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Heavenly Wife

Heavenly Wife 仙妻男当

RAW Source
Author: 困成熊猫
Total Chapters: 61
Genre: Fantasy, Modern, School
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Translators: Frozenmirage. Editors: PM87, Noks
Release Schedule: Sporadic, Monday, Friday


”Feng” Yang, whose spiritual roots were cut off by his biological father, plunged into the human world, where he opened the first ‘psychological clinic’ on a street every weekend, in the hopes of gathering merits by rescuing humankind and regaining the chance of ascension.

The smooth sailing clinic suddenly welcomed a delusional patient…

Feng Yang: How can I help you?

Ban Yu: I can sense my dragon Qi coming from your body! At a single glance, I know that you’re my fiancée!

Feng Yang: … Roll!

Ban Yu, the Crown Prince of the Shenlong Imperial Family, had taken a blow from the heavenly tribulation for his father, which had wounded his brain and caused his soul to pass through to this world. He wasn’t only regarded as mentally ill, he also believed that he was married to a crown princess in this world… and threatened the other party to have nine sons for themselves!

The Crown Prince after waking up: …I need to calm down.

Black-belly, possessive, mentally ill Dragon VS righteous and short-tempered Phoenix

1 VS 1, HE

A brief introduction: 

Feng Yang: My family has no money, we only have dragons.

Spanish translation by kuchiki Risa

2 chapters/week
Ko-fi for more :blobblush:

In regard of re-translation of whichever of my project is, I would say no from this point onward. If you really want to take the project, please translate it from the original work as to support the author. Thank you.

*the above link of translation is not included

Translator's Note

凤: fèng: phoenix

Translator's Note

气: spiritual energy, qi, the vital energy which exists in all things

Translator's Note

Celestial Dragon, one of the most powerful divine beasts in the Immortal Realm/Heaven

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  1. So waiting for the nine dragon means this is also MPreg 🤔🤔 yey another one with cute buns😘😍😍

    • Hi! Thank you so much for sharing this very interesting story. 👍❤️❤️

      I had already left this message in chapter 6. 1 but I’ll leave it here anyway, an apology if it seems annoying. 😅

      But I would like to ask if I can get your permission to use your English translation to re-translate this story into Spanish on my Wattpad account? I will give you the corresponding credits.

  2. Hello, I am peru. The story is amazing. I really like it and want to re-translate into indonesia. Can I? Thank you.

    • Hello hello, is it for wattpad? Or other site? hehe just curious… Actually, you can do it, but, as always as I said to others, I can’t give you a 100% guarantee of the translation because something need to be adjusted in English and we edit it here and there… If you do, please give me and CG the credit and message me the link to your translation in one of my comments or dm me on discord…

      Thank you^^

      • I will post it on the global foxaholic. I will send you the link when I am ready to post it. thank you so much for your permit.

        • Hello Paperu, after thinking about it, I’ve change my mind. I’ll be uncomfortable if you re-translate it from the English version to your language because it’s easy to lost in translation. But if you really want to pick this novel, please translate it from the original, Chinese version (raws link above) to Indonesian. I’m sorry.