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The Demon King Always Thinks I'm Secretly in Love with HimChapter 44.1


Translator: Rosana

Editor: PlayerProphet s2bTtQ

“The Blue Jade Pearl’s mainly treats illnesses and injuries. Lord Xie went all out fighting the entire Soaring Clouds Sect and stealing the Blue Jade Pearl, yet you aren’t injured. Lord Xie, who was it for?”


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Bai Yang was shocked. He didn’t expect that question from Luo Jian Feng.


The dishonest reason he tried to steal the Blue Jade Pearl was for the Demon King, and his actual reason was to save the Male Lead, Zhou Ying. However, he couldn’t tell Luo Jian Feng any of that.


Bai Yang didn’t answer for a long time, before he finally said, “It’s a personal matter.”


He bluntly refused to answer.

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Luo Jian Feng smiled. “In that case, I won’t question it.”


Bai Yang asked Xiao Ling in his heart, “What are the odds Luo Jian Feng will guess what’s going on correctly?”


Xiao Ling said, “He probably won’t, right?”


“This man is extremely perceptive. If I stop paying attention just a moment, he’ll catch on to something.”


“Yeah, that’s true.”


Luo Jian Feng continued to interrogate him, but Bai Yang stayed vigilant, and didn’t let a drop of information leak through. Finally, Bai Yang came up with an excuse to escape the conversation. It wasn’t like Luo Jian Feng could stop him from leaving, so he stopped his interrogation.


Bai Yang felt that he couldn’t beat Luo Jian Feng in eloquence, nor were his schemes better than anyone else’s. In order to prevent Luo Jian Feng from catching on to anything, Bai Yang tried to reduce the amount of time he had to spend with Luo Jian Feng. For the next few days, he used the excuse of searching for the Boundary Pillars to wander off. He was actually going around sight-seeing and watching the days go by.

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The Male Lead should have returned to the Soaring Clouds Sect, so he’d be safe for a while. And, with the Sun Sky Pill in hand, his cultivation should improve quickly.


All Bai Yang had to do was wait. It was rare to have free time, so of course he was going to have fun. He’d never experienced ancient customs or environments, so with his temporary freedom, he wanted to fool around.


Several weeks passed. One day, a rumor popped up in Peace Town.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“The Son of Destiny bears the mark of the Seven Stars, and could be male or female.”


At first, the versatile Divination Sect got a revelation from the heavens. The divination revealed that the Son of the Seven Stars would be born in the Human Realm. They would bear the mark of the Seven Stars and save the cultivation world from devastation. They’d destroy the demon race, unite the two worlds, and eventually ascend to immortality.

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Not long after, a poem began to spread from god-knows-where that said the Son of the Seven Stars originated from the south.


After that, everyone knew that the Son of Destiny came from the south.


The Male Lead was born in the savage and wild north, which no longer followed with the Son of the Seven Stars prophecy. Bai Yang washed all suspicion away from the Male Lead.


The Male Lead harbored the Dragon Blade in his body, which would make others green with envy. Some people already knew that the only way to steal the Dragon Blade was to keep the Male Lead alive, and wait for him to breakthrough to the Nascent Soul stage. Until then, the Male Lead’s life should be safe, because as friends or those who covet the Dragon Blade, they would all protect him until he reached the Nascent Soul Stage.


The Male Lead lived day by day without worry, yet on the other side, the longer the prophecy festered, the more wild the south became. To Bai Yang’s surprise, even impostors began to appear.


Bai Yang thought, The Son of Destiny isn’t a good career choice. Before you’re strong enough, your halo will be bright enough to bring disasters to your door. Of course the Son of the Seven Stars would have an aura like that. 


However, he forgot another set of cruel rules in the cultivation world. There were thousands of cultivators, with countless sects large and small. The road to immortality was rough. In the first stage, they would screen out all those whose spirit roots weren’t up to par. Even if the roots of your spirit were adequate, those with slow progress would also be abandoned by the sect.

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There’s a limit to resources in the world, after all


Why would those people claim to be the Son of Destiny? Because when they do, sects might give them large amounts of resources to help them cultivate.


This is why so many Son of Destiny fakes appeared.


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People whose spirit roots didn’t qualify burned seven scars on their body, claiming to be the Son of the Seven Stars. They insisted that they were the Son of Destiny and pleaded for the Soaring Clouds Sect to take them in.


It was a headache for the sects. The prophecy said that the Son of the Seven Stars has a body blessed by the seven stars, but didn’t say what type of spirit root they had. As recorded in history, when the first few Sons of Destiny appeared, two didn’t even have spirit roots at all. It was only through coincidence that allowed them to awaken their seven star body, allowing them to cultivate. Moreover, with no way to accurately tell who had a seven star body, and with fakes popping up constantly, the sects were left in a position where they could neither chase away, nor receive them.


Chase them away? Then what if they were the real deal? Wouldn’t you regret it forever?


Let’s say you recieve them all. Some people have poor talent and low qualifications; they’d be  a complete waste of resources.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


The entire cultivation world was experiencing a headache.


As for the culprit of the whole mess, Bai Yang sat back and enjoyed the drama. As long as the Male Lead was safe, nothing else mattered to him.


Time passed like that. Bai Yang brought spirit stones with him as he traveled around, exploring mountains and playing in rivers. He passed his days in contentment and happiness. He didn’t have to be like Luo Jian Feng, who spent blood, sweat, and tears, searching for the Boundary Pillars, since he already knew where they were. Thus, the Human Realm, to him, was a land of endless bliss.


However, happy days are always short. One day, in a small town while Bai Yang was slacking off, a Dark Guard draped in a black cloak appeared before him. He knelt on one knee and said, “My Lord, news has arrived from the Demon realm. The Western Demon Lord, along with ten other lords, has attacked the Palace of Eternal Darkness.”


Bai Yang was taken aback. “The Western Demon Lord? What Western Demon Lord? Isn’t he dead?”


“It’s reported that the Western Demon Lord used the Nirvana Pearl to escape from death. He formed an alliance with ten other demon lords in the name of taking revenge.”


What? The Western Demon Lord didn’t die, and escaped? He waited to regain strength before staging a counterattack?

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When Bai Yang fought the Western Demon Lord, the Demon King’s Qi deviated and nearly sucked him into a human raisin. It hadn’t even been that long.


The Demon King’s body was sometimes good, sometimes bad. In the last few battles, his body had been worn out. If he was forced to fight again, would his body hold up?


Bai Yang furrowed his brows. It was hard for him to not worry.


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As soon as worry began to sprout in his heart, he tried to trample it down. Why are you worrying? That man is the one and only Demon King, big boss of the novel. How could he be killed off by an unknown, never-mentioned-in-the-book-before side character like the Western Demon Lord? At most… at most he’ll suffer another injury…


Bai Yang tried to comfort himself, his hand unconsciously tugging at his sleeve.


It was his small nervous habit.

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Bai Yang loudly proclaimed, “Even if the Western Demon Lord’s magic was endless, in front of our King, he’s only a bedbug. His Highness is matchless, even his pinky can crush that bug.”

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“But it’s said that His Highness was seriously injured.” The black cloaked man said.


“What? His Highness was seriously injured?” Bai Yang couldn’t believe it. “When was he injured?”


He wasn’t shocked that the Demon King was injured, but that news of the Demon King’s injury had spread, and was being brought to him by the black cloaked man.


Doesn’t this mean that people already know that the Demon King was injured? Do other people know that his qi diviated?


Or, is it because news of his injury spread that the Western Demon Lord allied with ten other demon lords to attack the Palace of Eternal Darkness?


“It’s unclear.” The black cloaked man said.


“He was probably injured when he battled with the Western Demon Lord. At that time, Lord Xie was beside him. Is it possible that Lord Xie didn’t know he was injured?” A voice echoed from the side. Bai Yang turned his head and found, from god-knows-where, Luo Jian Feng beside him.

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He was still dressed as a disciple of the Soaring Clouds Sect. With his white robes fluttering and a gentle smile on his face, he looked elegant and amicable. Who would guess that this person’s insides were as black as sesame seeds?


“Lord Luo, why did you come?” Bai Yang’s entire body tensed when he saw him.


Luo Jian Feng stepped forward and said, “The Demon Realm is in turmoil, yet Lord Xie is still in the mood to go sightseeing. What happened to the person who so sincerely vowed their loyalty to His Highness?”


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Bai Yang was agitated.


“Lord Xie, neither you nor I know what the current state of the Demon Realm is. I don’t have the right to order you to stay or return, so I wonder what Lord Xie will do?”


Luo Jian Feng stood in front of Bai Yang with a free and clean temperament. He looked just like one of those fluttering, immortal secondary male leads from ancient chinese dramas.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Bai Yang thought it felt weird. These big demon lords look even more righteous than those from the righteous sects. No wonder Luo Jian Feng was able to smoothly blend into the Soaring Clouds Sect and even reach an important position.


Since the conversation turned to that, Bai Yang could only say, as though he was upholding justice, “I will go back. If His Highness is facing difficulties, I have to go and help him.”


Who told him to act like a sincerely loyal person? Since he was so sincere, and wholeheartedly concerned for His Highness, then it was only natural for Xie Ze Tian to want to go back to the Demon Realm. In fact, he actually did want to go back and check out the situation.


As for why he wanted to go back and check the situation, he didn’t think that much about it.


Luo Jian Feng smiled, “Lord Xie truly is loyal to His Highness.”


Bai Yang replied instantly, “Of course!”


Now that he decided he had to go back, he became suddenly eager.

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Bai Yang immediately teleported to the passageway’s entrance. Coincidentally, it was also the day the passageway was open. This meant he didn’t need to wait, and could pass directly into the Demon Realm.

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          • True, but this term has been used a lot up until now. I’m just the editor and I can’t tell you if it’s a gendered term or not, but I can tell you that going back through everything up until now to look for the term and replace it is a lot of work. I’ll mention it to Rosana.

          • I tried Googling the term with quotes, but the sites I found involve discussions of gender equality or the development of a child’s sex and gender related to which genes get turned on and off. Everything else is about gender studies and information about historical figures who identified as transgender.

            If a gender is unspecified in English, the correct grammar is to use “he or she” and “him or her.” Otherwise, “one” is used as a gender-neutral term.

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