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The Demon King Always Thinks I'm Secretly in Love with HimChapter 18


Translator: Rosana

Editor: PlayerProphet bypoIk

The Male Lead and Heroine still hadn’t woken up, so Bai Yang was bored. With nothing to do, he might as well sit and cultivate. Yet, after a short moment, he remembered something.


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“Xiao Ling, the Dragon Blade has already recognized the Male Lead as it’s owner. I remember in the novel it said it can change ownership only if the owner dies, right?”


“That’s right.”


“Then this doesn’t make much sense. In a setting like this, there are probably people hunting him down to kill him. With his skill level, how did he survive to the second half of the novel?”



Xiao Ling replied: “The novel describes that there are many people chasing after the Male Lead for the Dragon Blade, but they all end up killed by the Male Lead.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Bai Yang says: “In the TV drama, or the novel, the Male Lead killing stronger opponents seemed normal. However, in the actual world, it seems like a big problem. Think about it, if a person only has primary school level knowledge, no matter how hard they try, they’d never be able to get into Tsinghua University. The current Male Lead is just a small primary level student, but many people have already graduated from Tsinghua University and are even instructors there. These people can kill him just by pinching him, so how is it possible for him to survive?”


“Sir, in this world, there’s a thing called the ‘Protagonist Halo’. He can’t die, that’s just how it is.”


Bai Yang considered for a moment and said: “That makes sense, but didn’t you also say that this world also doesn’t follow the plot perfectly? The Male Lead is able to die, and so am I.”


“That’s right.” Xiao Ling was confused. “Sir, what are you trying to say?”


“What I’m trying to say is that just leaving the Male Lead alone like this is dangerous. Without my care, he may just fall onto someone’s sword.”


Xiao Ling pondered this and decided Bai Yang was right. “Then what does Sir want to do?”


Bai Yang pondered the matter as well, before he suddenly had an idea, “That’s it!”

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Xiao Ling: “Sir?”


Bai Yang walked to the Male Lead’s side and crouched down. He pressed his finger on the boy’s head to circulate his skill throughout his body. The Male Lead had only built up his foundations, so his body seemed as fragile as a piece of tofu to Bai Yang.


Bai Yang was quickly able to detect the Dragon Blade’s presence in the Male Lead’s body.


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“Sir, what do you want to do?”


“It’s too dangerous for him to just carry around the Dragon Blade like this. It would also seem strange if I caught him but didn’t take the Dragon Blade. So, I’ll strengthen his connection with the Dragon Blade. I’ll make it so that if Bai Yang dies, the Dragon Blade will implode. This way, people won’t harm him carelessly.” As he spoke, he used his magic to link the Male Lead’s meridians more closely with the Dragon Blade.


Xiao Ling was silent for a moment, before saying: “Sir…”

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If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com


“P’nf vlrmbnfgfv atja sbe mbcrlvfg atlcur nfgs atbgbeutis. P tjvc’a fnfc atbeuta bo atlr wsrfio.”


Djl Tjcu rwlifv. “Ktjcxr obg atf mbwqilwfca.”


“Qlat jii atf alwf P’nf rqfca klat sbe, P offi ilxf atfgf kjr cb cffv obg sbe ab mbwf tfgf ab lwqgbnf ja jii. Qlat sbeg lcafiilufcmf, la’r mfgajlc atja sbe’v yf jyif ab xffq atf mbwqjcs ecvfg mbcagbi.”


Bai Yang didn’t expect Xiao Ling to evaluate him like that. He paused, and smiled, “You’re the first one to praise me like this. My parents both think I’m timid.”


“I think Sir is quite brave. Normally, Sir is like a rabbit, but when the situation is critical, Sir is so courageous, it’s terrifying. There’s nothing Sir wouldn’t do.”


“Are you trying to praise or insult me?” Bai Yang smiled bitterly. “My courage was forced.”


After chatting a while, Bai Yang focused on strengthening the Male Lead’s link. It took two hours before Bai Yang felt the connection between the Male Lead’s life and the Dragon Blade was sufficient. 

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He relaxed his hand and sighed in relief. 


He was tired after he had fought the Soaring Clouds Sect and then spent a substantial amount of energy to strengthen the connection within the Male Lead. Looking around revealed the hut was empty, with barely anything inside. There were a few bales of hay against the wall. Bai Yang walked over, spread the hay on the ground, and collapsed onto it to sleep.


He didn’t know how long he’d slept, but he was awoken by a faint movement. His senses were naturally keen and, as he was in a dangerous situation, he kept vigilant. Thus, when he heard movement, he woke up.


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The movement originated from the ground not far away.


Looking for the sound, Bai Yang discovered that the Male Lead had awoken.


The Male Lead got up and looked around in confusion. When he, at last, saw Zhao Qinger, he walked over to shake her awake.


Shijie, Shiejie, wake up!”


Zhao Qinger, having been shaken, woke up in a haze. She looked at the Male Lead vacantly, then widened her eyes and then sat up. “I’m not dead?” 2AKmjg


The Male Lead frowned. “What happened? Why are we here?”


The Male Lead was already unconscious when he was sent to the Heavenly Execution Stage, so he didn’t know what happened after. vZIQAi


Zhao Qinger told him about how Bai Yang attacked the Soaring Clouds Sect and kidnapped them.


The Male Lead looked horrified. rGclC6


“You’re too noisy.”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

A cold voice sounded from their side. The Male Lead’s body stiffened and he slowly turned to look. LxNerT


Not far from them, on a pile of hay, laya handsome man. His hair draped over him and his face was so beautiful he almost looked like a demon. His dark eyes looked like marbles of ink and, as he looked at the others, seemed to almost suck their minds inside.


The Male Lead’s heart pounded and he averted his eyes. “Who are you?” BRUqZm


He finally realized, “You’re the one who kidnapped Martial Sister and me?”

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Bai Yang narrowed his eyes slightly and tried to show off an evil smile. Whether or not his attempt at a villain’s arrogance was working, he wasn’t sure. However, judging by the fearful expression on Zhao Qinger and the Male Lead’s faces, he seemed to be successful. KXg13B


“So you’re not stupid, Brat.”


The Male Lead asked with caution, “Why did you kidnap us?” m3nlpz


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Bai Yang sat up straight, an evil smile on his face. “The thing I stole wasn’t you, brat, but the Dragon Blade in your body. As for that woman…” 


He glanced at Zhao Qinger and smiled disdainfully. “I didn’t kidnap her. I stole the Jade Cloud Pearl.” 3Dpgr


After talking, he didn’t know how to interact with the two. He had to maintain Xie Ze Tian’s personality and act like a tyrant, but he didn’t have much experience doing that. He didn’t know if he could play it well.


“Are you a demon?” L8iGuS


The Male Lead was still asking questions, but according to Xie Ze Tian’s personality, he might not obediently respond. Bai Yang considered it for a moment and then waved his hand. The Male Lead flew back and fell onto the ground.


“You think you have the right to ask?” Bai Yang snorted coldly as he stood and walked outside. 64c1Sp


Perfect! Like that, he wouldn’t have to interact with those two anymore.


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The next thing to do was to take the Jade Cloud Pearl, and then return the Heroine and Male Lead. Bf2s9p


But there was still a problem. The Male Lead was still under suspicion for killing two hundred people. Even if he went back, it was likely he would be brought back to the Heavenly Execution Stage. If that happened, everything Bai Yang had done would be for nothing.


“Xiao Ling, how did the Male Lead escape suspicion in the novel?” zkAlu


“Zhao Qinger helped him. She begged the Sect Leader until he protected the Male Lead.”

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Bai Yang pondered for a moment. “Right, Zhao Qinger seems to be interested in the Male Lead. Protecting him is normal.” 9u0G6b


“Sir, right now Zhao Qinger has a positive impression of the Male Lead, but not to the point of trying to protect him. If Zhao Qinger wanted to protect him, the Male Lead wouldn’t have been sent to the Heavenly Execution Stage to begin with.”


Bai Yang frowned. “Are you saying Zhao Qinger isn’t in love with the Male Lead yet?” X9TjWB


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“That’s right, Sir.”


“Then how did she fall in love with the Male Lead?” bhYd4I


“The original plot went like this: After Zhao Qinger and the Male Lead were kidnapped, the person who caught them was overcome with lust and tried to take advantage of her. The Male Lead protected Zhao Qinger’s innocence, and she was moved. After returning, she would help the Male Lead.”


So that’s what happened. cB7ULy


Bai Yang nodded. After a moment, he suddenly lifted his head and said, “What did you say? Zhao Qinger was getting harassed, so the Male Lead acted as the Hero and saved the beauty?”


According to the original text, Zhao Qinger and the Male Lead were kidnapped by a demonic cultivator. That demonic cultivator was a creep who wanted to take advantage of Zhao Qinger. However, that demonic cultivator wasn’t there, but Bai Yang was. gmud78


Bai Yang was speechless and pointed at his own nose. “Are you reminding me to play this type of character?”


If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“Sir, Xie Ze Tian is a greedy and perverted person, so it would be normal for him to harass Zhao Qinger. Additionally, Sir, you should do your daily task.” XFGIAd


Daily task.


When he thought about the daily task, Bai Yang was speechless. VcKxkY


It looked like harassing Zhao Qinger was unavoidable.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


However, he could only hope that when the Male Lead became the strongest character, he wouldn’t beat Bai Yang up too badly. eatoED


After praying silently for himself, Bai Yang walked back inside the hut.

Translator's Note

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

This means Martial Sister, but the phrase was deemed too awkward and unnatural, so we kept it in its pinyin form.

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