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Everyone Knows I’m a Good Person

Everyone Knows I’m a Good Person 全世界都知道我是好人[快穿]

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Author: 糖尾帅
Total Chapters: 177
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Doting Love Interest, Fluffy, Power couple, Quick Transmigration
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Translators: SilverRain. Editors: SimoB, yummers
Release Schedule: Sporadic, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday


Shi Qing’s task was to be a protector.

It was only after transmigrating to various worlds and eagerly counterattacking the villains there that he realized that he was the biggest villain of them all.

– A King that liked to conquer other worlds

– A Film Emperor that had a malicious personality

– A Blackened Disciple with deviant intentions

– A Schoolyard Bully that was overbearing to others

Afterwards the Gong that initially despised Shi Qing discovered:

– The Machine King that seemed like an invader was really a million-year old baby

– The Film Emperor that seemed malicious was secretly helping upcoming actors

– The Disciple that seemed to harbor deviant intentions was a pure-hearted boy

– The Schoolyard Bully that seemed overbearing was secretly in love

In the end….

The Entire World: He’s such a good person!

Caption: Various ways to wash your reputation white

Portuguese translation

Spanish translation

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  1. Wow i did not know that CG was translating this novel

    I really love it

    Thank you for translating this novel 💞💝💜

  2. Wow, sound exactly like a story I’ll love :3

    Thanks for picking this one!!

    • Sounds interesting… I’ll wait until the first arc is finished before reading 🥰

  3. Translator, I’m sure this was on another website?? Are you switching to here now or are you not the same person? 😅

  4. Congrats on the move! I always camp on this site so I’m really happy to see you here. Thank you for translating this fascinating novel. ( (੭ु˙꒳˙)੭ु⁾⁾💕💕

    • Thank you! Many of my favourite novels are on this site so I’m really happy they accepted someone like me. I hope I can do this novel justice! 😄

  5. Aaaaaa 💕 i bookmarked this on mtl and im so happy seeing this being translated here. I HOPE FOR FAST RELEASES!! (cough it’s not that bad to wish-)

    Anyways, i very much look forward to it (‘▽’)♪

  6. Thanks for translating this novel! I love QT novels so much :3 I will definitely be reading this when the first arc is completed!

  7. I have checked this novel, hasn’t anyone translated it into Indonesian yet? can i re-translate this novel? of course I will include your credit in my translation. I will wait for your reply. thank you

  8. Currently 44.2 chapters.


    After a long exercise of patience, I can binge-read this gem now!!!

    Thanks for the chapters!

    (Yes, I lasted 44 or so chapters, that’s sadly my limit. 😔😋)