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Don't You Like MeCh47 - Your ancestors’ faces are most probably green from anger!


Translator: TeaAddict, Reiyu; Editor: Pyrrhae

The charming and gentle atmosphere in the bedroom was interrupted by the sudden arrival of the sounds of pattering paws and a tinkling bell. A little bell, newly purchased by his sister-in-law, hung beautifully around Xia Xia’s neck. He shook his head with self-satisfaction as he ran into the room and tried to leap up onto the bed. 7RS OW

“Xia Xia, get out.” Gu Kaifeng commanded with urgency.

He seemed nothing like an older brother at all!

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Xia Xia rushed to Lin Feiran, whose pajamas were halfway undone, and put his paws up on the edge of the bed, whining and acting spoiled. He was just halfway into his act when Gu Kaifeng picked him up with one hand.

Gu Kaifeng was like a gust of wind as he transferred Xia Xia to the living room. In one breath, he tore open two bags of Miao Xian Bao and poured them into the dog food bowl. Then, he sternly rubbed Xia Xia’s head once and callously ordered, “Eat your dog food.” ATdaBm

While Gu Kaifeng was in the living room opening the Miao Xian Bao for Xia Xia, a sudden thought seemed to occur to Lin Feiran. In one movement, he got up and sat on his knees on the bed. With the neckline of his pajamas wide open, his hair disheveled, his clothes disorderly, and his face flushed, he pressed the palms of his hands together and bowed in worship. He entreated in a low voice, “Ancestors, in a moment, could I trouble you to withdraw for a while? Later, I will make an offering of delicious food for you, okay?”

Although his Yin-Yang eyes were not active, Lin Feiran sensed that there seemed to be faces of some bitter and resentful ghosts floating in the air in front of him…

Fortunately, ghosts do not need fast-acting heart treatment pills! Otherwise, even a bottle of them would probably not be enough to share among the ancestors!

Lin Feiran had barely finished worshiping the Gu Family’s ancestors when the sound of Gu Kaifeng’s hurried footsteps came in from the hallway. Lin Feiran immediately lay back down on the bed. The moment he lay down, he felt that the way he was reclining seemed very licentious, as if he was awfully anxious for a blow job from Gu Kaifeng. Thus, as a result of overthinking, Lin Feiran sat up again. He fumbled around and pulled out a random book from his school bag under the bed. The manner in which he held it up with both hands to read made it obvious that he was trying to hide something instead of manifesting the indifferent, anything-goes sort of attitude he so wished. When Gu Kaifeng walked into the bedroom, Lin Feiran was reading even more conscientiously. His entire face was practically plastered to the page, as if he were fully immersed in studying. UTn2P8

“Are you still pretending?” Gu Kaifeng burst into laughter. He snatched away the book from Lin Feiran’s hands and pressed him down. Lin Feiran lay there perfectly cooperatively. Their important parts were aligned and fitted closely together. Gu Kaifeng rubbed against him with bad intentions, saying, “Isn’t this sticking up because you want it?”

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Lin Feiran’s pajama pants were taken off and thrown to the floor, and all the buttons on his pajama top were unfastened. His skin was adorned with randomly scattered hickeys from his collarbone to his lower abdomen, like a star-studded sky. The redness was even more vivid when contrasted against his clean, milky-white skin.

Gu Kaifeng put the tip of his nose against the thin fabric of his underwear and inhaled deeply. The sudden cooling of that small section of his skin caused Lin Feiran’s scalp to tighten, and he instantly felt a flash of panic. As for the main culprit, Gu Kaifeng was eagerly praising, “Smells good. Baby’s entire body, from top to bottom, is fragrant.”

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The motion of Lin Feiran twisting his waist seemed to have provoked Gu Kaifeng. He hooked his fingers on the waistband of the garment, pulled it down, and got straight to the point.

It was the same feeling as from a moment before, but the thing being serviced had changed from a finger to a different organ. Lin Feiran moaned in a low voice; it felt pleasurable, pleasurable to the point it made him want to beg for mercy. The pleasure was like a corrosive medicine, starting from a certain point and spreading throughout his entire body, saturating his bones until they became soft. This was an intense feeling he had never experienced before when taking care of things himself.

How could something feel so pleasurable… Lin Feiran glanced down with some uncertainty at Gu Kaifeng, at that handsome face below him. Feeling Lin Feiran’s gaze, Gu Kaifeng also looked up, and their eyes met for a moment. Lin Feiran hurriedly averted his gaze like a rabbit that had caught the eye of a small wolf, covering the lower half of his face with his hand at the same time. 6 Be2s

“Don’t look at me…” Lin Feiran’s tone made him sound like he was practically pleading.

The beautiful youth who was not well-versed in matters of love was drawn deeply into the bliss brought forth by his desires. His eyes, as innocent as a fawn’s, were opened wide in bewilderment; his exquisite face was faintly tinged a peach-pink, as if his beauty were blossoming. He seemed to be tormented by the guilt of a forbidden sin. He was so ashamed that he felt the need to run away at once, but even if he wanted to stop, he could not. So he could only turn his head away and attempt to deceive both himself and others.

This sight was too arousing. Heat bubbled in Gu Kaifeng’s chest and he exerted himself further.

Lin Feiran, who had never felt such a thing before, quickly found his release. The whole process had only taken a few short minutes, but this feeling that was so good it could kill had left a deep impression on Lin Feiran’s mind, insidious like a poison. Lin Feiran, who had always boasted about how he had never been interested in this sort of depraved thing, was now panting slightly, wanting nothing more than to immediately do it again. But he could not bring himself to say so. He just hurriedly drew two sheets of tissue from the cupboard at the head of the bed and passed them to Gu Kaifeng, so full of guilt he felt he could burst, as he apologized quietly, “Sorry, I, I couldn’t hold it in. Quick, spit it out.” HvS5e7

Gu Kaifeng’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down, making a gulping sound.

“Ah,” Lin Feiran cried out softly. Crumbling, he seized a pillow and pressed it to his own face, feeling he could not face Gu Kaifeng at all anymore.

He actually swallowed it he actually swallowed it!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“How can I spit it out? It’s sticky cake filling that took so much effort to squeeze out,” Gu Kaifeng said and even smacked his lips, deliberately tasting it. “The taste is good. A little sweet,” he judged. 9XogPA

“You…” Lin Feiran was totally speechless.

Gu Kaifeng added, like pouring gasoline on a fire, “It’s just too thick. Way too cloying. How long since you’ve relieved yourself?”

“……” Lin Feiran, ashamed enough to lose all reason, began considering the merits of collecting his pajama bottoms, throwing open the door, running out of the house, and taking a cab back to school!

“Won’t tease you any more.” Gu Kaifeng smiled as he removed the pillow Lin Feiran was using to block his face. He took Lin Feiran’s hand and, pressing it on himself, said softly, “Help out your hubby.” KT3syh

Lin Feiran bit his slightly quivering lip, his eyes darting around uneasily. But not only did he not resist, he even quite proactively bent down, his expression one of bravery as if he was ready to sacrifice himself to undertake this!

“What are you doing?” Gu Kaifeng lifted one eyebrow as he looked at Lin Feiran who was lying prostrate on the bed like a little kitten.

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Lin Feiran hid his face with his hands and whispered, “Just… doing what you just did, ba…”

After speaking, Lin Feiran clumsily reached out for Gu Kaifeng’s clothing. Ys5NEd

He was easily embarrassed, but he also wanted Gu Kaifeng to experience the feeling that was so blissful it was akin to floating. That wish overcame his shyness, allowing Lin Feiran to brace himself and take the initiative.

“No need,” Gu Kaifeng grit his teeth and brutally refused.

He actually wanted it more than life but he was somewhat reluctant to let Lin Feiran, who was as elegant and clean as a little prince, do something like this.

“Why, ah?” Lin Feiran’s tone was actually unhappy! YEBzyq

“I’m likely to go too far in and make you uncomfortable. Let’s talk about it another time,” Gu Kaifeng bragged casually about his size. Taking hold of Lin Feiran’s wrist to guided him, he said, “Just use your hand for now. Treat it as your own. Do whatever you usually do.”

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Lin Feiran, who did not have much DIY experience either, tried out some motions. He felt like his palms were heating so rapidly they would melt off, and that his mind had been roasted by the channeled heat until he was no longer clear-headed.

The two sat facing each other, so close together their breath was intermingling. Gu Kaifeng pulled Lin Feiran into his arms and hugged him tightly. Because someone was ‘helping’, both of Gu Kaifeng’s hands were free, and they did not remain idle at all. He touched Lin Feiran from head to toe. The little sticky cake Lin had been melted from the excessive heat and collapsed obediently in Gu Kaifeng’s embrace, neither struggling nor uncooperative in any way.

“Kiss me.” Gu Kaifeng’s voice was hoarse and seductive. As he spoke, his lips brushed Lin Feiran’s own, feather-light. cSEind

Lin Feiran immediately took the initiative to reciprocate, red-faced. He was extremely compliant!

Gu Kaifeng pressed his advantage, “Call me husband, and sweetly.”

Lin Feiran called lightly and softly, “Hubby.”

Gu Kaifeng confirmed wickedly, “Who were you calling? Not the pillow, surely?” Ff2E4e

Lin Feiran was embarrassed. “I was calling you…”

Gu Kaifeng was fully satisfied. “Call a few more times.”

It was the first time having such things done to him by the person he liked, and having Lin Feiran’s voice calling out to him was also incredibly pleasing. Gu Kaifeng went much faster than with his usual DIY, and after he found his release, they both entered a state of post-coital bliss.

“I’m going to go wash my face…” Lin Feiran took a tissue and wiped off the liquid that had accidentally splashed onto his face, then put on his pants and went out. Agdi70

Gu Kaifeng followed him downstairs. In the living room, Xia Xia’s belly was distended from over-eating and he lay on the sofa with his four paws in the air, enjoying life. He was a useless dog now, and did not even look twice when his most beloved sister-in-law passed by. He only made inaudible noises in greeting.

The two of them washed up briefly in the bathroom before returning to the bedroom. Now that the haze of lust had cleared from his mind, the calmed Lin Feiran remembered the Gu family’s ancestors. His heart pounded. In order to show that he had not led the Gu family’s single scion of nine generations astray, Lin Feiran went back to the bedroom, retrieved his schoolbag, and zealously called out to Gu Kaifeng, “Let’s go to the study and do our work.”

Gu Kaifeng watched Lin Feiran with an expression that was very difficult to describe. He said slowly, “The console I ordered last week just arrived. I was hoping to play with you tonight.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Still thinking about playing! Your ancestors’ faces are most probably green from anger! Why don’t you take the chance to perform a little! Lin Feiran said with a serious face, “Let’s do our homework first, and play when we’re done.” XKiyYq

Gu Kaifeng was amused by Lin Feiran’s display of seriousness and shook his head helplessly. “All right, all right, you’re the boss. My fault for being henpecked.”

Translator's Note

Wet dog food.

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

“您” is being used, which is a more respectful way of saying “you”

Translator's Note

“痛心疾首”is an idiom, means to grieve or lament over something

Translator's Note

欲盖弥彰 – an idiom that means hiding something only makes it more obvious/conspicuous

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