with long blue hair. 37Ep2

The demons with him couldn’t bear to look straight at this and turned their faces to the side…

Qianmo Pei glanced at his two subordinates, then kissed Gu Bai’s forehead. He glared at Tang Linyi, Song Xianxun, and other players on the other side, then gave orders with a sneer.

[Demon] Qianmo Pei: A few people, go. Remember, don’t let them die too fast.

It was not fun for them to die too soon. This kind of game was pleasant only when he slowly injured them and waited. SKzQ5P

Several demon players on the team showed evil smiles on their faces, then jumped out and attacked without saying anything.

Although Tang Linyi was a big God player, the big God players had to be divided into high and low tiers. As this was a holographic simulation online game with real data as reference, the real powerful experts relied on more than just equipment. Besides, the demon players all gathered around local tyrants. How could their equipment be poor?

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Gu Bai understood Tang Linyi’s skills very well. He was an expert in the underground world of Taekwondo, and in terms of ordinary people, he was already very powerful.

But at the moment, when observing those demon players, Gu Bai could see that they were definitely the kind of people who had seen blood in real life. Their moves were deadly and cruel, and one couldn’t figure out what profession they had in reality. h9NDuk

At this time, the valley in front of them sent out a bright light, and a scene of a dragon gate appeared in the sky. Obviously, it was time to fight monsters.

[Demon] Qianmo Pei: A few of you, continue dealing with them. Ghost Slayer, East Arrival, Black Weakness, come in with us. The others, stay and guard the original location.

Qianmo Pei ordered the people around him, and Gu Bai paused, entertaining the idea of leaving. Then, without waiting for Gu Bai to move, the man stared at him and sent a friend request.

[Demon] Qianmo Pei: Add me! 7WcVEx

To refuse in full view of the public was to seek death. Gu Bai could only agree. Then he thought about how friends could be deleted anyway. He could deal with it later.

But the next moment, the man directly sent him a private message.

Private Message [Demon] Qianmo Pei: You’d better obediently wait for me here. Also, if you dare to delete me as a friend again, I will…

Private Message [Human] Shangguan Yu: What will you do? yiJMog

Gu Bai had a bad feeling and raised his head nervously.

[Demon] Qianmo Pei: I will… spank you!

Qianmo Pei exposed an interesting expression, as he didn’t send it privately, but said the sentence directly in front of everyone, pinched Gu Bai’s buttock heavily, and then flew into the secret dungeon.

Gu Bai stood frozen there for a long time before he snapped out of it. Then his face turned red. Even if he had a thicker face, being surrounded with people staring at him would still make him want to burrow into the ground. What was the situation now ahhhhh!!!! ddPs8F

He really wanted to run now, but Qianmo Pei gave him no opportunities at all. As a person who had been tricked by Gu Bai twice, he had gained foresight. In addition to warning Gu Bai, he was also being especially careful.

So, Gu Bai could only helplessly stand there and wait for Qianmo Pei to come back. About ten minutes later, Qianmo Pei came out of the secret dungeon under the eyes of everyone.

In his hand was a still glittering and golden dragon, but its face was withered, and there was only a remaining bit of blood on top of its head. Then, Qianmo Pei threw it in front of Gu Bai.

[Demon] Qianmo Pei: Kill it. Then the secret divine reward will be yours. 2Onkmr

Gu Bai: Another one (⊙ o ⊙) His eyes were wide and stunned.

Human players…

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Spirit players…

Demon players: Fuck, that’s the mythical divine prize worth 3 million! I also want to dally with the Boss! WQwExV

Dally around like a young miss!

Gu Bai fiercely glared at Qianmo Pei, not knowing what to say. He took a deep breath and finally couldn’t help speaking.

[Human] Shangguan Yu: Qianmo Pei, what on earth are you trying to do?

[Demon] Qianmo Pei: Chase after you. x6UqVd

[Human] Shangguan Yu: …

Gu Bai’s voice paused for a while, and a bunch of bubbles appeared over his head as he continued to talk.

[Human] Shangguan Yu: I am a man!

[Demon] Qianmo Pei: I know. rKjPyM

[Human] Shangguan Yu: I have tricked you before!

[Demon] Qianmo Pei: I know.

[Human] Shangguan Yu: I am very shameless!

[Demon] Qianmo Pei: En… I also know this. 2tky08

[Human] Shangguan Yu: If you know and are still chasing me, isn’t that looking for abuse…

Gu Bai stared at the man in front of him and said that sentence.

The man on the other side didn’t hit him, but smiled and showed a wicked expression instead. He pulled Gu Bai to the dragon, grabbed his hand, and helped him to kill the legendary boss monster.

Then the world began to change, and the sky shone with gold. 9Og8UV

System: Congratulations to the player Shangguan Yu for killing the ancient monster. The reward is 30 million highest quality spirit stones!

System: Congratulations to the player Shangguan Yu for killing the ancient monster and getting a set of divine-level equipment!

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System: Congratulations to the player Shangguan Yu for killing the ancient monster. Your name will remain on the world honor list forever!

Followed by a loud system congratulations tone, colorful light rays fell on Gu Bai and turned into a set of white war armor. Because he was a female account, the appearance of the war armor was rather feminine. LuQE0p

At the same time, this moment was also accompanied by the discussion of lively players.

[Human] If You Stay At Home Too Long You’ll Become Muddleheaded: Wow, a set of G-G-God level equipment, I-I-I didn’t see wrongly ba

[Human] Let Go of That Buddhist Nun: You saw right. It’s a piece of divine-level equipment, not a million spirit stones, but a million RMB. Fuck, we may not necessarily even be able to buy it!

[Spirit] Cute Rabbit: This young miss has decided to find a demon boyfriend tomorrow! rVk7e4

[Spirit] Government Certified Little Tsundere: +1…

[Human] Meow Meow Sauce: Spirit-meimei, er, jiejie, I also +1…

[Human] Dirty But Usable Medicine: I +10086…

[Spirit] People Who Lie Are Liars: Hey, that “Dirty But Usable Medicine.” Aren’t you a guy? →_→ 4SoH6h

[Human] Dirty But Usable Medicine: No problem, I’ll set up a girl’s account tomorrow. ~\\(≧▽≦)/~

[The Masses]: …

Notes: CKlYS1

When I first picked up HOMM, I really wanted to see a continuation because it was such a lovely story. Unfortunately I was unable to release it regularly and do it justice, so a MTL group poached it… I’m really thankful and glad that such a lovely team from CG decided to come together and work on this! <3 Also big thank you to readers for sticking with us 🙂

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