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Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil (Extra 4)Chapter 3


Translator: Callis
Editor: Kara

Several children saw strangers suddenly appearing and screamed in horror, which silenced the noisy tribe for a moment. l4pd3u

The males with beast markings emerged and stood in front of the elderly, weak females, and children. The tallest and strongest male slowly walked over and asked, “Who are you? What do you want?”

Fortunately, he was talking in the universal animal language. Zhou Yun Sheng could not only understand it, but could also speak it.

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One man and a beast looked at one another and decided to stay in the tribe to explore the situation. How many years had passed in the future? How long had it been since they set off? Without detailed numerical values, the Empire could not set the time coordinates and jump through the time-space nodes to bring them back. Compared to the uncivilized primitive tribes, Zhou Yun Sheng preferred advanced civilizations with state-of-the-art science and technology. He did not want to live on this planet forever.

“Hello, we have been separated from our people during our migration. Can we temporarily stay with your tribe? My name is Sheng, his name is Xuan, we are partners.” Zhou Yun Sheng stepped forward, asking gently and politely.


Population was the key to the development and growth of a tribe. This person was obviously female and extraordinarily good-looking. It was the type of good-looking that couldn’t be described, that would make one’s eyes dazzled and head dizzy at first sight.

The tribe leader, with flushed cheeks, gave him a quick glance and said, “If you want to stay, you must prove that you have the ability to feed yourself. Our tribe can support females, but not males with working hands and feet.” He looked pointedly at the lion with the golden fur.

Zhao Xuan opened his mouth and gave a deafening roar.

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It was unforgivable to belittle him in front of his wife. His roar was terrifying, but only lasted for a moment. Soon, all of the male beastmen in the tribe gathered together, showing a combative expression. Squeezing his fist, the leader said, “Turn into a human form and fight us. If you win three consecutive times, you can stay.” R05l i

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Itbe Tec Vtfcu jrxfv klat j rwlif, “Jjc’a oluta klatbea rtloalcu lcab tewjc obgw?”

“Is your partner an ancestral beast? He can’t shift?” The tribe leader was so surprised that the people standing behind him couldn’t help but laugh scornfully.

More than 2,000 years had passed since the first male became human. During this time, the beasts had hunted each other and been burned by heavenly fire. They were on the verge of extinction, but had miraculously multiplied instead. In one ordeal after the other, the humanoid beastmen grew stronger and stronger while the primitive beasts that could not transform became weaker and weaker. Some had even degenerated and become true beasts, killing their tribe’s people. RogihV

Tribes needed females and strong beastmen, but had no need for useless ancestral beasts that might become insane at any moment.

The arrival of an ancestral beast heralded endless trouble.

Ancestral beasts? Zhou Yun Sheng quickly got the information he needed from those two words.

It turned out that there were still male beasts that could not shift. Because their forms were the same as their ancestors’, they were collectively called ancestral beasts. From their expressions, returning to their ancestral forms was not a good phenomenon. They should have been discriminated against and excluded from the tribe. TAWELx

Zhou Yun Sheng was arrogant by nature and would not stay under contemptuous eyes. Zhao Xuan was even more domineering. Even if he had the strength to defeat all of the male beastmen, he would not bother with them. He naturally enjoyed the world of two people more than living in a group. A man and a beast looked at each other and tacitly chose to leave.

Seeing that they said nothing and turned to leave, their figures looked very bleak. A female hiding behind the crowd spoke up, “Chief, let them stay, ba. If they left and lived in the forest, they would soon be unable to hold on. Abu and Xiao Hei are also ancestral beasts. Aren’t they getting along well with everyone? Although they are a little weak, they can still catch prey to feed themselves. They can also contribute to the tribe.”

As the female spoke, a brown bear and a black cheetah that had been hiding in the shadows came out and howled at the tribal leader. They were Abu and Xiao Hei.

Zhou Yun Sheng glanced back at the female. The other was very short, his height of 175cm unique among the females whose average height was more than 1.9m. However, their bodies were very thin, and no muscles could be seen, only soft fat. Obviously, they were pampered and didn’t exercise much. He stood among a group of giants with red cheeks like a drooping chicken hiding in a group of cranes. If he hadn’t spoken suddenly, he wouldn’t have any presence. m2aWni

He looked very handsome, with clear eyes and a strong sense of justice.

Zhou Yun Sheng could see he was very nervous, but in order to prevent them from dying in the forest, he still spoke up. This type of kindness was very rare.

As the tribal leader was about to speak, a grey-haired old man slowly stepped out with a stern voice, “Abu and Xiao Hei were born in the tribe. They are our tribe’s people, different from outsiders. As long as other tribes had ancestral beasts, they would typically be immediately expelled. It was already kind of us to raise Abu and Xiao Hei, and we can no longer accept foreign beasts. They will threaten the safety of the tribe.”

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The old man walked all the way over, and the people standing around him bowed their heads and respectfully exclaimed, “Shaman!”. The Shaman represented the beast god and had a position in the tribe far higher than the leader’s. The leader had no room to refute, so he had to wave his hand, signaling the person and beast should leave quickly. 9r148f

The female bit his lip and boldly said, “Could we just not accept the ancestral beast, but allow the female to stay?” Females were a very valuable resource on the Beastman Planet, where the gender ratio was unbalanced.

At the female’s words, the Shaman was obviously hesitant. All of the single males looked at Zhou Yun Sheng with hot eyes. They had never seen such a beautiful female with white, smooth skin, no thick body hair, no smoky odor, and a round rear wrapped in a skirt. His sexy legs, straight and slender, would be wonderful wrapped around their waist during mating.

“The female can stay.” The Shaman thought for a long time before he graciously allowed.

“Thank you for your kindness.” Zhou Yun Sheng waved his hand and left straight away. R1l5j7

He looked past the Shaman and focused on the beautiful little female. The thank-you was obviously given to him.

“No…not at all.” The little female stammered and tried to persuade him to stay, but the golden lion suddenly turned his head and let out an abnormally ferocious roar. The roar set off a wave of air, making everyone’s muscles tremble and their skin tingle.

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After they left, the Shaman felt his nose itch. When he raised his finger to touch his nose, he found that they were covered in blood. Others were also uncomfortable with an unusual flush on their faces, not from anger, but because of the heat caused by the shockwave.

While everyone was immersed in the horror of the golden lion, only the little female touched a stinging cheek and murmured with interest, “He’s more handsome than a superstar. A casual roar can hurt people with its waves. The human and animal pair were not only powerful, but also very attractive.” T8wEiS

“The Shaman is injured, send him back immediately!” The leader recovered from his shock and saw two lines of blood dripping from the Shaman’s nose. He rushed forward to help him.

Everyone gathered around in twos and threes, hiding their shock and fear with chatter. Was that really an ancestral beast? But a roar could hurt people. If someone were to fight him, they were afraid that they couldn’t withstand his slap. No wonder they could safely arrive at the edge of the forest when they were separated from their tribe. No wonder they couldn’t find a trace of fatigue on the female’s body. Under the protection of such a powerful beast, it would be hard for him not to be well nourished.

“Never mind he is a powerful ancestral beast. He might fall into a rampage at any moment and thoroughly become a beast. Leave him behind, who can subdue him when he goes berserk?” Seeing their leader’s regret, a very gorgeous female sneered and opened his mouth, squeezing through the crowd and taking the Shaman’s arm.

He was the Shaman’s only descendant, and his mother had died during childbirth. It was the Shaman who had brought him up, and he held an isolated position in the tribe. WZ7jqf

It was precisely because of the leader’s established relationship with him that he could become the ruler of the tribe.

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As soon as he spoke, sure enough, everyone let the matter go, dispersed, and left to attend to themselves.

smh, with Zhao Xuan around, the tribe has no chance of even touching a hair on Zhou Yun Sheng’s head! (๑•̀д•́๑)


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