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Heavenly WifeCh4.1 - Who Is the Boss? (1)


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So much cursing, I’m sorry ☹


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Qi Ze’s body suddenly tilted and he almost fell to the ground. After he regained his balance, he stood up and roared without thinking, “Feng Yang, fuck your mother! Are you fucking tired of living?! Whose chair do you think you are kicking?” 

It was not just Qi Ze, all of the students in the class were stunned; they could never have imagined that Feng Yang would be so bold. Even though this situation really did happen, it would have been more normal if their roles had been reversed, right? With Qi Ze kicking Feng Yang, and Feng Yang being on the receiving end of his kick.  59yXvq

Although no one knew what kind of connections Qi Ze had, the fact that he could still continue to study at the experimental school, despite his arrogant attitude and poor grades, could only mean that he was either a relative of the school director, or that he came from a powerful family.

All of his classmates thought: So, Feng YangHave you lost your mind?

His more timid classmates and the people he had previously helped with their studies or with other matters, were worried about him to some extent. 



Feng Yang casually swept all the books on Qi Ze’s desk to the ground. He stepped on them without fear, and then put his hands in his pockets and smiled. “I’m not tired of living. Couldn’t you tell that from this morning’s incident? Why? You can do this to others but you can’t stand others doing this to you? You want to kill me, don’t you?”

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Qi Ze raised a fist and aimed it at Feng Yang’s face, as though to punch him. Unexpectedly, this person, who couldn’t hide from him fast enough in the past, was now able to easily catch his fist.

Feng Yang only had to shove half-heartedly to force Qi Ze to drop back abruptly into the broken chair. The chair already looked funny with one of its legs missing. But what was even funnier was that, under Qi Ze’s weight… xC87Wi


We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

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“Uooa!” Vbwf bo atf raevfcar mbeivc’a tbiv yjmx atflg ijeutafg. pA9uld

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“Yes, Feng Yang. Don’t go too far.” Zhang Qingjie, Qi Ze’s deskmate and partner-in-crime, frowned and said, “If you start something, you’ll be the unlucky one.”

“Did I let you talk? Your master didn’t say a word. What are you barking for? What’s more, who the hell is free to wait for you to finish class? Let’s go outside now, hurry up! Don’t back off now.” After Feng Yang finished speaking, he kicked Qi Ze’s desk again with a bang. At that moment, he looked more like a hooligan than either Qi Ze or Zhang Qingjie.

“Let’s go!” Qi Ze said, motioning for him to lead the way. “Feng Yang, if I haven’t fucking peeled off your skin by tonight, I’ll take up your last name!”  qzS9Jy

“No, I don’t want a stupid and immoral son like you. It’s disgusting.” Feng Yang walked out of the classroom without saying another word, as though he was afraid of nothing.

Qi Ze seriously wondered whether the boy had lost his mind, otherwise how would he dare to provoke him like this? But now that such an absurd situation had taken place, he had to reclaim his face quickly. Given that he was bigger and of a ‘higher status’ than his classmates, he had never lost face in such a big way in school before.

Zhang Qingjie, who Feng Yang had alluded to as Qi Ze’s loyal dog, naturally didn’t want to let Feng Yang go either, so he went out with Qi Ze.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The students in the class became more worried after seeing all three of them leave. RydJpD

Qi Ze was the scum of the earth, more so, the worst kind. Did Feng Yang eat bear heart and leopard gall at the hospital? He didn’t seem afraid of Qi Ze’s retaliation at all.

Some of his classmates knew Feng Yang’s family situation, and knew that his only remaining relative, his grandma, was gone. If Qi Ze were to retaliate, there would be no one who could take care of him. Or did Feng Yang simply not care if anything happened to him now? 

“I’ll go get the teacher-in-charge,” said the student council member.

The class monitor also felt that this matter couldn’t be left alone. Although Feng Yang looked as if he wasn’t afraid of anything after jumping off the building, Qi Ze was too insidious. If their help was needed with the situation that developed, they wanted to be on Feng Yang’s side. 8K5sp6

After the student council member and class monitor went out, the discussion in the classroom rose instantly by three decibels.

FML! Feng Yang is fucking awesome!”

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“Is he really brave, or has he damaged his brain?”

“I don’t know. But anyway, he’s so cool!” There were many students in the class who had been bullied by Qi Ze before, but only for little things, so they weren’t too affected. However, it was impossible to say that they weren’t angry at all. Thus, when Feng Yang fought back against him a few minutes ago, they felt comforted just by watching the scene! KysL7X

“Hey, do you want to go out and take a look?” Anyway, the teacher isn’t in the classroom!


Three tall boys, all of whom were top-rankers in the class and generally hung out together, stood up one by one and followed Qi Ze and Zhang Qingjie out. They usually didn’t interact with Qi Ze because they didn’t want to be involved with people like him, but now that things had become like this, they couldn’t just sit back and do nothing. 

What was even stranger about this situation was that, generally whenever there was a big commotion, no matter which class was responsible for it, the teachers nearby would surely come immediately to resolve things. So why hadn’t they appeared this time?! dI831o

Both Qi Ze and the three boys felt skeptical about this issue. They had made such a big ruckus in class. Why hadn’t the teacher come in to take care of things? This is unreasonable! Normally, their teacher would quickly swoop in every time they got into trouble, but how was it that when Feng Yang caused trouble, all the teachers seemed to have disappeared? They didn’t see any teachers on their way out of the main entrance of the school building either!

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Qi Ze’s anger was so great that he felt like his head would explode. He desperately wanted to peel off Feng Yang’s skin right now. But somehow, the further he walked away from the school building, following after Feng Yang, the more his uneasiness increased, as though he was having a bad premonition.


Afraid of what? Nonsense! Why should he be afraid when there were two of them on his side?! MtaWu3

Qi Ze clenched his teeth and puffed his chest out with confidence. He thought, why not go a little farther away and find a place where no one is around,  then ‘take care of’ Feng Yang?

At this time, Zhang Qingjie, who wasn’t aware of Qi Ze’s train of thought, suddenly pulled his arm. “Qi Ze.”


Zhang Qingjie subconsciously slowed down and muttered in a low voice, “Say, do you think Feng Yang… Would he… Could he actually be a ghost?” tdzkYU

Suddenly, the sound of rushing wind filled his ears; cold, faint, as if an unjust soul were crying. All the hair on Qi Ze’s body stood on end at once. He slapped Zhang Qingjie on the back of his head and gritted his teeth. “Are you a fool? Scaring yourself like this! Besides, can ghosts walk around in the daytime? Is there something wrong with your brain, too?”

“Isn’t it already night time now?”

“The problem with your theory is that he’s not dead, okay? He stood up in broad daylight and then even went to the hospital!”

Zhang Qingjie thought what Qi Ze said sounded reasonable. However, Feng Yang had suddenly changed so much, he couldn’t help but waver. nKuEHL

Feng Yang’s hearing was very sharp. It didn’t matter if the people behind him spoke softly, as long as he wanted to, he could hear the voices of everyone in the whole building. It was just that it took some spiritual energy, and also, he didn’t want to hear everyone’s voices, he just wanted to hear what he needed to hear. For example, when Zhang Qingjie said, could he be a ghost?

He thought, Yeah, what if I really become ‘a ghost’? Will it scare them to death?

These two idiots.

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At this hour, it was impossible for the security guards to let the students out at will. Feng Yang didn’t want to fake a leave permit, jump over the wall, or go out using spiritual force. So, recalling Little Feng Yang’s memories, he took Qi Ze and Zhang Qingjie all the way to the bicycle shed. 8wsfl2

Nowadays, the proportion of day students who rode bicycles to school wasn’t as high as it used to be in the past. Many of the students lived nearby and could return home on foot, or they had cars at home and were picked up and dropped off. Little Feng Yang was one of the few bikers. Although his bicycle had been smashed by Qi Ze and his friends, it had been bought by Grandmother Feng after a long period of penny-pinching. It was the first birthday gift that Little Feng Yang had received in his life, when he was 12-years-old. Little Feng Yang treated the bicycle as though it were a treasure, so he hadn’t been willing to throw it out even though it was smashed to bits. Instead, he had picked up the scattered parts and brought them back to the school bicycle shed.

Then, Little Feng Yang didn’t go home all night, and the next morning, he jumped off the building to meet his death.

Feng Yang accurately found the ‘bicycle skeletons’. He raised his right hand to write something in the air in front of him and then leaned against one of the support pillars of the bicycle shed. “You two, repair my bike within half an hour. It must look the same as it originally did, else, I’ll use your bones to fix it up.”

“Hah?!”  ZWiq21

Qi Ze yelled, “You want to show off your courage? Use our bones? Here?” He lifted the nearest bicycle and tossed it furiously at Feng Yang. “Idiot! What kind of spring and autumn dreams are you having?!”

With his arms crossed over his chest, Feng Yang directly blocked Qi Ze’s attack, and when Zhang Qingjie saw this, he raised his foot to kick Feng Yang’s stomach without any hesitation.

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Feng Yang must have gone crazy, he thought.


Hehe, sorry for the cliffhanger, I actually want to post a full chapter but it’s too long for us so, yeah, I hope you understand. Part 2 will be post in Monday~~

Stay safe and keep healthy everyone :blobsmilehappyeyes:

Translator's Note

cǎo nǐ mā literally means grass mud horse. It’s a word play in Chinese with cào nǐ mā, which means motherfucker

Translator's Note

Actually it’s the same word as ‘cǎo’ in grass, and like a word play with ‘fuck’. The author is cursing in a decent way, *respect, but I wrote it as ‘fuck’ instead, I hope you don’t mind~

Translator's Note

Somehow in Chinese, taking someone’s last name is like an action of lowering himself or admitting their loss.

Translator's Note

He means he was the ‘boss’ and has a higher position than the other students. At least that is what he thought … The word play matches the latter part so I used ‘big’

Translator's Note

Idiom: chī xióng xīn bào zi dǎn; means to pluck up some courage

Translator's Note

Fuck my life

Translator's Note

Idiom: chūnqiū dà mèng: unrealistic ideas

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