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The Demon King Always Thinks I'm Secretly in Love with HimChapter 17


Translator: Rosana

Editor: PlayerProphet paduhi

Several elders already surrounded him. Bai Yang couldn’t dare to be distracted, and readied himself for combat.


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“Who are you? Why did you try to break Soaring Clouds Sect’s enchantment?” One of the elders asked.


Bai Yang’s voice was hazy to keep his identity unknown, “Hand over the Jade Cloud Pearl and the Dragon Blade, and I’ll let you live.”


“If you dare seek Soaring Clouds Sect’s treasures, you seek death!” The elders were enraged and began using a sword array, intent on killing Bai Yang, who stood in the middle.


But who was Bai Yang? Bai Yang was one of the four Demon Lords, gifted with powerful magic!

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Copying Xie Ze Tian from the TV show, he laughed loudly. “Hahaha!” The impression didn’t need to be perfect as long as he could emulate that wild confidence.


“A few insects think they can stop this Lord?” Rocks and sand flew into the air, accompanying Bai Yang’s wild laughter. Demonic magic burst out of him, engulfing Soaring Clouds Sect.


As the demonic magic passed over then, people lost their minds and began to attack each other.


In moments, Soaring Clouds Sect collapsed entirely into madness.


“He’s a demon! He’s a demon!” Finally, someone shouted in horror.


Ever since the Human and Demon Realm were separated, demonic appearances were rare. The appearance of a demon meant something that everyone knew in their hearts. And Bai Yang was so strong, which means that there are problems with the barrier separating the two realms.


“Everyone, don’t be scared! Chant the mantra! Stay calm!” The head of the Soaring Clouds Sect appeared and called for his disciples to chant with him to keep their sanity.

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“Dad!” Zhao Qinger followed after him. Stunned, she watched the disciples around her kill each other, and stepped forward, crying, “You guys, stop fighting! Stop fighting!”


Bai Yang saw Luo Jian Feng and the Thousand Engine Elder appear as well. Luo Jian Feng seemed suspicious as he tilted his head to look in Bai Yang’s direction. pkmyWG

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Djl Tjcu wfa tlr ujhf jcv xcfk atja Oeb Aljc Mfcu kjr gfujgvlcu tlw klat vbeya.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Qlat atlcur jr atfs kfgf, Djl Tjcu mbeivc’a rabq jcv fzqijlc fnfgsatlcu ab tlw. YNGQqK


Oeb Aljc Mfcu’r gfjmalbc rqffv kjr ojra, jcv j ibbx bo tbggbg jqqfjgfv bc tlr ojmf jr tf gertfv lc ab jrrlra atf mgbkv bo qfbqif.


Bai Yang, having seen Luo Jian Feng’s arrival, worried that he would guess Bai Yang’s true motive behind his actions. In order to dispel his possible doubts, he attacked the Sect Leader accompanying Luo Jian Feng. yB7lY0


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At the last moment, Luo Jian Feng appeared to block the blow against the Sect Leader.


And then he dramatically threw up a mouthful of blood. LoaqIz


The Sect Leader was shocked. He ran to Luo Jian Feng’s side and helped him back away. He asked as he guided him off, “Are you okay?”


“I’m fine.”Luo Jian Feng replied weakly. qCNDht


From there on, it seemed Luo Jian Feng would become one of the Sect Leader’s most trusted people.


By then, five elders had caught up to Bai Yang. L8XQp4


Although the Soaring Clouds Sect’s defense was shattered, leaving it in chaos, it was still a large sect that had existed for several thousand years. Each elder was formidable. Even if Xie Ze Tian was extremely strong, he couldn’t beat them in numbers.


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Thus, he took the initiative to run, and slipped the flank of the five Elders surrounding him and bolted for the Sect Leader. 2ckuMD


The Sect Head was protecting the disciples around him, along with the injured Luo Jian Feng, while also still reading the Calming Chant. He was caught by surprise when Bai Yang escaped the five elders and came for him. With the Demon Lord before him, he could only back away in horror.


As Sect Leader, his skills weren’t the best, but they weren’t bad, either. Luo Jian Feng guarded him again, and, when Bai Yang was knocked back, the Sect Leader followed through by stabbing him. eOhVUD


But Bai Yang’s move was an illusion. His goal had never been the Sect Leader, but the heroine nearby: Zhao Qinger.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Since the Male Lead was safe, it was time to run away! kXpArh


What fight? Fighting without winning, killing without dying… If he dragged things out for too long, he wouldn’t be able to explain why he kidnapped someone but refused to leave.


Zhao Qinger was weak, and caught off-guard. When Bai Yang appeared at her side and slapped her neck, she passed out instantly. He scooped her up and flew into the sky toward the Heavenly Execution Stage. xg4ksC


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When he flew over the Sect Leader, the five elders who’d surrounded him followed after. With Zhao Qinger in his grasp, the elders were cautious as he flew toward the Heavenly Execution Stage. They didn’t dare to block him, and could only follow far behind.


With Zhao Qinger as a hostage, the elders wouldn’t attack in fear of harming Zhao Qinger, so Bai Yang could relax a bit. He rushed to the Heavenly Execution Stage, grabbed the unconscious Male Lead, and disappeared into thin air. IYdeC4


“If I don’t see the Jade Cloud Pearl in three days, these two people will both lose their life!”


He didn’t forget to leave behind a threat before he left. j uxFs


Bai Yang went to the Human Realm to get the Jade Cloud Pearl for the Demon King of Eternal Night, not to save the Male Lead. If he’d only run off with Zhao Qinger and the Male Lead, the Demon King and Luo Jian Feng would be suspicious. 


He had just created chaos, kidnapped Zhao Qinger and the Male Lead, threatened the Soaring Clouds Sect to hand over the Jade Cloud Pearl, and helped Luo Jian Feng establish trust with the Sect Head, allowing him to advance further into the Soaring Clouds Sect. As it was, the practitioners would think that his goal was the Jade Cloud Pearl and the Dragon Blade, while Demons would assume that his goal was the Bi Yun Zhe and helping Luo Jian Feng.  vFyZKB


“Sir, you’re incredible! During critical situations, your brain works so fast!” Xiao Ling briefed him on the situation, and the consequences of causing trouble in the Soaring Clouds Sect. For a second time, it said, “Being able to consider so much in such a dangerous situation… Sir, your mind is second to none!”


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Bai Yang was silent and focused on running away. He didn’t have time to talk with Xiao Ling. UXrI4h


When he felt like he’d lost them, Bai Yang was exhausted. He was in a mountain forest, and he threw the two dead weights on the ground and plopped himself under a tree.


He recalled Xiao Ling’s words and smiled bitterly as he replied, “Actually, when I was doing it, I wasn’t thinking so much. I just picked what seemed like the best plan of action using my intuition.”  43dzd6


The situation had been so dangerous, and he wasn’t a genius, so how would he be able to consider so many aspects? So he made all his decisions in the moment. However, after listening to Xiao Ling, it really did seem like it was the best way to do things.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


No, not the best way, but actually the only way. wGRLvt


If Bai Yang was acting for himself, he wouldn’t cause so much chaos. Even if he wanted to get the Jade Cloud Pearl, he would quietly steal it. If he was given time, he wouldn’t have brazenly kidnapped the Male Lead, but would have used other methods so that not even Gods or ghosts would find out.


“Wow! Then Sir’s intuition must be really sharp!” Xiao Ling praised him. “No one would ever suspect that Sir caused so much trouble just to save the Male Lead.” NRaQld


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Yeah, he caused such a commotion to hide his real motive.


Thinking of this, Bai Yang glanced to the Male Lead at his feet, and kicked him a few times. “This was all for you, brat! You should thank me! If it wasn’t for me, you’d be dead, twice over!” DPWuVY


Unfortunately, the people lying on the ground were unconscious and unable to hear him. Bai Yang also didn’t dare to let them hear his words. If the Male Lead found out his goal, and that information spread, it would be dangerous to face the Demon King of Eternal Night.


Bai Yang grabbed the two once again and continued on. This place wasn’t perfectly safe, after all. XxlcR3


After flying for a distance, he saw a mountain with a run down house and no one else nearby. Bai Yang felt that it would do, and decided to stay there for a while.


Looking at the two unconscious people laying on the ground and the surrounding dense forest, Bai Yang fell into a meditative state. Knaqx0


“Xiao Ling, why did I set a three-day deadline just for delivery? It can obviously be done the next day, so why did I drag it to three days?”


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Xiao Ling was speechless. “Sir, you should ask yourself.” BWrvhP


Bai Yang recalled the previous scene for a moment. “I was probably influenced by TV. On TV, it’s always three days, seven days, or seven-seventy-nine days. So now I’m also using three days.”


Why did he have to stay in that nowhere place for three days? 4tLsTB


It’s not like he was so bored as to be masochistic.

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After dropping off his hostages, Bai Yang went down the mountain, caught a guy who looked like a practitioner, and threatened him to send a message to the Soaring Clouds Sect. meJTcy


The message stated that they would exchange on the second day.


That person probably heard what happened at the Soaring Clouds Sect that day, as after being threatened by Bai Yang, he almost pissed his pants. He would even crawl to deliver that message. G5JoKV


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After doing all that, Bai Yang returned to the run down house, feeling satisfied.

Translator's Note

Pretty sure “Engine” was a typo, but if not, the original characters are 千机长老. It would be appreciated if someone could figure out whether it’s a typo or not.

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  1. I adore this mc so darn much, he’s so relatable and cute! That King of his has absolute zero chance against that cuteness, he’s probably going to fall for him pretty hard!

    Yong Ye: “He’s so helplessly inlove with me, it’s actually made him become this reckless, excessive and stupid… it’s so CUTE!!” hearts “Lil’ Xe Ze Tian, this ancestor will make sure to reciprocate your cute tender feelings!!”

    XD XD XD

  2. Hahaha! The humans will probably freak out and panic now that he’s shortened the deadline to two days. I bet this will help him earn points as a demon, even though it’s really just him not wanting to stick around.