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The Demon King Always Thinks I'm Secretly in Love with HimChapter 44.2


Translator: Rosana

Editor: PlayerProphet IuLNDO

Returning to the altar of the Demon Realm, Bai Yang noticed that the sky went dim. The sky in the Demon Realm was always cloudy. Even on the brightest afternoons, the sun was hidden by ash-grey clouds. It created a dull and oppressive atmosphere.


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Everything around, from towering mountains or rushing streams, were shrouded in a thin layer of magical barrier. In some places, the barriers were incredibly thick. Inside, it was as though all life had gone extinct. Neither human nor beasts could be seen.


Compared to the Human Realm, the desolation was oppressive.


If it was up to him, Bai Yang would choose to stay in the Human Realm. There were four seasons there, with flowers, trees, birds, and insects. There were countless colors and rich cultures.

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That was why the demon race yearned for the Human Realm.

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After seeing countless weak demons struggling to survive in such a barren land, a thought struck Bai Yang: If I was the lord of the Demon Realm, I’d want to attack the Human Realm and let my people live there.


Bai Yang shrugged off the thought. What are you thinking? This is just a virtual world. All the pain and joy here is fake. Everything I’m doing right now is in order to complete an experiment and return to reality. I have better things to worry about than the Demon Realm.


He used teleportation to move quickly to the Palace of Eternal Darkness. On the way, Bai Yang saw grey, ominous clouds above the palace. They swirled in a vortex and, in the thick darkness, he saw flashes of lightning. It seemed as though it could strike at any time, splitting the Palace of Eternal Darkness.


That meant the enchantment around the Palace of Eternal Darkness was weakening


The Palace of Eternal Darkness was crucially important to the Demon Realm. Aside from acting as a symbol for the Demon King, it also served a more important purpose. In the Demon Realm, demonic miasma was generated endlessly, and spread everywhere from the deepest depth of the realm. Over the years, the miasma had transformed into something truly terrifying.


Former Demon Kings had set up a large barrier formation that contained  the miasma in the heart of the Demon Realm. At the center of that formation was the Palace of Eternal Darkness. As the lord of the Demon Realm, not only do you have to rule, you also have the responsibility of guarding that formation.


With the formation surrounding the Palace of Eternal Darkness crumbling, that the Demon King had to have been injured beyond being able to maintain the formation.

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With that thought, Bai Yang became impatient and vanished from where he was in an instant. He reappeared the next moment at the gate of the palace.


When the guard in front of the palace saw Xie Ze Tian appear out of thin air, he walked forward and said, “Lord Xie.”

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“Where is His Highness?” Bai Yang asked.


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“He’s inside.” The guard anxiously replied, “The Western Demon Lord recruited a large number of demons. They’re gathered outside the city right now, waiting for the opportunity to wipe us out.”


On a slope above the Palace of Eternal Darkness was a vast demon city. With a glance, Bai Yang could spot the dark mass of soldiers gathered outside the city. They looked like a dense crowd of ants ready to attack. The surrounded city looked like an ant nest being besieged by another colony, and about to fall.


There were ten demon lords involved, so their combined force was impressive.


The situation didn’t look good.

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Bai Yang turned away and followed the guard into the palace. Through the halls, soldiers rushed around everywhere. Bai Yang hurried to the main hall, where he met Zhong Shuo.


“Xie Ze Tian, you’re back!” Zhong Shuo greeted him loudly. “It’s good you’re here. We’re missing people.”


His voice was as piercing as a large bell. It hurt to listen to him.


But Bai Yang could also hear the joy in his voice.


Bai Yang smiled slightly. “How could I stay in the Human Realm after hearing His Highness is in trouble?”


He then asked, “What’s the situation?”


Zhong Shuo furrowed his brows, “Not good. Some people think we’re going to lose, so they defected to the Western Demon Lord’s side. During peaceful times, some people might seem loyal, but when things get hard, they aren’t reliable at all.”

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He sighed.


Bai Yang’s heart was heavy. “Is His Highness inside?”


“Yes,” Zhong Shuo said. “Three days ago, His Highness locked himself inside the palace and hasn’t come out.”


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“Three days ago?” Bai Yang froze, pausing to recall what the Demon King looked like when his qi diviated. Could it be that the Demon King can no longer control his magical outbursts? Is that why he locked himself away?


Bai Yang was anxious. Without caring for anything else, he teleported into the main hall.


“Wait! His Highness set up enchantments…” Before Zhong Shuo could finish his sentence, he witnessed an unbelievable sight. The enchantments that prevented anyone from getting close to the Demon King, melted like water in front of Xie Ze Tian, and his figure disappeared from view without obstruction.


Zhong Shuo gaped, and he scratched his head in disbelief.

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The red robed Hua Fei Hua drifted in from the city outside. “What’s happening inside?”


“I don’t know.” Zhong Shuo shook his head and pointed his finger at the entrance to the barrier blocking the main hall. “Xie Ze Tian just went in.”


“He was able to get in?” Hua Fei Fua raised a brow in surprise.


Zhong Shuo said, “Yes, he’s the only one who has.”


Hua Fei Hua stared at the barrier, deep in thought. No one could tell what he was thinking, but a moment later, he said, “Zhong Shuo, don’t you think it’s strange?”


“What’s strange?” Zhong Shuo asked, clueless.


“The Western Demon Lord gathered ten other demon lords and their armies to attack the city, but why haven’t they acted?”

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Zhong Shuo furrowed his brows. “They might be waiting for an opportunity.”


“Now that His Highness is injured and has shut himself away, we no longer have a leader. Isn’t this the perfect opportunity? Why aren’t they attacking?” Hua Fei Hua was much more cautious than Zhong Shuo.


Zhong Shuo shook his head. “It’s unclear, but isn’t that a good thing? If they attacked right now, it would be terrible. The city has insufficient troops, poor morale, and there’s no sign of reinforcements.”


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He sighed heavily.


There was no way to know what Hua Fei Hua was thinking, but he was lost in thought.


Bai Yang entered the palace and made a beeline for the back palace. He steeled himself to be met by a figure, barely visible, hidden in the thick magic they emitted, but when he walked in, he found the Demon King wearing a white robe, laying on the bed, reading a book.


His long, black hair was loosely tied. A few strands had escaped and were resting on his shoulders and chest. He was in a relaxed posture with a good complexion, and even seemed to be in a good mood. How could someone experiencing qi deviation and suffering from a severe injury look like that?

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“Your Highness?” Bai Yang was struck dumb by what he saw. Outside, everyone was saying the Demon King was seriously injured, but he found out that person was fine.


If you’re fine, why don’t you show yourself? Why don’t you stop the rumors? Everyone thinks you’re injured, they’re all worried, and the army’s morale is terrible!


Outside, everyone was under pressure, but the Demon King was living his best life in here.


What exactly is going on?!


Bai Yang’s mind was filled with question marks.


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… So what if I come back? Did you think I was never coming back?

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“Qts vlv sbe mbwf yjmx tfgf?” Ktf Gfwbc Blcu rja eq, tlr ujhf rtjgq jr j xclof. “P ujnf sbe atf jylilas ab jma ogffis lc atf Lewjc Efjiw, klatbea tjnlcu ab mbwf yjmx ab atf Gfwbc Efjiw.”


His posture was both casual and aloof, but his eyes were extremely bright. Bright enough to make Bai Yang flustered.


Bai Yang didn’t dare look at the Demon King, so he turned his head and spoke carefully. “I in the Human Realm, I heard that Your Highness was injured, that the Western Demon Lord didn’t die, and that he recruited an army of demons to attack the Palace of Eternal Darkness. This Subordinate was worried about Your Highness, so I hurried over to check on the situation…”


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In the next moment, the Demon King appeared in front of Bai Yang, his voice low, he said “You were worried about me, so you came back?”


Bai Yang, startled by the Demon King’s sudden closeness, took two steps back, “Your Highness…”


“Answer me!”

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Bai Yang went stiff and muttered, “Ye-yes.”

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That one word seemed to flip a switch, and the Demon King broke into a smile. Even the qi around his body seemed to tremble in joy. “You came back for me?”


Bai Yang: “…”


He had a bad feeling that if he said yes, the conversation would derail into something unpredictable, so he decided to say nothing, instead.


The Demon King seemed unsatisfied. “What’s wrong? I want to hear you say it again.”


Bai Yang: “…”


Why is the Demon King being petulant, as if he’s a child and I won’t give him candy?


No, the Demon King couldn’t be that childish. I must be overthinking it.

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Bai Yang cleared his throat and said, “When the Demon Realm is in danger, then as a protector of the Demon Realm, of course I would come back to defend my homeland and protect Your Highness. That is the duty of an official.”


The Demon King raised an eyebrow, dissatisfied. “That’s all?”

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“That’s all.” Bai Yang fiercely nodded.


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“Hah.” The Demon King laughed coldly and approached him. “Xie Ze Tian, Xie Ze Tian, how have I never noticed that you’re so dishonest?”


“Wha?” Bai Yang stupidly asked. When have I been dishonest? I’m telling the truth! 


Realizing the situation felt familiar, Bai Yang thought about it. Isn’t this like before, when the Demon King was fighting the Western Demon Lord and I rushed over, so he thought I came for him?


I was clear about it back then! What kind of crazy is he on to think I like him again???

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


The Demon King approached Bai Yang, “Xie Ze Tian, it’s obvious that you like me, so why don’t you admit it?”


Bai Yang: “…”


Wait, wait, how are we talking about this again?


Almighty Demon King, how many times do I need to say it before you understand that I. Don’t. Like. You!


“You still won’t admit it?”


Bai Yang was set on claiming his innocence. “Your Highness, I really don’t like you.”


“Don’t like?” The Demon King laughed coldly. “At the beginning, you vehemently denied it, and even used the excuse of wanting power and influence to fool me. But do you think I’m such an easy person to fool? I have evidence.”

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Bai Yang, with a shocked expression: “…”


Whether I like you or not, am I, myself, not clear? Why do I need you to disprove it?


Also, this is clearly an emotional issue, so why do you even need evidence? Do you plan to take it to court???


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Bai Yang repressed his desire to slap the Demon King and said, in a calm voice, “What evidence?”


The Demon King seemed to have a plan thought out, as his expression was one of complete self-confidence with a hint of triumph. “You’ve risked your life for me many times…”


Bai Yang countered, “I said this before, it’s my duty as an official.”


The Demon King didn’t seem to care that he was interrupted, and continued, “Then why did you grope me?”

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Bai Yang’s expression didn’t change. “I was dizzy at the time, and couldn’t see who I was reaching for.” In his heart, he was furiously cursing himself. How could you be so god damn blind? You could have touched anyone but him!


The Demon King raised an eyebrow. “Then what about stealing the Blue Jade Pearl for me?”


“That’s something subordinates should do.”


“Huh, I haven’t met any other subordinates willing to break into the Soaring Clouds Sect for me.”


“Because they don’t know your qi has deviated.” Bai Yang countered without hesitation. The conversation was almost the same as the last time.


“The first time I asked you whether you liked me, you said yes.”


“…” Fuck, I should have said ‘no’ that time, “I was in a hurry.”

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The Demon King didn’t get angry, “Alright, let’s say that everything you just answered was the truth. When I was healing you in the Spirit Spring, why did you try to seduce me?”


Bai Yang’s eyes widened, refusing to acknowledge it. “When did I ever try to seduce you?”




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He’s never done that, okay? Don’t spread rumors!


“You constantly try to seduce me.” The Demon King said, looking extremely sure of himself.


Bai Yang: “…”


Xiao Ling: “This is why you shouldn’t just scream randomly comes to mind. Now look at him. He misunderstood.”

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Bai Yang: “…”


Misinterpreting Bai Yang’s silence, the Demon King thought he caught Bai Yang, and continued. “When I was injured in the Western Demon Lord’s territory, you came back for me. I set you free in the Human Realm, but once you heard I was injured and surrounded, you came back again. You say you don’t like me, but do you think I’d really believe that?”


Bai Yang: “…”


With difficulty, Bai Yang said, “Your Highness, you’ve misunderstood.”


“No, I’m not wrong. My judgement is never wrong.” The Demon King said with extreme confidence. “You love me. Although you deny it, your body is still honest. As long as I’m in danger, you cast everything aside everything to run to me.”


Bai Yang was lost in thought. Returning to the Demon Realm was turning out to be a huge mistake. Why did he come back? As the biggest boss in the novel, how could the Demon Lord be killed by an unnamed cannon fodder Western Demon Lord?


Bai Yang wanted to go back in time to the day before and slap himself to death.

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Just as Bai Yang was thinking about how to answer, the Demon King closed in. He reached out, gently caught the nape of Bai Yang’s neck, and pulled his head to the Demon King’s chest.


Bai Yang was caught off guard and slammed his face into the Demon King’s chest. His chest was very hard, so Bai Yang’s nose felt a little sore and numb.


“Xiao Ling, Xiao Ling, what’s happening? Ah? Why can’t I understand what’s going on?”


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Xiao Ling sounded a little distracted, “Sir, don’t ask me! Just see what he wants to do next.”


“My Highness, what do you mean?” Bai Yang raised his head and held his nose, staring into the Demon King’s handsome face.


His face, that often wore a terrifying smile or sneer, that was always cold and distant, was smiling softly. Bai Yang could tell he was smiling sincerely. His cold, indifferent eyes were shining brightly.

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“Hehe…” He said, awkwardly. “I accept.”

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“Huh?” Bai Yang was confused. “What did you accept?”


Bai Yang, totally out of it, forgot he was stuck to the Demon King, and remembered even less that he should break out from the Demon King’s embrace.


The tips of the Demon King’s ears were turning pink, but his expression was still proud and indifferent. “Didn’t you say you liked me? I accept your feelings.”


Bai Yang: “…”


No, I don’t accept.


“I’ve been sitting in this temple for the last three days thinking that if you didn’t come back for me, I’d pretend I don’t know about your feelings, but if you did, I’d promise to be with you.” The Demon King touched Bai Yang’s face, his eyes gleaming like they were full of stars, and the corners of his mouth raised into a slight smile. His expression was incredibly soft, “And, at last, you came back.”


Maybe it was because the starlight in his eyes were too strong, but Bai Yang lost his train of thought and his heart began to pound.

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As when things spiral out of control, Bai Yang started to panic. Bai Yang took a step back, his eyes avoiding the source of his uneasiness, and he spoke as calmly as he could. “Your Highness, you’ve misunderstood. I said it before, but I don’t have any romantic feelings for you. I only have respect and loyalty for you. The reason why I’m so good to Your Highness is in exchange for power and influence.”


That angered the Demon King. “If you really wanted power and influence, you could ally with the Western Demon Lord and his other ten Demon Lords. Why would you hurry back to me? You clearly like me, but refuse to admit it. Why?”


Bai Yang sternly and calmly said, “Because I believe in Your Highness. Your Highness is the true master of the world. Some lowly Western Demon Lord could never take your position.”


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The Demon King was silent, and it was only after a long moment before his expression returned to a distant indifference. “Fine, I won’t force you.”


Bai Yang released a breath of relief.


“I’ll let you understand your true feelings.” Before Bai Yang could kneel, the Demon King added, “I’ll wait for the day you tell me yourself.”


Almighty Demon King! Almighty Demon King, can we stop messing around? Outside, everyone’s fearing an invasion, yet we’re in here talking about love and feelings. Is this really the time?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Besides, I actually don’t like you. Why are you so certain that I like you?


Can’t you just look at the relationship between us in a pure way? Like, as the relationship between an emperor and his subordinate? Then everyone would be happy.


Bai Yang felt like crying.


“Your Highness, demons are surrounding the Palace of Eternal Darkness. What do we do?” Bai Yang tried to change the subject.


No more talking about love and feelings, official business is more important.


As expected, the Demon King dropped the question of whether Bai Yang liked him or not and calmed down. “Are you scared?”


Bai Yang shook his head. In his heart, he confessed. ‘I was a little scared at first, but now that I’ve found out you aren’t hurt at all, I’m not scared anymore.’

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“As long as I’m with Your Highness, there isn’t a problem that can’t be solved.” Bai Yang said.


The Demon King made a strange expression. He stared at Bai Yang for a moment, before he looked away.


After a while, he said, “Is this how you see me?”


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His ears started to turn red again.

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Bai Yang nodded.


The corners of the Demon King’s mouth curved up slightly, as though he was in a joyous mood. “Your eyes have always been very accurate.”


Bai Yang was ashamed. He said a few polite words casually, yet the Demon King took them seriously. Was it possible that flattery toward superiors wasn’t common in the Demon Realm? How could a person in such a high position take his flattery to heart?

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He thought about it before deciding to voice the doubts in his heart. “Your Highness, if I remember correctly, the Western Demon Lord should have died. How is it possible for him to appear outside the city? How did he escape?”


The Demon King was in a good mood. “I don’t need to answer that. The Western Demon Lord is dead.”


Bai Yang was taken aback. “Since the Western Demon Lord is dead, then who is outside?”


The Demon King turned around, and sat back down on his bed. He said, “the FireThorn City’s envoy is outside.”


Bai Yang remembered that the FireThorn City’s envoy came to meet with the Demon King. All of a sudden, his confusion was cleared.


“Could it be?”


The Demon King smiled, his gaze ice cold. “Indeed. It was all planned by me.”

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When his gaze cooled, the aura around him was especially frightening.


Bai Yang continued. “But then, Your Highness, why did you do that?”


Such a nerve-wracking event, yet it was all planned by the Demon King!


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No wonder he was the novel’s boss villain


Bai Yang felt that he hadn’t blown his cover yet because the Demon King was blind.


“ I wanted to know which subordinates were people, and which were ghosts.” The Demon King of Eternal Night replied. “The ten regonial lords never like complying with the laws. They’d end up rebelling sooner or later. I let the FireThrone Envoy pretend to be the Western Demon Lord for a while, but they took the opportunity to rebel. I also wanted to see if any of the other Demon Lords were traitors, so that I could lure them out and get rid of them all at once. In the future, we’ll be attacking the Human Realm. If our own backyard catches on fire, we’d be attacked from both sides. I had to make sure all demons are united.”


Oh, so it was a matter of dealing with internal conflicts before resolving outside ones.

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But didn’t he play around a little too much? The Demon King’s actions seemed larger than the problem.


With a great mind for strategy, Bai Yang didn’t even have enough time to catch up to the Demon King.


Looking at the Demon King’s cold appearance, Bai Yang’s heart began to pound. At first, he thought the Demon King was cruel and indifferent, but Bai Yang later learned that he was a good person. Bai Yang had created a delusion for himself in believing that the two of them were pretty similar. Bai Yang knew then that he was wrong.


A king will always be a king.


The Demon King was able to sit at the top of the Demon Realm without it falling to chaos. Not just anyone could manage that.


Anyone who had to die would be killed without mercy. What should be done would be done, even if a river of blood flowed in the aftermath.


Such is the Lord of the Demon Realm.

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Bai Yang swallowed and subconsciously stepped back. You should stay away from people like that. The less time you spend with them, the better. If you get too close, you’ll die without knowing how it happened.


“I was so happy you came back to me, that I told you this secret. You’re the first person who knows, so is there anything you want to say?”




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What is there to say?


Bai Yang bent to one knee. “This subordinate admires Your Highness’s thorough thought process.”


Kissing up always works.


The Demon King was silent for a moment. “This is the only thing you want to say?”

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What else can I say?


Bai Yang raised his head in confusion.


A look of helplessness flashed through the Demon King’s eyes, before he waved his hand and said, “You can leave first. You’re not allowed to tell outsiders what I told you today.”

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“This subordinate understands.” Bai Yang was anxious to leave. Turning around, he happily left the palace.


Watching Bai Yang’ss retreating back, the Demon King sighed in vexation.


Why does Xie Ze Tian refuse to acknowledge his own feelings?


I’m so outstanding, so good-looking, my cultivation is high and I’m powerful. I’m willing to be with him, so why did he reject me?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


I demonstrated by wisdom and showcased my high aspirations, so shouldn’t he fall for me?


He’s done so much for me, and clearly loved me enough to die. Why doesn’t he admit it?


Is something going on with him that I don’t know about?


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The Demon King began to mull over four thousand years of relationship knowledge that rose up from the hole in his brain. Could it be that he has a terminal illness and won’t have long to live, so he doesn’t want to drag me down? Or is he being coerced by someone? Or is he just playing hard to get?


For a while, countless guesses floated up from the hole in his brain.


Bai Yang didn’t know that the Demon King’s brain hole had almost advanced into a black hole by the time he walked out of the palace and asked Xiao Ling, “Xiao Ling, I like girls, right?”


Xiao Ling was speechless. “How should I know whether you like girls or boys?”

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“Forget I asked.” Bai Yang also felt like he was being crazy.


As he stepped out of the barrier, he saw Zhong Shuo and Hua Fei Hua, who were standing guard outside. The two approached him and asked, “How is His Highness?”


Thinking of the Demon King’s command, Bai Yang shook his head.


The two were startled. “Are His Highness’s injuries severe?”


Bai Yang didn’t answer and instead, sighed. “Let’s concentrate on our work and focus on defending the Palace of Eternal Darkness, first. After a few days, we’ll take a look at His Highness’s condition before making any decisions. It’s not easy for His Highness to maintain the Palace of Eternal Darkness’s formation while injured.”

  Rv E6L

Zhong Shuo and Hua Fei Hua’s expressions grew serious. “I’ll protect the Palace of Eternal Darkness with my life.”


From Bai Yang’s point of view, each of the four generals of the Demon Realm —Zhong Shuo, Luo Jian Feng, Hua Fei Hua, and Xie Ze Tian— had different positions in the Demon King’s heart.

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Looking at the novel, Bai Yang believed that the Demon King trusted Zhong Shuo the most, or he wouldn’t have dared put the entire army under Zhong Shuo’s control. The second one should be Hua Fei Hua, since he was in charge of several intelligence organizations, and specifically for taking care of confidential tasks. His role is extremely important. After that would be Luo Jian Feng, otherwise the task of infiltrating the Human Realm and gathering strength there wouldn’t have been given to him. Xie Ze Tian, then, would be the one the Demon King mistrusted the most.


There were two reasons for believing that. First of all, when Bai Yang first arrived, he realized he didn’t actually have that much power. Even though he did hold a title as one of the four generals, he didn’t actually control any powerful subordinates. They were all ineffective cannon fodder.


Secondly, in the novel, even if Xie Ze Tian acted as the Demon King’s dog and stirred up trouble in the Human Realm, the second mouse gets the cheese. Those who are out in the open are usually pawns that can be discarded. Only those who stand at the back are able to escape when in danger, like Luo Jian Feng.


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But it seemed like the circumstances had changed. The Demon King had given Xie Ze Tian more trust.


Bai Yang didn’t want to talk too much in fear of revealing information. He only said a few words, before finding some excuse to leave.


Then, in the blink of an eye, it was night. Bai Yang organized his subordinates and sent them to guard the city wall. After toiling for a day, his body felt heavy and tired. He returned to his room in the Palace of Eternal Darkness and prepared to sleep.


Bai Yang had learned by now to be clever. Last time, he was caught giving the Demon King a green hat early in the morning. This time, he planned to have a soldier stand guard outside his door and inform him if others were to approach his room. However, before he did that, there was already a soldier standing guard outside his room.

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When the soldier saw Bai Yang, he clasped his fist and said, “Lord Xie, from today onwards, this subordinate will help guard you.”


That spare room never had a guard before, so Bai Yang was surprised.


Startled, “Who sent you?”


The guard replied with respect, “During such a tense time, His Highness is worried for the Lord’s safety. Thus, he sent this subordinate to guard outside of your lordship’s room.”


The Four Generals are the strongest people in the Palace of Eternal Darkness. Who could hurt them?


Although the Demon King said it was because he was worried about their safety, wouldn’t it be more likely that he was worried that Bai Yang would harass another beauty and give him another green hat?


Looks like the Demon King was still upset about what happened before.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Bai Yang had been in the Demon Realm for a long time already, so he understood most of the customs. The rules in the Palace of Eternal Darkness weren’t as strict as those portrayed in ancient Chinese palace dramas. For example, the case of palace maids not being allowed to date. In the Demon Realm, however, only women favored by the Demon King weren’t permitted to fall in love with others.


If Bai Yang had really desired a relationship with those two people, and asked for the Demon King to give them to him, according to norms, the Demon King would allow it without complaint. But instead, the Demon King had wasted their cultivation and sent them to the army as prostitutes, which was going a little overboard.


Bai Yang didn’t want people crawling into his bed, anyway, so he didn’t object to the Demon King’s arrangement.

Apologies, but the site I use to get chapters split the chapter up without me knowing, so I didn’t translate the end of Chapter 44 when I first uploaded. It’s been added in now, so sorry for the delay.

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Translator's Note

Monk Zhang Er scratches his head when confused, but here it literally says ‘the Monk was so confused he forgot to scratch his head.

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  4. Honestly if i was Bai Yang and actually even liked the Demon Lord i would have refused him too! Everytime he talks about the “relationship” and bai Yang’s feelings he makes it seem like Bai Yang liking him is of great convinence because he has nothing else to do to pass time and “dating” him would be a fun distraction! If Bai Yang really liked him, that sure as hell would hurt his feelings a lot!

  5. Now I’m thinking if Bai Yang is truly in denial of his feelings.

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  6. “Also, this is clearly an emotional issue, so why do you even need evidence? Do you plan to take it to court???”


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  7. The Demon King’s first guess is actually pretty close. The MC really will die if he fails his objective, and he’ll disappear from this world if he succeeds. Either way, they would be separated.

    The Demon King is so arrogant, though. Lol. Although the MC really is attracted to him, the Demon King keeps projecting his own feelings onto the MC. Instead of telling the MC that he likes him, he tells the MC it is okay to like him. He has gotten the situation backwards.

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    Misunderstanding misunderstanding buahaha this is so entertaining

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