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Class Teacher SystemCh43 - Against heaven and earth (2)


Ren Zhu laid on his big luxurious bed. A cool sea breeze blew over from the shores. Receiving the memories of his predecessor’s life, he felt that the three views of this world might be a little different from his own.

No matter how it’s said, he was also someone who was more than 200 years old. The intellect and wisdom he should have, he had them all. Previously, he had thought that there was nothing else that could make him surprised. However, he could now say he was wrong. MZ IyO

“…… What kind of fucking ghost world is this?!” Teacher Ren spat out a rare curse.

Although this entire world didn’t appear to have any problems, and was also governed by legal systems and ethics, but just like how everyone loved culinary delicacies in the previous world, in this world, everyone loved money.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

In the previous world, the ones who were on the star chef list could be popular across the entire globe. In this world, whoever was the best at making money and was the wealthiest, would be the target that everyone idolised and chased after. Many of the other feelings, ethics and responsibilities were all down played.

In short, this was a world where everyone looked at money. uXgalK

As for him, he was now a literature teacher in the top school in the world. Being able to come this far, he was definitely already a well known figure amongst the teachers. After all, his parents died early and at best, he was just a man from a small family.

For every position in Dingdian School, even if it’s the gatekeeper uncle or the auntie sweeping the floor, they all had quite a fierce competition. Naturally, this kind of competition came with its rewards. For instance, in this world, an average person’s monthly income was approximately 5000 yuan. This was just the amount for people who have gone to university. In contrast, in this top school, the monthly salary of the handsome uncle watching the school gates was 100,000 yuan.

Isn’t this a little unreal? At least, Teacher Ren felt that this was absolutely not a normal fucking school. Rather than calling it a school, he might as well say that it’s a large scale nanny centre for the children of nobility. As teachers, their sole task was just to go to class and resolve disputes. For other matters in life, each student had a steward or an attendant to follow them around.

The only thing that made Ren Zhu feel that this world could still be saved was that besides flaunting their money, the students of Dingdian School didn’t seem to have any other bad habits. YLVpDi


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Ren Zhu sighed. This time, he had a lot less students. Elite schools did not permit the teaching of large classes. In his class, he only had 7 students, 4 boys and 3 girls.

“Violent abuser ah……” What kind of child is this?

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Dring dring. Lduivo

Kfjmtfg Efc’r mfii qtbcf gjcu. Qtfc tf gfmflnfv atf mjii, tf atfc rjk j tjcvrbwf ojmf qbq eq bc tlr qtbcf rmgffc. Lf gjqlvis oilmxfv atgbeut tlr wlcv jcv mbcolgwfv atja atlr qfgrbc kjrc’a jcs bcf bo tlr raevfcar. Llr raevfcar kfgf ja wbra afc sfjgr biv, jcv jr obg atlr qfgrbc lc ogbca bo tlr fsfr, cb wjaafg tbk tf ibbxfv, tf rtbeiv jirb yf 24 bg 25 sfjgr biv.

“Hello?” Ren Zhu’s tone was quite questioning.

“Ze, I’m not in a good mood right now. I already said I’ll give you a million yuan in exchange for the contents of the next class exam. I have already waited here for half an hour. You really have some guts ah. The last person who made me wait like this has already become Laozi’s chauffeur.”

Ren Zhu: “……” He was suddenly assaulted with the air of a chuunibyou. Skx39F

“I’m sorry, who are you?”

On the other side of the video call, the young man immediately exploded: “Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck! You actually don’t know who Laozi is!! How did you grow your brain? With that brain of yours, you can still be a teacher?!” The young man’s beautiful eyebrows almost shot up to the sky. Ren Zhu then saw the camera shift and a tall burly man wearing sunglasses appeared on the screen.

“Tell him who I am!” That young man’s voice sounded.

Ren Zhu saw that tall and burly man bellow: “Young master is the eldest son of the Qin royal family. At the age of 15, he ventured out alone to start his own business. At the age of 20, the Qingzhu Group he founded became the leading food and beverage enterprise in East China. At the age of 25, his food and beverage enterprise had spread all over the world. Qingzhu Group also expanded into real estate, electronics and the research of medical treatments. Young master became the top talent of this generation’s rich and powerful entrepreneurs. This year, he is 27 years old, with total assets exceeding several tens of billions. He is a diamond bachelor, the target of countless women who dream of having a one night stand with him, Qin Cong!!” WLs25U

Ren Zhu: “……” He completely didn’t know what he should say at this moment to express his rotten mood.

“Shut up. You didn’t need to say that last sentence! Laozi is still a virgin. Laozi wants to wait for his dream lover to appear!!” By the side, Qin Cong firmly slapped that tall and burly man in the back. Slapped until he was shaking all over, the latter obediently nodded his head.

Then, the camera shifted back to Qin Cong: “Now, do you know who I am?”

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Ren Zhu sighed: “……En. Qin Shu’s older brother.” ALzUJs

Qin Cong huffed: “Since you know, then why don’t you hurry up and give me the exam contents!! My brother has been waiting for me to give him the exam paper! I guaranteed him that this time, he would definitely be able to take first place in the class exam!”

Thinking of Qin Shu’s grades and his usual behaviour, Ren Zhu furrowed his eyebrows: “His grades are still pretty good ah. Every time, he would place in the top three.” Moreover, probably because he had an outrageous older brother, he was still quite gentle and quiet.

“How is that good?! One should achieve the best at what they do. The top three means that there are at least two other people above him pressing down on his head! The exam this time is also very important. Old Qin that crafty guy said that if Qin Shu could take first place in the class, he would buy Ah Shu a seaside villa to play in. This is such a rare opportunity ah!”

Teacher Ren’s expression became a little strange. Even if his previous life was very bountiful and absolutely not short of money, he still couldn’t comprehend this ‘take first place in the class exam and I’ll buy you a seaside villa’ kind of scenario. 761etc

“Alright, stop hesitating. My patience is limited. If it weren’t because the exam paper for each class is different, do you think I would come find you? I can just call a random person and they would be all too willing to rush up and give me the answers. It’s only you who dared to demand a million yuan from me. Humph. ” Qin Cong became quite displeased. In the end, he was still a man who had started his own business and came all this way himself. When he wasn’t acting like a chuunibyou, he actually looked quite dignified and imposing.

However, Ren Zhu couldn’t give him this exam paper. God knows what would happen after he gives it. Regardless, he wanted to teach people to be good and virtuous, and not help them to commit fraud.

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Thus, Ren Zhu said: “I’m sorry. Thinking about it, this still isn’t a good thing. If they succeed in cheating once, they would have the wishful thinking that they can succeed a second time. Then, this would make them greedy and lazy, thinking that they can always get something without putting in much effort. This isn’t good at all. As Qin Shu’s teacher, I need to be responsible for his future. So, you better just keep that million yuan. I don’t need it.”

After saying this, Teacher Ren directly hung up the call. AYC98q

Qin Cong, who had never been hung up on in his entire life, stared daggers at the luxurious diamond embedded cell phone in his hand. His face became dark and gloomy. After a long while, he then shouted with frustration:

“Fuck! Did Laozi just get hung up on?!”

His tall and burly chauffeur tightly pressed his lips together to stop himself from laughing out loud. His bag holding assistant suggested with good will: “Um, perhaps his cell phone doesn’t have call charges left, or perhaps his phone battery suddenly died. Otherwise, how could he have dared to hang up on young master’s call.”

Qin Cong turned his head and gloomily stared at his assistant: “Is this true?” MYVjHL

Assistant Xiao Zhu slightly trembled, but he still insisted on his suggestion: “En. It’s definitely because of this.”

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“Oh. Then give him 10,000 yuan to recharge his phone call balance. I’ll call him again in an hour. If he dares to hang up again, I’ll throw you into the sea.”

Assistant Xiao Zhu: “……” Hope that teacher isn’t too unyielding to the temptations of money!!!

After an hour, Teacher Ren finished taking a bath. Feeling refreshed and relaxed, he sat in his courtyard and enjoyed the sea breeze as he watched the sunset. He felt that life was calm and beautiful. In his mind, he chatted with the system: cjiGAH

[What’s with these new skills? The class teacher’s camouflage and the class teacher’s cough? Also, what’s with the grey class teacher’s corporal punishment (awaiting upgrade to unlock)?]

[Oh, oh. Host ah. The class teacher’s camouflage is very easy to explain. As long as you enable this skill, you will be just like a teacher walking around in class. It’ll be very hard for others to find you, but they will subconsciously calm down. Then, when they suddenly discover your gaze, this will create psychological shadows and shock. It’ll be easy for you to secretly investigate many things ah!]

[As for the class teacher’s cough, as long as you cough twice, you can attract everyone’s attention. How about it? Isn’t it awesome? How can being wealthy compare to this ah! In front of our skills, wealth is nothing! What’s more, as a highly experienced teacher, you also have a 100% natural bonus. Basically, you don’t need to consume mental energy to activate the skills. This is really awesome ah! As for that corporal punishment skill, en, if you want to unlock it, you need to learn a type of martial arts skill to at least the advanced level.]

Ren Zhu frowned: “I have previously learnt judo and mixed martial arts.” hXsaZ7

[Ding. The system is in the process of inspecting. The host’s highest level martial arts skills is only Taichi. Numerical value: 45. It’s only at the intermediate level.]

Ren Zhu: “……” Learning Taichi was only because he was dragged by a certain person to do it as exercise okay? Adding up two lifetimes, it only reached 45 points. Then, if he wanted to learn it to the advanced level, wouldn’t he be exhausted to death?

Just when Teacher Ren was considering whether he should unlock the corporal punishment skill, his cell phone suddenly received a text message.

[Your cell phone call charge has been recharged 10,000 yuan on September 18. Your current call charge balance: 10,345 yuan.] y3ZYOb

Teacher Ren: “……” Which fool recharged so much money into his call balance?!

Dring dring.

On Ren Zhu’s cell phone, the caller ID displayed a certain familiar person’s handsome face.

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Ren Zhu: “……” To answer or not to answer, that is the question. gpDtPi

Translator's Note

Means peak/top. Author seems to use it as the name of the school rather than just saying it’s a top school.

Translator's Note

Middle school second year syndrome. The arrogant and embarrassing behaviour of a 13/14 year old. They think themselves to be all powerful and like an adult.

Translator's Note

Means young bamboo. The Zhu in Qingzhu is the same as the one in Ren Zhu.

Translator's Note

His dad

Translator's Note

Affectionate way of calling people when ‘Ah’ is added in front.

Translator's Note

Xiao is added in front of names as an affectionate nickname, but can also be part of a normal name. The Zhu here is not the same as in Ren Zhu.

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  1. Assistant Xiao Zhu: He is a diamond bachelor, the target of countless women who dream of having a one night stand with him, Qin Cong!!”

    MC: “…”

    Me: “King Kong?!!!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    100% sure that this is ML. But, this now begs the question of exactly what is ML’s true identity? His desires always influence the next world. 🤔🤔🤔

    • When learning Chinese through pinyin (or, romanized english sounds), the Q is pronounced like “ch”. The C can also sometimes be read as “ts”. So really it would sound like Chin Tsong, or Chin Kong, thank god lol

      • The C in ‘Cong’ is also pronounced similar a ‘Ch’ but… thinner. Meanwhile, Q is pronounced similar to the start of a tsk sound. Chin Chong is the closest I can get for English reference I guess.

  2. I’m 100% sure Qin Cong is the ML because he wished to become a rich second generation in his next life but this is really a drastic change in his personality compared to the previous world