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Everyone Knows I'm a Good PersonChapter 19

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Zhao Miaomiao was about to die of fright.

Even if she orchestrated those rumours about Shi Qing being an alien, she never thought that they were true. mkoMNj

He was an alien!

He really was an alien!!

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She was frozen on the ground, staring dumbly at the sky as more and more androids arrived. They were all plated in silver armour, and each one was about half as tall as a human. Any one of their various weapons was enough to destroy a building.

These guys were the ones that surrounded the base and threatened the humans to surrender Yin Mingzheng in the beginning. qZBhsg

When Yin Mingzheng came back, he brought Shi Qing along.

Why didn’t she realize it earlier?!!

Shi Qing glanced at Zhao Miaomiao who was thinking hard about something with amusement. He stepped lightly towards the woman.



The fearful shriek of a woman sounded out. Before Shi Qing could do anything, she was already frantically screeching: “Don’t kill me!! Don’t kill me!!!”

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“It was the Insects!! They forced me to do this. It’s all their fault. Please don’t kill me…… ”

The top Insect officials pointed out by Zhao Miaomiao: “???”

They haven’t even blamed Zhao Miaomiao for daring to kidnap a member of the Mechanical race yet, but this human woman was already throwing the pot to them?! wAxzjR

But now was not the time to settle scores. Shi Qing has already turned in their direction.

This was the Mechanical race ah!!

This was the Mechanical race ah!!!

The one before them even seemed to possess intelligence. When they thought about how only the King of Mechanical race could think for themselves and then about how terrifying previous Kings were from their inherited memories, the group of Insects were just about to faint. 5X91EG

The leader himself was shaking, not to mention the Insects behind him. Humans showed fear through their trembling shoulders. They showed fear through their trembling bodies.

One Insect standing in very last row was about to shake off all 18 of their feet.

They stammered, “My, my lord……”

The Insects were already unused to speaking the human language. Now they couldn’t even get out a sentence because of how frightened they were. 80WgXR

When they saw Shi Qing slowly approaching them, several Insects broke under the psychological pressure and cut off their feet in a panic before lying motionlessly on the ground.

They were playing dead.

Cutting off the feet was the highest level of etiquette to the Insects. It represented their supreme respect for the other person.

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Shi Qing paid no mind to their self-mutilation. He directly stared at their leader. HsW4Rj

He had a humanoid body shape and stood almost two meters tall. The place where an arm should be was densely covered with arms. His slightly pointed face was now covered with green beads of sweat. He was talking like a broken record:

“My, my, my lord. You. You……”

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Maybe he grew annoyed with himself, but he cut off one of his arms in a hurry. He calmed down a little bit afterwards and continued to struggle to explain himself in the human tongue: “Please do not……believe this, this human. We were, all, deceived.”

Vfflcu atja tf kjr rmjgfv bea bo tlr klar, Vtl Hlcu jrxfv meglberis, “Gb sbe uesr xcbk wf?” GP8wUu

“Rb! Rb cb cb!”

Qtfatfg atfs kfgf rajcvlcu bg islcu vbkc, atf Pcrfmar jii rtbbx atflg tfjvr ofgnfcais. Vbwf bo atfw fnfc yegra lcab mbibgoei afjgr.

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“Qf vlvc’a xcbk. Uifjrf obgulnf er, ws ibgv. Qf gfjiis vlvc’a xcbk jcsatlcu……”

Shi Qing could guess part of what was going on from their actions. EdL0sd

The Mechanical race liked to commit genocide. They would often fly to a planet in their spaceship and then kill off all the intelligent creatures there at an extremely fast speed.

Generally speaking, there wouldn’t be any witnesses.

Because everyone who saw them was as good as dead.

Then how did these Insects know about this? Vf4TbD

After thinking it over, Shi Qing attributed this to their inherited memory.

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Memory inheritance might seem very mysterious to humans. Generally speaking, it involved the currently living elders passing down important impressions from generation to generation so that their offspring could avoid danger.

There were countless races in the universe. Some of them did this, and some of them didn’t.

Shi Qing’s body was just born, so he didn’t have time to learn anything yet. However, he already knew a lot of things, all thanks to memory inheritance. d9GnUe

Since the Insects were afraid ever since they saw his eyes, they must have known about him for a long time.

Shi Qing was interested in scaring the leader some more: “You Insects know about the Mechanical race?”

Following his words, the androids floating in the sky behind him seemed to receive a command. They turned their weapons on these Insects.

The ‘dead’ insects revived out of fear. kz CX5

The leader was so scared that he began to cut off his hands one by one.

“My lord, I, we have never told any other race about your existence. Please, please forgive me, no, us!”

High-level Insects were similar to humans.

They could be intelligent and wise. They were also willing to fight for power and frame other members of their species. t4RdmO

The reason why the Insects could dominate Earth was due to the fact that they employed countless low-level Insects who could only mindlessly follow orders with a suicidal devotion.

Long ago, their ancestors were just these ordinary low-level Insects.

According to the inherited memory, they were just bugs on the ground crawling around for food 100,000 years ago. The intelligent creatures on their planet all lived in the sea, and 95% of the planet was covered in seawater. The Insects that did not have the ability to live in the water could only stay in the other 5%, working hard just to survive another day.

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Then, the Mechanical race arrived. tDGAM5

All the Insects could recall that time from their inherited memory.

The weapons fired without pause into the sea from the sky. The King with silver eyes sat on his throne emotionlessly.

The most significant characteristic of androids were their seemingly endless numbers. If he wanted to, the King could keep making more forever.

The Insects’ planet was destroyed before a week was up. Z3kXE7

They could not form thoughts then, but they could still feel an instinctive fear. They ran underground while the cannons were firing and hid until all was quiet outside.

When they went out again, they found that the intelligent creatures that could easily trample them to death had all perished.

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The Insects became the new dominant species on this planet.

At the same time, the fear of the Mechanical race was forever imprinted into their memories. Kl3cAx

When they started to plunder other planets, they also carefully gathered intelligence. Over the past 100,000 years, they’ve pieced together a clearer understanding of the Mechanical race.

They liked to exterminate other races.

It didn’t matter who it was. As long as you saw them, you would definitely not survive for long.

The inherited memories that only grew more entrenched over time told them that when they see the Mechanical race, they should put all other thoughts out of their heads. CGKi63

Just run. Run so maybe a handful could be spared in the upcoming massacre.

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When they saw Shi Qing, the Insects did want to run.

But how could they run when they were completely surrounded by these androids?

At the moment, they were both afraid and wishing to grind Zhao Miaomiao up until she was nothing more than dust and bones. vpbWGh

Where was the human they agreed to kidnap?!!

She actually somehow brought back a member of the Mechanical race!

And she pushed the pot onto them!!

While the Insect was afraid, he didn’t forget to exonerate himself. “My lord, it’s all this human’s fault. This human deceived me, I mean us. We hold a deep respect towards you. One word from you and the Insects are willing to, to wait on you hand and foot! ” etZgAB

Wow. This bug knew how to use idioms.

Zhao Miaomiao broke out of her daze once she heard that sentence. Her mind collapsed even further.

The Insects she worked hard to establish a relationship with were willing to follow Shi Qing.

Then what kind of life was waiting for someone who offended Shi Qing like her? lRYWUN

While she was having a mental breakdown, a black mist suddenly rose up and headed towards the Insects. It had no intentions to show them mercy.

The Insects could’ve dodged, but one look from Shi Qing gave them pause. They dared not move anymore. They could only drip green sweat and try to endure the black fog that was even sharper than knives.

By the time Yin Mingzheng stepped out of the dark cloud in full military attire with a fierce expression, the leader of the Insects had no hands left.

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“Mingzheng!” 7QCYbd

They looked on with stupefied faces. The Mechanical race that was always reclusive according to their inherited memories, the one that was supposed to slaughter all in their path jumped into the human man’s arms. He rubbed against him softly, almost like he was acting cute.

“What took you so long? I was so scared. Wu……”

The group of Insects: “……”

Yin Mingzheng didn’t notice that these Insects looked like they were dreaming. In fact, human beings couldn’t decipher the facial expressions of Insects no matter how their features changed. h7CHDd

His mind and spirit were completely occupied by Shi Qing.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…”

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The man who has always been steadfast was frightened. He tightly held the young man in his arms and planted many kisses in Shi Qing’s hair. His guilt and pity were palpable.

No one could understand how he felt when he received that message. 4 fmUr

On the way here, Yin Mingzheng thought about many things.

If something happened to Shi Qing, the people responsible should accompany his little prince to the grave.

His heart almost stopped when he saw the machines that filled the sky from afar.

What happened for these loyal subordinates to come to their King’s side? NCMH7d

He rushed over here with all his might.

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When he saw the young man standing there without a scratch, Yin Mingzheng’s heart finally began to settle down.

The man covered his red-rimmed eyes while embracing the unharmed youth.

“Never again.” ZyTcUK

“I will never leave you alone again.”

He stroked Shi Qing’s back, as if he wanted to calm the boy with the warmth from his body.

Shi Qing must have been so scared.

He was still so young and innocent. oyLQ6b

Even if he could play around with Le Youyuan like a lively husky in the base, it was only because someone was there to protect him.

The Insects were practically gaping as the young man who was going to kill them a minute ago snuggled up to the man while pretending to be weak. Shi Qing’s voice trembled, “Mingzheng, I’m afraid. Protect me.”

“Alright. I’ll protect you.”

Yin Mingzheng carefully consoled the person in his arms. “Don’t be afraid. They’ll all die soon. They won’t be able to hurt you anymore.” LIShnH

The man raised his eyes after that. They were filled with killing intent towards the sweat-soaked and disorderly enemies.

The black fog suddenly rose, and swallowed the Insects in a flash.

The Insects: “……”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This had nothing to do with them!! 2YM0PC

They just happened to come at the wrong time!!

Author’s Note:

This world is almost over.


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