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Everyone Knows I'm a Good PersonChapter 20

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If the machines didn’t cover the sky, the Insects might’ve put up a fight. But how could they possibly go against Shi Qing’s superior firepower? snIPh0

Seeing that Yin Mingzheng was about to kill them, the leader submissively laid down on the ground: “I, we didn’t want to do, do anything. It’s all this, human’s…….It’s all her fault!”

Did this human think that she’s the only one who could throw the pot?!

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They could as well!!

With a forehead brimming with green sweat, the Insect who had his numerous arms chopped off tried to overcome his stutter: “It was this, this human. She said she wanted to kill you, so she kidnapped you, my lord. We, we……” GLpUf

Behind him, an Insect with eight eyes saw the leader freeze. He quickly and carefully added: “We were just passing, passing by.”

“Yes! Yes yes yes!”

It was like the leader of the Insects had grasped onto a life-saving straw. He desperately nodded his head, and the flesh on his fat neck wobbled grotesquely:

“Passing by! We just came to have a look around!”


Yin Mingzheng has never seen the Insect race behave this way before. He saw the senior Insects in earlier battles, and they were always bloodthirsty and vicious. Their eyes were filled with contempt for humans, as if they were looking at primitive beasts rolling around in the mud.

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It’s the first time he’s seen Insects acting like this.

The hero of humanity wasn’t full of himself, so he knew it wasn’t because of him. He naturally concluded that it had something to do with Shi Qing.

Shi Qing was easily scared, and his appearance was utterly harmless. Although he insisted he was an adult, there was no way these Insects would be this afraid of him. N0Ed6O

Was it because of the androids that filled the sky?

Yin Mingzheng took a look around. It was very likely.

Before, he only knew that Shi Qing was the King of Mechanical race along with some details about his race. However, he never bothered to ask about the position of Shi Qing’s race in the universe.

It seems that they were quite influential. 2P7xRY

If the Insects knew about Yin Mingzheng’s thoughts, they would’ve felt like he was underestimating the Mechanical race.

This was the Mechanical race after all.

They left only destruction in their wake; not for fame or profit, but purely to carry out their mission to annihilate all intelligent life.

Their members just happened to be both numerous and lethal. The machines were wholeheartedly devoted to their King, who could mass produce them indefinitely. V2W8lz

Who wouldn’t be afraid of an endless stream of enemies?

They were no exception.

If they aroused the ire of this person, the Insect race might just be exterminated on the spot.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Several senior Insects laid on the ground, trembling. The leader was still struggling to figure out how to escape from this situation. Zhao Miaomiao was speechless as well. jYUfyL

What was there left to say? Shi Qing had seen her real face, the Insects had deflected all the responsibility onto her, and the humanoid machines in the sky blocked off all routes of escape. There was even another man in front of her who looked at her with disgusted eyes.

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Zhao Miaomiao could only place all her hope on Yin Mingzheng.

“Mingzheng-ge! You have to believe me, Mingzheng-ge. I really didn’t know anything. Mingzheng-ge, I was also kidnapped!”

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Her original plan with General Zhao was to use Shi Qing to threaten Yin Mingzheng into standing with the Insects. They would then broadcast it to the base to let everyone see how their precious hero of humanity was in cahoots with the enemy.

They didn’t even consider trying to kill Yin Mingzheng. This man was too strong. If he became serious, even the Insects couldn’t suppress him, and their attempts might backfire instead. COMcZq

It was another story entirely to destroy his reputation. Yin Mingzheng could attack Insects, but not humans. If the hero of humanity lost all his glory, he would lose the power to retaliate.

As for why Zhao Miaomiao was here, it was because the Insects didn’t trust their co-conspirators. They were afraid that these humans were trying to set them up, so they requested Zhao Miaomiao as a hostage.

Before, Zhao Miaomiao thought that being a hostage wasn’t bad.

She was planning on personally ripping Shi Qing’s little face to shreds to see if he could still pretend to be pitiful. Moreover, she had to ruin Yin Mingzheng’s reputation to make him regret rejecting her. rhPgfR

But now, she can only cry at Yin Mingzheng’s feet.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Mingzheng-ge, these are Insects. How could you believe anything they say? You know best what kind of person I am. How could I do such a thing!”

She stretched out a hand to pull on the leg of his trousers while crying, “Can our relationship not even withstand a few words from these Insects?”

Yin Mingzheng felt Shi Qing start pinching him viciously again. Ob7Kz6

He hurried to move back while holding his little prince. He didn’t let Zhao Miaomiao touch him in the slightest.

The hero of humanity had a serious face and upright posture: “We have no relationship.”

“And don’t touch me.”

As he spoke, the man’s long and slender hand carefully rested on the youth in his arms. qQkvb

The sight of him cherishing Shi Qing while throwing her away like an old pair of shoes infuriated Zhao Miaomiao.

These days, she’s tried all kinds of ways to please Yin Mingzheng. Not only did this ruthless man not respond to her flattery, he actively avoided her.

She didn’t even get to touch the corner of his clothes. Every time she came near, he told her that he had a companion already in Shi Qing and that she should show some self respect.

Even now, when she cried like this, Yin Mingzheng only paid attention to Shi Qing who he was so protective over!! 7PNiyT

Her death was imminent, but Shi Qing could have Yin Mingzheng’s protection for a lifetime.


What did he do to deserve it?!!

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Zhao Miaomiao stood up like she was possessed and started to shakily point at the youth in the man’s arms: “Yin Mingzheng!!! You’ve been lied to! This isn’t his true appearance! He’s an alien!” XIA4rS

As she spoke, she turned around and pointed to the androids in the sky:

“Do you see all these aliens? They were all called over by him! Don’t you know that aliens all have their own motivations?!! You would rather believe him and the Insects over me?!”

Seeing Yin Mingzheng’s indifference to her words, she smiled again, “Oh, that’s right. You were caught by him and you came back with him, so you must’ve known that he was an alien already.”

“You were the ones that sent me there.” rsgSNl

The man finally spoke, his eyes filled with sharp mockery: “Did you really think I couldn’t find out?”

Zhao Miaomiao was stunned.

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It took her a minute to realise Yin Mingzheng knew that it was General Zhao who orchestrated the attack on him. She began to violently shake her head. “No, it wasn’t me. It was my father. He did it. I like you, so how can I plot to kill you? It really wasn’t me…”

“Don’t worry about it.” bAjFDG

There was very little emotion on Yin Mingzheng’s face. He even let out a smile. It gave his handsome features a hint of tenderness.

“I don’t blame you two,” he said.

Zhao Miaomiao had never seen him smile like this at her before. At first she was amazed, and then her eyes became hopeful.

Did this mean that Yin Mingzheng forgave her? He was willing to let her go?! U5sOKt

However, in the next second, the man that resembled a benevolent deity lowered his eyes. They fell softly upon on the young man in his arms. His beautiful lips were raised, and his whole body became gentle because it was Shi Qing he was looking at.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The hero of humanity said: “If you didn’t want to kill me, how could I have met Shi Qing?”

Zhao Miaomiao: “……”

[Aww he’s all grown up. His mouth has become so sweet.] 7lQrA8

Shi Qing’s face blossomed into a radiant smile. He placed his arms around the man’s neck and raised his head to peck at his defined cheekbone. Consider this a reward.

The Insects cowering on the ground were more than a little confused by this scene.

The Insect race didn’t have the habit of kissing, and they never cared to understand the native human beings. They had no idea what the two of them were doing.

One of the Insects in the back asked in their language, “Is our lord planning to eat Yin Mingzheng?” LOv2we

“He only has one mouth, and it’s quite small. There’s no way he’ll be able to finish. Should we take this time to escape?”

“How do you suggest we do that? There are so many machines in the sky. Why don’t you go and try it out then!”

The leader couldn’t stand it anymore: “Shut up!”

He had no patience for these invaders that didn’t do their homework beforehand. “Have none of you read through the intel? This is a human ritual to initiate copulation.” RxMTab

“Our lord wants to have sex with humans? How do you make love when your partner is of a different race?”

“You’re all a bunch of idiots!”

The first Insect silently lamented his misfortune again: “The Mechanical race has always been propagating itself, but we’ve never heard about how exactly they reproduce. In my opinion, it must be by consuming the breeding subject! So they make love first, and then they feast!”

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“So it’s like that. Insects do tend to be more relaxed after copulation. Our lord should be the same. Do you think we’ll get better results if we wait for them to finish making love before asking for leniency?” NK4Ewc

“I think so.”

“Then we will wait here for our lord to reproduce.”

They seriously discussed in their language how to keep themselves alive. But all Yin Mingzheng and Shi Qing could hear was:

“Jijiji, Jijijiji?” MT1cut

“Creak creak creak.”


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The hero of humanity tightened his eyebrows. The black fog suddenly descended onto the Insects. He questioned in a freezing voice, “What do you think you’re doing?” acWrT3

The Insects were startled and frantically explained:

“Ji! We were, weren’t doing anything. We were just chat, chatting. ”

He was so scared that he could faint on the spot, but it was impossible to tell due to his extremely ugly appearance, what with his forehead filled with green sweat, eyes that were bulging (out of fear) and his mouth filled with fangs.

Yin Mingzheng’s little prince seemed to be frightened at the sight, and with a cry, he buried his face in the man’s chest. 5ONJy9

The man forgot all about intimidating the Insects. He patted Shi Qing on the back and comforted him: “It’s okay. Don’t be afraid. I’m here.”

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The youth’s body was still slightly trembling. He held onto Yin Mingzheng tightly and seemed to still be in a state of shock.

But in reality, Shi Qing was howling for the System: [Hahahaha ah…… Hahahahahaha!! Baby System, Baby System come out real quick!]

The System that considered its Host a BOSS that didn’t need its help, especially since Yin Mingzheng arrived, came out from studying ‘The Classic of Taoist Virtue’. qcbKFf


Shi Qing: [Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!]

After laughing, he mimicked the Insects he had just heard: [Jiji, Jijijiji!]

System: [What?] 49 Og3

[Creak creak creak.]

System: [?]

Shi Qing only laughed harder in response. If his face wasn’t still buried against Yin Mingzheng’s chest, he might just roll around on the ground.

The man thought he was really scared. He glared at the Insect that spoke. The black fog rose up in a threatening manner: “Lower your head.” wP2sn

After that, he looked down at the one in his arms. The expression on his face was gentle again. He patted his back lightly, and said in a low voice filled with pity.

“Don’t be afraid. They just happen to be a little ugly. They wouldn’t dare to play any tricks when I’m around.”

The Insects who witnessed the youth be extremely domineering just a few moments earlier could only silently and quietly……

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

–Lower his ugly head. dBCyXv

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