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Don't You Like MeCh46 - Putting his husband in his place!


Translator: Melimeli, Editor: Pyrrhae

That evening, Gu Kaifeng’s parents were not home. When they returned, Gu Kaifeng immediately urged Lin Feiran to take a shower. FH8Dds

Lin Feiran retrieved a change of clothes from the wardrobe in Gu Kaifeng’s bedroom then obediently went to the bathroom. In the bathroom, there was a small drawer that Gu Kaifeng had specifically given for him to use. It contained toothpaste, shampoo, and body wash, all from the same brands and scents that Lin Feiran typically used. When Lin Feiran did not stay over, the small drawer remained untouched. It was only for him.

Gu Kaifeng’s parents had no problems with Lin Feiran staying over each weekend ever since learning that Lin Feiran’s parents were out of town for work. Lin Feiran was good-looking, pleasant to talk to, and had a good academic record. In addition, Gu Kaifeng used to be undisciplined and hard to deal with.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

In the future, the path to come out of the closet would obviously be a very smooth one!

“Let me borrow the computer, I need to check something.” Lin Feiran had finished showering and drying his hair. He jumped onto the bed while holding Gu Kaifeng’s laptop, turned it on, and leaned back on the headboard. Sticking out from his pajama pants was a pair of slim and pale feet, pressing together cutely against the bed sheet. His toes were small and round, and his toenails were clean and trimmed. 6rzyE

Gu Kaifeng was leisurely searching for his change of clothes, but his eyes were glued to Lin Feiran’s feet.

Gu Kaifeng did not know whether it was because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or if the other party was really just so perfect, but in short, Gu Kaifeng thought that Lin Feiran’s whole body was sexy; even his toes seemed to tease him.

“What are you doing?” Lin Feiran felt that he was being stared at by a little wolfhound again and quickly hid his feet beneath the blankets.

“Wait for me to finish showering.” Gu Kaifeng leaned over and pinched those flirtatious bulges in the blanket. He then grabbed his clothes and walked away. FxdMTo

Lin Feiran opened a web browser. He remembered the school founder’s name was Jiang Durou. The first time he saw the name under the school founder’s portrait in the school hall, he sighed. Names of people from the past have a pleasant ring to them, so it stuck with him.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

At sunset today, Lin Feiran’s attempts to communicate with the school founder at the school gates went very badly. The school founder did not seem to know that he was already dead. The outside world had already developed so much over the course of many years, but his consciousness was still trapped in the world from decades ago. His mind seemed to lack clarity and awareness, and he was completely relying on his habits from when he was still alive. Communication was basically useless.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

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“Dbsoglfcv ylgatvjs regqglrf”, “WWW yjrxfayjii rcfjxfgr wbvfi W ilwlafv fvlalbc”, “Gjaf vfralcjalbcr lc W mlas” lByenM

“…Huh?” Lin Feiran was shocked but immediately understood that this was Gu Kaifeng’s search history.

Gu Kaifeng, whose each and every move was normally bursting with masculinity as if he were a natural-born talent with romantic words and seduction techniques, just like one of those novel protagonists who is both domineering and devilishly charming— to think how that Gu Kaifeng could reveal an inexperienced and embarrassed expression in front of his laptop as he racked his brain for a way to make Lin Feiran happy… Lin Feiran’s heart felt like it was being heated from submersion in a warm solvent. A stirring stick by the name of Gu Kaifeng probed inside, stirring gently and melting his heart.

He was definitely not born that way!

Gu Kaifeng, the school’s most handsome boy, also had to work very hard! vtBJWR

Gu Kaifeng was still in the shower. Lin Feiran calmed down and entered the school founder’s name in the search box. He clicked on a few related articles and found his way to the school’s official website. He clicked to download a document on the school’s history and immediately started to skim through it.

After a quick read, Lin Feiran realized that it would be the 95th anniversary of the founding of the school in just over half a month. The school was founded by the old gentleman, Mr. Jiang Durou.

However, during the worst period of the war, the old gentleman was killed during an enemy raid. He died rescuing a girl who had been captured by an invader. Although the students managed to escape, the frenzied enemy soldiers burned most of the campus in order to vent their anger. The current school buildings were reconstructions…

Footsteps could be heard from the hall outside the door; Gu Kaifeng had finished his shower. Lin Feiran was afraid that Gu Kaifeng would find his research odd if he saw it, so he quickly cleared his search history and deleted the data he just downloaded. la3kyu

After he was done, Lin Feiran stared unwaveringly at the laptop’s desktop and thought deeply while holding his chin. What could the old gentleman’s unfulfilled wish be?

The old gentleman died to protect his students and after his death, the school was destroyed. He probably did not know what happened to the students afterwards. If Lin Feiran could inform him that the students he saved escaped safely and grew up to become successful, maybe it could alleviate some of his grievances?

But then the problem went back to the old gentleman — he is so muddle-headed, there is no way to communicate with him at all.

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Lin Feiran pondered this and sighed sadly. FdRDzY

“What’s with the sigh?” Gu Kaifeng came over and saw that Lin Feiran was just staring at the blank laptop screen in a daze. Gu Kaifeng exaggeratedly patted his chest and said, “That scared me, I thought you found the learning materials.”

Lin Feiran blinked and asked in confusion, “What learning materials?”

Gu Kaifeng responded leisurely,“This, ah,” then covered Lin Feiran’s hand that was holding the mouse with his own and guided him to open a folder called “Learning Materials” on the E drive. The folder contained .avi video files. Contrary to what one might expect, the names of the files were very proper, like an English language lecture series or the lectures of a well-known physics teacher.

Lin Feiran: “……” Dghk6e

GV — baby, do you want to watch one?” Gu Kaifeng proceeded to blow on Lin Feiran’s ears lightly.

“Don’t want to.” Lin Feiran grimaced and rolled his eyes so hard they almost went back in his head. He flung the laptop onto the bed and quickly moved his butt ten centimeters away from Gu Kaifeng. He asked sourly, “Are the actors in them good-looking? What do you think about when you watch them?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Gu Kaifeng originally intended to watch one of these indescribable things with Lin Feiran so he could take advantage of the situation to ‘shoot accidentally while polishing the gun.’ He did not expect that Lin Feiran would be so jealous. Gu Kaifeng had a sweet headache and moved ten centimeters closer to Lin Feiran. Shamelessly sticking close, he sought for forgiveness, “They’re all ugly. Really, whenever I looked at them, my heart was especially clear, and I always recited sutras when watching. I fought against the demons that tempted me.”

Lin Feiran was almost amused, but for the sake of putting his husband in his place, he forced down the twitching corners of his mouth and muttered, “Ugly, yet you have so many.” 4u6aAQ

Could you bear your boyfriend beating his airplane to other men!?

Gu Kaifeng coughed softly, “Before, I thought they looked good…”

Lin Feiran moved ten centimeters away from Gu Kaifeng again. He said with a straight face, “Then take your time.”

Gu Kaifeng quickly stuck to him again. “But once I knew you, I didn’t think so anymore.” Tq7jN2

Lin Feiran said quietly, “Lies.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He definitely could not avoid being labelled as temperamental anymore!

“Really.” In order to show his sincerity, Gu Kaifeng selected the folder and pressed the delete key. After confirming its deletion, he turned around and grabbed one of Lin Feiran’s fingers and said softly, “I deleted it. None of it is as good-looking as even one of my RanRan’s fingers.”

Lin Feiran craned his neck to look at the recycling bin icon on the screen. When he saw that it had been emptied, his expression became a lot better. C5lEXi

Gu Kaifeng smirked. He placed Lin Feiran’s left index finger on his lips then stretched out his tongue, quickly and lightly licking the soft pad of his finger. Seeing that Lin Feiran did not resist, he began to simulate some indescribable behavior and slid the long, slender finger into his mouth.

The finger was suddenly engulfed by a moist, warm mouth. The strange but exciting feeling momentarily made Lin Feiran’s brain pause. But Gu Kaifeng did not stop there, and proceeded to slide the finger in and out of his mouth. His thin, beautiful lips wrapped tightly around the finger as he sucked on it, his keen tongue swirling and licking at the same time. Although it was only a finger being serviced, Lin Feiran’s cheeks were still instantly burning hot.

“Don’t make a fuss…” Lin Feiran panicked and tried to pull back his hand, but Gu Kaifeng followed in the direction Lin Feiran was pulling, and pushed him down. He passionately kissed the well-teased, blushing little sticky cake.

“Baby, do you want to try the real thing?” Gu Kaifeng pinched suggestively the finger he had just sucked. He pressed down on the bed a few times and the soft, springy mattress made the two of them tremble. Gu Kaifeng nibbled Lin Feiran’s ear as he whispered, “Such a comfortable bed, we shouldn’t waste it.” F8Lm f

Lin Feiran turned his head away sharply; he looked like he wanted to bury his head in the pillow. Without refusing, he said with a voice as small as a mosquito’s, “That thing with your mouth… I can’t…”

He really could not. While Gu Kaifeng’s knowledge may only be theoretical, Lin Feiran was a pure little virgin who had not even seen more than one or two porn films.

“I can.” Gu Kaifeng’s breathing suddenly sped up and his eyes shone green, like a hungry little wolf who had not eaten for several days. “I’ll teach you.”

Lin Feiran was so embarrassed that he wanted to immediately dive beneath the mattress! MoHGij

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  1. GKF is really jumping at the chance! xD Still, it’s sweet that he even researched online to make Ranran happy! This man, I approve of him!

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